May 28th, 2009

Libertas Demands Exposure of MEPs Expenses

Yesterday Guido did momentarily consider voting for Fine Gael, Libertas however have guaranteed one more vote in Wexford today.  This is obviously not some cheap photo-opportunity publicity stunt putting words in the mouth of page three girl Amy Diamond :“I am delighted to bare all for Libertas. What have MEPs got to hide?  I want them to get everything off their chest like me. Stop covering up if they’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

Robin Matthews, who leads Libertas in the UK, makes the point that: ‘The expenses scandal is rife in Europe, it is not just our MPs here at Westminster with their noses in the trough. Greater abuse is taking place at the European Parliament. The only way to sort this out and make change is by MEPs baring all and letting us see what they have spent our money on’.  Quite.


  1. 1
    Alex says:

    Cunning stunt.


    • 13

      All valid expense claims should be paid on a pro rata basis!


      • 49
        Master Baiter says:

        Labour have undertaken to disclose all MEP expenses.

        We’re waiting Mr Cameron…..

        Especially for the turpentine addled weevil Madshipman Danananan Hanananan and his plan to sink the HMS NHS.


        • 67
          Election Now! says:

          Yes Labour are a clean ship Mister Baiter. Good old Gordon.



        • 71
          Master Baiter says:

          Ps: I know, I know, saggy old Gordon, trying to look tougher than the rest.

          Do you lot have any idea how tragic and sad it is to post on behalf of Labour?

          Oh, you do, I see.


        • 72
          JMT says:



          Not like Pravda to miss a trick to bum the Great Helmsman up.

          Maybe he had better sort out his chancellor first – you know the one who has flipped his second home 4 times to avoid CGT, cannot count, and has to employ an accountant at txpayers’ expense to navigate a way through the 12 yearold Labour tax shambles.

          Or maybe he is too busy thinking up an excuse to explain why he flipped his own house into his wife’s name so that he could buy another at taxpayers’ expense whille living Grace & favour in Downing Street and claiming second home allowance.

          I do not believe he said anything: Your great leader is lying low and shiting himself – for Kirkbride’s sins pale into insignificance compared to his.


        • 140
          stormforce says:

          You must be a psycho to be proud of labour.

          Personally I couldnt give a fuck about these expenses compared to
          the evil these smug wankers have done to our wealth and the ability to generate any. They shouldnt just lose office. They should be put on trial.


        • 144
          jgm2 says:

          They should be chained to HGVs and dragged back to their constituencies like so many ‘Just Married’ tin cans.


        • 150
          Dr Feelgood says:

          MB – you are a weird little thing aren’t you?

          Guido has posted a light-hearted item here and many people are making ribald and tasteless comments in order to entertain.

          Do you enter into the spirit of it? No, you have to keep on making the same tired old remarks.

          Have you considered entering North Korea’s Got Talent? With your warm and witty personality it’s the only place you could possibly win.


        • 157
          Master Baiter says:

          Sister Goodfeel,
          It depends on your point of view.
          Libertas are making a tasteless attempt to address the issue of MEP expenses.
          Perhaps the gobby Anglo-Peruvian Madshipman Dananananan Hananananan should show us his sordid expenses. He is a turpentine addled weevil trying to undermine one of the few decent institutions we have in the form of the National Health Service. He would have it replaced with the unnecessary degradation, heart break and suffering that passes for health care in the USA.

          Perhaps that’s unimportant to you, perhaps you agree with the Madshipman.
          Which is it?


        • 179
          jgm2 says:

          #139. Quite so. Culpable destruction of an entire economy.

          A band of liberal arts fuckwits without the mathematical nous of a jellyfish between them. Led by a glib imbecile who, even with the writing on the wall of his fuckwitted destruction of the UK economy, ploughs on regardless printing and borrowing money.

          They should be tried and then executed. Good enough reason to pull out of the EU on it’s own – telling us who we can and can’t execute.


        • 181
          Dr Feelgood says:

          MB – You are right, after 12 years of Labour there are “few decent institutions” left in the UK.

          As far as I can see this isn’t a thread to discuss the NHS. But O/T I am perfectly content with Conservative policy (not one of the options you raised, but classic Labour presentation of false alternatives to create fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of the electorate).

          Important questions for you:
          What do you have against people of mixed ancestry (i.e. “Anglo-Peruvian”)?
          What’s wrong with people from Peru?
          Why are you using gender (“Sister”) in a derogatory manner?

          You had been better behaved recently, but I see you are starting to spew out hate speech again.


        • 201
          Master Baiter says:

          Sister Goodfeel,
          You are in favour of Conservative policy, is that because it is top secret?
          See the Madshipman himself on youtube, if you want to:
          Britain’s Dan Hannan: Nationalized healthcare has made us iller. .

          Do you agree with dismantling the NHS?

          O’Cameron is quite happy about the Madshipman’s spoutings, but that’s because O’Cameron has given up all pretense of modernising because he is terrified of the Bruges Group militant tendency in the Conservative ranks, and of UKIP desertions, pathetic.


        • 202
          jus' askin' says:

          If I pretended I was pro EU do you think she would let me have a sniff?


        • 212
          Dr Feelgood says:

          MB – You haven’t addressed the issues concerning your hate speech:

          What do you have against people of mixed ancestry (i.e. “Anglo-Peruvian”)?
          What’s wrong with people from Peru?
          Why are you using gender (”Sister”) in a derogatory manner?


        • 238
          Master Baiter says:

          Sister Goodfeel,
          There’s no fooling you is there?
          The turpentine addled weevil Madshipman Danananan Hanananan a self confessed Anglo-Peruvian in pandering to small minded nationalism attempts to undermine a national institution in the form of the National Health Service. Although his stance contradicts his party policy his so called ‘leader’ David O’Cameron does nothing to refute the stated intention to dismantle the NHS.

          Either the Madshipman is a militant tenency cuckoo in the Conservative nest or he is voicing Conservative intentions.

          There is a huge difference between nationalism and patriotism. Madshipman Danananan Hanananan, who would sink the HMS NHS is no patriot.

          That is all.


        • 279
          Dr Feelgood says:

          MB – I’m calling you out as a racist and sexist.

          Please explain why being of mixed Peruvian ancestry in any way affects an opinion for good or bad?

          I am genuinely offended because a good friend of mine is married to a Peruvan and has an Anglo-Peruvian family. I like to think of them as human beings, but in your world they are obviously something foreign and impure.

          Why do you believe that assigning a female gender to me undermines my opinions?

          Why do you attach an Irish-style “O’ ” in front of the names of people you dislike? Why are you reinforcing outdated cultural sterotypes?

          How can one have a sensible political discussion when it is couched in such hateful and abusive language.

          I have long suspected that you are a B NP supporter posing as a Labour shill. This and attempting to debate nationalism vs patriotism in ths context seems to confirm my opinion.

          You need to have a good, long hard look into your soul, and question what you find there, my friend.


        • 322
          Master Baiter says:

          So it seems you’re ok with dismantling the NHS.

          Well that’s no surprise.

          You forgot to stick up for turpentine addled weevils.


        • 333
          jgm2 says:

          I’m fine with dismantling the NHS.

          Lets sell the hospitals (and schools) to whover wants to run them. Hell, we could give half of them away to the unions and sell the rest or give ‘em away to charities. See who delivers more value-for-money then.


        • 342
          Goat says:

          You Sir are a hoon of the very highest order. Your Hoonishness knows no bounds. In truth the world would be a far greater place without the likes of you, Hoon and Gordon McTwat. Luckily for me and everybody else who isn’t a mouth breather with an IQ of under five, your lot are looking at electorial oblivion. Do not pass go, do not collect your deposit.

          So has I spend my hard earned that your lot won’t be using to fund the New Police state they want so much, I’ll be drinking wine in the sun and giving your lot two fingers.

          Fuck off you dick!



        • 347
          albacore says:

          Re: 144
          I have vague recollections that the French had a more entertaining version as punishment for regicide:
          a horse harnessed to each limb and a “Giddyup!”


        • 348
          albacore says:

          Re 279
          Dr Feelgood, you are a bounder, sir!
          I shall vote for the party condemned to anonymity by Guido and alluded to in your penultimate paragraph.
          If I had the slightest suspicion that M B was in any way supportive of that party, I’d vote for Call Me Dave (and puke my ring).
          You’d have to shoot me before I’d waste a vote on the UKIP tossers.


        • 356
          Winston Churchill once said says:

          “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”.


      • 75
        • 341
          doc says:

          MB is, as on so many other occasions, well outside his / her area of expertise. As a health care professional, it is easy to see that NuLab’s interventions (and funding) have been extremely counter-productive, and have damaged morale and health outcomes. There are other models (not necessarily USA style) which will certainly work better, and MB’s idiotic insistence on keeping a broken model will help nobody.


      • 84
      • 119
        Libercrass = Dilute your protest vote says:

        Libercrass – another fake pro EU bunch of stooges and vote diluters.

        Who’s funding this shame that is meant to dilute the real anti EU vote to render it toothless – the EU?


      • 160
        Anonymetoo says:

        Tit for tat.


      • 357
        I Manatee says: Oh yes Master Baiter!Huzzah for socialized medicine! It works fabulously, and you should check in as soon as possible. It’s certainly worth 18% of our budget to get a MRSA infection.


    • 25
      Piggy Krookbride is gone says:

      Claaaaasssy! Why wouldn’t you place your trust in Veritas ?


    • 102
      The Admiral says:

      I HATE gold stars!!…………………..


    • 128

      well yes, but we cannot assess the spoonerism of your review given that ironically she hasn’t given full exposure.

      Still rather norktastic, but it’s just a trick – they can’t get us to further integrate into europe by showing us quality jugs… ok, I lie, of course they can.

      Time for UKIP to demonstrate how things would be without being hidden behind the EU flag!


    • 146
      Prince Wayne of Trombone says:

      is it one of those lady boys so popular in the Tory ranks?


    • 162

      Lovely, not a cheap stunt at all. What the hell has politics become in this country? On the other hand, she’s only a splash of blue paint away from Lady Godiva so maybe nothing’s changed at all.


    • 178

      It would be particularly pleasant to see Farage and his bunch of political pygmies exposed for the troughing hypocrite hoons that they are.


      • 226
        UKIP Please says:

        I was wavering on deciding to vote for UKIP but you have just cemented it for me Jabba. I hope those ‘political pygmies’ beat your party political elite next week.


    • 284
    • 364
      Margreat says:

      Just eye catching


  2. 2
    Tony Blair says:

    Second,damn & blast!!!!!!!!!!


    • 340

      Libertas are a flash-in-the-pan non-entity with no national interest in Britain, but with a decent PR man behind the show. If you like voting for masquerading Euro federalists, you might as well put try and put a vote for the “EU” down on your ballot paper. So just to make clear: anyone who votes for Libertas is a twat.

      Nice tits though.


  3. 3

    Is that Nadine Dorries again?


  4. 4

    Pull out of the EU, and we won’t have to worry about them.


  5. 5
    Praguetory says:

    The Tories can and should do the same thing.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:



  7. 8
    angry french john says:

    I’ve looked at the candidates, and have searched high and low for the ‘Piss Off Mind our Own Business’ Party


  8. 9
    twittiterer says:

    Blue Tits.


    • 165
      **IT -- you find it at the bottom of a bird cage says:


      Those flippin’ birds have been at my gold top milk again.


      • 343
        Northampton Saint says:

        Now even the birds are flipping? Bastards… you’ll be telling me the squirrels are troughing too next


    • 192
      Interested Bystander says:

      How do they get the stars to stay on? Awkward place for superglue.


  9. 10
    Cecil Parkinson says:

    Well hello there. Ding dong…


  10. 11
    Frappeur du Singe says:

    Ah, fraché Jean Français, mon boeuf sur le toit.

    Prenez mon conseil, et continuez frapper le singe.


    • 37
      Old Nick Heavenly says:

      Mr Monkey, could you please translate.

      Mrs H, french, my ancient dictionary and a rather large Petit Robert do not understand a word here!

      Otherwise, I have been hopeing for some time that this sort of thing might take off over here.

      Almost everybody over here hates Brussels, the Lisboa treaty and the rest!

      We are not constantly watched by cameras though and still have a very pleasant quality of life.

      However, Empty Bellies will concentrate minds.

      Off to Auchan, over the border.

      Congrats on 2 more heads!

      Of course it is not enough, but it is a start

      Vive la vie.


      • 90
        Ewanme says:

        Oh , hiya Old Nick x .

        He says : Hey , watcha French Johnny , my meat is bigger than a gîte .

        My old Ford Consul ; it’s big-ends are still knockin .

        Somethin like that , honey .

        E x .


        • 117
          Frappeur du Singe says:

          Ah, zut alors, Madamoiselle Ewanme!

          You ‘ave, – ‘ow you say? – missed ze bus. Hon, hon, hon!

          Voila, regardez:

          “Angry French John, my ox on the roof!
          Take my advice and continue spanking the monkey.”

          In my c*ntry, I am not just an enteraineur. I am a poet, a sculptor and a phil-o-soph-eur. Ah oui.


        • 143
          Ewanme says:

          Oh Mon Dieu Frappeur du Singe , honey !!

          Merci de me l’expliquer , cher . Je deviens vraiment troublé quelquefois . J’ai cru que ‘le Consul de Ford’ était assez amusant .

          Plus tard . E x .


    • 87
      Inspector Hercule Foyle says:

      Frapp off Monsieur!
      this is an anglo saxon blog not frog


    • 170
      Frenglais Teacher says:

      Tout le monde deteste un derriere chic.


    • 287
      L'homme qui donne une fessée au Singe says:

      Frappeur du Singe – Vous etes IMPOSTEUR!!

      “Spanker of ze monkee” est ecrit au dessus. Il n’y a de mot “frappeur”.

      Vous parlez Frannçais comme merde, mais le singe de Brigitte Bardot encore va “pee pee”, hein?


      • 296
        Talwin says:

        “…mais le singe de Brgitte Bardot”? Surely, “mais le minge de Brigitte Bardot” (scans better anyway)


      • 297
        Inspector Foyle at his desk says:

        my God they’re everywhere.first met one on this…Sergeant..get the Home Office…frog infestation report.


  11. 12
    Twizzle Shtick says:

    She looks like she swallows.


  12. 14
    Dack Blog says:

    Is she a not-so-closet Tory?


  13. 15
    Johnny says says:

    Smurfette Goes To Westminster. My hasn’t she grown.


  14. 16
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    The reason we have no political opposition from the main three British political parties to Europe is because they are all bought & paid for by an expenses regime that makes them millionaires after one 5 year term.

    It is blatant career progression for domestic political failures – a chance to remain in the pockets, purses & wallets of the beleagured British taxpayer.


    The whole rotten edifice in Europe cannot carry on, and eventually the British people will get their will & we will withdraw from that corrupt socialist monster.

    Great Britain out.


    • 137
      Bewick says:

      Mrs RRW.
      TOTALLY agree but sadly you ARE living in cloud cuckoo land – then again cuckoos ARE declining.


      • 185
        righty right wing (mrs) says:

        I have two Cuckoo’s currently residing in the north wood.

        They are thriving – & loud, & have a dull song.

        Unlike the Skylarks & Robins that are going absolutely nuts at the moment.

        There is a Blackbird hanging about the place as well – comes into the kitchen most days. It has started impersonating a rather nice old German clock I have in the hall.

        hey ho.

        Dissolve Parliament. Get us out of the EU. Arrest all MPs.etc, etc


    • 175

      I hope you’re right Mrs RRW – the EU, it’s Commission and it’s Parliament are just another rung up the ladder for the self-styled political elite; it just won’t wash at all. The top may be teetering (via the Lisbon treaty) but the foundations of Schumann are still strong – socialist wankers one and all – and it will take more than a huff and a puff from us to bring their house down.
      btw – if A Pedant (or any pedant) is in the hse – feel free to correct me on my use of the apostrophe in ‘it’s’.


      • 195

        If the EU was socialist then it would be run by someone who was say a Maoist

        That couldn’t possibly be true, could it?


      • 197
        Constitutional Expert says:

        Mrs Righty Tight is totally correct.
        The British Parliament is supreme and therefore any documents politicians may have signed giving powers to foreign parliaments are null and void.
        Rather like children covering there eyes and thinking you cannot see them our politicians think if they do not mention these facts then they do not exist.
        There is no net benefit to this country being in the EU.
        We would be better off out of it, free to nurture our own trade and diplomatic relationships on an international basis.


      • 200
        William says:

        Here I am!

        The apostrophe’s bollocks. Your’s, not mine.


        • 225
          Cymro says:

          Why have you put a bloody apostrophe in “yours”?
          God, you English can’t even write your own debased lingo properly.


        • 245

          You haven’t been in my kitchen stealing some of my topside of beef again have you taffy?


        • 294
          A. Pedant says:

          You are only half right, Cymro. To write good English is the prerogative of the Irish over the centuries. But to screw about with the language and make it do things that you didn’t think it had it in it, remains the exclusive preserve of Englishmen such as Shakespeare and Blake (to mention two without blood on their hands) – until Roger’s Profanosaurus demonstrated the facility was culturally endemic. Finnegans Wake for instance is essentially simple obfuscation, whereas something like “fair is foul, and foul is fair” contains layers of subtlety, quite apart from it being put into the mouths of the witches and not the other characters in the play (sic).


        • 336
          taffy says:

          What I really fancy right now are a few thick old slices of good English beef.
          And I feel compelled to say that I find the English language to be without any doubt the most versatile and expressive language on God’s earth.


        • 349
          albacore says:

          Should that not be “apart from its being put”, Mr Pedant?
          Your discourse on gerunds and gerundives is eagerly awaited by us (we?) proles.
          (And, of course, it’s “proletariat”).


      • 260
        A. Pedant says:

        Intercourse your apostrophes; they don’t affect the sense of your post. What does is your use of the common but erroneous euphemism “socialist”. The correct term is “Dictatorship of the Proleteriat” [Marx, Das Kapital, vol. 1]. However, even in this set phrase of Marx, the term “proleteriat” does not retain its common meaning. At point of use, “Dictatorship of the Proleteriat” envisages a partition of society into a set of troughers and their nomenklatura, and everyone else who pays, and pays for, and pays to the troughers.


        • 288

          I’m grateful for all the input on apostrophes; it’s raised a smile. And thanks to CitizenOne for the Barroso video – Maoist/Marxist/Troskyist – I’m afraid there comes a point in every day when I just call them all shits. This is that point.


        • 299
          an aggitated Inspector Foyle says:

          bugger the apostrophes..intercourse the blue nun!


  15. 17

    Nice pair of blue tits! I hope to see similar in my garden.


  16. 18
    Anais Nin says:

    Number two on the London candidates list may be worth a photo op as well…


  17. 19
    tit watch says:

    It’s like I said, we need more tits in Parliament.


    • 97
      Gordon Brown's Nokia (Ouch!) says:

      shirley far too many there or do they everyone else is


    • 168
      Knickers and knockers says:

      There are plenty of twats already.


    • 280
      Fells Point barfly says:

      Be kind to tits. They outnumber us guys two to one.

      Happy days, two hands…..?

      Just like 24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence???


    • 366
      Harriet Harman says:

      One is working on it but those silly people in Erith rejected my choice of candidate.


  18. 20
    Harri says:

    Whoohoo! now we are talking , El Gordo… this would be the unfolding of corruption on a scale of biblical proportions, and would most certainly take the heat off not only the British MPs but would put North Koreas declaration of war look like a minor playground scuffle.

    bring it on.


  19. 21
    Gordon Brown says... says:

    Nope, does nothing for me I’m afraid.


  20. 22
    Jenny Taylor. says:

    I bet she drinks Carling Blue Label.


  21. 23
    Rusty plastic says:

    Libertas?…..What’s that then?


  22. 24
    Anti-Libertas, pro fit women says:

    Libertas are too pro-EU for my liking but I wouldn’t say no to her.


  23. 26
    100% biological says:

    “………but I wouldn’t say no to her.”

    What was the question?


  24. 27
    Ed Butt says:

    As an adolescent I used to have fantasies about shagging a voluptuous blue skinned alien, so this has earned Libertas mt vote.


    • 50
      Magneto says:

      You been watching too many X-Men films…


    • 314
      Postal Vote says:

      are you Smith’s hubby?

      will you be interviewing the guy seeking to take your job (government-blue-movie-rater-in-charge) if your wife gets the boot, from either the party or the voters?


  25. 28
    Dribbly knob says:

    More pics for your delight and entertainment at:


  26. 30
    Harri says:

    Here we go, same shit , different day.

    Ms Moran has got in there before the Gorgon can pull the same i dont feel very well stunt.

    “The understandable public anger over the issue of MPs’ expenses has caused me great stress and has seriously worsened my existing health problem”

    Not ill enough , she is definatley ” sick” though i will give her that much.



    • 36
      righty right wing (mrs) says:

      Where are the Met?

      Can there now be any reason at all why they have not arrested Moran & a whole raft of other corrupt fraudsters who have raped & pillaged the taxpayer?

      Where are the Met??


      • 61
        BowBellsBloke says:

        The rozzers are on the take themselves.


      • 80
        Inspector Foyle says:

        I’m free!


        • 126
          Harri says:

          I cant answer for the Met , but i can inform you that Beds Plod are a little tied up with ” special” police surgery days for the local gay community, and lots and lots and lots of other Diverse PC crap, but seeming as Ms Moran the moonbat has three other main homes in the UK , at least she has a choice of who she would like to be arrested by!

          I hope she is not that unwell she has to visit the Luton and Dunstable multi cultural Hospital… she will have to learn several other languages to go with her illness to get through the front doors. and no she wont even get a receipt for the car park, what a bind that must be.


    • 303
      Talwin says:

      Moran “…has caused me great stress and has seriously worsened my existing health problem”.

      I spy the makings of a fraud trial defence/mitigating circumstances.


  27. 32
    wight tory says:

    Apart from getting the photos mixed up (the more interesting one being the smaller version. Damn it must have been chilly in London that day, she’s looking a bit blue.


  28. 35
    Rotten Johnny says:

    fivebellies goes on crash diet


  29. 38

    I try clicking the picture to see her policies more clearly but you have forgotten the piccy link?

    Can you refund me todays site-charge?


  30. 39
    utterley smutterley says:

    Somebody tell Blackrod she needs a good knocking up.


  31. 40
    Hewlett Packard says:

    we’re off to where they can speak English and every official isn’t a Hunt on the take. byee!


    • 48
      jgm2 says:

      I bet a little digging will revealthat, like the LexMark printer factory in Dunfermline, the numbers only added up while the UK tax-payer was subsidising each employee to the tune of a couple of thousand quid a year. As soon as the introductory ‘taster’ subsidies, low, uncommercial rates and other incentives dried up then HP pulled the plug.

      I bet, like the Motorola factory (also near Dunfermline) which was built with UK taxpayers money and never used – A giant building visible from the ISS – that HP didn’t even pay a penny for the construction of the factory.

      Your tax dollars at work as the yanks would say. Squandering English tax-payers money to kid on to the Scots that they have any private sector industry left. Apart from the North Sea oil sector. Which is 75% dominated by skilled employees from overseas ‘cos for the locals the limit of most of their aspiration is to work for the council or get signed off for incapacity benefit.


      • 124
        scottyboy says:

        JGM2 that’s a bit snooty! I mean I’m a Scot and you do us a huge dis-service. For most of us its not an either/or question – we are working for the council AND claiming incapacity benefit. Pies and beer are expensive these days you know.


  32. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Will any one be forced to pay back any money?

    Will any one be sacked now?

    Will any one be arrested?

    Will any one be prosecuted?

    What are the police or the DPP doing with regard to this organised thieving of public money?

    No one has acted yet from any party in relation to the above.

    We are all being ignored as usual in the hope that it will all go away after the summer recess.

    The sheer breathtaking arrogance and hypocrisy of these politicains knows no bounds.

    Are you going to let your baby be held up and kissed during campaigning by a thief at the next general election?

    I don’t hold out much hope for any change. What we are seeing now is just superficial tinkering.

    So don’t vote for any mainstream party at the Euro elections on Thursday. Trach them a lesson once and for all!


  33. 43
    Dick Emery says:

    Is this the new name for Norwich Union?


  34. 44

    Found the next PM or they’ve dug up Sid James…

    Don’t let Donald Trump see it…


    • 47
      Thick-as-a-brick says:



    • 65
      Frappeur du Singe says:

      Jean Sablon chante:

      Ah, souvenez les jours blancmange
      Le coq au vin, du Perrier.
      Et la bicyclette qui ne marchait pas
      Mais maintenant
      Je frappe le singe
      Sur mon Pat Malone.

      (Voice from the audience: FROG POOFDAH!!!)


    • 95
      Andy Carpark says:

      Blue spray-paint is the way to go. Definitely the way to go.

      Instead of being strung up or put in the stocks maybe all the troughing hoons should be spray-painted blue and then hurled from the back of a van on to the motorway to run around naked until they are summarily flattened by a big f.u.c.k off TIR juggernaut. Trougher >>> roadkill. It follows of necessity from what they have done.


  35. 51
    Dack Blog says:

    Dave just on stressing it was ‘Julie’s decision’ (which coincidentally she made just after meeting with him – easier than meeting her constituents I guess) and deflecting the idea of politicians working through the recess by calling for a GE.


  36. 53
    The Naked Truth says:

    What a con. Has no problems baring all for Libertas, and yet, there she is with underwear on. How can you expect me to take that party seriously now!?


  37. 55
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Lady Titbrain has been complaining about sexism and equality, and demands a Chippendale type be featured with his pants around his ankles and some catchy note featuring the words ‘hard’ and ‘trousered’ hung from a suitable place.

    She is not fussy about the colour, and would pleased to apply it in spite of her aversion to such practices; last time I requested something similar I was rebuffed with extreme rudeness, as was my recently made offer to provide the required tableau.


  38. 59
    harold steptoe says:

    Is this what Brillo means by a Blue Nun?


  39. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Libertas my arse! Who the fuck are Libertas? Just a bunch of Irish fly-by-nights on the make.

    They’re completely irrelevant to UK politics.


  40. 69
    Right Bastard says:

    I’d rather have two in the bush than one in the hand.


  41. 73
    Anonymous says:

    After yesterdays pathetic failure when nobody bothered to turn up, when is Labour’s much-hyped Star Chamber going to meet again?

    Or was it just a one-off? Something for Brown and the BBC to spin to the masses?


    • 86
      Anonymous says:

      It’s not needed because no Labour MP or minister has done anything wrong and Gordon Brown has full confidence in all of them.

      Except Trougher Moran of course.


      • 134
        JMT says:

        And the unacceptable behaviour of Blears.

        Of course the unacceptable might be the fact that she did in fact attempt some contrition – instead of just brassing it out like the rest of the ZaNuLabour swine.


  42. 74
    Sir William Waad says:

    Libertas are a bunch of smurfs, then?

    Can blue men sing the whites?


  43. 81
    Diversity says:

    Nany thanks for the Quote of the Day. A perfect utterance from a man of Straw.


  44. 85
    brendan behan says:

    Hey missus how’s your great tits.


  45. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Libertas are a Labour trick to split the Tory vote and keep Brown in for another five years.


  46. 89
    Spedo Shorts says:

    Ol’ Spedo won’t be exposin’ all!
    Nosiree, it’s down to my Shorts and Noooo further spit______________________ding!

    Libertas is a thought, innit? David Cameron or DC (Dirty Cnunt) is the filthy richest dude on the plant but still sucks our blood for his expenses….he’s a fookin’ disgrace and a greedy troughin’ cnunt BTW – he ain’t got no lips and his gob is too small a one for any honest politician to have.

    all hope remaisn in Spedo Shorts


  47. 91
    roger mesoftly says:

    Looks like she’s had the whip withdrawn.


  48. 92
    Harri says:

    Guido, maybe you could start a super sweep , there could be some serious cash prizes to be had…


    What is the ” illness” which The Prime Mentalist will use to make a quick escape?

    My guess is i hope its something really serious.

    I was hoping along the lines of death or something like that.


    • 99
      michael hunt says:

      bi-polar disorder – having sex with male and female polar bears.


    • 115
      righty right wing (mrs) says:

      Complete mental trauma.

      Cascading & unending reality collapse involving delusions of grandeur & psychotic episodes.

      But thats right now……………… what his excuse will be when he finally swigs the brandy & strokes the revolver are any madmans guess.

      Dissolve Parliament. Arrest the lot of them.

      Bi-Elections all round – or even better, a GE.


      • 139
        Harri says:

        If it actualy existed i would put foward Swine flu as a possibility, being a trougher he is 99.9 percent of the way there anyway!

        More than likely its going to be the white underpants on his head and the two pencils up his nose whilst saying wibble to everyone which will do it for him.


      • 173
        Johnny says says:

        Is Gordon Quaid from Total Recall?

        Becoming PM is the bit *after* the white screen. In his head Brown is a man with a plan, an all action hero. Pumping on all cylinders to save the world. His wife is a stooge of the establishment and he is surrounded by mutants. Treachery and deceit around every corner. Jacky Smith is the exploding head. Hazel Blears the midget tart. Caroline Flint can be either Melina or the lass with three tits. Ed Milibland is the Johnny Cab robot. With the Doctor (Draper) gone there is no way Brown can be coaxed from his psychosis. All there is left for him is a lobotomy.


  49. 102
    chronic says:

    If all these MPs are standing down how dedicated are they going to be to their “job” in the time remaining,or is their “job” just about how much they can fleece off the tax payer.Fuck them off now, i doubt if anyone would notice they have gone and for fucks sake dont give them a single penny.


  50. 104
    insert-coin-here says:

    I have a video of her sucking off Captain Kirk.


  51. 105
    Silvio Tanner says:






  52. 112
    Bill Oddie says:

    Here at Springwatch we love keeping a close eye on a nice pair of blue tits. Shame the cameraman was distracted by this painted woman with her knockers out.


  53. 114
    Dack Blog says:

    And going down on Captain Kirks’ bride.


  54. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Roy Hattersley loose cannoning all over the BBC in a ‘post-Alistair Campbell’ out of control stylee…

    Wonderful stuff….


    • 135
      Roy of the Rovers says:

      Fucking good ho. At last a politician speaking the truth, the plain truth and nothing but the truth.


    • 159
      Dack Blog says:

      I like Roy. He bought me a pint (without spitting in it).


      • 218
        Roy Hattersley says:

        No, I did spit in it when you went to the bar to by a packet of peanuts.
        And I put some of that dating powder in it as well.
        Don’t you remember?


        • 240
          Dack Blog says:

          No – though I thought that was on account of the vast amount of champers I was swigging at taxpayers’ expense at the HoP before we moved on to the pub. I also thought it must have been raining.


        • 244
          Dack Blog says:

          Do you remember telling me what a load of wankers you thought the ZaNuLabourites were?


        • 264
          Roy Hattersley says:

          Oh yes, I remember it well.
          What fun we had that night.
          Well, I did anyway.


        • 273
          Dack Blog says:

          I know. I have the photographs.


        • 339
          Roy Hattersley says:

          Er, you couldn’t attach a copy and ping it over to me could you?
          I would be extremely grateful if you would send it to
          Maybe we would should hook up again: who knows what could happen!


  55. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Bill Oddie – fine work sir !!


  56. 120
    The Admiral says:

    Roy “nose picker” Hattie is a silly old sod……

    No control over his right hand!……


  57. 130
    Spineless Dave says:

    Cameron: “This was very much Julie Kirkbrides’s decision”


  58. 136
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Front page of The Evening Standard might be required reading for trolls like mother’s pride – but then again it is half term.

    serial tax fiddling?

    Enemies of Gordon?


  59. 138
    Dame Sybil Crumb says:

    My, I think my hair would look rather nice in that colour….why…because your worth it…..


  60. 147
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    “”Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, have set up a panel to assess if MPs should face a criminal investigation””.

    I feel a Dulux One Coat operation coming on.


    • 301
      MI5 says:

      Please dont’ be pessimistic…

      The Daily Mail says today :

      “Police to grill officials of the Fees Office”

      And another very revealing statement published today made by Sir Stephen Ball (that one !)

      who has said a “senior political figure lent on the Speaker” (Goirbals) to take legal action to cover up MPs expenses…

      The whole vocabulary has changed in a matter of two weeks…

      I have tried to indicate here for eome time now the legal way forward

      We are getting there

      Bell is now covering up for Gorbals…

      There is clear evidance that officials at the Fees Office warned Gorbals of the abuse of expenses

      He ignored these warnings and “turned his back” on one official…

      So Gorbals KNOWINGLY and deliberately PEVERTED THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
      by taking action to block the FOI request of Heather Brooke which has now revealed the mlargest case of WHOLESALE THEFT AND FRAUD by British MPs in modenr history..


      So Gorbals’ chum Bell is now rying to give Gorbals the “Nurembuerg defence”

      This could lead to Giorbals saying (contrary to a basic rule of the British constitution) that he took orders from a “senior political figure”.

      Every constituional book you read will tell you that the Speaker should only takes his instructions from the House of Commons…

      If he pleads that he was “lent on”, he will be forced to name that “figure”

      That “figure” would then be guilty of breaching the Constitution (by leaning on the Speaker) to cover up MPs expenses theft etc…


      We must find out (and will) who that “fugre” was Blair ? Brown ? Mandeslon ?

      This then becomes a SERIOUS CRIMINAL CASE involving a “senior political figure”…

      as I have been pointing out for weeks now…!


      • 308
        Inspector 'Mad Mitch' Foyle says:

        excellent train of thought…my boys are ready!


      • 344

        You just have to convince the CPS, and we know it stands for “Can’t Prosecute Socialists” so good luck.

        The only way it will happen is a private prosecution.


  61. 153
    Prince Wayne of Trombone says:

    D Tel: more chicks in blue

    Students at Swansea University bid for Smurf world record
    More than 3,000 students from Swansea University hope to set a new world record by staging the largest gathering of Smurfs.

    They hope to smash the existing record of 1,253 Smurfs in one place, which was set in the town of Castleblayney in Northern Ireland last July.

    Hannah Lamden, of Swansea University’s Student Union, said the bid in the city’s Oceana nightclub will put an end to rival ‘Smurf wars’.

    She said: “It’s a Smurf war. Bath, Southampton, Chester and Portsmouth University have all tried but we’re going to make sure that no student is left un-blue.


  62. 154
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Green go blue.


  63. 155
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    “”Foreign Secretary David Miliband insisted today that he had “honoured my tax liabilities in connection with this and paid in full”””.


    There is a family history of tax dodging methinks – particularly inheritance tax on family property.

    what was the scam? Oh yes, a Deed of Variation – one of those dastardly tax loopholes that McMental pledged to outlaw until he realised some close to him were at it.

    One rule for the little people, another for the “Marxist” Labour elites.


    • 228
      Zionist Hunter says:

      David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary whose family lives on occupied land.
      Conflict of interests.


    • 229
      Harri says:

      Oh how they would love the boy Milliband in pokey… lilteraly.

      He had better ditch his bananna before he dons the stripy suit.

      His arsehole might be the size of a golfball now but it will be the approximate size of a beachball when he gets out?


  64. 156

    […] if the girl below from Libertas (the party) has kissed a girl and liked it.Image sourced from GuidoVia […]


  65. 164
    jakey says:

    Up the Blues!


  66. 166
    Right Bastard says:

    Just read McMental’s horoscope (Pisces):-

    “Recent events have put you through a lot of turmoil. You’re still recovering from all you’ve been through and, ideally, you now need a period of calm. You feel, though, that you must walk, courageously, from one difficult situation to another. Something needs to be tackled, sorted out and put behind you. Is there really no putting it off? Try if you can, let it go. If not, recognise that this is the final hurdle on your course.”

    How prophetic.


  67. 169
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    I would just like to restate my opposition to the BBC & the soft loans it is taking from the ECB.

    What is the EU buying with “our” money from the BBC?

    And publish the Balen Report.

    Dissolve Parliament.


  68. 176
    Julie Kirkbride says:


    Beoley Hall occupies a most superb rural location on the outskirts of Beoley village and is set amidst delightful extensive mature parkland gardens and grounds. Beoley Hall therefore offers a delightful rural setting whilst still being within easy commuting distance of Birmingham Airport and International Railway Station (16 miles), Birmingham Centre (12 miles), Solihull (12 miles), Stratford (18 miles), Redditch (3 miles) and Bromsgrove (8 miles) with access to the M42, M40 and M5 motorway links readily available.
    Beoley Hall comprises a beautifully proportioned Georgian Grade II listed residence, which has been converted into individual apartments with some mews residences. Number 8 comprises a duplex apartment, situated at first and second floor level and offers two bedroom accommodation with en suite shower room plus a separate bathroom, reception hall, lounge, fitted kitchen, a cloakroom and single garage in a nearby block.

    Beoley Hall is set in superb communal gardens and is approached via a long sweeping gravel drive from the old Roman Road, Icknield Street. The property is approached via a double width paved pathway which leads through a Wisteria clad arbour to the front entrance door and reception hall.


  69. 188
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Have found a better version of the second piccie:

    Only in the interest of consulting multiple news sources to get a more balance view of course…


  70. 191
    LES DAWSON ALIVE ( but not well ) says:



    Translation into English provided ( at extra cost )
    Les likes to be well fed and watered.
    Payment in mock Tudor beams accepted
    Will bring own Diary Secretary


    • 311
      Inspector Dylan Foyle says:

      we got a ‘do’ coming up…Police Christmas Party, Prifysgol Abertawe next to Singleton Park. kick off 20.00hrs. don’t be late!


  71. 196

    Libertas will have to do a lot better if they want to be taken seriously.

    This disgusting, misogynistic objectivisation of women’s bodies is outdates and sexism of the highest order.

    Why am i not surprised to see Guido and his fellow Neanderthals ogling like dirty old men.

    Only Labour promise and deliver real equality for women.


    • 199
      Harriet Harman MP says:

      I am well endowed.


      • 206
        Jacqui Smith MP says:

        I am very well endowed.


      • 209

        You Trolls are proof that Guido’s site is the last place in modern 21st century britain where Neanderthals and far-right-loonies still gather, in their own little pathetic timewarp while the rest of us have thankfully moved on.

        Women’s Lib has happened. Get used to it. A new dawn broke in 1997. Get used to it.


        • 224
          Amy says:

          And if a girl wants to use her natural assets to earn a few bob, who are you to stop me?


        • 230
          Dr Feelgood says:

          Errr, you have now gathered hee too.

          But what about ‘graphics fidelity’? I demand answers!


        • 232
          I Hunt New Labour War Criminals and their apologists like Charles says:

          If you do not like it here you know what you can do Charles.


        • 242
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          Speaking as a woman myself Charles old chap I would just like to say that I do not recognise Guidos blog or its contributors as you have described.

          Maybe you should up your medication in this difficult era for far left lunatics?

          Best regards

          Dissolve Parliament


        • 254

          More Freudian Projection yet again troll.

          You and the burqa encladers have a lot in common.


        • 259
          Donkey says:

          Neanderthals? I rather like Neanderthals. Much nicer than our Cro-Magnon ancestors, especially when you consider that they might have perpetrated genocide upon them; the first of many in our history. Also, that means you are a racist you lefty twat.


        • 286
          Charlie's Aunt says:

          The 15 people on tell me you are well versed in frequenting pathetic little time warps where loonies still gather.


        • 353
          Housing Hubba Bubba says:

          What minority do you ‘outeach’ to Charles?


    • 205
      genghiz the kahn says:

      So why did you post here?


      • 215

        Why did you post here?

        That would be a better question to ask. Unlike most (if not aLL) of the commenters on here I actually have informed opinions and don’t parrot the latest Toryboy line that Guido, SHAMeron or Gideon Osbourne are spewing.


        • 250
          Dr Feelgood says:

          Enough of all this politics, Charles. Please, please, please tell us more about ‘graphics fidelity’ – I’m desperate to know. We await at the knee of the master for enlightenment.


        • 282
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Charlie have you forgotten to take your medication? It must be terrible to have a combination of Tourette’s, ADHD, and Manic Depression.


      • 223
        lolol says:

        Charles,Charley such big words from Computer professional are they from a left wingnut dictionary Charlie or did you get use one of your scrpits,by the way I thought you said you wouldn’t come back to this blog,your just like your beloved leader a liar.


    • 214
      Charles' Mum says:

      “Charles – how many times do I have to tell you, it’ll make you go blind. Now go and change your underpants.”


      • 222

        Go away you useless troll.


        • 236
          Go away you useless troll says:

          the useless troll Charles.


        • 247
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          Charles old chap,

          I have just visited the website hyperlink from your name.

          Isn’t that the site that was run by those nasty chaps who thought it was fine to smear & attack the wives of Labours political opposition?

          Dont Tory wives have any rights Charles old chap?

          Best regards
          RRW (mrs)


    • 221
      Dr Feelgood says:

      You told us you were going for good only a couple of days ago!

      Please can you update us on ‘graphics fidelity’ – I’m still waiting for the academic or industry journal citations.


    • 281
      Harry va Derci says:

      Yeah – but you’d still do her Charlie


    • 289
      Interested Observer says:

      “ – where labour minded people come together”

      So – a sort of community wanking pit, then.


    • 318
      Postal Vote says:

      The blue lady would be taken very seriously by me if I bumped into her!


  72. 203
    JWil says:

    Having made reference in the article to the European gravy train it would be enlightening if some knowledgible person could tell us if there has been any “kick-back” (pun intended) from our European partners to the situation that is happening in the UK. In short, do other European countries now see the writing on the wall for their existing system of expenses claims or is it quietly going over their heads?


    • 220
      Silvio Multiplyar says:





      • 239
        Harri says:

        The Local EU parties got off to a bad start here in Slovakia yesterday , they were pelted with several hundred eggs then had to be escorted by minders away in quite a hurry, and you will not hear about that on BBC Pravda world news.


        • 270
          Anonymous says:

          Link – please, please.


        • 330
          Harri says:

          I will have to work on it , its a pity that the UK has a bastard censorship that would not look out of place in Chang chi prison ( i have no idea if there is even such a place ) but if there was it would have BBC world news spouting commie bullshit , you need Telivisia JOJ pronounced YOY . then it would be sight to behold , try and google Bratislava , Slovakia , much fucking eggs at Slovak MEPs or maybe a combination of all those you will hit the right one soon enough…

          Should have been grenades?

          I have my Slovak wife and three of her mates waffling to each other here at the moment , i have just asked them do they know ?? i might as well have been talking to the dog! if it is any help the MEPs were dressed on orange?


        • 331
          Harri says:

          Hellski and much Crapski

          I meant dressed IN orange not as an orange


  73. 204
    Ruth Kelly MP says:

    So am I.


  74. 227
    The Rev. Spooner says:

    You’ve got to give it to Libertas, that really is a cunning stunt


  75. 234
    Postal Vote says:

    Meanwhile, let’s not forget that

    – the UK is heading towards a debt to gdp ratio of 100%

    – has a structural budget deficit of 80 to 100 billion per annum.

    It’s easy to see what will happen to inflation and taxation to get the government out of jail, esp since government pensions are index-linked.


    • 253
      Master Baiter says:

      Japan’s government debt is already 170% of gross domestic product, the most among Group of Seven nations and soon is set to exceed 200%.


      • 274
        It's all Balls says:

        I don’t live in Japan. Do you?


      • 323
        Postal Vote says:

        Japan did not have a trade deficit and a zero savings rate when it ran into trouble, while both the US and the UK have both – so, lots of trouble ahead for the uk and the us.

        Apart from 2006 to 2008, Japan, like us, had the benefit of low commidity prices. When we get commodity-related inflation (oil will become scarce) governments will lean on central banks to let inflation rip and reduce debt to gdp. This may mean that you do not have to pay 80% tax, but your after-tax wage will buy somthing close to nothing. My best guess is that Misses Merkel will be viewed as hero in 50 years time, as she is reluctant to borrow yourself out of a problem.

        Seen Taylor’s (the guy who came up with the taylor rule) comment in yesterday’s ft? Depressing stuff. If you don’t have an index-linked pension (government and beeb), you are screwed squared, cubed even.


        • 367
          Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

          I agree with Postal voter, watch the US.

          “OVERALL loan quality at American banks is the worst in at least a quarter century, and the quality of loans is deteriorating at the fastest pace ever, according to statistics released this week by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

          The report highlighted that even as the government and major banks have scrambled to deal with the impaired securities the banks own, the institutions have been plagued by an unprecedented volume of old-fashioned loans going bad.

          Of the entire book of loans and leases at all banks — totaling $7.7 trillion at the end of March — 7.75 percent were showing some sign of distress, the F.D.I.C. reported. That was up from 6.9 percent at the end of 2008 and from 4.1 percent a year earlier. It also exceeded the previous high of 7.26 percent set in 1990 and 1991, during the last crisis in American banking. (The F.D.I.C. has been collecting the figures since 1984).”


        • 368
          Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

          Postal Voter is right. Watch the US!

          Covered by the DT: 290509

          ……………….”The Fed is going to have to consider doubling its purchases of Treasuries,” said Ashraf Laidi, from CMC Capital Markets. “We could be nearing the end-game for the US dollar but the Fed has little choice at this point. We’re in a vicious circle where any policy aimed at supporting the US economy must be at the expense of the dollar…………………..”


    • 355
      Housing Hubba Bubba says:

      Don’t forget personal debt outstripping GDP for the last few years.


  76. 237

    A question for all you Toryboys.

    How many Labour MPs claimed money for duckponds, moats or servants’ quarters?

    Now who’s “out of touch”?

    There’s no way Gordon Brown will resign over this. Believe me I’ve seen it all, in 2 months’ time everyone will have forgotten about this scandal and be watching Britain’s Got Talent or whatever. By the autumn the economy will be on the way up again and next May Gordon Brown will win the elections and you Toryboys will be crying for another 5 years in the wilderness.

    If you think Gordon Brown worked 12 hours a day for 40 years to reach the top, only to quit over some silly tittle-tattle you’ve got another think coming.

    The press and public can whine all they like. What can you do to remove him? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. If you disagree, you’re basically terorists and you can explain yourselves to the Police.

    Because at the last election, WE WON AND YOU LOST.

    Why can’t Toryboys ever grow up and admit defeat?


    • 248
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      Silly tittle tattle? I think you may be just about as out of touch as your beloved leader and his cronies are on this, Charles old bean.


      • 269
        Master Baiter says:

        The iron fist will come crashing down on the poor inbreds heads, just you wait.

        The GBP (Great British Public) love to be outraged, see them read with disgust just how much some Conservative MPs make ‘on the side’.

        It’s all in the timing.

        Poor old Eton boys, couldn’t spin a washing machine.


        • 302
          Brown's terrochotta No.9 says:

          Charles and Baiter,

          Look bottom line to all of this is that Labour who are currently in power with a large majority since 97 have had plenty of time to implement reforms, etc – instead they decided to f#*k things up.

          Regards expenses, Labore have had plenty of time to sort that out also and could have claimed the high ground by driving transparency since they came to power. But they didn’t….why? Because they were quite happy to steal from the tax payer as well as the rest of the MPs.

          All of them were at it. The fact that they only pay a percentage of their council tax is in itself sickening. As someone said in a post yesterday you cannot say a Labour MP stole £20,000 from the tax payers but that’s OK because a Tory stole £25,000 is just crazy. They should ALL pay everything back and resign – the money could be used for better things.

          And Charles if you don’t like this website sod off somewhere else.


        • 325
          Dr Feelgood says:

          MB – Please can you address my concerns about your hate speech.


        • 328
          Postal Vote says:

          i do agree with baiter here

          – benefit dependent voters will vote for the party they expect to be most generous to them and 28% of the households get more than half their income from the state (the 2.7 million on incapacity benefit account for 40 commons seats, using labour’s 68,000 or so votes per seat in 2005)

          – postal votes will add 5 points to labour’s election result as labour is postal votes champion (remeber, the marked voters register in Glenrothes went missing after last year’s byelection when postal votes quadrupled)


    • 252
      righty right wing (mrs) says:

      Gerald Kaufman.

      £8500 for a TV.

      That money could have gone to Africa or something…..

      Shall I go on & on like you Charles, old chap?

      Do you want the full list of Labour troughers?

      Best regards

      RRW (mrs)


    • 257
      lolol says:

      Charles,Charley we believe everything you say,duck Charlie flying pigs.


    • 258
      Dack Blog says:

      Is there a doctor in the house?


    • 263
      It's all Balls says:

      Pots and black kettles Charles?

      When will Labourboys ever grow up and admit defeat?

      And when will Labour apologists stop trying to politicise the expenses debacle by constantly referring to moats and duck-houses. They are small beer compared to flipping, phantom mortgages, CGT evasion, buying a £50k pad and classifying it as your main residence.

      Troughing is a feature of all parties. Let’s just admit that fact, clear out the offenders, and move on.

      Or is moving on what Labour and their few remaining supporters are most afraid of?


    • 266
      Mary Hinge says:

      How many Tories claimed for a bathplug, FFS?


      • 276
        Charles Flaccidwidger says:

        Blimey, MB and Charles on here together. If I was a billy goat gruff, I’d be seriously worried.


      • 319
        Inspector Foyle says:

        Anthony Eden never claimed a bathplug. ditto Churchill and that nice man with the mustache and bowler hat.


    • 285

      Total claims 2005-08 (excluding travel)

      Liam Byrne £ 478,536 LABOUR

      Joan Ryan £ 469,893 LABOUR

      Dan Norris £ 450,985 LABOUR

      Shahid Malik £ 446,314 LABOUR

      Charlotte Atkins £ 443,244 LABOUR

      David Wilshire £ 438,377 TORY

      Tom Levitt £ 436,686 LABOUR

      Diana Johnson £ 436,632 LABOUR

      Fabian Hamilton £ 435,999 LABOUR

      Jacqui Smith £ 434,909 LABOUR

      Margaret Moran £ 434,456 LABOUR

      Ian Austin £ 434,409 LABOUR

      A. Rosindell £ 434,149 TORY

      Andrew George £ 434,062 LIBDEM

      Dawn Butler £ 433,865 LABOUR

      Roger Godsiff £ 433,298 LABOUR

      Tim Farron £ 433,260 LABOUR

      Peter Hain £ 431,905 LABOUR

      Norman Lamb £ 431,683 LIBDEM

      S. Hesford £ 431,527 LABOUR

      Source: The Sunday Times 17-05-09


    • 326
      Postal Vote says:

      I’m not conservatively-inlcined at all, but still very interested whether Charles is happy to contribute to replace loo seats that broke during shagging the office junior?


    • 327
      Dr Feelgood says:

      Charles, please can you provide the citations for ‘graphics fidelity’.


    • 361
      Margreat says:

      Please send me some of the stuff you are smoking


  77. 243
    Silvio Spanner says:




  78. 249
    It doesn't add up... says:

    A Rancid decision:

    Maybe she realises they probably didn’t want her in the first place, but wants to do a poll to find out. Cue That’s Life team at a shopping centre near you…

    Why don’t we have any decent satirical TV anymore?


    • 261
      righty right wing (mrs) says:

      How could we have stuffed up democracy & politics in Britain so badly that the only answer is to elect Esther Rantzen?


    • 265
      Donkey says:

      Because our satirists are predominantly socialist and haven’t felt the need since Labour came into power in 1997 and ushered in the glorious New Age of Browntopian Britain.


    • 267
      It's all Balls says:

      They don’t Esther – That’s life


  79. 268
    Anonymous says:

    I’m all for voting for the bint with the biggest tits. Gets my vote!


  80. 271
    You Just Couldn't make It Up No. 689 says:

    Much backslapping at the Department for Children, Schools and Families whose safe-sex mobile phone drama, Thmbnls, has been shortlisted for a Meffy (Mobile Entertainment Award). It ought to be gong-worthy, given the series is costing the UK taxpayer more than fifty quid per viewer.

    The department has spent 4.6 million nicker on its “Want respect? Use a Condom” promotion, the centrepiece of which is a weekly drama sent direct to mobile phones for free. The government even takes care of the data costs.

    It’s that drama that has been shortlisted for the industry award recognising the campaign’s “effectiveness” and “quantifiable business benefits” despite the fact that only 5,054 viewers are subscribed to the series which cost more than quarter of a million quid to shoot.


  81. 272
  82. 275
    Lofa on the sofa says:

    “I am delighted to bare all for Libertas. What have MEPs got to hide? I want them to get everything off their chest like me. Stop covering up if they’ve got nothing to be ashamed of…………………………Can I have my fifty quid now?”


  83. 292
    NotaSheep says:

    She looks as though she has something to hide, else why the knickers?


  84. 310
    Grumpety Grouzel, the Cornish Mouse from Cornish Mousehole says:

    Why blue? I don’t get it …


  85. 316
    caesars wife says:

    i bet chris de burgh is jealous , lady in …….


  86. 317
    AnonyMouse says:

    we’ve got a pair of blue tits and their young nesting in the roof


  87. 320
    jgm2 says:

    I shouldn’t feed the trolls. But….

    Your hatred of ‘Toryboys’ blinds you to the complete destruction of the UK economy by Gordon Brown.

    Maybe the thought of powerless Tories tearing their hair out at the legion incompetencies of Brown gives you a boner but I like to think that most sane people would settle for keeping their political rivals out of power without going the extra mile and totally wrecking the economy through sheer incompetence or malicious spite.

    Just a thought.


  88. 321
    Anonymous says:

    I note that she has failed to ‘bare all’.

    If I were an MEP, I would reply that I intended to respond in the same spirit as the challenge: revealing the socially acceptable assets whilst concealing the shameful things.

    Which is quite a funny pun if you know any latin


  89. 337
    Anonymous says:

    as i have tried to post before, but not managed to get past your censors, you have managed to bypass the activities of your friends in brussels. The failure to employ staff on the proper contracts of employment by some meps is a wonder to the world. of course, the many jobs they hold is interesting, let alone the family members helping out, or generous housing allowances. but why no coverage by freedom crusading sites for acceptance of gifts by prescribed organisations, or failure to follow open disclosure, etc etc


  90. 350
    The Man from Toronto He Say says:

    I must say I’m really digging Smurfette’s new look.


  91. 354
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    According to the Polish liberals, who don’t like Lech Walesa linking up with Libertas, Declan Ganley founder of Libertas is a stalking horse within Europe for the Russian oligarchs.


  92. 365
    Brown'sAgaSaga says:

    Brown’s used legal threats to prevent the DT journos from discussing his expenses – the flipping, the claiming while in residence at two grace and favour properties, two entire luxury kitchens FFS, as well as the totally bogus maths of his dubious payments to his brother, for a cleaner on £35 per hour, a cleaner whose receipts he never saw, nor ever asked for, a cleaner who, sight unseen, was allowed seven hours per month unsupervised access to the private property of a senior member of the government…I mean, really, does he think we’re all idiots? All that stuff about his being so naive in money matters that he couldn’t help himself…
    He seems to have helped himself pretty freely. Another Weegee on the make, like his ghastly pal Martin.


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