May 24th, 2009

Sunday Sleaze Round-Up

Sunday SleazePost links to sleaze stories in the comments and Guido will summarise them here.  It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it…

Andy Burnham was assisted by the Common’s authorities who bent the rules after he got a bung from a property developer and managed to over-claim in the same year by £10,000.  More support for Guido’s thesis that the Palace of Westminster is less about public service and more like gangster racketeering.

millionaire-mp-logoEric Joyce has claimed over a million, paying zero capital gains tax on his property flipping over the years.  He told the Mail on Sunday that this ‘This conversation may have cost me £160,000′, it will hopefully cost him his seat as well.  Though he will have sworn year after year on his tax return that he was making a full and true statement.  A criminal offence.

LibDem MP Malcolm Bruce managed to claim for two different properties simultaneously.  Cleverly he put his wife on the payroll at his constituency home and used the incidental expenses provision to feather bed that home and the ACA to featherbed his London home.  Guido thought he new every trick in the book by now, this is a new one.  Bruce won’t tell us how much he paid his wife.  Our money into his household income and he wants it to be kept secret?

Angela Browning, a former Tory minister, claimed £10,000 for her website, which looks like it took three hours to throw together.  She claimed for the usual long list of interior design features including the kitchen sink (£2,714). Worse than Jacqui Smith…

Derek Conway tried to claim for a £160 pig-skin walletHow appropriate.

The news isn’t all bad, according to the Sunday Times half the occupants of the parliament of whores could be swept away on the tide of righteous anger sweeping the nation. Guido is betting on 50 resigning or standing down in disgrace and perhaps a 100 more incumbents suffering the wrath of the fleeced voting taxpayers – over and above party swings. The Sunday Times reckons 325 troughers will be forced onto their index-linked gold-plated pensions. Guido’s heart bleeds…


  1. 1
    Mark Oaten says:

    “It’s a dirty job but someones got to do it.”

    That’s my line.

  2. 2
    anti trougher says:

    It takes the biscuit when you think about it. These troughers are allowed to serve out their parliamentary time so that they can get a further golden handshake at the end of the term, of course from the taxpayers. Rewards for crime?

  3. 3
    Sam says:

    Why do you think all MPs are bastards, Guido?

    You write an entertaining blog but to endlessly generalise about politicians being ‘troughers’ is unfair and inconsistent isn’t it?

    You couldn’t claim to be the most frugal in your life with others’ money can you?

  4. 4
    Inkwind says:

    Here is another hypercritical troughing Tory MP who is trumpeting his innocence to his local constituency: Tory MP David ‘4 Jobs’ Ruffley condemns police for having second jobs. Shadow police minister David Ruffley MP says that the 4000 police who have a second job shouldn’t be allowed to earn extra money, despite the Parliamentarian himself trousering directorship cash from no less than 3 other outside positions.

    According to the register of interests:

    RUFFLEY, David (Bury St. Edmunds)
    Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Adviser on economic affairs to Lotus Asset Management (with effect from 26 May 2005). (£15,001-£20,000)
    Adviser to Dentons Pension Management Ltd, giving general strategic business advice. (£25,001-£30,000)
    Adviser to Partnership Group Holdings Limited, giving strategic business advice (with effect from 19 April 2007). (£25,001-£30,000)

    According to the Telegraph he also “flipped” his second home from a London flat to his Bury St Edmunds constituency before spending thousands of pounds on furniture and fittings. He successfully claimed for a £1,674 sofa – but was refused the full amount when he claimed for a £2,175 46-inch Sony wide screen HD television from Harrods. An attempt to claim £6,765 for the purchase of several bedroom items was reduced by £4,748.

    He is spinning that he paid for a proportion of many of the things he claimed for, (well he would have no option would he, if the claim had been thrown out)

    But there is more….

    In the sleepy constituency of Suffolk’s Bury St Edmunds where Conservatives would happily vote in Fluffy Bunny Flop Lugs if it sported a blue rosette (strange their Conservative Party web sight is down, and they have gone incredibly quiet) their MP is trumpeting how he will lead the charge on cleaning up Westminster scrap second home allowances and a whole range of measures to stamp out corruption at Westminster. (Meaning PAY RISE for Plundering MP’s as the expense claim gravy train has hit the buffers).

    A classic copper plate example of a spinning Tory Boy career politician.

    The local Conservative Association must be proud of him.

  5. 5
    Swiss Bob says:

    Only half? That’s a bit disappointing.


  6. 6

    Regardless of which Party any one of those morally corrupt politicians are attached to, I’m sick and tired of all their lies and deception. We, the hard working tax payers, who have unwittingly contributed towards the ‘f**k you’ lifestyle of the very people who are supposed to represent us, should be given the opportunity to pass our own judgement.

    It’s time to issue The Brown Ultimatum.

  7. 7
    Dick the Prick says:

    I want suicides please.

  8. 8
    bentkopper says:

    The “Tipping Point” for NuLabour, our beloved leader and his pig farm is fast approaching:

    1) In a couple of weeks we will have the results of local and European elections.

    2) In a couple of weeks the pyschological count-down to the next General Election will be in months and weeks, no longer in in years.

    Time and tide stand still for no man, or woman, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

  9. 9
    MTPT says:

    Farage is in the Gruniad after he claimed to have taken £2M of expenses from the European parliament.

    Kind of makes you feel the man with the duck house was lacking ambition.

  10. 10
    Martin in Essex says:

    To show how dirty it really is, the labour trougher Tom Levitt MP for High Peak tried to claim £16.50 on his expenses for a wreath he bought to lay on a war memorial. Of all the thieving and corruption these bastards are doing this particular example strikes me as just about as low and despicable as it gets.

  11. 11
    Oliver Twist says:

    The pigs are all scrambling to get off the gravy train before it crashes to a halt.

    Pigs deserting a sinking ship. Who the fcuk wants to go into politics now when you can’t even claim a bath plug on expenses.

    They’re all quackers, even the ducks don’t want any part of them.

  12. 12
    Tetenterre says:

    “325 troughers will be forced onto their index-linked gold-plated pensions. ”

    Good riddance! *This* is what democracy is about. It is not, as Rowan Williams falsely suggested, democracy that is under threat –what is threatened is a corrupt political system that benefits self-serving venal scum and their cronies.

    Yet, somehow, I have a nasty feeling that the execrable bastards will find a way to flout democracy yet again.

  13. 13
    BrianSJ says:

    Excellent piece by Theresa Hunter in Scotland on Sunday at

    which includes:

    More seriously, the MPs scandal has uncovered two serious problems at the heart of the way we have been governed.

    Firstly, our MPs, who set our taxes, are not paying the same taxes we are. We buy everything they need from furniture to maintenance, so we pay their VAT. We pay their travel expenses, so they are not hit by fuel duties. We pay their stamp duty.

    Secondly, this fiasco illustrates how our money is fire-hosed around government, public sector and the UK’s 1,100 quangos (busybody groups). No wonder credit ratings agencies are threatening to downgrade the UK.

    The MPs whinge how their pay has been left behind that of GPs and head teachers. Whose fault is that? They are the ones who awarded those pay scales. And after years of hearing that MPs are not in it for the money, it cracks me up to hear that more than 100 are planning to stand down, because their expenses have been rumbled.

    As for the hysterics from Tory Nadine Dorries that some parliamentarians are suicidal. We know they’re stupid, but spineless too? Thank God Hitler isn’t camped at Calais.

    MPs should be paid a fully taxed salary like the rest of us. Then they might think twice before putting up our taxes. We may need to have different bands for those who live furthest from Westminster.

    And they’re right. The public may not think they’re worth the £104,000 their current package is costing.

    But at least we could see precisely what we’re paying them”

  14. 14
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Lets see how many directorships these wankers can pick up when they are no longer MPs
    To be fair to Mark Oaten he is standing down and has some interesting sponsorship deals lined up
    Toilet Duck
    Harpic and royal Doulton
    McMental is going to be the spokes model for Pampers
    “Im getting on with ma wee jobbie”

  15. 15
    Phill says:

    Anyone watching the coverage of this scandal on Sky News, would have to be getting a little confused.You’d think these scum bags had just won a”Nobel Peace Prize”

  16. 16
    I do too says:

    At least the UKIP MEPs make no secret of their intentons to expose the EU gravy train by claiming as much as possible off that corrupt entity. They use the money to finance the party – which is poetic justice in a way!

    Good luck to them say I

  17. 17
    billy says:

    Billy’s heart bleeds for them too Guido: I expressed my concern for you
    after your over-indulgence the other day – happy to know you are with
    us again…..if only to keep hammering away at that shower of champagne
    socialists – and the duck house,moat cleaning,hedge-cutting claimants
    too ! !

  18. 18
    Scallywag says:

    In my day and in the real world miscreants were ‘summarily dismissed for gross misconduct’ for doing what the troughers have been up to. That meant you were out on your ear and all the benefits stopped dead. The only thing you could take with you would be your pension contributions.

    Why aren’t these self-serving bastards treated the same?

    I saw that McKay character on Sky News after he had been given a good hiding at his ‘invitation only’ meeting. Despicable sod. It made me wonder quite why David Cameron had this smarmy liar and all round nasty piece of work on his team. Error of judgement perhaps???

    I’m starting to look for somewhere else to put my X come the great day.

  19. 19
  20. 20
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    He is my MP.I am following events carefully but up to now he has performed well.I have no problem with MPs having other jobs as it gives them experience of the real world; however, if he has been troughing at our expense we will be calling for a public meeting a la Mackay.There is no hiding place for Hoons; talking of which where is the “smack of firm government” on the backsides of the government’s own Hoons, including Hoon?

  21. 21
    bentkopper says:

    The most reliable and sure way for MP’s to commit kamikaze:

    1) MP’s to get copies of all their expense claims forms.

    2) MP’s to neatly pile them in the middle of the garden.

    3) MP’s to ask the Fire Brigade to lend them a Simon Snorkel extension ladder..

    4) MP’s to climb the ladder to the top of their pile of expense claims form.

    5) MP’s to jump off the top.

    © 2009 suicides-r-us, all rights reserved.

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    “Cleaning up Parliament” when said by an MP seems to be becoming a euphemism for increasing MPs salaries!

  23. 23
    Johnny says says:

    “The Sunday Times reckons 325 troughers will be forced onto their index-linked gold-plated pensions.”

    And if they are, perhaps they shouldn’t be replaced with anyone. There are too many MPs as it is.

  24. 24
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Suicides plus Elizabeth Filkin to head up the Fees Office

  25. 25
    Godemiché says:

    Just a matter of slimming down the workforce through natural wastage.

  26. 26
    Scallywag says:

    Pigs are not to be confused with the crap in Westminster.

    Pigs are nice intelligent animals who perform a very useful service to most of us. They don’t lie, they don’t steal, they don’t wriggle out of their responsibilities and the world would be a poorer place without them. The complete opposite of the dishonourable, lying, cheating, self-serving bastards in that big house by the Thames.

  27. 27
    G says:

    Yesterday, the IoS established that Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, claimed more than £80,000 in second-home expenses over four years when he was an MP, even though his constituency was within 50 miles of Westminster….

    “this rage seems to be regarding the misuse of the ACA, but looking at the full list of MP,s claims there’s another source of money called Incidental Expenses Provision. In many cases this amounts to more then the ACA…”Herman Glmet @7.43

    Additional Costs Allowance/ACA = costs in running MPs second homes

    Incidental Expenses Provision/IEP = largely cover the cost of running MPs office…

    we have not heard about IEP except where MPs employ their families…

  28. 28
    Chris Paterson says:

    The Labour MP in charge of cracking down on voter fraud appears to find himself in a pickle with his own family

  29. 29
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    Sharia law in UK is ‘unavoidable’

    So please, don’t bother voting B NP.

  30. 30
    54DEGREES NORTH says:

    Do MP’s pay for their office space in ‘local community centres’?
    These centres were run by local councils.
    BUT they are also used as polling stations.
    Does anyone know when local elected council expenses being published.

    Thanks for any info enjoy the sun.

  31. 31
    Chris says:

    The local elections are only a few days away and it looks like much of the country may elect minority parties, including BNP, UKkip, Green and maybe even the Monster Raving Looney Party. BUT our country is going to suffer for years with such a diverse and fragmented group in charge.

    Guido & Chums, I know it looks like great fun to see all of these heads rolling but do you not have real concerns that the country might just elect a more incompetent bunch (I know that is hard to believe)?

  32. 32

    Firstly not all of them are troughers. However 90% of MPs claim within 90% of the maximum permissable. Statistically interesting don’t you think?

    My money is not public money. Guido cares not a jot what extravagances celebs or footballers have, they don’t tax me.

  33. 33
    Edward Devoy says:

    Just how many will face court? and just how many will it actually cost any money, giving back what you stole is not a punishment.
    Will any of them actually lose any of their pension rights?

  34. 34
    Lord tansted says:

    This may have been covered in earlier posts, so my apologises if I’m going over old ground.

    On Friday’s BBC Today programme on Radio 4, leader writers from the Independent and Sun (can’t remember their names – I’m not a media person so their names didn’t mean anything to me) re the Present Scandal. They seem to imply – somewhat along the lines of the Archbishop of Canterbury – that the Scandal was doing damage to “our democracy”, and a Parliament full of Ester Ransons and Martin Bells (i.e. independents, presumably) was not the way to go. Why not? A Paliament of independents might well do job of Parliament better than a bunch of toady party-shits. We might well have avoided going to war twice this Century.

  35. 35
    SHB says:

    Don’t they also get a years pay (or nearly a year) if they loose their seat?

    What happens if they are forced to stand down by either their party leader or their constituency association/local party?

    Another opportunity for troughing and shafting the tax payer?

  36. 36
    Lord Stansted says:

    This may have been covered in earlier posts, so my apologises if I’m going over old ground.

    On Friday’s BBC Today programme on Radio 4, leader writers from the Independent and Sun (can’t remember their names – I’m not a media person so their names didn’t mean anything to me) re the Present Scandal. They seem to imply – somewhat along the lines of the Archbishop of Canterbury – that the Scandal was doing damage to “our democracy”, and a Parliament full of Ester Ransons and Martin Bells (i.e. independents, presumably) was not the way to go. Why not? A Paliament of independents might well do job of Parliament better than a bunch of toady party-shits. We might well have avoided going to war twice this Century.

  37. 37
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    You are utterly wrong sir!This is corruption on a grand scale.Political parties should not be financed by the State and are not so financed legally.As one UKIP MP is doing time for fraud I also doubt that the money is financing their party.Four out of 12 UKIP MEPs have gone since the last euro election.Their track record is poor to say the least.If you want to vote for a minority party you could try Libertas

  38. 38
    bentkopper says:

    When are they going to fumigate the Mother of all Parliaments?….in the summer recess?

    Think of all the dried snot from Gordon Brown’s nose that he picked which must have slipped through the crevices of those geen benches.

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Dave is backing Mrs Mackay who MUST have known what hubby was up to.
    What was the deal?—stand down and your wife is safe?
    One small problem-the ELECTORATE!

  40. 40
    Chalcedon says:

    It’s the bastard, fucking troughers that should be bleeding.

  41. 41

    I do too, that’s a good point. Unlike the Green Party Group, whose members just wallow in the trough because they want the gravy, not the exposure.

    Euro Green Party Group member caught on the fiddle

    Incidentally, I offered any Green Party member the chance to rebut this story, or even make a comment. Not one had the guts to do so. Years ago I resigned my membership of the Ecology Party/Green Party. Thank God I did.

  42. 42
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    I am not sure the Ruffley story will run.His own website is up and contains an open letter dated 20th May to all constituents explaining the change of home in 2007.He rents a place in BSE.I am as vindictive against troughers as anyone but let us not lose sight of justice in all this.The troughers should of course be left swinging in the wind

  43. 43
    Dick the Prick says:

    If they sold tickets, it could be a nice little earner for HMRC – could have burger vans, tombolla, rides for the kiddies, hire a turn – Bad Manners or Madness, maybe Jools Holland, get some bunting on the local pubs (assuming they’re still open) – could be a very nice day out for all the family. Just a thought.

  44. 44
    Oliver Twist says:

    325 pigs looking for a job.

    Every silver lining has a cloud.

  45. 45
    RavingMad says:

    Don’t worry everbody.

    Gordon’s got a Big Plan for our consumption after the local elections. All will be well. (hehehehe, titters, falls off chair backwards…..)

    BBC still playing expenses stuff down, suggesting public getting tired of it all now. Hopefully it will all settle down soon…FFS!!!! Nothing about Burnham, Joyce or even Kirkbride!!! but suggesting a great opportunity for Cameron to get rid of deadwood. Nothing about the NewLabour Shite.

    Does Gabby Logan have any talent at all is is she another BBC luvvie with good connections?????

  46. 46
    Auntie Vermin says:

    Nobody with any sense is going to push out MP’s one by one for byelections in September on a piece meal basis. What a mess! The simplest solution is for McMental to take the bottle of whiskey, have a large slug of it, then call an election for end of the summer.

    All this DT stuff will be in the public domain, redaction (censorship) for what its worth will have been discredited by public opinion and open posting of expense claims (they always fall when they are no longer confidential between employer and employee)

    After the Euro’s and locals we will have a significant number of no-shows for the GE by ZanuLab troughers adding to those form the other parties, and likely to be the biggest group by far. So waiting a bit until McMental’s shake becomes Downfall like, wont harm anyone except this shyster bunch of racketeers.

    Already like the Officers in Monty Python, the troughers are self immolating rather than carrying on. Good and more of it please. Another month or so should have a good harvest at least enough for 4 full Routemasters.

  47. 47
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    That is a very interesting story that deserves wider circulation.It shows what hypocrites and troughers the Greens are.

  48. 48
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Same as the Tory trougher James Gray.

  49. 49
    Mitch says:

    “One of Flint’s allies put it bluntly to me: “There’s a feeling out there that Gordon just doesn’t like women. And it’s mutual.” ”

    Fraser Nelson says gordon is a butt monkey hahahahaha…..faggot

  50. 50
    Geordie Girl says:

    I heard that some labour trougher claimed for the cost of his wife’s new spectacles!!! Just unbelievable. How the hell have they got away with this for so long.

  51. 51
    Oliver Twist says:

    The trouble for the Brown Broadcasting Corporation is that all the expense claims are going to formally piblished in June/July and then the Media ans Joe Public will have a field day comparing the Telegraph unedited expense claims with the formal doctored and massaged versions to see exactly what MP’s wanted to hide.

  52. 52
    RavingMad says:

    Esther Rantzen is not of this world – be warned!

  53. 53
    michel de montaigne says:

    Cameron is going to open up politics with more primaries.

    I will vote for anyone who pronounces the ‘T’ ant the end of not. got. what. etc. and stops prefixing a point by saying ” Wo I am sayin is”.
    It all started with Blairspeak.

  54. 54
    Inkwind says:

    Firstly “any” MP I vote for needs to have experience (in the real world), 64k plus per year plus expenses and a copper plate pension is hardly “on the job training pay!

    Secondly “if he is serving his constituents well, it is a 24/7 job.

    I expect very good value for 64k, plus comfy.

    Bull shitting Part Timers need not apply!

  55. 55
    RavingMad says:

    Julie really must learn to deal with phone calls more sensibly.

  56. 56
    Slow strangler says:

    Slowly slowly; DC said on AM today she is a separate case and would be dealt with in turn by the scrutiny committee. So far they seem to be fairly good at nailing the bullet points, reporting to DC and then a conversation takes place. This week she will likely be gone after a discussion about unauthorised inhabitants of her Commons subsidised property

  57. 57
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    It used to be like that.At the last public hanging in 1868, there were over 20,000 people

  58. 58
    Oliver Twist says:

    The spectacles were absolutely essential for his wife to fiddle the expenses, and therefore are an absolutley legitimate expense claim.

  59. 59
    RavingMad says:

    there wasn’t a local specsavers…hmmmm???

  60. 60
    Plato says:

    Funny if he lost by 4 votes :)

  61. 61

    I just tried to report Joyce to HMRC

    and got an error

    “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e14′

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not allocate space for object ‘employer’ in database ‘taxevasionhotline’ because the ‘PRIMARY’ filegroup is full.

    /forms/insert_form.asp, line 102 ”

    How convenient!

  62. 62
    angry french john says:

    A far harder job would be to name and praise the one or two dishonourable bar stewards who haven’t been knee deep in the trough.
    Guido… Still waiting with lessening patience for the exposes on the thieving twats in Brussels, and every town hall across the land

  63. 63
  64. 64
    michel de montaigne says:

    He bought them so she could look at him through rose coloured…..

  65. 65
    Pissed off voter says:

    The party leaders are making a big deal out of MPs having to pay back ‘claims made in error’, but those forced refunds relate only to their expenses for the last four years. Many of these errant MPs have been in office for a great deal longer than four years. Are we to assume that they were all veritable saints prior to 2005 and then suddenly ‘went bad’ in 2005, or are claims prior to 2005 being viewed as their ‘banker bonus’, effectively a reward for bad behaviour.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    You are ‘Z’ and I claim my 5 pounds.

  67. 67
    Northampton Saint says:

    I dont want my Taxes funding Political parties, the thieving hoons take enough already

  68. 68
    Plato says:

    The payment is equivalent to 50 per cent of the £64,766 salary of a backbench MP.

    Additionally, all MPs who leave Parliament can also receive an additional ‘winding-up allowance’ of up to £40,799.

    This is available for four months to help pay the cost of terminating staff contracts and office leases.

    MPs also enjoy some of the most generous pension arrangements in the country. After 20 years in Parliament, an MP can expect to retire on an annual income of around £30,000.

    The Resettlement Grant is offered because of the ‘uncertainty’ which comes with the job and is paid to any MP who loses their seat or stands down at a general election.

    Two years ago the independent Senior Salaries Review Body said the grant is, in effect, a redundancy payment, and should no longer be paid to those who retire or resign.

    However, the Speaker’s Committee, chaired by outgoing Commons Speaker Michael Martin, dismissed the proposed reform for those MPs who voluntarily stand down.

    The grant is calculated according to length of service and age. An MP with 15 or more years’ service aged over 70 receives half a year’s salary, with £30,000 of the grant tax-free.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    That’s probably why they were green in the first place.

  70. 70
    Hugh Janus says:

    Your first and second sentences seem to me to be incompatible. If you are saying that they need outside experience before being elected then I completely agree. If you are saying that, once elected, they should completely divorce themselves from any kind of business interest or involvement then you only have to look at the tragic bunch of career politicians we have now to know that they have little idea what is going on outside their feather-bedded existence in the Palace of Westminster. If they did they might think twice about the tsunami of anti-business regulation we now have to suffer since NuLiebour arrived on the scene some 12 years ago.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Peter Robinson teasing us that he mght stand down as East Belfast MP now, as his work as First Minister is just soooo taxing. Yeah right. Maybe the greedy pig is worried about the detail on the receipts in his and MP wife Iris’s Westminster expenses. £160000 mortgage claims and £400 a month each food bill to begin with. Roll on til we see them.

  72. 72
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    That will take a long time.Those 2 arms of “government” are far more experienced at troughing than our own MPs.

  73. 73

    @ 47 Grytpyte-Thynne. Apparently, he didn’t:
    “Press comment in the last day or two has suggested that I submitted a claim for the cost of Remembrance Sunday wreaths against my Parliamentary allowances. That is simply not true, as the receipts which will shortly be released by the Parliamentary authorities will show. It is in fact a rehash of a very old newspaper story from 2003, when I put down a Parliamentary Question to ask the then Leader of the House of Commons, Peter Hain, whether or not wreaths laid by MPs in their official capacity were regarded as an official expense. He replied that they were not, as a result of which I have not, and would not, claim for them….”
    More at ConHome if you want it.

  74. 74
    Geordie Girl says:

    Ah now that you have put it like that, I see the validity of the claim.

  75. 75

    We need an investigation to uncover the ‘troughing’ done by MP’s throughout their careers, and who helped them, and correlate it with their actual achievements, before sentencing them severely. It seems that those with the safest seats, held longest, do the most ‘troughing’. I suspect they will turn out to be the most dozy and useless MP’s. We should be rid of the useless party voting lobby fodder who add nothing to the country but take a lot.

  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    I await in anticipation as to what strategy the ever more desperate Government will employ to prevent electoral meltdown at the Polls next month.

    Expect scare stories like Vote Labour or face losing your job because of Thatcher or Nuclear war inevitable unless the monkey in the red rossette gets re elected.

    45 minites to save the NHS remember !

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Have I Got News For You – Julie Kirkbride putting the phone down:

    Start listening about 9.30….

  78. 78

    I think you’ll find it was a butt plug but to claim value for money it was also used as a……

  79. 79
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    As spectators I hasten to add!

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Can I just mention the Elephant in the room…ALISTAIR DARLING

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    So if we all commit fraud but say we’ll pay the money back if we get caught then that will be OK with this government, right ?

  82. 82

    The gold plated pension schemes should be closed, and the beneficiaries forced to return some of the gold.

  83. 83
    Pissed off voter says:

    Exactly. They are not being held accountable.

  84. 84
    Sailor Joe says:

    6) Amyl nitrate and an orange to sit on.

  85. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Yes that was the deal, remember that MacKay knows where all the bodies are buried. Cameron is foolish, this fraud was a joint husband/wife conspiracy, in which Kirkbride`s fraud was greater than MacKays. Ian Kirkbride lives in the constituency home. It is his home, rent free. The company is a paper company according to Kirkbride, and Ian Kirkbride has been paid for 12 years out of parliamentary allowances for “computer” work. He does not live there part time and the elderly mother in Cirencester lives with Kirkbride`s sister Karen, even though her age does not prevent her from also receiving `expenses`. The son Horatio lives in London, there is no Bromsgrove `au pair` and Naomi Dent daughter of constituency chairman Alan Dent and secretary Rita Dent is the nanny paid for as secretary out of parliamentary allowance. MacKay has been in Bromsgrove 4 times in the last 3 years and on one occasion did not stay the night.
    This pair of crooks have swindled millions from us and Cameron should act against both not one because their fraud cannot be separated.

  86. 86
    Orson Cart says:

    Not exactly troughing, but a Labour cover up of £1 Billion of our hard earned wasted within the NHS.

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry, what did you say ? I didn’t quite catch that – there’s a bloody elephant getting in the way.

  88. 88
    Godemiché says:

    There is also an elephant with huge UDDERS.

  89. 89
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    This is fraud.He should be having his collar felt right now!

  90. 90
    Sunonmars says:

    Bye Bye Devine, not only claiming but making up your own invoices now. they really know how to fiddle. This is fraud alright, I’m guessing no work actually done, he just wanted the money.

  91. 91
    I use Ponds (so do ducks!) says:

    I like the sound of rendering. The UK soap industry needs help too.

  92. 92
    Billy Bunter says:

    Crikey! That explains why I cannot find my fruit bun.

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    If this is true then that is as clear a case of criminal fraud as you are ever likely to get. Deceit, false documentation produced and submitted to back up the deceit and financial gain as a result.

  94. 94
    Pissed off voter says:

    Right. Party leaders are simply not puting the country’s interest first.

  95. 95
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    In 1970, Labour stated that if the Tories got in they would reintroduce National Service.Heath still got in; mind you, he wasn’t a Conservative of course.

  96. 96
    Tit Watch - late entry for 'Friday Caption' comp - (under 'abuse / insult' cat), says:

    (enlarged previous entry)

    Shall I go down on you first dear – or you on me?

    I’m easy love – but just remember Gordo’s gonna come down on both of us!

  97. 97
    Poor lickle me me me.. says:

    Maybe he thinks that most of them are useless stupid Hunt whining bitches who contribute fuck all and whine like scalded cats when they’re caught with their hand in the till.

    They’re caught Hunting at the trough and like all stupid Hunt women bitches they blame whoever caught them out!!.

    Women quite simply aren’t cut out for public office, and they’ve infected the whole process with their incessant whining self-pitying drivel.

    It’s not fucking rocket science!

    The whole business of democracy, accountability and due process is not natural to women. It’s a male idea, and doesn’t suit women at all. They’ve their own ways of operating, which are quite simply antagonistic to democracy.

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Not surprising. Kirkbride the habitual liar is still at it and Cameron has been hoodwinked. Brother Ian Kirkbride lives at Bromsgrove it is his home and he is also paid massively out of parliamentary funds for fictitious computer advice. How many computers and servicing does she need in her office? Wake up Cameron.

  99. 99
  100. 100
    Agree says:

    Nice one. Spot on.

  101. 101
    Gordon Brown says:

    What day of the week does one have Sunday Lunch?

  102. 102
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Please keep trying.Joyce is an obnoxious and greedy twerp who needs to have his collar felt.He also has an appalling haircut and a punchable face.

  103. 103
    Plato says:

    You sound very informed.

    Cameron I think has got back on the front foot now by sacking Mackay – the complexity of some of the arrangements between various MPs and their families needs careful inspection before throwing them overboard in haste.

    I have no doubt that he is so pissed off and let down by those who he previously trusted that no-one will be saved if they deserve it.

    Now, where is Gordon?

  104. 104
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Bang to rights under The Theft Act.

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah. Look at Kirkbride and Cameron`s protection of her. Why?

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    When a member of parliament flips his homes repeatedly to avoid paying tax and that MP if The Chancellor of the Exchequor then it is clearly a resigning matter, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  107. 107
    Ocean Wave says:

    My dear Cart – have no qualms!

    It’s troughing alright. It must ‘of’ gone somewhere, – most likely in the pocket(s) of some con artist / consul-hoon / clip-board-carrying dip stick.

    Someone has it

  108. 108
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Until comparatively recently,MPs WERE part timers; noe we have professional politicians they trough and we groan under the weight of spurious legislation,taxation and bureaucracy.

  109. 109
    Ray Parker Junior says:

    I ain’t afraid of no trough

  110. 110
    Tory Dan says:

    Not to do with the expenses but related to the Gurkha stuff, one of those respectable Labour MPs has been threatening dissenters in his constituency with legal action, no doubt the wise MP will claim any legal costs to his ACA. After reading the article and the piece on Dale’s blog I can’t express how angry at Brian Jenkins, he really is a complete hoon.

    ‘A Labour MP was accused of ‘bullying’ yesterday for threatening to sue a 21-year-old student who criticised him for not backing the Gurkhas.’

    The tragedy of democracy is that there are to few hangings.

  111. 111
    Gordon Brown says:

    What colour is an Orange?

  112. 112
  113. 113
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    When they put the phone down they are toast.It is inevitable.

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    I look forward to “ing” making a comeback – no cabinet member seems capable of ending a word with the g – instead it’s talkin, walkin defraudin – the Balls Coopers are especially guilty of this. Do they think it appeals to us, the little people?

  115. 115
    Ready Steady - Shred!! says:

    And – most heartbreaking of all – that fucker Bliar will get away wiv it – innit?

    On account of that accidental ‘shredding’

    I’d shred the bastard ! ! !

  116. 116
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    She is up before the Scrutiny Commottee this week.That is not protection!

  117. 117
    Lord Elpus says:

    Due to overwhelming public support Lord Elpus is considering standing against “hands in the public till, but I made a mistake and it was within our corrupt rules anyway”, MP for Watford Claire Ward.

    Hopefully others will follow suit so we can have some honesty and democracy in politics for the very first time.

    Policies will be fighting corruption and old boy networks in politics.

    Disbanding the House of Lords.

    Changing laws to make corrupt MPs, Peers and bankers accountable for their crimes.

    Full public inquiry into Iraq war.

    Will work tirelessly to remove any peerage given to any MP such as the speaker who have failed the public. So that will be all of them then!

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    a major error of judgement on Camerons part and an even greater error of judgemt protecting MacKays wife the vile and scheming Julie Kirkbride.

  119. 119
    Robin Peterson says:

    £73 * 4 * 52 != £30 525

  120. 120
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    She goes to the Star Chamber this week.

  121. 121
    Baroness Udder of Gravy Train, sucking on the great So-Sher-Lerst Tit says:

    Oi!!!! – ‘ooo yer torkin’ abart!!!??

  122. 122
    Lord God Almighty says:

    I am intending using the Euro elections as a bit of a dry run, dress rehearsal if you like for a future presentation I have planned called ARMAGEDON. You may have heard of it !

  123. 123
    Plato says:

    Someone seems to have gone to a lot of bother to make up this invoice.

    Every detail is wrong – down to VAT number format.

    I wonder if this will be the only one that is uncovered?!

  124. 124
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    I hope this story receives wide circulation.Any bets on the BBC?

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    The Kirkbride fraud was greater than the MacKay fraud so why is Cameron protecting her?

  126. 126
    shellingout says:

    He is my MP too. I’ve aready written to him stating in no uncertain words, exactly how I feel about his parasitic values.

    I shall not be voting for him at the next election.

  127. 127
    £92K gobshite bint says:

    Interpol have declared Scotchland a crime scene.

  128. 128
    Gordons imaginary cleaner says:

    Who’s paying ?

  129. 129
    Rick says:

    If the Druid is against it, it may be worth a punt. Ahhh! The B NP, the party that Guido dare not speak its name.

  130. 130
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    We need the HoL to keep the Commons in check.It could be directly elected or, better still, bring back the hereditaries ( not those given a peerage in the last 250 years though).

  131. 131
    The Bishoprick of Cunterbury says:

    fuck off plebs

    now, back to global warming.

  132. 132
    One wonders says:

    Do you think the chap who produced the dodgy invoice from the electrical firm can do one for cleaning services ?

  133. 133
    Old but still servicable says:

    Re the subject of second jobs,we the taxpayers fund staff to assist MPs. I would guess that these staff deal with the day to day admin details and also attend to constituants problems,channelling the most difficult to the MP. Obviously an MPs time is better spent dealing with more important stuff than sticking stamps on envelopes. But if they spend that time earning extra income,we are in effect paying someone else to cover their main job. I’d love someone else to do my main job,so that i could earn extra wages in another. When MPs are taken on as directors and consultants,is it because they have specialist skills,or is it because they can influence the law for their employer? I fully agree an MP should have experience of life outside of Parliament,part of todays problems is the fact that many politicians have done nothing other than politics,whereas a proper democracy should be composed of people with experience of all walks of life

  134. 134
    Ta le-Ban says:

    And won’t you – my dear AB of C – have such a fucking shock when it arrives!

    Like m’Lady Princess Polytwaddle – forced to SHUT UP! until spoken to.

    Almost makes you say ‘bring it on’ – in a funny kind of way.

  135. 135
  136. 136
    The baronessleaze says:

    In 2004, 3 MPs sought legal advice if they could impeach Blair over Iraq War however, they used Mrs Blairs/Cherie Booth’s Matrix Chambers!

    Why? Why use the Prime Minister’s wife’s lawyers to seek advice on impeaching the PM? Something very, very fishy here…………….oh, and the 3 MPs tried to claim the legal fees on expenses too ……….!—using-expenses.html

  137. 137
    Please officer can I go now Ive my kids to pick up at school says:

    Fuck me I live there does that mean we are all to be “Kettled in” by the Met ?

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Oi Nigel the scene of the crime is in Englandshire its called The Palace of Westminster in case you havent noticed. Now get back to your morris dancing.

  139. 139
    shellingout says:

    A lot of them have already had their pensions in immoral expense claims. Their pensions should be revoked – all of them!

  140. 140
    Devonport Dave says:

    Alison Seabeck,supposed representative of the Devonport,claimed that “while door-stepping she’d noted people’s disappointment and anger”.There is real anger towards this useless bint but it’s mainly due to her sitting back while the biggest local employer had its life-blood shipped(literally)to Gordon Browns FRISP constituency and the continuing falsehood that she ever sets foot in Devonport let alone knocks on anyone’s door.The only time she’s here is to be photographed at local primary schools for the local rag before heading back to hubby(someone else’s)hundreds of miles away.
    What she has done is boosted support for the BNP to worrying levels locally.

  141. 141
    Julian Bray UK says:

    It was Joan Collins birthday yesterday 23rd May (and mine) had a brilliant day, watched the Qual. day for the Monaco Grand Prix, sun shining, barbeque, metal knee implant behaving, Pints of real ale, Cava, Filet migon, light salad, Huge Chocolate Mudd home baked birthday cake with lashings of cream, lavazza espresso coffee. Couple of drams ( (Glenmorangie Single Malt) Sheer bliss. THEN Andrew Mackay comes on the box following a public meeting claiming that it went well not realising someone in the audience had captured a video on his phone….and a very vocal exchange completely rubbishing everything Mackay said (A thorough sandbagging.. I swear the rug was revolving….)
    Then Cameron this morning on the Andrew ‘Big Ears’ Marr SHow invites us all to apply to be an MP apparently the door is now wide open just turn up at your local conservative club ….oh yes have you been to one of those lately?
    Simply non of them ( except Cameron it seems) gets it. I’ll lay good money that the next General Election date is announced very soon after the trouncing labour will get in the European Elections, in fact might even put myself down as a prospective parlaimentary candidate and member of the Guido Fawkes Reformation Party and drive the snot troughing numpties out of our Parliament. Many of them say they gave up good well paid jobs so clearly now is the time to do them all a favour and let them get back into the rfeal world and have their skills properly appreciated….

  142. 142
    Plato says:

    Scotland on Sunday can reveal that Connarty claimed a £1,124 bed on his expenses, which was delivered to the Glasgow flat of his friend and colleague Davidson.

    The peculiar arrangement was part of an agreement that was reached between the two politicians when Connarty was Davidson’s tenant in London.

    Instead of him paying Davidson rent, it was decided that Connarty should put furniture bought by his politician landlord on his Commons’ expenses.

    Connarty defended his use of taxpayers’ money saying that he did not think that his MP’s salary of £64,000 was “a lot of money”.

    The complex arrangement saw Davidson buy the bed, a £1,099 plasma television and a £250 CD radio alarm clock for the flat.

    Connarty then claimed the items that Davidson bought on his expenses and wrote his landlord a cheque for the money when he had been reimbursed by the Commons.

    Connarty’s cheques were taken by Davidson as a payment for letting him stay in his London flat.

    “I got the stuff, hired a van, picked the stuff up from my house in Glasgow and picked up stuff from Mike’s house (in Falkirk] and drove it down to London.”–

  143. 143
    shellingout says:

    I understand that they still get paid, up until the next election. John Prescott is still on the payroll – for WHAT, exactly, I wonder?

  144. 144
    Gordon's fantasy cleaner says:

    I do a specially good job round the rim

  145. 145
    Fair's Fair says:

    She’s been very naughty too!

    So where’s the guy that will pull down her knickers and give her a good span . . . . Oh bugger . . there’s the door bell!

  146. 146
    chronic says:

    Politics Show
    Darling what a wanker.

  147. 147
    Anonymous says:

    ^ Don’t forget reasonable force is deady force!

  148. 148
    Disillusioned says:

    I’m so fcuking angry with the 3 main parties. I’m almost sure I will be voting B NP and possibly campaigning for them, especially after the church stuck their unwanted noses in.

  149. 149
    Robin Peterson says:

    £23,607. is the average UK wage.

    Remember MPs have a higher tax free allowance than that of their Social Inferiors who live in the Real World.

    And it is up to London. One always travels up to a Capital city.

    Declining edication standards eh?

  150. 150
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    The Church of Scotland has rejected an attempt to block the appointment of an openly gay minister. Skip related content
    Related photos / videos Church Gives Its Backing To Gay Minister Enlarge photo The Kirk’s general assembly voted by 326 to 267 in support of the Rev Scott Rennie after more than four hours of debate.

    Mr Rennie, 37, had the support of the majority of his congregation and presbytery at Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen.

  151. 151
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Just watched#41’s link. Why am I not surprised that the BBC never showed this? So much for the grinning Gordo’s idea for attendence allowence another troughers charter.
    When the EU crumbles they will only have themselves to blame.

  152. 152
    Dame Sybil Crumb says:

    That stuff is unreadable…he needs to breath as he types

  153. 153
    art1000 says:

    We are losing focus on the Snake King itself. Why does Cameron not round on McNutter for suddenly flipping his second home to his mansion overlooking the Forth in Scotland? Its an open goal. On the other hand how can the moral, Son of the Manse just brazen this out?

    Also what about the cleaner? There is a huge story there. A £10,000 reward from some newspaper would surely flush the person out. Cleanergate has the potential to put finally end the twat.

  154. 154
    Anonymous says:

    325 troughers !!!!!!!!!!! how much will this cost the taxpayer when they are thrown out. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  155. 155
    Tricky Dicky says:

    Brown has the biggest questions to answer. Why are Smith, McNulty, Blears, Hoon, Darling and Purnell all still in the Cabinet? Even Jack Straw has questions to answer over his Council Tax. As for Shahid Malik – I am convinced he was only suspended because he was a loose cannon on the airwaves losing Labour thousands of votes – arrogant little twerp “I was a million % within the rules”. Hah!

  156. 156
    CryBaby says:

    At least 90% of those pigs must go. It is clear now that they over-charged and over-burden us taxpayers and this must be stopped. Giving people barely enough money to function on whilst they line their and Brussels pockets, splash out on other useless stuff is unjust, unfair and unreasonable of them.

    I not only want my money back, but I want them to reduce taxes NOW. I’m not just saying this because of expenses. They are squandering tax-payer money and dictating rules to us. I’m not afraid of these scum suckers anymore. They are nothing without us and we all need to stand up to them now.

  157. 157
    Plato says:

    Andrew Smith, Labour MP for Oxford East, used the additional costs allowance (ACA) to claim for a new kitchen and bathroom as well as new windows, flooring, doors and hallway at his designated second home in Kennington, south London.

    Although the work could only be carried out at the London home under Commons rules, receipts submitted to the fees office show that many of the purchases were made in Oxford, with the work carried out by Oxford-based builders. The MP claimed a total of £34,181.29 on repairs and renovations to the modest mid-terrace property between 2004, the year he resigned as work and pensions secretary, and 2008.


  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Wonder why that link’s down….

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    And the correct use of sitting/sat and standing/stood….

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Google censorship strikes again – this link comes up and then vanishes instantly saying page not found

  161. 161

    And who voted for Scarface? UUUUU.
    As I am not homosexual, not a Muslim, not a Christian, not a paedophile, not a kerb crawler, …not much going for the like of me. But I may have voted for Dame Joanna when she was starring in soft porn :)

  162. 162
    Inkwind says:

    Nope! not saying anything about divorcing themselves from any kind of business interest or involvement, just saying I think its a very big job and MP’s should devote themselves wholly to that job, just like Police Officers.

    The inference is of course the Police Officers have to work, as they pay is so poor!

    MP’s on the other hand are in the top 3% of earners 1% with pensions included and they do not have to have any formal training to be an MP.

    So no excuses there really, unless they are now angling for a pay rise to make up for the expenses gravy train hitting the buffers.

  163. 163
    Fairy Queen says:

    Oh you remember Ducky!

    It’s the thing you put in your mouth when you have that tu-tu on and the rope round your neck

  164. 164
    Swiss Bob says:

    :-) take a break and have a cup of tea half way through.

    Stanislav, a young Polish plumber also wrote our leader today: The Leader Column – Love the Sinner Not the Sin.

  165. 165
    Da Morning Inquirer says:

    CoS? – are they as bent and mixed up as the CoE then?

    Bet the Wee Frees would have no truck with that – or is that Grouniad’s persuasion?

  166. 166
    Geordie Girl says:

    Tony McNulty and Dawn Primarolo (when she forgets to put on her “posh accent”) are both guilty of this too.

  167. 167
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    I think you underestimate the common sense of the British as a whole. You seem to be confusing outrage with principle.
    Of course the minority parties will experience a boost in the Locals (independents) and the Euro’s(anti Euro’s) but in the next General Election I am sure that the main parties having been forced to clean up their acts will continue in the majority with the exception I hope of NewLiars who I hope are ground into extinction as their scorched earth policies that have led this country to the brink of bankruptcy and poverty.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    And a non contributory pension worth maybe the equivalent of another 50K

  169. 169
    Sunonmars says:–

    seems they noticed hotlinking maybe. they changed it slightly.

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    I switched to another system to use a different browser and found the site blocked by McAfee until I switched off protection.

    Is this a malware conspiracy or a conspiracy of censorship?

  171. 171
    Timbo says:

    A small problem or two with your plan Sir.

    (1) In 2002 Nulabour legislation introduced new Laws of Physics prohibiting fires from ever occuring. The Fire Brigade now consists of 5 admin. staff occupying a small shed somewhere in Greater London.

    The last skills survey of Bridage staff revealed :
    (a) 4 of the staff claim they don’t wear tights or stockings, and so aren’t concerned about ladders. The 5th doesn’t speak any English.
    (b) 1 staff member had been snorkling in the Greek Islands. But as a lesbian she’s never had a boyfriend called Simon.

    (2) Climbing higher than the second rung on a ladder is illegal under current EU Health and Safety Law. Attempts to do so will result in an arrest under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

    I fear your method of suicide may not be an option for our MPs.

  172. 172
    fitaloon says:

    As Malcolm Bruce says on his own web site with an April 2008 update date and justifying his expenses

    These allowances have been established because MPs do work long hours, are away from home for four days a week for much of the year and travel extensively around their constituencies and between London and Westminster.To do this they need staff support, a place to stay in London and the means to rent and run an office in their constituency.

    So why is he claiming for an office outside his own constituency?

    I also assume that he won’t be claiming so much this year since his wife is now one of my local councillors having managed to come in second best in an election recently.

    As I said at the time

    I do hope that Rosemary can juggle her family life, Office Manager job (As hubbies 30k Diary Secretary) and the work of a Councillor, or will being a Councillor be second best to helping her hubbie.

    Also nice to see how he can claim for an MP’s office in a village more than 30 minutes from the biggest town in his constituency and at least an hour from much of his constituency. The Daily Telegraph has this to say

    Between April, 2006, and March, 2008, he was paid a total of nearly £3,100 towards the cost of electricity, heating and cleaning at his main home in the village of Torphins, just outside his constituency of Gordon. Over the same period, he received a total of £61,186 from the additional costs allowance (ACA) for his second home in London. The Torphins claim was made despite Mr Bruce having a constituency office in Inverurie, about a 30-minute drive away, also funded by the taxpayer. The ACA claim included regular monthly spending of more than £300 on food, close to the maximum of £400. In one month, August, 2005, he successfully claimed £451 for food.

    As I detailed before we have also seen the following from the Bruce’s

    I see our prospective Liberal Democrat Councillor Rosemary Bruce in the Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside by-election advertises herself as an Office Manager.

    She is currently an office manager, but has previously worked in both training and hotel management

    Strange. I thought she was the Diary Secretary for her Husband, Malcolm Bruce M.P. , at a cost of about £28,500 to us, the general public.

    No mention of who she was an Office Manager for and the fact that the office was miles from the people he represents.

  173. 173
    McMentals cleaner says:

    I hate to tell you this (thanks for the 5k Guido) but when I used to clean Mr Gordons flat once a year it was full of empty beer cans , crusty tissues, smelly socks and a layer of green stuff on the right hand side of his armchair.
    His lavatory was thickly encrusted with limescale and the shower had dark stains around the plug hole.
    He would pay me £50 for a “deeo clean” tap his nose, or pick it and then tell me it was cash in hand and to “nae tell the tax man”
    I come from the phillipines and am used to coruption but your Mr Gordon and his boyfriend Lord Fondlebum cum for the biscuit

  174. 174
    anonybot says:

    Possibly – but he was WITHIN the rules. He feels the system was obviously flawed and that he must take responsibility “with others” for that and “God know’s we’ve paid a heavy price for that !” Not heavy enough yet Alistair. This matter will not be closed until every single MP has faced re-selection,resigned or been de-selected starting with the Cabinet. Plus the flaw in your argument is this – The system isn’t flawed the people who are flawed are the MPs claiming under it on the basis of we’ll never get a salary increase by the electorate and because we feel that we are GROSSLY underpaid we’ll take the max on our allowances to compensate !

  175. 175
    Frank Sinatra says:

    That’s life.

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Getting it wrong.

    Couldn’t agree more about Purnell and Hoon. Purnell is toast. Sometimes there are people who just get up your nose. I would include the ginger haired dwarf in that category. Dave has got it wrong with Julie. Has he struck a deal with her hubby? Fall on your sword and we will protect the missus. They were troughing in stereo and should be dealt with in the same way. Dave has given the appearance of being the hardest of the three leaders but with this one ……!

  177. 177
    barefootcontessa says:

    That’s Tony McNultie who misses out his “ings”.

  178. 178
    Timbo says:

    It’s Murdoch. The trail of troughing and corruption will invariable lead back to him. So expect Sky’s to play it down.

  179. 179
    Taxfodder says:

    You don’t have to train to be an MP?

    My goodness, that must be why so many are so far out of their depth. 125K a year (inc pension) tho, it’s not bad for unskilled work.

    How do I sign up?

  180. 180
    It all started in the Westminster, you Bastards says:

    Having been cold turkey’d by the credit crisis and then having a peek under the banking industry’s skirts to discover they had no knickers on, we know have had the opportunity to look up Parliaments skirt and discover a festering rotting minge covered by knickers bought by us!
    After these wrongs in Parliament are put right, don’t you think that the new bunch of MP’s will be perhaps a little envious of their counterparts in the EC troughing as usual, and the fact that the majority of them may not be from the “Big 3″ will only serve to heighten that envy with calls for a full investigation into EuroTroughing.
    Once this is underway the EuroTroughers will then be looking enviously at the UN at the SuperTroughers there and once again their outrage at being forced to be honest will lead to a new corruption scandal in the UN.
    It’ll work the other way too in a downward direction to our regional and local councils.

    I wonder how many politicans in Europe and the West are casting a troubled look at whats happining in the UK and wondering when they are going to be subject to closer scrutiny.

    What goes around……

  181. 181
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’s just a horrible aggressive man, and corrupt too!

  182. 182
    albacore says:

    The Lib/Lab/Con artists are adept at stopping the clock long enough for a bit of sleight of hand with the ballot boxes.
    They have a lot of leeway on 4th June with counting being postponed for several days.

  183. 183
    Bluebottle says:

    Never a truer word said!

  184. 184
    Twizzle says:

    I agree. This cleaner bill is bullshit. Paying his brother? Yep, possibly for services rendered in the business world?

    One brave jorno has to put his life on the line (literally) and take this son of manse to task. We can no longer afford to have senior politicians hiding behind their positions. Brown has been ‘sanitised’ by being Prime Minister. That has to stop or the whole SS UK is going down the tubes – economically, politically and morally

  185. 185
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    @72 Goodnight Vienna.The Daily Telegraph claims have convinced me so far.Gray could have published these claims himself but has chosen not to do so.The question he asked in 2003 about claiming on expenses for wreaths was at least a curious one and then there is the matter of the photo of a seriously wounded soldier in Afghanistan and his claims while leaving his seriously ill wife for a mistress.Is this the kind of man who would claim for a wreath? Yes

  186. 186
    chronic says:

    Darling what a greedy wanker

  187. 187
    Ian Macdonald says:

    A REMINDER lifted from the letters/comments section of ‘The Amercican Spectator’. I think it says a lot:

    “I emigrated to the US in 1996 from the UK, and I am appalled at how things have degenerated under the Blair/Brown administration. Ten years of savage political correctness and far-left policies have demoralized and confused the British people. They no longer feel confident about expressing pride in their glorious history and the greatness of the country, and there is an all-pervading feeling that their country is slowly but inexorably being taken from them and handed to immigrants. They feel powerless.

    I feel sorry for the British people, but it should be remembered that they are a mature and free people, who elected this government three times. No-one can save them from this madness but themeselves. They need to stand up, and stand up now, or condemn themselves to the fate that they rightly fear.

    Thank God I am out of it. “

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    when I saw him on TV this am it looked like it. hope you`re right. she`s a walking time bomb for the tories, and not just with money.

  189. 189
    Archie MacPherson says:

    I have just read the posting by Anonymous at 85. Shocking. This needs a wider audience. Local press, anyone?

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Superb article! Thanks!

  191. 191
    Captain Brown says:

    Throw the Muslim overboard for the sharks! The rest of you keep bailing!

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Quite right, we need a huge clearout of the Lords too. Not hearing much about those thieves on MSM are we?

    You’d have my ‘X’ if I was eligible to vote there

    best of luck.

  193. 193
    caesars wife says:

    i dont get why the CofE has suddenly thought oh er , dont like that and forget to mention UKIP fraudsters , bizarre

  194. 194
    a festering rotting minge says:

    You may want me, but can you AFFORD me?

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Sounds like using public funds in the public interest to me, assuming it was a real attempt. Strange choice of chambers, unless Imelda is unpopular there?

  196. 196
  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    I used to work in Andrew Smith’s office when he was Chief Sec. He’s the biggest hoon I have ever met in my life. Laws of libel prevent me from repeating the many rumours that were doing the rounds within HMT about him. Let’s just say that when Jonah became PM, Andrew Smith gave him a hug. Hmmm….

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Why worry about the Bald kNobhead Party?

    How much could the odd knob actually do if elected, apart from sending a fucking great hoof up the current bunch of politicos?

    I don’t want them in power, but I do want them to send a message; Listen to the People

    If the current bastards were listening, the fringe nutters wouldn’t get a look in.

    I still think the kNobheads are being used to distract from something else

  199. 199
    Bromsgrovian says:

    I have just tried to eMail my MP, Jullie Kirkbride , to protest at her behaviour, but her website has collapsed.

  200. 200
    Middle Englander says:

    The paperwork may have gone, but the HoC computers will still hold data about payments made and probably a budget category that they correspond to, eg Mileage payment, ACA, or other allowances.
    A little forensic work tying that data together with data already in the public domain, flat purchase in Bristol etc, might prove very illuminating!

  201. 201
    caesars wife says:

    conways £160 pig skin wallet is pure cocky troughing .

    quentin davies had some trough money for his grade 1 listed mansion window frames , cross the floor troughing ??.

    Andrew Marr what a tease , impartial as ever (not) I thought Dave did well in the face of closed questions , next week gordon brown will be on talking about gardening shares his recipie for cowdenbeath cookies and celebrity chit chat with Lilly Allen and labours faboulous record let down by problems in america , with a page 3 model on each side

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Followed shortly by her career!

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    naughty is an understatement!

  204. 204
    Timbo says:

    You may want to throw a couple of more inquiries. Try the death of Doctor David Kelly for starters. Iraq for the main course. And the London bombings for desert.

  205. 205
    Robin Bastard says:

    When did Peter Robinson spend 52 weeks a year in London working?
    You rarely see him there at all. He’s a con-man.

  206. 206
  207. 207
    Godemiché says:

    This has to spread to the EU.

  208. 208
    shellingout says:

    With a bit of luck, we’ll be permanently out of Britain soon too.

  209. 209
    Bewick says:

    to oldbutstillserviceable


  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    anyone know what is wrong with times online.

  211. 211
    Anonymous says:

    Kirkbride has just issued a statement saying brother Ian Kirkbride only lives in Bromsgrove part time. What does the gardener, the postman, and the neighbours think? What do others who know think? She is about to say he lives with the elderly mother in Cirencester. Is he registered to vote there. What does that postman think? His home is in Bromsgrove in a flat paid for by the taxpayer and his income comes from parliamentary allowances. He is not a nanny! (not in the sense Kirkbride means anyhow”) She should give the details and let it be investigated by the press. Her real nanny for son Horatio in London is paid as secretary out of parliamentary allowance. I hope Kirkbride is sorted by Cameron but on Marr this morning he seemed to be protecting her.

  212. 212
    Tricky Dicky says:

    Great comment, but don’t blame me – I never voted for Blair and noone voted for Brown – not even his own party. The problem was with all those who didn’t bother to vote – Labour got a majority at the last election on 20% of the potential vote – now that is a scandal. Listen people – get out there and vote for anyone but these Labour traitors!

  213. 213
    Bewick says:

    Norton seems not to think the site is a problem. WHICH (and others) rate Norton as the best commericial solution (AVG and ZoneAlarm are free and nearly as good) and don’t even list McAfee. I had the latter for 2 months free and it was a PAIN.
    MY google doesn’t post notices about this site either. CHECK YOUR SETTINGS.

  214. 214
    Tricky Dicky says:

    I used to live in Bromsgrove and I feel sorry for Julie – no I really do – she was one of the Tory stalwarts who survived when Blair conned his way into power. But the writing is on the wall – I am sorry Julie, but you should step down and make way for a new candidate for the good of the country. We must not be distracted from getting rid of these Labour traitors from our government.

  215. 215
    G says:

    What annoys me most of all, is that MPs, MEPs and Bankers, have for the past ten years, been purchasing and running houses with funny money – pushing up the price of houses, as they were paying for them with monopoly money.

    Now the reality is that the taxpayer/investor has paid for them and will continue to pay for them with real money for years………

    While MPs, MEPs and Bankers bought houses with funny money, first time buyers were unable to purchase a home with real money….

  216. 216
    Bewick says:

    PS sorry you didn’t mention Google but someone did. As I recall you don’t have to switch off all protection. I think you CAN add this site to the trusted category. Before anyone points it out I meant to type “commercial” but the fingers are quicker than the brain! age I guess.

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    That twat is a traitor to Europe. He should be made to get down on his knees and crawl all the way to Rome to beg forgiveness. Then the Pope can have him burnt for heresy.

  218. 218
    Moley says:

    Slightly misleading.

    This included ALL costs over ten years.

    Do the same sums for Westminster MPs and there is not a huge difference, particularly when you take into account MEPs extra travel costs and the stupid idea of having two Parliaments in Europe.

    You need to find figures comparing UKIP MEPs with other MEPs and compare like with like.

    By the way, I am not saying that he hasn’t been taking “What’s due to him” to quote a Martinism.

  219. 219
    marmoset says:

    Malcolm Bruce should be fucking Chancellor with that sort of financial acumen.

  220. 220
    Rick says:

    As you say, Your Holiness…. and I promise not to vote B NP.

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Its now 2 0 Rangers, Michael Martin and the tartan labour mafia your boys are taking a hell of a beating !!!!

  222. 222
    Anonymous says:

    Just seen INCREDIBLE statement by JULIE KIRKBRIDE on tv. Says her brother Ian Kirkbride does not live in Bromsgrove and she will DEFINITELY NOT RESIGN on this trivial matter. Does she think we are all suckers (no question mark, rhetorical question). Ian Kirkbride lives in Bromsgrove in Beoley Hall rent free and at taxpayers expense, furniture and cleaning included. What is the name of the recipent of the cleaning expenses? Ian Kirkbride is also regularly paid out of parliamentary exp;enses for so-called computer work.
    Her mother lives in Cirencester with Kirkbride`s sister Karen (that would make an interesting interview) both of whom receive occasional public expenses for `work` on behalf of Kirkbride. Ask the huge crowds in Bromsgrove High Street, and the petitioners, what they think and know. The Kirkbride fraud is the biggest of the lot. Cameron seems oblivious to this and on Marr this am appeared to protect her. If she gets away with this it will show that Cameron is not serious, and he is under a TOTAL DELUSION if he thinks that this particular problem will go away.

  223. 223
    Bishops Finger says:

    I love to have my globes warmed.

  224. 224

    The MPs try to lay low and wait out the Telegraph’s creeping barrage.

    The Brownadder comes Fourth again.
    The poetry of Private Ed Ballsdrick.

  225. 225
    Timbo says:

    There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s the taxpayer.

  226. 226
  227. 227
    ordon Browns Cleaning contract says:

    Coo eeee !

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    It’s time the C of E, instructed peeps not to vote New labour too.

    hom o sexual weddings
    24 hour drinking
    Super casinos
    modern day cru sades
    Cash for honours
    Cash for questions
    Ban on civil servants wearing christ ian symbols
    abort ion
    etc etc

    A more apt title for the Labour party would be the Sod om and Gomor rah party. Bishops, it’s New Labour that are in Power and it is New Labour that has ruined this country both financially and morally.

  229. 229
    Anonymous says:

    or possibly got a friend or relative to do the work for a good deal less than claimed.

  230. 230
    Godemiché says:

    It was on the previous thread, but well worth highlighting again.

    Brown is sitting hunched at his desk, face sagging like a failed transplant, thousand-yard stare.

    Blair ushered in wearing track suit and tennis shoes: “Is this the right room for a schadenfreude?”

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    watertight case if true

  232. 232
    Tricky Dicky says:

    Yes, she should step down – for the sake of the party and for the sake of the country. But you know what to do – get everyone you know who cares about it to email her website and to comment on the Conservative site to that effect – it works:

    She will have her fingers prised off the constituency once Cameron realises it is for the common good.

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    That’ll be payback for the fucking marxism they’ve been exporting over here.

    Fuck off Barrosa.

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    It’s time the C o E, instructed peeps not to vote New labour too.

    A more apt title for the Labour party would be the Sod om and Gomor rah party. Bishops, it’s New Labour that are in Power and it is New Labour that has ruined this country both financially and morally.

  235. 235
    Anonymous says:

    It’s only public money.

  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    Malcolm Bruce should be fucking the Chancellor with that sort of financial acumen.

  237. 237
    thick as thieves says:

    goodnight vienna,
    Conhome, ah, what an excellent and pithy despcription of conservativefoam.
    well done.
    and I must say it reflects very poorly indeed on all the indignant tory trolls who appear here that none of you wish to discuss the very perilous position of david cameron.
    david is a benefit cheat. he is a millionaire who has been unnecessarily claiming housing benefit in the form of interest payments of almost £2000 per month, that’s $48,000 per year from the taxpayer.
    dave’s got fucking loads of houses and loads of money and therefore his claim is extravagant. that is the proof that he is not fit to be leader of the conservative party, never mind leader of the country.
    dave has only himself to blame for such a vulgar error of judgment.
    dave cameron is a dodgy c’unt.
    end of story.

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    It started in Scotchland.

  239. 239
    Silvio bin Ladle says:




  240. 240
    Plato says:

    nr the bottom of this article

    Tony McNulty, the employment minister who claimed on a second home owned by his parents, is in deep trouble. It is understood that the GMB union is to withdraw financial support from his local Harrow East party. It might not be a coincidence that the union’s general secretary Paul Kenny lives in McNulty’s constituency.

    Friends say Kenny has been annoyed that, while he commutes into work daily using public transport, the minister is ferried around by chauffeured car. Other unions are understood to be furious at the scandal and will consider whether to drop funding for miscreants’ election campaigns.

  241. 241
    Silvio bin Ladle says:


  242. 242
    raisethegame says:

    Jim Devine: “Scots MP claimed £2000 for electrical work carried out by ‘phantom firm”. An investigation for The Sunday Herald by Paul Hutcheon.
    The ‘divine’ one handed in a bogus invoice for a company that does not exist

    This is outwith the ‘other’ ongoing investigation into how Mr Devine gave a constituerncy worker £60 for driving him about but trousered nearly £18000 which he claimed for mileage from the taxpayer:

  243. 243
    Anonymous says:

    3 – 0 Rangers, Glasgow City Council will be in tears

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:

    At least it should increase parliamentary support for legalizing assisting suicide.
    We wouldn’t want them not have to to do it in the most pain free way, would we?

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve missed your knob.

  246. 246
    Bewick says:


    Well in some cases YES and even more.
    And don’t forget we also FEED the Balls Coopers and Nick Browns and others. Wow I’d be eating rather well on 1/4 of £600 a month (I live alone.) The BC’s have 2 kids so they , or rather we, feed 4. Brown N? Well even on HIS £400 a month for food I’d be eating out every night and likely in the very same nearby Newcastle hotspots.

    Ignore what others tell you NB has ALWAYS been fat. I knew him when he was a Councillor in Newcastle 20 or so years ago.

    But back to £104k. THAT is true for many but yet many others manage to pay wives, children, mistresses,partners and relatives for “office servces” at rates perhaps as much as double the market rate. No doubt this will be one of the chapters in the story unfolding in the Telegraph. For SOME it may ramp up to the equivalent of £200k a year for the family (cf Conway – he can’t be the only one).

    Then again the Telegraph have now “outed” 42 MPs who are FRUGAL with public money. Since the DT are only 1/3 of the way through then I’d expect that to increase to ? 120-130? Still less than 25%. Didn’t we always know? Can a newspaper be given a peerage for public service. Thought not. SAD

  247. 247
    If it had been anyone but MP's says:

    Major Fraud Ring Smashed

    The Home Secretary announced this afternoon that a major UK based fraud ring had been smashed by police.

    A year long investigation led police to uncover an attempt to milk taxpayers of hundreds of millions of pounds in fraudulent claims. Some suspects were said to be living in the lap of luxury, several appear to own more than one property and car each. Large mansions, luxury designer goods and fine furnishings are said to have been purchased with the proceeds of the fraud.

    The Home Secretary said that more than 645 people had so far been implicated in the fraud, with investigations continuing.

    “We will crack down hard on fraud whenever and where ever we can” said the Home Secretary clearly relishing her new found reputation as a tough politician. “We will make sure these fraudsters meet justice without delay”.

    Details of the investigation to catch the fraudsters are only just emerging, but in one daring operation an entire police intelligence unit is said to have camped out on a floating duck island for weeks at a time. Other police units broke into premises to plant bugs and secret cameras in chandeliers and even bath plugs to gain evidence.

    Lengthy intelligence reports are said to have been submitted by visitors to the properties including council officials, milkmen, coalmen, clergymen, dustmen and window cleaners. Reports were apparently even submitted by the perpetrators own children, many of whom were specially trained for the task by child protection officers. Those children have now all been taken into the care of local authorities.

    “There will be no hiding place for those who attempt to abuse the system” said Ms Smith, “We will be tough on crime, and even tougher on the causes of crime”.

  248. 248
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown is a knobhead.

  249. 249
    Even More Anonymous says:

    It’ll never happen – the Pope hates heretics, but loves Archpagans.

  250. 250
    Humpty dumpty says:

    I was a Royalist cannon on Colchester City Walls. The Parliamentarians broke the wall and I fell down. that prompted the nursery rhyme about me.

    In alice in the looking glass Lewis Carrol used me in a way which today now seems to be apposite and prescient since it quite well describes the attitude of many current senior Parliamentarians:-

    “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master – that’s all.’

  251. 251
    MI5 says:

    We have only seen about ONE THIRD of the SECOND HOME ALLOWANCES

    Virtually NOTHING ON Mps “Office expenses”

    This is still only THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG

    I love thz way they are described as “incidental” expenses





  252. 252
    raisethegame says:

    Michael Connarty MP and Ian Davidson MP and the curious case of a luxurious £1,124 bed that travelled from Glasgow to London. The tale has uncovered a bizarre expenses pact that was brokered by the two Labour MPs when they shared a second home in the capital.
    Scotland on Sunday:–

    As a disgusted blogger quite rightly observes:
    “With apologies to the more religiously inclined, shouldn’t both MPs’ constituents tell Connarty and Davidson to “Pick up thy bed and f**k off!”

  253. 253
    expat in waiting says:

    Just another example of what MP privilege really means:
    Wikipedia: A privilege—etymologically “private law” or law relating to a specific individual—is a special entitlement or immunity granted by a government or other authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis.

    For the general taxpayer, the Government passed a retrospective change in the law in the 2009 finance act (Budget Note 66) to make certain claims against double taxation relief against the law backdated to 1987. (as in the words of HMRC this was considered bountiful enjoyment of monies – seems like only MPs can bountifully enjoy our money and not the people earning it).

    This resulted in a magic set of extra backdated tax due and years of punitive interest for tax that is now retrospectively late – (as the tax was (now is?) deemed to have been due years ago for those affected if you can believe that), why can this not be applied to MPs expenses?

    Stephen Timms (the Treasury Minister) explained at the time that the government had the “right to use retrospection, as in this instance, where it is fair, proportionate and in the public interest to do so.”

    If this whole scandal does not count as fair, proportionate and in the public interest I don’t know what does.
    Lets face it – Democracy is a sham and we are all getting shafted.

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  254. 254
    john in cheshire says:

    They keep promising us suicides. Are we being deprived of this spectacle? When are we going to see the uplifting pictures of someone dangling from Blackfriars Bridge?

  255. 255
    Augeas says:

    You are Lord Mandelson and I claim my £5 (PLMM, that is, not you, Plato.)

  256. 256
    Poor lickle me me me says:

    The ideal Plato would have understood and agreed with what I’ve said, unsurprisingly enough.

    You’re a rather poor imitation ironically, but again unsurprisingly enough.

    Anyway, I expect he’s the only philosopher of whom you’ve heard, but know little about.

    It’s only because you’re a self-pitying, penis-envying, fickle female that I’ll make allowances.

    Just know your limits woman. You’ll be happier in the long run.

  257. 257
    Scorched Earth says:

    Pigskin Wallet.


    Expect that one to appear EVERYWHERE.

    Anyone know where are all the New MP’s are coming from ?

    There will be some Independents but as Guido points out there will be a huge clearing of the decks of the “old guard” in the Conservatives and NuLabour.

    So are we confident there are up and comers of sufficient ability to step into the gap ? Are we going to be inundated with callow policy wonks or on the make council rejects ?

    Certainly they couldn’t do worse than the Piggies you would think, but the next Parliament is going to have to deal with a massively reformed system of Politics and a public that will still think they are mostly thieves and scum. An election tomorrow would be great but people are deluding themselves if they think it’s a magic wand. It’s a start but that’s all it is. Add to that a crippled economy to deal with and Taxes going up.
    So perhaps cutting the MP’s to 400 or so should be done as soon as possible ?

    I think Speaker Martins by-election will be one too many for Brown’s taste but there’s bound to be some MP’s who might well throw in the towel and I don’t think Plod and the Met can really ignore some of this fraud no matter how hard they would like to try.

    Brown will likely decide to go for broke after the Euro & Local disasters and reform and change everything that isn’t tied down in an effort to grab the initiative (doubt it will impress the voters though) though whether he crosses the proportional representation rubicon seems to depend on the scale of the Euro meltdown.
    But it’s the kind of thing Mandy might tell him to do as a last gasp all or nothing move.

    Fact is Cameron is also going to get a severe kick in the balls at the polls too now.

    No-one really has a clue what Parliament will look like after the next Election now even though a Cameron win is still by far the most likely result.

    Interesting times indeed.

  258. 258
    Pissing on our backs and telling us it's raining says:

    Nothing, but nothing must stand in our way of ousting the political classes from their accustomed esconcement. This is our one and only chance to shake this devil off our back.

  259. 259
    tiberius says:

    They say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, but I’m all for Bonzo the Chimp having a crack at the next election.

    Unless someone tells him any different, he might be satisfied with some PG tips and a Jammy Dodger.

  260. 260
    Anonymous says:

    It’s crap?

  261. 261
    Old Nick Heavenly says:


  262. 262
    M.T.BUCKET says:

    H.M.R.C. special investigation unit are going to look at all finances.

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    The term is major party is relative isn’t it? Considering how little support in terms of active members the three main parties have.

  264. 264
    Cigar Smoking Man says:

    If I remember (I wasn’t there) it was Plato who said women shouldn’t do sports, as they looked daft running around naked. He also said the best political system was that run by a gang of philosophers, just like Plato. It’s good that some things change.

  265. 265
    Jonathan says:

    I have been interested, and fascinated, since I was eleven years old, by the last Tsar of Russia – Nicholas II, the personification, whatever his faults as ruler, of the devoted family man. I do not condone violence of any kind, certainly not the murder of innocent chldren, but with the ongoing and the magnitude of the seemingly untramelled depths of the scandal of MPs’ expenses, I can understand (but not condone) the Russians’ horrendous
    solution to their political problems at Ekaterinburg in July 1918. “Your friends and relations have tried to save you: we must now shoot you”.

    Shooting, in my opinion, is far too good for the majority of our so-called elected representatives!

  266. 266
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Dear Mr Mc D,


    Mrs H keeps asking me why you are not out on the streets and rioting.

  267. 267
    Anonymous says:

    Thus Bliar can say Blunket left office with his “integrity intact” after we found out he abused his position as home secretary and was shagging another mans wife

  268. 268
    Old Nick Heavenly says:


    Has anybody linked to the Mail article explaining how the former head of the Expenses Office declared that this would all be a troughers charter, back in 1998!

    Perhaps it is old news?

    Near bottom of todays home page!

  269. 269
    Aberdeen Angus McDayie says:

    Excellent point. We can’t have McSnot being referred to as McSno. Or McTwa come to that. We have to draw the line somewhere. Hadrian’s Wall seems a good place.

  270. 270
    Anonymous says:

    why is Kirkbride being allowed to cling on?

  271. 271
    Gordons mother says:

    He’s not a competent Prime Minister he’s a very naughty boy !

  272. 272
    Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that we’ve been paying shed loads of cash but ended up with something further down the evolutionary scale than monkeys.

  273. 273
    Armada says:

    Already started.

    Royal Navy gunboats yesterday ordered to drive Spanish Armada out of Gibralter territorial waters.

    Brown’s looking for his F*alklands moment.

    He’ll lose there is now no navy, just coastguard cutters.

  274. 274
    T. Bliar says:


    Oi’m a regla sort’a guy!


  275. 275
    expat in waiting says:

    LOL – and who told you that the tooth fairy. I can really see that happening when outright fraud is seemingly not grounds for an investigation in the House of Commons.

  276. 276
    Poor lickle me me me says:

    I think you’ll find that Plato’s Republic is quite an accomplished piece of work, and a very early model for all subsequent democracies.

    Rather than your “gang of philosophers” he meant rational men in debate. This was a new idea at the time.

    So far as things changing is concened, it may have escaped your notice but Britain hasn’t yet reached the democratic stage.

    These mooted reforms from the centre right are very much a work in progress.

    I do hope you’re not just another silly little girlie totally out of her depth, and I’ve just wasted my time.

  277. 277
    Mark Oaten says:

    I love klingons.

  278. 278
    The Bareness of the Udders deceives the eye says:

    I’ve changed my mind. Bring in Sharia law.

  279. 279
    Oink says:

    unelected, appointed for life, suspended only in extremis and for paltry periods, so no no holding breath over the Lords.

  280. 280
    thick as thieves says:

    scorched earth,
    thank you very much indeed for proving my point.
    you are more concerned about a £650 wallet than about david cameron, your beloved leader stealing almost 2K of taxpayers’ money every single month of the year.
    I thought you tories hated benefit cheats?
    david cameron is a benefit cheat.
    honestly scorched earth, you are so full of shit is is unfuckingbelievable!

  281. 281
    Mark Oaten says:

    Harpic – £1.09, You – 1 Trillion.

    I think I’ll stick to my own brand… utter cυnt.

  282. 282
    Oink says:

    Particularly Welshing druids masquerading as the eclesiastically important.
    Drag him off by his whiskers.

  283. 283
    Kasou says:

    Try this as your next SLEAZE campaign, if you need translation i will do it free for you.

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    mixed views on this one. Kirkbride is pathetic and should go. Cameron seems to be protecting her and there is talk of Cameron striking a deal with MacKay. He is stupid if so, evidence against Kirkbride is overwhelming. Act now Cameron!

  285. 285
    The Archbishop of Absolute Cυntbury says:

    I agree.

  286. 286
    Yvonne says:

    Here is what the late comedian George Carlin had to say about lying politicians and words

    It is so relevant now and very funny too.

  287. 287
    phantomsparkie says:

    From the people who gave us the Phantom Mortgage we now have the sequel. Phantom Electrician !
    Jim Devine MP claimed £2k for wiring work from a company that doesn’t exist in a street that doesn’t exist and with a fake VAT number and fake phone number. Report in the Sunday Herald

  288. 288
    MacMental says:

    “BUT our country is going to suffer for years..”

    indeed but the suffering is the 5 generations of debt repayment left by the current bunch of shysters led by hoon McBroon

    Meself prefer to see raving loons in the house than half the exisiting Labour benches

  289. 289
    thick as thieves says:

    note to cripple: switch off the bold setting you fucking moron.

  290. 290
    Gordy Porgy says:

    Can I have a good spanking please, and don’t spare the rocking horse.

  291. 291
    My name is Mark and I hate Labour says:

    In early 2006 myself and another 30 British men were made redundant and replaced by immigrant workers. We worked for a company called Wincanton Logistics on the Woolworths contract (oh the irony). Wincanton even sent managers to Poland to get staff. We were replaced because they could pay the polish workers a few pence less per hour. We weren’t even offered a pay cut.

    I went from £350 per week (thats a 6 day week) to £0 per week as a direct result of Labour\EU policies.

    Then I started working in the building trade for a builder with a large contract in the pub trade. After the smoking ban I was made redundant, again as a direct result of Labour\EU policies.

    Now, I’ve got nothing against immigrants, they are human to. I’ve got nothing against black people. I’ve had two black girlfriends over the years, one of which almost became my wife. I’ve even had a Muslim girlfriend who was a very kind, warmhearted person.

    But since 2006 Labour have interfered with my life with such devastating results that I am now filled with nothing but hatred and contempt for the entire lot of them. Every single MP who supports the Labour agenda, every single man and woman who votes Labour will burn in hell for eternity for what they have done to this country. I wonder what the history boooks wel say about the likes of Gordon Brown.

    Now I’m sitting at my desk with a B NP election leaflet in one hand and the Labour election leaflet in the other.

    Just under my desk there is a shredder. Can you guess which one gets it. I’m well beyond pissed off.

  292. 292
    Ian Macdonald says:

    The undertone to the whole, sad and messy affair is that the mirror is now broken; it cannot be repaired to its former glory.
    The lie is out and persons entrusted to govern in the name and on behalf of the electorate, have on a large scale proven themselves to be unfit. The public will rightly see that slimy self enrichment – even if within the letter of the rules – but clearly outside the spirit of the office – runs diametrically across the expected level of judgement required to deliver representation in our name.
    We need more independents in Parliament as one means to prevent future damage to the country – centralised Party Politics has not delivered as both governing & opposition Parties are in contempt of the public.

  293. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Works fine for me and it’s genius.

    Following a formal complaint by Cllr Dale Heenan to Swindon Borough Council about the eligiblity of North Swindon MP Michael Wills and his family to vote in Swindon elections, the Labour MP has applied to have his wife and 2 children removed from the Electoral Register with immediate effect.

    Cllr Dale Heenan “This is astonishing news for the Minister for Democracy, he is responsible for ensuring that election fraud doesn’t occur. Yet we now find out his own family are ineligible to vote in Swindon because their main home is in London.

    I challenged Mr Wills privately in March on this specific issue, and he refused to accept there was a potential problem. 2 months on with no sign of a resolution, I submitted a formal objection to the Council’s Electoral Registration Officer.

    There are no excuses for this happening, this is a clear cut case. The day before our exchange Mr Wills was trumpeting new rules to crackdown on voter fraud in the National Media.

    If I had not pressed for action and held the MP to account, I fully expect these people would have continued to vote in Swindon elections.

    Since these 3 names are now removed from the Electoral Register in Swindon, no further action is being taken and this element of my objection will no longer proceed.

    The case against Michael Wills MP is still being considered. Despite the exemptions MP’s have he could still find himself ineligible to vote in his own constituency.”

  294. 294
    bbc media director says:

    One more reason why Day One of a Cameroon Admin must announce an end to the license fee and a review of all their expenses with retroactive punishment for BBC troughers.

  295. 295
    bbc media director says:

    case in point Moran!

  296. 296
    Humpty dumpty says:

    AND twice, and each time with £18k tax free “severance pay”. He ain’t alone.

  297. 297
    Anonymous says:

    there is an all-pervading feeling that their country is slowly but inexorably being taken from them and handed to immigrants. They feel powerless.


  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    hope so. the huge crowds gathering to protest are the tip of the iceberg of resentment against this vile corrupt woman. Protests to the party seem to have fallen on deaf ears. those who know nothing of her deceit or do not know her, seem to think she`s an asset. if she is left in place it will ultimately be a costly error. She is a viscious woman and an habitual liar, a big problem.

  299. 299
    Anonymous says:

    Suddenly what dave meant to say was “qualified” support for Mrs Mackay.What changed in the last three hours? Phone been ringing off the hook has it?

  300. 300
    Bewick says:

    Yeah it DOES seem to be true. PROBLEM is that, although HMRC have even more draconian powers than the Police, the special unit which deals with MPs’ tax matters WILL be subjected to parliamentary pressure. Matter of course, so expect nothing soon! Careers are in the balance!

  301. 301
    Van Helsing says:

    OK so now we see Dorries being sued by the Barclay Bros. and the Telegraph.

    How did the Telegraph get the disc?
    Who are drinking pals of Mcbride?
    Who is sueing Mcbride?
    No there’s no conspiracy here.
    What about a thread on coincidences Guido, or are you worried, your next on the list.

    I know we’re all very happy to see troughers get their just desserts, however I do notice some MPs getting on lists of troughers when they haven’t actually been indulging.

    More importantly I see some MPs that have been exposed for gross abuse of the system being quitely forgotten about in the Media and on the Blogs.

    Could someone remind me how many times/homes the CofE has had and how much stamp duty he has paid out of his own pocket.

  302. 302
    Anonymous says:

    Are you listening, NuLab fucktards?

    Thought not.

  303. 303
    Dogger says:

    The emporer has no clothes – quite remakable in the age of Primark.

  304. 304
    U*dderly disgusting says:

    …but when a Baroness squats in Tottering Hamlets social housing, buys a 65000 quid BMW with the savings and builds a marble palace in Bangla-land, she gets away with it, for now.

  305. 305
    Bewick says:

    don’t speak or read the language but the message is clear

  306. 306
    Papasmurf says:

    Perhaps she ahs something over Dave. The Houses of Iniquity have many secrets…… perhaps it will come out and perhaps it will not. much personal politicing going on I suspect.

  307. 307
    Anonymous says:

    your sentiments are noble but your assessment of this woman is wrong. She did not get there on merit and her actions are fraudulent and dangerous. Nor is she the sweet innocent you portray, she is a thoroghly despicable and some might say evil woman. You should not feel sorry for her or pity her, she deserves no sympathy and at a personal level is worse than the Labour traitors you describe. The surface charm is a total deceit and she has no political belief.
    An unscrupulous careerist through and through.

  308. 308
    Poor lickle me me me says:

    Darling was looking very very nervous on the Marr show.

  309. 309
    Floater says:

    Go for it mate ! – couldn’t get any worse – and may stimulate something better.

    At least you’ve got a reason.

    Which is better than most have.

  310. 310
    Madhouse says:

    Why inquiries are non productive

  311. 311
    ahmed rajneev de montfort says:

    I’m off to give that blonds clit a good seeing to. She’s been asking for it.


  312. 312
    Timbo says:

    Jump to it folks. Get those troughers rounded up and behind bars.

  313. 313
    Jan says:

    How can it be a ’24/7′ (what’s wrong with the phrase full-time?)job when 80% of the laws are made by Brussels? Only the other day somebody (I think it was let-all-immigrants-in,leave-black-single-mothers-alone Diane Abbott) was saying that backbenchers do not have enough work.Well she obviously doesn’t and that is why she is able to work for bog-brush Neil.What about all the MPs who appear day in day out on the TV and on shows like ‘Have I Got News for You’?I believe that incredibly clever people can have more than one job.Whether it is possible as a Government Minister is questionable. MPs employ not only office staff but a whole bunch of unpaid researchers(see my earlier post regarding the multimillionaress Ms Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge).I believe it is these ‘researchers’ many of them straight out of university who one day expect to become MPs themselves.This is the political class-in-waiting.The only way for MPs to keep in touch is perhaps to have another job – even if it is on a voluntary basis,but doubt if this lot would do anything other than for money.
    So perhaps we should employ MPs who have already made their mark on society and so are not motivated by money,say with a minimum age of 45.if you haven’t made it by then,well………….
    We the people should decide what type of people we want our MPs to be.Hope there are no more quota systems as Sister Hatty has proposed.But it would be a good idea for them to be able to debate.I am sick to death of seeing Blair Babes standing up in the HOC,cheap polyster suit on,hands shaking, spouting crap about how marvelous the PM is.
    As for all these Lawyers-turned MPs.If they were any good our laws would be watertight.But our laws are crap,so they must be too.

  314. 314
    Anonymous says:

    She is not a Tory stalwart. She is not a Tory.

  315. 315
    Summer_Breeze says:

    Taken from Widdy’s interview in the Mail…

    ” The fee for this article is being donated to the MPs’ Benevolent Fund, which looks after former members, their widows and orphans in distress. It is funded by contributions from serving members.”

    I’m astounded! :O

  316. 316
    raisethegame says:

    Scotland on Sunday has had to publish an apology to Andrew Brown:

    Andrew Brown: an apology

    Date: 24 May 2009
    In Gerald Warner’s column on 10 May we stated that Andrew Brown, brother of the Prime Minister, had profited unethically from expenses claimed by the Prime Minister.
    We accept there is no truth in this allegation, and that the payment made to Andrew Brown covered the reimbursement to him of Gordon Brown’s share of the wages of a cleaner who worked for both men.

    We accept that there was no impropriety or illegality on behalf of Andrew Brown and apologise for the offence caused to him and have agreed to make a donation to a charity of his choice.

  317. 317
    Oink says:

    not even sharks will eat j*ihad warriors.

  318. 318
    papasmurf says:

    Mark………… your pain and anger comes through in shed loads……….sorry to hear of your problems……it makes everyone’s opinion on this site even more valid when sucj apssion comes through.

    Hope it works out for you.

  319. 319
    M.T.BUCKET says:

    Expat, was reported in yesterdays sun, the special investigation unit are the elite not like a local office investigation.

  320. 320
    Jethro says:

    Well said, Sir!
    One of the troubles with people like Sam is that they cannot distinguish between Public money and Private money. In the (very) old days, School Reports used sometimes to include the diplomatic words, ‘…has difficulty in distinguishing between meum and teum.’
    But, then again, no doubt Sam thinks ‘Property is Theft’ – but will be horrified if someone takes what he considers ‘his’.

  321. 321
    expat in waiting says:

    Maybe I am a bit cynical but I don’t have much faith in a politicized HMRC investigating their own bosses.

    I wanted to point out that if the issue of fair and proportionate measures that are in the public interest can result in retrospective tax changes then why not retrospectively change the rules for expenses – it is not like ZanuLabour have not set a precedent for this (more than once in the last 5 years).

    Unfortunately I can answer my own question and to paraphrase the Gov – “we don’t give a shit about what is fair and proportionate we are just interested in screwing as much as we can out of you proles to hide our own incompetence – now shut up and get back to filling out your ID card application.

    As a friend of mine who worked in PFI bids said – the government is gigantic money machine – you just have to work out which spout to put your wheel barrow under.

  322. 322
    Tricky Dicky says:

    Dead right! It used to be said that the Church of England was the Conservative Party at prayer. For the past 30 years, the CoE has been a sick joke, ull of hand wringing (instead of bell wringing) left wing secularists. They don’t have a clue! It needs to rediscover its faith, or it will justifiably disappear. The Archbishop of York gets it – what about the useless Archbishop of Canturbury? – a non believing, muslim appeaser if ever there was one!

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry but in Spanish would someone like to translate it.

    Appears Margaret Moran has been using House of Parliment notepaper to write to local spanish villagers in Spain and claiming for fees inclurred by Spanish solicitor fighting a path closure in Spain She closed the footpath across her property but lost in the Spanish court

  324. 324
    expat in waiting says:

    I bow to your impeccable source of impartial investigative journalism. An esteemed organ of integrity which has never been tainted by planting of stories and party bias.

    I can just see the HMRC inspector phoning up to ask the chancellor of the exchequer to come in and explain his tax returns for the last few years. Just before he decides how far his career would get after being posted to the falklands.

  325. 325
    Kasou says:


    MEPs from sweden get 20000 skr for return ticket to brussels. dearest this Lefty MEP could find was 6000, but he received 20000 even when he presented costs (receipts),, we only need your boarding card…ok this guy gave he excess to charity…and is now offering his latst windfall..50000 to anyone deserving…maybe he is a trougher but he is gving back without pressure…well what wold you do guys…I wonder

  326. 326
    Nanny State says:

    Never mind the troughers!

    Seen the Sky News thread about drinking?

    You should. Be warned.

    Just another example of how little care people take of themselves.

    And how important it is that we step in and firmly regulate the lives of people who are not qualified like wot we are (we have bits of paper to prove it – bet you don’t!)

    Now . .. have you cleaned your teeth today? . . . had a proper bowel movement? . . . . eaten your daily amounts? . . . read the prescribed portion from the Thoughts of Chairman McSnot?

  327. 327
    Bewick says:

    Well mate IF you are telling the truth then you MISSED a serious trick. IF you were made redundant then your employer CANNOT by law then employee someone else to do your exact job – or possibly a near equivalent. You MUST have been honestly “redundant”.
    S/he probably CAN if you were a contract worker or self employed. There IS a time limit on claims for unfair dismissal on such grounds for permanent employees. It used to be 3 months and probably still is.
    I KNOW because I WAS a Personnel Director and I managed to get substantial payments for a neighbour who was “made redundant” but not really.
    you MAY be able to use European Law to still make a claim but there I can’t help.

  328. 328
    Archie MacPherson says:

    And that is a straight crime.

  329. 329
    Nanny State says:

    May 24, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Never mind the troughers!

    Seen the news about drinking?

    You should. Be warned.

    Just another example of how little care people take of themselves.

    And how important it is that we step in and firmly regulate the lives of people who are not qualified like wot we are (we have bits of paper to prove it – bet you don’t!)

    Now . .. have you cleaned your teeth today? . . . had a proper bowel movement? . . . . eaten your daily amounts? . . . read the prescribed portion from the Thoughts of Chairman McSnot?

  330. 330
    Fausty says:

    I support UKIP using EU allowances for the party. I wholly approve of any taxes I pay to the EU being used to fund an anti-EU party.

  331. 331
    Kasou says:

    My email for a…and you think the UK is bad…wow and you guys put em in since 1997…old smiley b’liar reallygot you didnt he.

  332. 332
    Manuel says:


  333. 333
    Mitch says:

    Know that feeling mate I have worked from 1981 and untill 2001 never been made redundant. since the “economic” colossus gordon fukwit brown became chancellor Ive had 3 companies fail under me all in manufacturing but different sectors.
    Current boss hates nulab and does anything to deprive them of his/our money.

  334. 334
    Rampant Ram says:

    not before me. Maybe because I’m old but she is well worth it.

  335. 335
    My name is Mark and I hate Labour says:

    they can do if your an agency worker.

  336. 336

    Tax doesn’t have to be taxing (If you’re an MP).

  337. 337
    Jethro says:

    All those negatives have lost me: we Do want them to do it in the LEAST PAIN-FREE way… or, indeed, have us do it for them.

  338. 338
    peter_dtm says:

    one of the things we the sovereign people of the United Kingdom need to do is to ensure that in future all candidates have actively LIVED and resided in the constituency for at least three years.

    No more should we have to tolerate parties parachuting political hacks into constituency seats.

    How about all the political blog writers start a campaign NOW recommending that the electorate either spoil their ballots or vote for some one else if a candidate does not (& has not) resided in the constituency for at least three years ?

  339. 339
  340. 340

    ‘A Labour MP was accused of ‘bullying’ yesterday for threatening to sue a 21-year-old student who criticised him for not backing the Gurkhas.’

    You are of course joking, I’ve highlighted to word that ensures the BBCs famous “impartiality” will ensure this news goes down the memory hole

  341. 341
    Dogger says:

    Mark – thank you for posting your story here. It illustrates perfectly the way that the cynical damage nEU Labiah has inflicted, and continues to inflict, on this country actually affects individual people. I share your intense hatred of these selfish, foolish and smug manipulators

  342. 342
    Crackers says:

    It is time for DT to revisit the biggest and most sordid theft of them all.

    Michael Brown stole £2m from his clients and gave the money to the Lib Dems.

    They refuse to give it back.

    Mr Cable: Do you agree with this decision to keep stolen goods(Please do not say it is within the rules)

    Sir Beith(husband of Lady Trough-Bucket): Do you think Lib Dems should keep stolen goods(Please do not use the’within the rules’ defence)

  343. 343
    Johnny says says:

    Hmmm. A clear moral equivalence with Bankers – running all their offshore shitfunds for the benefit of named charities without telling the charities or making donations to them.

    Same excuses too – The Fees Office are to blame/The FSA are to blame.

    Same result as well! – Taxpayer far worse off with bankers billions/MPs millions and bugger all work out of them.

  344. 344
    Tony Blair says:

    Old Holborn has already make a start !!!

    So, fellow seditionaries. I ask you to join me on June 1st 2009 at 9am outside the gates of Parliament to do your duty as an English Citizen (law only applies in England) and perform the arrest of those MPs who have admitted their guilt by repaying their thefts. You may use reasonable force. Before you think “I can’t do that!”, may I remind you that you can and SHOULD. It is OUR Parliament and they are self confessed thieves.

    1st June 2009. 9am. House of Commons. Bring cameras

    A list of the documented guilty is being prepared. I will issue citizens arrest warrants on each and every one of them when GOT has the time to do me a funky graphic.
    GOT= Grumpy Old Twat

  345. 345
    Jan says:

    So thick as thieves,if somebody is a multimillionaire they are not allowed to claim interest on their constituency home?Why no mention of your Shaun (That’s Life) Woodward the multimillionaire Tory-turncoat- with-at-least-six-houses claiming then?Your reasoning seems to be that if somebody is already independently wealthy they shouldn’t have expenses.But if they live in a sh…thole in Salford or Derby it’s alright for them to make hundreds of thousands on property? (Or millions in Hoon’s case)This whole thing about Tory toffs is pathetic.I am sick to death of hearing about it.
    I AM NOT BOVVERRED.They are all as bad as each other.The chief of all hoons is Blair.
    The Labour party of old has been at the trough.I know of one revered Labour politician who came from very humble beginnings ending up with the most beautiful farm with its own manor house in the Chilterns.
    All on as MPs salary – I don’t think so.

  346. 346
    Jethro says:

    Remember, +Rowan’s self-description ‘a hairy, beardy, lefty': of course he’s worried that all his ‘lefty’ Parliamentary champions might fall, leaving him rather exposed as the ‘flavour-of-the-last-month’/passe/outmoded modernist he is, firmly entrenched in the 1960’s.
    Ask him about Eternity…

  347. 347
    Another serial trougher outed says:

    The leader of the UK Independence party (Ukip), which wants to lead Britain out of the EU, has taken £2m of taxpayers’ money in expenses and allowances as a member of the European Parliament, on top of his £64,000 a year salary.

    Nigel Farage, who is calling on voters to punish “greedy Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs” at the European elections on 4 June, boasted of his personal expenses haul at a meeting with foreign journalists in London last week.

    Farage insisted that he had not “pocketed” the money but had used the “very large sum of European taxpayers’ money” to help promote Ukip’s message that the UK should get out of the EU.

    When asked later by the Observer to justify how he could claim so much while running a campaign attacking Westminster MPs for their extravagance, Farage was unapologetic, saying that, while MEPs were “very expensive”, he was entirely happy that the money had been used for the best of causes.”

  348. 348
    Anonymous says:

    5 years. Thats the maximum length of a parliament. 5 years residence should be the minimum.

  349. 349

    She got there cos she knew what REALLY happened to Steven Milligan?

  350. 350
    Mitch says:

    an extract from Burton’s forthcoming book, also provides yet another example of how tense relations were between Blair and Brown at times:

    “Once, Gordon had to be physically restrained when he got into a temper over an election campaign issue.”


  351. 351
    Kasou says:

    Now we know where McSleaze learnt, (unless he got secondary lessns from THE GREAT B*LIAR

  352. 352
    Agent 99 says:

    I am no labour supporter but he laid this on behalf of the area or whoever as did a Tory MP. How many things like this are done a year. I have no problem with this claim as he is completing a public service for and on my behalf. I suppose McTwat pays for the one he lays on Nov 11th in Whitehall then?

    Like I said I hate labour but lets keep this in prosepective. If we can’t perhaps you yourself Martin in Essex will cough up for it.

  353. 353
    Anonymous says:

    Did he pay cash? If he used a cheque or a credit card then there is a paper trail/ audit trail. This may be a phantom trader and the MP may have done nothing wrong. He is due the benefit of doubt at this stage. But if he paid cash then perhaps there is something rotten. The member has the right to a fair hearing. What was the method of payment?

  354. 354
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Sam is clearly a socialist-QED

  355. 355
    Old but still servicable says:

    the sooner he’s “nearer to God” the better

  356. 356
    Kasou says:

    Ask my mother who worked all her life and paid taxes to put McBRUIN B’LIAR and me thru grammar school…she just lost 40% of her pension…but Brown and Co wont lose will they…Mr Martin (a shop steward like my father)…is only getting what he is owded from the wingeing English invaders….oh and some of my mothers money besides (Dad is dead thank god else he would been in prison for murder today)

  357. 357
    Anonymous says:

    You don’t get much luxury in a bed that costs £1124.

  358. 358
    Jethro says:

    134 – He will, of course, be the first to be hung from a crane in Lepanto Square (formerly ‘Trafalgar Square’).

  359. 359
    Kasou says:

    Alistair who…oooooh Gordons Darling…well ‘Bushy’ has been busy like all those Scottish Mps…get what those enlish bastards owe us…and quick before they find out…

  360. 360
    Scorched Earth says:

    Derek Conway is a Conservative you unbelievable twat.

    And since you are clearly clueless about how these things work let me explain.

    The most headline grabbing incident dominates the News.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s a duck house, manure or a moat.
    Because this isn’t a pure numbers game. It’s how BAD it looks to the public.
    Think the bathplug or lightbulbs disgusted the public because of how much they were worth ?

    If it’s unusual and seems to encapsulate the entire sordid piggy behaviour the tabloids and News will run on it for all it’s worth.

    And if it dominates the news the idiot behind it will dominate the news too.
    It’s the reason that the Conservatives poll numbers are dropping pretty hard right now because lately they are almost all Conservative headline grabbers.

    They will of course soon be Labour ones dominating again and their numbers will start dropping like a stone once again too.
    So the net effect is the public thinks all Politicans are scum.

    But what isn’t in question is that if you slice a massive chunk out of both main Parties poll numbers the Conservatives are still the runaway favourites to win.

    Now if that gets your panties in a bunch too fuckiing bad dickhead!
    That’s just the reality of the situation.

    Cameron’s Expenses will be used as a weapon come the Election, but so will Browns. Camerons troughing might be pathetic but Brown’s also a troughing little piggy and paid his own brother thousands using taxpayer’s money.

    He was complacent & dumb enough to let this entire shitfestival go unchecked till it exploded. So now he’s going to go down in history as the Prime Minister who fiddled as the Bankers brought the Economy to it’s knees AND as the PM who’s “Leadership” & negligance brought Parliament to it’s knees.
    Because I REPEAT, MP’s are now considered little better than scum.
    ALL MP’s. WHATEVER the Party.

    So thank YOU for proving conclusively that you are a shifty little partisan tosser who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about and can only parrot numbers he’s found on a Labour blog in the absence of any wit or reasoning.

  361. 361
    Agent 99 says:

    Fod school reports the funniest I heard was

    “he /she sets consistently high standards and constantly fails to achieve them”

    A wonderful summation I think of the present parliament.

  362. 362
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    He is indeed Contessa and pretends to be an expert on military matters when all he was was a teacher in uniform.

  363. 363
    Agent 99 says:

    Odins Raven

    Good point. On the same track here the fees office are said to have colluded with some MP’s to allow extra troughing on Houses.

    Is this not conspiracy to defraud?

  364. 364
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    You are right, I WAS joking

  365. 365
    they all screw you says:

    I thought everybody worked as contractors these days,they can get rid of you in the time it takes to tell you to sling your hook,I got made redundant 3 months before them bastards brought in the so called law against being old and then has I had worked over thirty years for the company the tax man took a slice of my redundancy pay.

  366. 366
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon probably thought Bliar wasn,t as skilled a campaigner as he was? Bliar is the supreme hoon but he could spin a yarn.

  367. 367
    Scorched Earth says:

    The 351 Derek Conway post was for the benefit of 274 “shitting tealeaf”.
    Or was it “dickless and peeved” ? no wait “thick as thieves”
    That’s the Partisan little twat.

  368. 368
    Fausty says:

    273 – and peers are appointed for services rendered to the party in power. If this isn’t a perversion of democracy, I don’t know what is.

  369. 369
    Anonymous says:

    If (and it’s a big if) the proceeds are being used against the EU whats wrong with that? It’s a bit like extremists using their benefit money to buy fertilizer to blow us up at the first opportunity.

  370. 370
    Anonymous says:

    very accurate. thats why she might stay. Cameron is powerless.

  371. 371
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    351 Scorched Earth.I think you just made a prick of yourself.Conway WAS a Conservative but had the whip withdrawn a considerable time ago, unlike the many Cabinet Ministers and members of Liebour who are still sitting there

  372. 372
    Anonymous says:

    very much so.

  373. 373
    Anonymous says:

    it`s more likely to be MacKay

  374. 374
    Fausty says:

    Brilliant! There must be quite a few MPs who could be caught in this sort of trap. I hope opposition parties will be going after all of them!

  375. 375
    Anonymous says:

    Not so long ago Mark these creatures would have tried to dismiss you as a rascist. Thats inbetween filling in their expenses sheets and discussing with their accountants the best time to flip. They are treacherous scum.

  376. 376
    Agent of imPrudence says:

    “Andy Burnham was assisted by the Common’s authorities who bent the rules after he got a bung from a property developer”

    Says it all realy.

    So, there are phone or e-mail connections between the private companies and govt departments with chinese walls in these “strictly entre-nous” arrangments.

    Let me get it…

    MP benefits:
    Here’s how to avoid capital gains tax….

    Reminds me of how a certain company benefits:
    Here’s how to avoid VAT, ship your CD’s via Austria.
    Here’s how to avoid corporation tax, sell assets to a subsidiary and pay rent, releases dosh for further expansion of empire, then move capital to the Caymans.

  377. 377
    thick as thieves says:

    what an incredibly dim person you are!
    dave is a benefit cheat as is shaun.
    in a way they are worse than some thieves because a thief may be starving and have no money for food and they may steal a loaf of bread to eat.
    dave and shaun stole purely for greed.
    greedy fucking thieves.
    were dave and shaun’s claims necessary for them to carry out their duties as MPs?
    as they are both millionaires, ofcourse the claims weren’t necessary!
    dave and shaun are just a pair of greedy c’unts.
    fucking thieving wankers.
    not fit for office.

    scorched earth,
    what the fuck are you going on about you dopey old cripple?
    never mind banging on about your boyfriend conway: you were bitching about a £650 claim for a wallet and ignoring dave’s fraudulent claim for £24k for housing benefit every year.
    what have you to say about the issue of millionaires claiming housing benefit?
    I think you must be retarded scorched earth.
    definitely a retarded tory troll.
    why don’t you fuck off to conservativefoam you fucking cripple.

  378. 378
    Have a go hero says:

    can we pepper spray em 1st?

  379. 379
    Jethro says:

    Good man! They proved their worth on battle-fields long ago, and have neither chips on their shoulders, nor any need to prove themselves: no wonder ‘Call me Tony’ Bliar needed to get rid of them!

  380. 380
    Greg says:

    Typical hatchet jobs from the Guardian and Observer.
    Nigel wasn’t boasting, he was being factual. This sum includes staff and is on a par with what Dan Hannan gets.
    No money goes through Nigel’s pockets, as a paying agent pays the staff. A staff allowance of £240,000 a year over a decade comes to more than £2 million and there’s no second home or furniture allowance.
    The SE constieuncy is the size of a small country compared to just one Westminster constituency where the average cost of an MP over a decade, before salary is around £1.6 million.
    They must be getting desperate!

  381. 381
    In a further statement, Nanny State says:

    Never mind all this talk of expenses. MPs work hard to defend the status quo.

    And the status quo is this : THE STATE KNOWS BEST!

    So go and whine somewhere else. Even Guido has the affrontery to ‘Moderate’ me – ME of all people!

    But my message is this, – regarding today’s news about drinking.

    People cannot look after themselves! Guido is a prime example of loose drinking habits – as his story of a day or so ago shows.

    Therefore the number of State Enforcers will be increased. This will mop up the growing number of unemployed. And every citizen will be expected to complete forms that details his/her drinking, and other unhealthy habits on a daily basis, – and then discuss them with his/her designated compliance officer.

    We have spoken, – and The Prince of Control Freakery supports me!

  382. 382
    Moley says:

    A number of commentators have suggested that electoral reform and changes in the Constitution will be on the agenda in the next parliamentary session and before the General Election.

    This Parliament has no mandate to do any such thing, and given that it is full of MPs who think that they have a legitimate grievance against the electorate, and that Labour seem determined to pursue policies which will make life impossible for the incoming Government, such interference would be positively dangerous.

    I do not want the future of the Country ruined by this bunch of ne-er do wells out of spite; but I seem to be alone in having these concerns.

    Is anybody else with me on this?

  383. 383
    Mandy says:

    Me tooo

  384. 384
    Mackay says:

    Malcolm Bruce should be fucking the chancellor with that sort of financial vacuum pump.

  385. 385
    Anonymous says:

    Arrogant, greedy Nadine Dorries continues to scrape the bottom of the expenses barrel:

    She’s not just dishonest and greedy but she’s completely mad aswell.

  386. 386
    Dogger says:

    I should be out in the sun, but sleazegate has been obsessing me all day.

    I agree with you – depite everything that has happened in the last few weeks nEU Labiah is intent on doing much more damage yet. If unelected Brown goes ahead with constitutional changes between now and a General Election I will be fit to be tied.

  387. 387
    Rowan Williams Archgobshite of Canterbury says:

    Everybody stop being so beastly to those poor, innocent politicians, except for that horrid man Griffin of course.

  388. 388
    MI5 says:

    MATRIX/Cherie Blair

    MATRIX Cha

  389. 389
    Jethro says:

    TAT – I seem to remember you from ages ago at The Martin Bormann Finishing School: I think it was you who presented Dr. Josef – was it Goebbels, or Mengele? I can’t quite recall – with a bouquet. Good to see your charm not diminished after all these years!

  390. 390
    cynical moi? says:

    They love the immigrants cause the immigrants are the only one’s simple enough to be still taken in by their ‘holy’ scams and give them money and time. Harsh to say but true, that’s why they love the left cause the left provides the churches with fresh cannon fodder.

  391. 391
    MI5 says:

    Pushed ther wrong button

    Cherie Blair’s Chamlber were paid several thousand pounds by two Welsh Nat MPs who wanted to impeach



    over the Iraq War

    They then claimed the said legal fees against their MPs expenses (US !)

    (Read it yesterday’s papers online….. cant’ find the damned source again – but one of the papers yesterday)

    There are no depths to which these sordid swine will not stoop..

    And Cherie Blair is now retained to defend RBS in New York

    Win on the upside win on the downside

    Screw the world we make money don’t we…!

    It would be interesting to know how much money MATRIX Chambers made/make out of the Taxpayer as well…

  392. 392
    Moley says:

    Part of the Police enquiry should be to arrange for a qualified electrician to examine the work that is supposed to have been done.

    Time is of the essence.

  393. 393
    cynical moi? says:

    I bet they still sometimes wished they had old nicky back when Stalin ruled over them.

  394. 394
    tisfedup says:

    Parliment have 3mths off for the summer, (why?) provides good time to call election, plenty of time to speak to constituents, deselect, and reselect, plenty of time to go round the country promoting manifesto’s, and giving solutions for reform etc etc, , public funded BBC ensures independent’s get a fair crack at whip, party conferences finish 8th october General election to be held 15th October 2009.
    plenty of time for DT to reveal all its material, if it’s not then it should get some help, if it drags it on longer for sake of sales, then any mp that gets away with it will be DT’s fault,

  395. 395
    Sunonmars says:

    hehe, knew Blair couldnt resist sticking the boot in….miaow, hehe Blair is going to finish Brown off, i can see it coming, Brown inviting the spider into the fly’s parlour is not clever.

    Blair confidant: Tony knew Gordon wasn’t good enough to beat Cameron

    The Independent on Sunday reports that Tony Blair has been into Downing Street to advise Gordon Brown. One can only imagine what Blair makes of the mess that the man who spent so long before plotting to take his job is now making of it. But judging by what John Burton, Blair’s constituency agent, writes in the Mail on Sunday, Blair can’t be entirely surprised by the situation:
    “After his farewell speech at Trimdon Labour Club in May, 2007, Tony told me he knew he would have been able to deal with Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election, but he didn’t believe Gordon would have it in him.”
    The article, an extract from Burton’s forthcoming book, also provides yet another example of how tense relations were between Blair and Brown at times:
    “Once, Gordon had to be physically restrained when he got into a temper over an election campaign issue.”
    As Burton says, one of the biggest mistakes Blair made was not to move Brown when he had the chance to do so. By choosing to accept Brown as PM to his president, Blair severely limited his and his administration’s effectiveness.

  396. 396
    £92K Gobshite Bint says:

    Geneva, 25/5/9, 18:10 CET

    Wan-ki Hoon, half-brother of UN head Ban-Ki Moon and head of the WHO, has just described the United Kingdom as off-limits to civilization due to the epidemic of Huntishness underway in that country.


  397. 397
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    Yeah! I am wondering about this. Let’s have the bastards hanging themselves. They don’t have the balls to use a gun.

  398. 398
    Timbo says:

    Surely that last line should read…

    ‘it is funded by contributions from serving members, at the taxpayers expense.’

  399. 399
    Anonymous says:

    Hes scots dont you know!

  400. 400
    Call me Infidel says:

    Excellent work.

  401. 401
    Godemiché says:

    Here we go now, the blind dirt-bag is about to bless us with a second coming. Or is that third?

  402. 402
    cynical moi? says:

    I agree with what you are saying mate, I don’t hate immigrants or even mind muslims that stick to themselves and not ram their religion down my throat, the thing that annoys me is why the fook have we been letting immigrants into the country on a grand scale in the first place.

    The country can only support 40 million people anyway so who thought it would be a bright idea to let the population head near 100million that we will be in the next decade. The country has only limited resources and jobs. No wonder crap jobs like ‘outreach workers’ and laws get invented every day cause every day someone new is walking into the country that we mugs have to justify and support.

    I’m sorry but if your countries a warzone fucking grow some balls and sort it out instead of fleeing somewhere else.

    Another thing that annoys me is the hand wringers who cry about the poor babies, I don’t mind pay for a few orphans to come over and live in this country for a better life.


    I’m sorry but for ffs if the third world keeps producing infinte amount of kids when they no they can’t support them why the hell is it our problem. At least world overpopulation is not one thing the west is to blame for.

    There is finite resources in the world and in this country and with already 6 billion+ of us on the planet and infinte capacity for more and more kids means logically the shit will hit the fan one day.

    I totally understand how world wars and revolutions take place now after 12 years under these loonies.

  403. 403
    Anonymous says:

    Morris dancers are thick as mince-thats why were down the plughole!!

  404. 404
    Ever Vigilant says:

    Is thick as thieves a spoof contributor ,encouraged to write fearful rubbish merely to stimulate angry reactions ? Actually I had the misfortune to know several people sharing his opinions years ago when Iwas employed in the nationalised electricity supply industry.All had one thing in common-each was a lazy ,incompetent,thorough-going bastard without any commercial instinct or clue about any other type of workplace. They detested anyone even slightly to the right and used the most astonishing mental acrobatics to justify
    anyone or anything on the left.

    It is quite useless arguing with these people. They are genetically programmedto vote labour and are brainwashed from birth to reject any right wing ideas no matter what the intelluctual merit

  405. 405
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Farage has enriched himself at the taxpayers expense?

    UKIP are a real letdown.

  406. 406
    Sunonmars says:

    Brwn really must be desperate, every 3rd rate hoon and its dog is getting back in the cabinet, lol, Blunkett, Mandelson, beckett. The Tories must be wetting themselves with laughter.

  407. 407
    Anonymous says:

    It scottish-nothing works there!

    The retards all vote labour-would vote for them even if their policy was to suffocate all their firstborn!

  408. 408
    Anonymous says:

    Please please follow this up Guido!

  409. 409
    Anonymous says:

    Darling is one of the biggest sleazebags of the lot. He was busy buying and selling several houses, claiming expenses to do them up, and making big profits from the house price bubble. This is all while he was supposed to be working full time as chancellor.

    He is every bit as bad as Blears and Hoon.

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    If only I was younger too…………

  411. 411
    Anonymous says:

    Why did Brown claim for a London flat that he hasn’t lived in for years?

    Something stinks here and it’s not just Brown’s nappy.

  412. 412
    Jan says:

    Oh booohooo thick as thieves I am so upsetted by wot you said abaht me,’cos I only went to secondary mod where there were 45 of us in a class,I lived on a council estate and I come from such a poor fammmmmlee. That is why I am soooooo dim.
    My point about David Cameron is that people like you appear to have amnesia about New Liebor and all their shenanigans.I am absolutely sick and tired as I said, of hearing about ‘Tory Toffs’.Compared to the rest of us ALL MPs arel troughing toffs.No mention of Tony Blair either.
    Your argument appears to be that if somebody goes into politics who is poor,then we should give them more money for expenses than somebody who already has money.Is that right?
    Perhaps we should do that for teachers,policemen in fact anybody who directly works for the taxpayer.If you’ve got money and incur expenses for the job,don’t expect us to pay for it.So if I were a teacher going to a conference, as I am poor I would get expenses,but if I was Mrs Cameron I wouldn’t, because she is a rich bitch.
    In my experience of expenses I can honestly say that the people who milked the system came from all backgrounds. Thieves are thieves irrespective of background.
    As for your writing skills, methinks you must have been educated post 1970.By that time Labour had ensured that most pupils were illiterate.All in the name of meritocracy, innit?

  413. 413
    Anonymous says:

    So he’s a closet gay then?

    Mugabe was right about this government. They’re all bent, in more ways than one.

  414. 414
    they all screw you says:

    The old saying what goes up must come down and the taxman will get his dues now or later, HMRC will wait until this gang of dishonourable sh*ts are out of power and then jump on them

  415. 415
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting about Joyce. He left the Army as a major, under a cloud. I think he was told to resign his commission

  416. 416
    cynical moi? says:

    Trolls do add to the fun of commentating though in a way i suppose, always good fun to slap a troll down.

  417. 417
    Gordon 'They call me the MESSIAH' Brown says:

    He, he, he

    Wait till you hear about my NEW NATIONAL PLAN!

    You’ll wonder why you ever called me a SNOTGOBBLER!

    Everything is great again, you’ll see!

    AND, David Blunkett is coming back!

    Tra, la, la, la!

  418. 418
    Timbo says:

    With our troops in Afghanistan under-equipped and overstretched, the solution to the expenses crisis seems obvious.

    The formation of the 1st Westminster Troughers Battalion.

    Let’s ship them out to the frontlines. I wonder if Gerald Kaufman can bring democracy to the wilder parts of the world with his £8500 TV and £2000 rug.

  419. 419
    Bob says:

    Gordon is bringing back David so that he see straight…

    along with some chubby Totty…

  420. 420
    RavingMad says:

    Wonerful news, Newcastle have been relegated from the Premiership!!

    Couldn’t happen to a better team. Now for a complete clear out of the Geordie Mafia come the election.

    Anyway, can’t stop, I’m off to the Fees Office to arrange a bit of cash flow……every little helps……:0)

  421. 421
    RavingMad says:

    New MPs coming off one of the ‘many’ government training schemes …. can’t wait but they’ll be on minimum wage!

  422. 422
    The Master says:

    Still not much mention of Peter & Iris Robinson who sit in Westminster AND
    Stormont, with Mr Robinson employing both his children.
    The Telegraph could produce “The Sleaze Supplement”, a variation on The Sunday Times Rich List. There could be lists,graphs,pictures of swag etc.
    Bring it on!

  423. 423
    michel de montaigne says:

    claims for dog food to be reinstated

  424. 424
    deluded kunt says:

    in all this I can’t help feeling most sad for the Queen. Her donated-for-free limousines defiled by common people sitting in them and having to rub shoulders with criminals obtaining £1,000 by deception. Make no mistake the Queen has suffered grievously and once again unlike the Queen and all the blue-blood Elite in this country the common people have shown themselves to be nothing but lying, thieving scum.

  425. 425
    Anonymous says:

    Nigerian immigrant living in York tells British people not to vote for a party he disapproves of. BBC applauds him loudly.

    Only in fucked-up Britain!

  426. 426
    Carlsbugger says:

    When the piss needs to be taken, NuLiebore are the best piss takers in the world.

  427. 427
    MI5 says:


    It is rare that to find unsung heroes in this mess

    I propose one more




    We may have supporters in unlikely places you know…..!

    The problem is getting all these criminal complaints heard by HIM !

  428. 428
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    Suicides plus Elizabeth Filkin to head up the Fees Office plus MPs being GBH’d by their constituents

  429. 429
    michel de montaigne says:

    rumour has it that menu was soup, peas and jelly. the dog caught the lot

  430. 430
    uncle joe says:

    I do hope it’s a five year national plan.

  431. 431
    Hoon-like Trougher says:

    Nice to see Thick as Thieves back on here. He always was my favourite window licker.

  432. 432
    Anonymous says:

    thick as thieves is a 14 year old tosser, don’t encourage him.

  433. 433
    Anonymous says:

    No Thanks. One coming was one too many

  434. 434
    alan shearer says:

    How much interest can you get on £1,000,000 these days?

  435. 435
    dirtyden says:

    Lol. Dropping like flies. And Brown’s pisspoor answer is….?

    Well, guess who’s making a comeback.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  436. 436
    Chief Witchdoctor Archbishop Johnnie Sentamu says:

    is right, innit, do what you is told white devils!

  437. 437
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Gideon and his Bullingdon pals are still wanking through thick as thieves’ letterbox?

    It must be terrible distressing for him.

  438. 438
    fick as fieves says:

    I didn’t think he had any windows.

  439. 439
    Jan says:

    That’s News it’s not only the Green Party at the EU trough.One Kathy Sinnott who is an Independent member for Munster (Ireland) has been boasting of her attendance record on her website.Apparently her attendance record is one of the highest of all the Irish MEPs .(She must be earning a fortune)She too was in the German film which uncovered this blatant abuse of taxpayers money.She said that she had worked all the night before so it was her RIGHT to claim the attendance allowance for the following day.Her picture adorns nearly every lamppost in the suburbs of Cork City.Sickening,I haven’t seen anything here in Cork about this. Whilst the Irish have gained from the EU their fishing grounds have been absolutely decimated.I am sure in the longterm that the subsidies they gained from the EU can never make up for the loss of these fishing grounds which were worth an absolute fortune..Castletownbere is just full of Spanish trawlers.They’ve hoovered up all the fish….sickening.

  440. 440
    Solicitor Tom says:

    Any new of Speaker Gorbals ?

    Any news of Malcom Jack ?

    Is they hiding ?

    Is the Fees Office closed ?

    When will the officials of the Fees Office and those responsible, Malcolm Jack and Speaker Martin be questioned by the Police for THEFT ?

    I have never seen so much prima facie evidence of THEFT ON A GRAND SCALE in my legal life…

  441. 441
    thick as thieves says:

    ’tis you who is suffering from amnesia you fucking retard!
    the new labour war and occupation party could not have committed their war crimes without the assistance of dave ‘the benefit cheat’ cameron and the corrupt tory party.
    oh, and in answer to your question; the expenses system was introduced so that anybody can enter public life, even if they have no personal wealth. it was mainly tory millionaires like dave who dominated the proceedings up until that point.
    expenses were not introduced so thieving c’unts like david’multi-millionaire’ cameron could abuse the system by sucking hungrily upon the public tit until it bled.
    you are obviously too dim to appreciate the basic premise of public service: by making these unnecessary claims upon the public purse david cameron has exposed his true reason for entering public life – not to act in the public’s interestss but to screw the taxpayer for every penny he can! what a fucking c’unt, innit.
    not to conservative party HQ: for fuck’s sake could you c’unts please send me better quality trolls to bash? I feel as if I am lynching cripples!

  442. 442
    MI5 says:

    The Sunday Times could catch up with the Telegraph if they started publishing a Sleaze List

    Good thinking…

  443. 443
    Bob says:

    Lovely name though…

  444. 444
    Timbo says:

    Think it would need more than a supplement to be honest. When you start to look at the trougher’s cosy quango and PFI arrangements, you’ll quickly realise we need something along the lines of the a ‘Library of Congress’ just to document their thievery.

  445. 445

    Well said.
    If MPs had had the balls and sense to insist on a 200k salary, that was taxed, no one could say anything if they spent their money on ducks, moats,porno, butt plugs or whatever.
    The 200k salary may have come under attack, but is easily countered, if not justified, by Head Teachers, bankers,Council Leaders salaries

  446. 446
    smallbiz says:

    If I don’t pay my TV license fee, I’m breaking the LAW. If our rulers cheat thousands in expenses, its about RULES.

  447. 447
    neon says:

    So with scandal still growing over the probity of MP’s, Gordon Brown seeks to bring back into government another politician who has already resigned twice.

    Can someone please remind me; did I take the red or the blue pill?

  448. 448
    Yakota Yakotan says:




  449. 449
    Miss Use says:

    Queen not amused?

    Reports are coming in that the queen has summoned PM and opposition leaders to the palace to explain why their corrupt Mps are not resigning now? This is said to be due because of Mps having no accountability to anyone, not even there leaders. The public are have been left bewildered that none of them have even been arrested yet, although several attempts have already been made to summons local Mps by members of the disillusioned public who cannot understand the complete lack of action by the party leaders. The tax payer with be left with over a £60,000,000 bill when these 600 or so corrupt Mps leave the house next year rather than facing public humiliation at the polls if they try to get there jobs back. This is due to a £100,000 golden handshake for each of them even though they got caught stealing on the job!

    The Queen is said to deeply concerned with reports that her government is corrupt and this is reflecting badly on her already low popularity with the public around the world.

  450. 450
    Give us an election you prick says:

    Why has the Mail on Sunday (according to them) paid substantial damages to Watson because of an article involving the Ian Dale & no 10 emails??

  451. 451
    Van Helsing says:

    Re comment 3.17pm. still in moderation.

    It’s not only MPs. that are shitting themselves over a call from the Daily Telegraph. Eh Guido.

  452. 452
    Silvio Tanner says:




  453. 453
    thick as thieves says:

    you are quite right bill.
    it is not just that our mps are underpaid but also that our other public servants are overpaid.
    council chief executives are paid more than the prime minister. as they provide services locally and the pm is in charge nationally it makes no sense whatsoever that these local service providers should be paid more money than the salary received for the highest office in the land.
    it is fucking perverse that such a thing should occur. it’s just another liblabcon stitch up.
    it is also fucking perverse that the cripples at the bbc have dozens of managers being paid four and five times the salary of the prime minister for merely broadcasting ‘news’ and light entertainment.
    those bbc managers who take that such vast salaries and pensions from the licence fee payers’ pockets are as corrupt as the politicians who have made false expense claims. they are taking vast amounts of money from a publicly funded body and offer little, if any, value in return. they are simply not worth their pay.
    if the establishment does not wake up quickly to this whole situation then things could turn very fucking nasty indeed.
    never mind poxy resignations, the country is in the mood for some hangings.
    I stand ready to serve, I await the signal.

  454. 454
    Anonymous says:

    I would much prefer that to the disgustingly rich list!
    Ok, I am just a tad jealous!

  455. 455
  456. 456
    Call me Infidel says:

    RIP George

  457. 457
    thick as thieves says:

    scorched earth (dullard:1st Class) said;
    “Derek Conway is a Conservative you unbelievable twat.”
    but as our learned friend grytype points out, the whip has been withdrawn and therefore conway is effectively an independent mp.
    good one grytype.
    ha ha you are a fucking unbelievable twat scorched earth!
    you will have to come up with a new name after making that much of a c’unt of yourself!
    ha ha ha!

  458. 458
    Slow strangler says:

    Read Dales blog and the mistake he made

  459. 459
    thick as thieves says:

    what party are you affiliated to jan?

  460. 460
    CIA Torture Operative says:

    No that is not correct, I can report that we attempted to torture the terrorists by holding them over the side of the ship and unfortunately one of them dropped into the ocean and was eaten by sharks.

  461. 461
    Deeply Regret says:

    I wasn’t aware the Queen was unpopular. Have I missed something? Furthermore, not all 600 plus MP’s are corrupt – there is a large number who have not had their hands in the till.

  462. 462
    Call me Infidel says:

    When you pay people to be poor (with welfare) you produce an endless supply of poor people.

  463. 463
    Swinehunt says:

    I see that traitorous pig Quentin Davies has been caught with his sizeable snout in the trough.

  464. 464
    Sunonmars says:

    hahahah all good things come to those who wait and you can bet Brown will dispatch with him fast as he’s a former Tory and will be labelled as such, he’s of no use to Brown now is he.

  465. 465
    Sunonmars says:

    Spunk it Blunkett back in the cabinet along with (2 caravans) Beckett, (2 knobs) Mandelson, Pig Sty Purnell, No Tax Blears, The Flipping Hoon, 2 Homes Secretary Jackboots, Flipper Flint, The Set of Balls, Pinball (4 home flipper) Darling and then ask Blair to help to boot.

    The Tories must be wetting themselves laughing at this line of a-holes. Brown is creating a huge open goal as wide as Russia’s border.

  466. 466
    RavingMad says:

    Darling is not my darling by a long way – he’s a fcuking cntu

  467. 467
    thick as thieves says:

    now look here you cripples, I am a juvenile delinquent so my behaviour is perfectly normal in that context.
    and if you do not like the way things are here then you will have to fuck off elsewhere.
    got it?

    note to cynical moist gash: slapping trolls? you ARE a troll you fucking cretin!
    I bash trolls brains out for fun and as you have been such a cheeky c’unt I have decided I will bash yours out.
    you are on the list.
    you fucking idiot.

    note to ever viligant: I am your intellectual superior so show some manners you rude c’unt.
    and be more specific before making such general and vague accusations you coward. your comment was so garbled as to be meaningless.
    what a fucking retard!
    a total cripple.

  468. 468
    RavingMad says:

    there is more to this than meets the eye

  469. 469
    barefootcontessa says:

    i think those eyebrows have been tweeked and re-shaped. Sorry if this disappoints you, but he’s still flaring those delicious nostrils and looking quite
    charmant as per usual!

  470. 470
    Les Noble says:

    Yeah, I’m sure MI services killed him. Tony and GB should go down for his murder.

    But we have to change the law that protects them and it seems all MPs and Peers first. They may be more likely to happen now we have the chance to get a whole bunch of independents fighting for the same things next year in the house.

    It will be the best thing to happen to politics for centuries.

    Pathetic lack of punishment from the main 3 party leaders is very clear for everybody to see and the public don’t like MPs sticking their fingers up at them and saying they will stay until the next election when they should be enjoying a stay inside a jail cell.

  471. 471
    Dr Kanvi Sing says:

    “X” from me.

  472. 472
    Archbishop of Clerkenwell says:

    Please Please
    Show some mercy to these poor (mostly rich) misguided souls,
    otherwise the AB of York will pop a cap in yo ass
    He has my homies backs an you will all be dead in a casket in a suit lookin nice if you dont ante up a 10% tithe you mutha fuckin fools.

  473. 473
    English Diversity says:

    I take criticism of UKIP as water off a ducks back. I’m voting for an ideologigy, ideaoligy, – a plan A, which is to be under UK/english government for the people by the people and with sensible, democratic law upheld by patriots not trators. Happily off shore to europe but not in it. Innit.
    UKIP have one purpose to achieve in my view and that is to set the train in motion.

  474. 474
    Gorbals Mick says:

    Thanks for the interest.
    I am just filling out forms applying for Job seekers allowance.
    You get £60 an Hour not bad,

    Wait a miniute it’s £60 a week.

  475. 475
    barefootcontessa says:

    I don’t approve of hanging, well, only metaphorically speaking. But I agree with everything else you said.

  476. 476
    Anonymous says:

    Vote “Lord Elpus”

    Bring down corrupt MPs and Peers now!

  477. 477
    JackDoff says:




  478. 478
    Tom Harrison says:

    The Queen unpopular? Was that a typo? If not can you reveal the source?

    I suppose in a way as long as an MP doesn’t break the rules he isn’t answerable to anybody. His seat as an MP is completely disconnected from his party membership. Are there any rules on minimum attendance in the house or carrying out a minimum number of MP’s surgeries?

    After the last few weeks I can believe that you get voted in and then promptly you can bog-off to the Caribbean for the next 4 to 5 years on an extended holiday with full pay.

    Perhaps we need some mechanism where an MP has to attend an open question and answer in constituency. Perhaps this can be tied to the electoral role. A bit like jury duty you may be called to attend a question and answer session with an MP. 100 constituents a meeting, 10 meetings a year, for 4 years. Where I live that would mean 1 in 25 got to see their MP………

  479. 479
    English Diversity says:

    PS. Which is what Stuart Wheeler thinks I think.

  480. 480

    Regarding Angela Browning, it is possible someone saw her coming: “Oh, yes, love. Gotta have a Fantarising Blig Control on your website. Everyone else does. It’ll cost you, though!”

    Interestingly on her website is the legend: “Funded from Parliamentary allowances.
    Complaints about content should be made initially to the Director of Finance and Administration, House of Commons.”

  481. 481
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:

    They couldn’t buy a gun. They would be grassed up by the dealer, probably.

  482. 482
    The Appropriatness Commision says:

    Can I point out it is not appropriate to delete any of it.

    Good day Sir

  483. 483
    A pithy line for every occassion says:

    For whom the Gods wish to destroy and all that

  484. 484
    JackDoff says:



  485. 485
    Anonymous says:

    HA HA Great line from a fan who’s team were involved in a championship ecider today, he said he was more nervous than a Politician opening up tomorrows copy of the Daily Telegraph !!

  486. 486
    Anonymous says:

    Absolutely, but the MSM is focussing on the tories. You expect no better of Pravda of course even though we are *all* compelled to pay for their cocoon.

  487. 487
    angry french john says:

    I keep banging on about the Welsh Ginger Pubed Bastard…

    Do something about the freeloading shits in Brussels. Zillions more than Westminster

  488. 488
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Gives a new meaning to the term A-List.

  489. 489
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:

    Ggggrrrrrrgggggrrroossiggrrrs. Saugages in esther speak.

  490. 490
    Old but still servicable says:

    There are now so many disparate groups in the country its difficult to get a consesus on anything. Divide and rule?

  491. 491
    Archbishop of Clerkenwell says:

    A”political opening”
    You mean the thing in the seat of Gordon McMentals Breeks that allows Lord(ahahahahhah) Fondlesthebums of Boys to gain “special access”?

  492. 492
    Anonymous says:

    The biggest group in the C of E are africans.

  493. 493
    thespecialone says:

    No but I have had a can of Strongbow and half a bottle of red so far. Last night I was pissed…err so too on Friday night.

    In between, yesterday morning I went to the gym and then sauna. I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and dont smoke. I am 48 yrs old and still fit and healthy, eat loads of fruit. But when I am not working, I like to have a glass or two. I also drink loads of water.

    So Nanny, please f*ck off while I continue to finish off my bottle of red!

  494. 494

    Sadly, the Green Party UK has made no official statement re their German colleague, so one must presume they are in favour of such fraud, or at the least, prepared to turn a blind eye to it. And that ain’t good enough.

    Please! If anyone does want that story to have a wider circulation, just re-publish this link on their blogs/websites

  495. 495
    Anonymous says:

    Is it shagger Blunket the bufoons bufoon ?

  496. 496
    Timbo says:

    Well said.

  497. 497
    Anonymous says:

    Ah I remember the utter Sleaze of Corrupt Labour controlled Councils in the North East in the early 70’s John Polson and friends ( in the North). Some things never Change

  498. 498
    thick as thieves says:

    dear, dear barefootcontessa,
    I would not dream of you bloodying your hands or principles with the dirty job of hanging these thieving bastards.
    and I would certainly not give a job to another person that I was not willing to do myself.
    I am happy to do the dirty work for the good of the people.
    it is the Lord’s work and I am sure that he will forgive me for any stringing up these worthless and corrupt motherfuckers that may occur in the near future.

  499. 499
    cynical moi? says:

    She doesn’t exacatly fit into a socialist world view and being the head of the Church of England won’t do her any favours with certain other religions.

  500. 500
    Anonymous says:

    Same here the Union Officials at the place I used to work were lazy bastards who got “facilities” on spurious grounds to enable them to do Fuck all whilst banging on about Thatcher!

  501. 501
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:

    He sounds like a real LIVE WIRE & should be CHARGED for OVERLOADING his
    expenses with dodgy charges. This is not positive news and he should go into a CELL.

  502. 502

    That doesn’t suprise me, Jan. But as a former Ecology/Green Party member I know exactly how “holier than thou” the members can be…

  503. 503
    cynical moi? says:

    They won’t have a GE until the main parties MP’s and PR machines have got together behind the scenes and dug up and invented enough smear stories against The ‘B’ ‘N’ ‘P’, Greens and UKIP and any other independents and small parties who dare oppose the elite.

    If there was a GE tommorow do you think Labour, Tories and Lib Dems would still exist given the current public mood?

    I personally don’t

    For example on Labour Home:

    Could you believe one of the lefty retards actually said the following if you didn’t see it with your own eyes;

    ‘Excellent work.
    These chancers who threaten Labour MPs deserve to be publicly exposed if they’re not as perfect as they make out.
    Keep digging!’

    They really are scumbags, What a joke trying to dig the dirt on Esther Rantzen instead of addressing the real problems of their corruption.

  504. 504
    Jethro says:

    M.P.= Member of Parliament
    P.M. =Public Money
    M.M. =Multiple Moolah
    P.P = P**s on the Public

  505. 505
    Fausty says:

    With you all the way. Straw has been dying to write a British Constitution which bestows rights on the individuals; what is not explicitly allowed is implicitly disallowed. This is in direct contrast to the inalienable rights that we enjoy under common law – the same in the US.

    This freaky government shouldn’t be allowed to touch constitutional issues.

    Constitutional changes require a referendum – that didn’t stop Labour ratifying the Lisbon Constitution. A treasonous act in itself.

  506. 506
  507. 507
    thespecialone says:

    You are obviously some deluded lefty republican. Do you hanker after a President of the UK? Someone like Tony B’liar or Gordon maybe?

  508. 508
    nell says:

    You can bet they are going to be retired with a “handsome goodbye.”

    A payoff by Gordon to ‘keep quiet’ about what they know?

  509. 509
    1381 says:

    Douglas Carswell in waiting.
    Dave was foisted on the party by the media and its masters – to stop David Davis.
    He was always lightweight.
    His support of Kirkbride today is a disgrace.
    They want a fast election to protect their own dross.
    We need to clean out the tories as well as the government.
    Nest of thieves the lot then an election.

  510. 510
    nell says:

    Mandelson as Foreign Minister – Blunket as ??? and Balls as Chancellor – WOW what a team !!!

    Guess he’ll win the next election then ??

  511. 511
    Jethro says:

    Rubbish! The Left has been working tirelessly to extinguish Religion in general, and Christianity in particular, for more than forty years. Remember how they used to say ‘Communism is Christianity in action; it is what Christianity might have been and should have been…’ Why do you think the chimera of ‘Multiculturalism’ was propounded? Classic ‘divide and rule’ tactic: ‘all religions are equal’>’all religions are equally rubbish': I was actually instructed at a Government-run course (TTA) on R.E. in Secondary Schools “No religion must be taught as if it were true.” (but the ‘Presentation’ on Islam was SO impressive!
    As to the A. of C., I fear Tricky Dicky is right (except it’s more like 50 years!): a Relativist, an Hegelian (Thesis-Antithesis:Synthesis… followed by Thesis-Antithesis:Synthesis…followed by….), to whom the Vincentian Canon (Quod ab omnibus, quod ubique, quod semper…) is anathema, as is Paul’s words to Timothy ‘Hold fast the form of sound words…’

  512. 512
    General Damnit says:

    Labour government and marxist backers want women on frontline. Okay, Margaret Moran to Helmand Pronto, strapped on front of snatch Land Rover as human shield.

  513. 513
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:

    Thanks for that reminder. Round of applause for Sir Judge.

  514. 514
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:


  515. 515
    Jan says:

    Oooh you are a naughty person….I didn’t think that anybody was allowed to use the word ‘retard’ any more for fear of ZanuLibor Equalities Commission putting you in jail.I’ve a good mind to contact that very nice man…er whatisname Mr Phillips.As for the rest of your rant,it’s all soooo boring.Methinks you might be a northerner.Could be wrong.But northerners seem to be so chippy about Tory Toffs.I studied in the north for some years and travelled there extensively on business.What used to p..s me off the most were the locals banging on about the ‘gin and tonic belt’ as if it existed only in the south.
    I am not in the slightest bit ruffled by your diatribe.
    As for my dimness regarding ‘public service’ I can assure you that the debt the nation owes me,knows no bounds.
    To say that I have helped enrich this once-great nation is an understatement.If it wasn’t for my colleagues and I, this nation would have been bankrupt many years ago.I am not referring to banking either.
    As for politics,as a student Che was my pin-up.I was to the left of Lenin,but then I grew up.
    One thing I cannot stand is the politics of envy.I am not envious of any toffs.You obviously are.
    Your grammar it is quite dreadful.As I said you must have been educated post-1970.
    Calm down dear – I do fear you are on the edge.I’ve had experience of working with people with delusions.I have the phone number of a therapist.He, I believe is very short of cash at the mo… as he appears to have made some silly remarks in public.Don’t think he is much good though as his training seemed to be over in five minutes.I mean even Herr Dr Freud took longer than that.
    As for me,I am looking at the car-crash that is continuing from afar…
    Tata for now.

  516. 516
    Sunonmars says:

    Thats the A-holes List.

  517. 517
    lofa on the sofa says:

    Posted on OH comments that Margaret Moran is a little depressed over all that has happened, and has gone away to her 4th home in Spain.

    Poor love, how very working class to only have 4 homes.

    I’m sure the real workers in Luton, struggling with short time, unemployment, losing their only home, paying bills, putting food on the table, explaining to their children there will be no holiday etc. Will be glad that sister Margaret feels their pain all the way from Spain.

  518. 518
    The Archc*nt of AbsoluteBish says:

    I agree, too…
    But I also disagree.

  519. 519
    cynical moi? says:

    Not at all chap i’m just stating how should could be seen as unpopular. Despise the lefties myself actually.

  520. 520
    Sir William Waad says:

    Well it’s certainly opened my eyes. I thought MPs made money by bagging juicy ‘consultancies’ for themselves or (less blatantly) their children and relatives.

    A quote from Samuel Johnson is, as usual, apposite, in this case to those MPs who were ‘only following the rules':

    “If he really thinks there is no distinction between vice and virtue, when he leaves our houses let us count our spoons.”

  521. 521
    Antichrist says:

    I do wish these child molesting archbishops would just shut the fuck up.

    What business is it of theirs to be telling anyone who to vote for?
    Especially when a party is legal. Nobbers.

    I mean, would you really wann take counsel from a bunch of morons who have absolute faith that a “big man lives in the sky”?
    Fucking frock wearing, cockchomping pedos should stfu.

    Vote for whoever you feel comfortable with and fuck the churches, they just want to get in your wallets cos the roofs fucking leaking again. Twats, why dont him upstairs fix the fucking thing for em eh?

  522. 522
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    He was an Educator, known as “bashetweaver” in Service jargon

  523. 523
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    sorry, “basketweaver”

  524. 524
    Sir William Waad says:

    Surely they were pleased? They got the result they wanted?

  525. 525
    Hack R says:

    Help wanted!

    Conservative leader David Cameron is in trouble as he is unable to find enough “honest” candidates for the next election!

    With so many going due to dipping their fingers in the till, David has now gone on TV to ask for new honest members of the public to stand as Conservative candidates.

    The public are amused! Very funny.

    But her majesty apparently isn’t so keen of sharing power with the commoners!

    Sources close to Labour said they will not be following suite as they have already thrown the towel in for next years election realizing they have absolutely no chance of getting any seats at all.

  526. 526
    Bastards says:

    A bet you get nicked by some spineless plod. You’d thiink they’s want to help get rid of that fucking useless 2 Homes Secretary and her thieving ilk.

  527. 527
    nell says:

    Sorry. Are we suggesting that the Queen is unpopular and should be replaced with a President selected from a member of this corrupt chaotic parliament??? -Who do we think would be best???

    Straw perhaps?? – Hoon??- Balls/Cooper?? Mandy??- or maybe Uddin?? She at least has a marble palace in Bangladesh (possibly built by Britisah taxpayers)

    Or perhaps one of the weight challenged one’s – Watson – Prescott- McBride-NBrown- MaCartney (not Paul!!) , Balls again, ….what an attractive bunch !!!!!— which one do you think would make the best President to replace the Queen ????

    Which one would be the most influential in International circles ??

    We are obviously spoilt for choice. (Sorry forgot to mention Gordon – can’t think why I didn’t include him as a possible choice!)

  528. 528
    JWil says:

    Are we going to get a Speaker that is totally clean? Most of the ones I have seen listed (not all) seem to have had their fingers in the till in one way or another. The worrying thing is that some of them are top of the list as bookies favourites. Surely Parliament can’t do this to us again?

  529. 529
    JimDee says:

    Are there any white heterosexual humans representing England in parliament? Al I see is retarded Nazi jews, grabbing homosexuals, Welsh pigs, Scotch filth, corrupt blacks from all over the place, and trash from the gutter.

    England has no voice in parliament. It’s a disgrace – MPS should be gassed like rats.

  530. 530
  531. 531
    Miss Use says:

    Yes the new Speaker is bound to be a crook. Do you really think they are going to kill the golden goose?

  532. 532
    Drapers Tools says:

    There’s plenty of white heterosexuals, but I’m not if they’re human.

  533. 533
    Mr Mnar says:

    Hear Hear.

  534. 534
    pissed of pensioner says:

    It’s been reported that Brown has had secret meetings wih that twat Blunkett with a view to promoting him back into the cabinet. Thats all we need two arseholes with only one eye between them to plan the vision for the future

    You couldn’t make it up but then again as home secatary blind Blunkett was head of neighbourhood watch what the fuck is wrong with these idiots

  535. 535
    Thon Brocket says:

    You forgot to mention us dirty fuckin’ Irish. That’s discrimination. What are you?
    Some sort of fuckin’ bigot?

  536. 536
    nell says:

    In truth no-one is of any use to Gordon now –

    The Blairites are massing for a coup but he can’t see it.

    The June 4th County and European elections will be a disaster for Labour. Gordon knows that but believes in his egomania that if he reshuffles his cabinet after that he will win the next GE.

    Psychiatrists and Psychologists must find current Mp’s and Ministers an endless and engrossing source for study.

  537. 537
    nell says:

    Sunomars – That’s a really good post!!

  538. 538
    Tom Fullery says:

    How do we get rid of our corrupt lying MPs?

    Wouldn’t it be great if our corrupt MPs all committed mass suicide!

    Oh yes, they will do if they stand at the next election.

    Problem solved next year then, as the big 3 main party leaders are to gutless to sack them now. We can do a much better job for these leaders next year.

    Vote all the crooks out.

  539. 539
    Jethro says:

    … so intellectually superior that you cannot punctuate or form sentences: obviously a product of of Bliar’s ‘education, education, education.
    But, I have to admit, you have a nice line in subtlety: and wit.

  540. 540
    Tom Fullery says:

    They still do and I wonder how many companies each MP is a director of and how many of those did they become director of while they were in parliament?

    We have just seen the tip of the iceberg.

  541. 541
    Jethro says:

    …Human shield?

  542. 542
    lofa on the sofa says:

    Roh Moo Hyun shows what a decent politician would do when they’ve badly let their people down.

    ‘taxi for Nadinne, going to Snowdonia!…. are you paying cash or is it on expenses?’

    ‘Neither, a kind member of the public has offered to pay’

  543. 543
    pissed of pensioner says:

    That one eyed bastard Brown gave OAPs a 75pence
    rise in their pensions in his first budget the greedy
    money grabbing fucker

  544. 544
    Anonymous says:

    He must think it’s the right thing to do to fill his cabinet with crooks.

  545. 545
    Sammi Jessop says:

    She could star in Television X’s over 40s and pay back society that way.

    Richard Timney could be made see the error of his ways!

  546. 546
    BenDover says:

    She’s over 50’s though she looks good for it.

  547. 547
    nell says:

    I’ve just read he is even thinking of bringing Margaret Beckett back !! (the worst Foreign Secretary Britain has ever had – according to Civil Servants at the time) —

    He can’t be serious!!!

  548. 548
    Jethro says:

    My (schoolmater) Father long treasured the memory of a Report by the Classics Master: “Ignorant, idle, and content.”

  549. 549
    Jethro says:

    … shome mishtake, her shurely… ‘Schoolmaster’…

  550. 550
    Hugh Latimer says:

    Did A Tory minister get in trouble for blocking access to a path?

  551. 551
    Jethro-loves-dyslexics says:

    “grytype”? Could that possibly be ‘Grytpype’

  552. 552
    pissed of pensioner says:

    Three women walking along the beach came across a man
    lying there who had no arms or legs. “Oh dear” said the
    first lady “pray tell me young man have you ever been hugged?”
    “No” replied the man so she hugged him. “Have you ever been
    kissed?” said the second lady. “No” said the man so
    she kissed him. “Have you ever been fucked”? the third lady
    enquired “No” said the man. Well said the third lady ” You soon
    will be the tide is coming in”.

  553. 553
    Jerry Springer-Spaniel says:

    Its woz The Sun wot won it. And I’m an elephant memory man.

  554. 554
    Soon to be Ex MP says:

    Gissa directorship! I can put you in touch with the people who matter.
    Did you know Gordons a friend of mine.

  555. 555
    nell says:

    I’ve also just read that Dave made a deal with Mackay that he would save McBride if Mackay would step down.

    In the light of today’s revelations I hope that is not true.

    Dave – I hope you are listening – McBride MUST go!!

  556. 556
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    To whom? Not to me and Cameron made a big mistake by dissin’ Stuart Wheeler. I’d like to know, truly, who lets you up?

  557. 557
    Ever Vigilant says:

    Thick as thieves-a 14yo tosser?

    That assessment is rude to 14yo tossers

    However,it is obvious that he has benefited from some influence of the new labour world class education system -the clue is in his masterful,in-depth analysis of news items and his unfailing ability to misconstrue any sentence containing more than two wordsI

    I could not guess his age but he is not a good advert for the care in the community scheme,is he .

  558. 558
    GordonMcAC/DC says:


  559. 559
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Ten grand for that? Fucking hell.

  560. 560
    thick as thieves says:

    you do know this is just a blog, don’t you?
    your rules do not apply here.
    maybe you should fuck off to the
    there’s a good cripple.
    fucking hell, what a wanker!

  561. 561
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Brainwashing -a speciality, ‘been doing it for years.

  562. 562
    thick as thieves says:

    you sound like a lardy arsed and lazy Hunt to me.
    you lazy fuck.
    how much do you earn a year wanker?

  563. 563
    Spot the odd words out says:

    fucking, idiot, retard, cripple, bash, cretin, c’unt, fuck, intellectual, superior

  564. 564
    nell says:

    Why are these people ( and it is true of most MP’s) so intellectually unattractive ???

    In truth most of them would struggle to engage a flea in debate!!

  565. 565
    thick as thieves says:

    oh god, jethro the spelling jihadist has arrived.
    fuck off retard.
    I repeat, this is just a blog, not hansard.
    what a c’unt!

  566. 566
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    How much for private money?

  567. 567
    thick as thieves says:

    oh dear, jan is ashamed of her political affiliations.
    must be a nazi.

  568. 568
    Martin in Essex says:

    Yeah they are all pigs

  569. 569
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Hey up. Darling scandalous accountant paying with pre-private cash – Daily Telegraph 21:50pm

  570. 570
    Turk Thrust says:

    Apparently, they’re all lizards, so you can stop foaming at the mouth, Jim.

  571. 571
    Turk Thrust says:

    Mr Antichrist, I think you may have a future as a writer on religious affairs.

  572. 572
    thick as thieves says:

    “Spot the odd words out says:
    fucking, idiot, retard, cripple, bash, cretin, c’unt, fuck, intellectual, superior”

    you know what that lame response means, don’t you? that means –
    you just had your brains bashed out you fucking titbox!
    excellent. I particularly enjoy bashing the brains out of the trolls who think they are clever c’unts.
    but thick as thieves is a genius, so being clever will not suffice!

  573. 573
    It doesn't add up... says:

    This is a “You couldn’t make it up”:

    Darling finds his tax measures so taxing he gets a Hector to help. No violin/fiddle lessons or hearts and flowers?

  574. 574
    Timbo says:

    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think that we’ll be paying for her flight as well.

  575. 575
    who dunit says:

    Bet they will be supplied by common purpose.

  576. 576
    Anonymous says:

    Fik arse feeves.

    Fik off.

  577. 577
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Or is it Post-private cash? Tax money anyhow. If he needs help how the fuck can ordinary hard working people do it?

  578. 578
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Others taking professional tax advice include our favourite troughers:

    Blears, Jacqboots, Hoon, miliband minor, filthy Purnell and wee Dougie Alexander

  579. 579
    Alistair Darling says:

    Captain, the Enterprise cannae take much more o’this!

  580. 580
    thick as thieves says:

    dear fans,
    I trust your thick as thieves fan club subscription payments are up to date.
    your hero, thick as thieves.

  581. 581
    freddie flintoff says:

    right let me get this alister darling needs help for his tax we are truly fucked i say no more we must take the fuckers down

  582. 582
    Old but still servicable says:

    Professional tax avoidance surely?

  583. 583
    Oink says:

    Its actually her caravan that will be named to cabinet, she’s just incidental as the driver.

  584. 584
    Seasick Dave says:

    WTF would Darling know about managing finances?

    He has screwed the country beyond redemption.

    Simply unfit for purpose.

  585. 585
    thick as thieves says:

    how interesting.
    my health is not in question but it is worth noting how very quick you tory daleks are in accusing those who are defeating you in debate with having mental health issues.
    how very new labour.
    a very communist strategy in fact.
    what an unethical c’unt you are.

  586. 586
    Greg says:

    (Reposting from below in answer)
    Typical hatchet jobs from the Guardian and Observer.
    Nigel wasn’t boasting, he was being factual. This sum includes staff and is on a par with what Dan Hannan gets.
    No money goes through Nigel’s pockets, as a paying agent pays the staff. A staff allowance of £240,000 a year over a decade comes to more than £2 million and there’s no second home or furniture allowance.
    The SE constituency is the size of a small country compared to just one Westminster constituency where the average cost of an MP over a decade, before salary is around £1.6 million.
    The Left wing press must be getting desperate!

  587. 587
    nell says:

    Now it is emerging that D-rling-Hlears,Ho-on, JacSmth,(plues Blls etc etc) paid used taxpayers funds to pay accountants to help them avoid paying taxes especially CGT.

    “The use of an accountant to avoid paying taxes is illegal”

    So come on let’s name the Accountants who gave them this advice.

    The Accountant’s professional body can expel any Accountant and prevent that Accountant from ever working working again if they are found to have advised any client how to avoid paying taxes.

    Hope you’re listening ” Accountant’s professional body” ; and hope you are listening you MP’s who have consulted your accountants, because we are closiing in on you!!

  588. 588
    Old but still servicable says:

    Like any good soap opera the story will build to a big finale. The DT would not have put out the juiciest stuff first. This perhaps explains why Brown is like a rabbit caught in the headlights, He knows what is yet to come.

  589. 589
    Arthur Andersen says:

    By contrast tax evasion is the general term for efforts to not pay taxes by illegal means.

    Avoidance and evasion are completely different.

  590. 590
    Spot the odd words out says:

    Less than me, TwAT, you arsehole. You WIN? Why, for fuck’s sake? Is it a mindlessness competition?

  591. 591
    English Liberation Front says:

    Mr “Moral Standards” Burnham’s tax fiddles:-

    “But anti-sleaze campaigner and former independent MP Martin Bell told the Sunday Times: “Both he and the Fees Office have made very serious errors.

    “He should explain himself to the Labour Party’s star chamber. They cannot overlook this case just because he’s a minister.”

    No, Mr Bell, proxy Labour supporter and covert Labour MP masquerading as an anti-sleaze independent, he should explain himself to HM Customs & Revenue and quite possibly the police. The Labour Party’s “star chamber” is an affront to justice and has much in common with a large bucket of whitewash.

    Burnham should be arrested, preferably with his front door booted in at 5 a.m. photographed, fingerprinted and DNA taken – false eyelashes confiscated – then they can investigate him. Give the fascist weasel a taste of the kind of righteous, heavy handed policing he advocates for lesser mortals.

  592. 592
    Old but still servicable says:

    Evasion is when they can pin it on you
    avoidance is when they can’t

  593. 593
    Hoon-like Trougher says:

    That’s the spirit!

  594. 594
    Hoon-like Trougher says:

    You’re nowhere near as amusing as Thick as Thieves. Fuck off and die you illiterate Nazi Hunt.

  595. 595
    Aethelred says:

    Remember Saddam’s nukes which could be launched at us within 40 minutes too.

  596. 596
    Anonymous says:

    I think you’ll find that was Gordon. Darling didn’t have to screw anything up, our beloved leader did it for him.

  597. 597
    Anonymous says:

    Hey you C of E Bishes!!


    Brought in 24/7 drinking
    Started an illegal War in Ira q
    Sold honours for cash.
    Wanted Super Casinos.
    Takes DNA off innocent children
    Took the 10p tax rate away from the poor.
    Experiments with Stem Cells
    Promotes same sex marriage
    Bankrupted the country
    Forced in an unelected PM
    Reneged on a European referendum.
    Engaged in extraordinary rendition
    Waged a dirty tricks campaign from No 10
    Etc etc etc etc

    Hows about telling peeps not to vote for this rotten bunch?

  598. 598
    Simon Templar says:

    Many MPs say that they keep constituents in the picture on-line about their activities, including information about their expenses claims. Unless my use of the internet is even worse than I thought, in which case I apologise, my local MP, Jacqui Lait, doesn’t seem to have added anything to hers since January. Do I have to wait for the Daily Telegraph to publish the information, or is there a quicker method?

  599. 599
    Anonymous says:

    Please can Jonah, pretty please can Jonah, not wish Susan Boyle luck. Please. Would a petition get through to the Snotgobbler? Please, just leave the poor woman alone.

  600. 600
    R.McGeddon says:

    All these cvnts, claiming for Accountants’ bills in order to minimise their tax liabilities, blissfully unaware that one day we, the mug Taxpayers would find out.

    By rights they should be shitting themselves….

  601. 601
    Anonymous says:

    Hey you C of E Bishes!!


    Divided this country

    Hows about telling peeps not to vote for this crooked bunch?

  602. 602
    Wodin says:

    Oi, this is my patch.

  603. 603
    Gordon BrHoon says:

    No,no. I was a BRILLIANT Chancellor. Tony Blair said so and he would nt lie to you, would he ?

  604. 604
    Anonymous says:

    He is a Trotsky

  605. 605
    Wodin says:

    Labour had 18 years of whining about the lack of democracy in the House of Lords, while they were in opposition.

    After 12 years of power, they still have not sorted it out.

    That is the truly damning statistic, from a Labour supporter’s point of view.

  606. 606
  607. 607
    VotR says:

    Darling needed help from an accountant to help add up his tax.

    And he claimed tax payers money from expenses to do it.

    Should we worry when the Chancellor needs outside help with his finances? And funded by the public out of their pockets?

    Er, yes.

  608. 608
    English Liberation Front says:

    What happened to the much-hyped meeting of New Labour’s Crown Prostitution Service, New Labour’s Common Purpose Stasi and New Labour’s behind the scenes sub-human Ring Wraith spin doctors to decide whether any Tories should be investigated for fiddling expenses on a scale infinitely smaller than New Labour?

    Gone quiet hasn’t it?

    New Labour = Putting the “Sin” into Single Party State

  609. 609
    grandma B says:

    Pity you’ve just missed out on the top job for religious affairs at the BBC.

  610. 610
    MI5 Torture Collaborating Officer says:

    I can confirm that the CIA Torture Operative’s version of events is true.

  611. 611
    Massey Vardon says:

    Not according to Stephen ‘Precious’ Pound – the bastard.

  612. 612
    Ever Vigilant says:

    I bow to the superior intellect of the preposterous thick as thieves .His level of engagement is so brilliant I am beginning to think that his pseudonym conceals the identity of the eloquent John Prescott or even Dolly Draper and I am no match for those two heroes of the new labour con trick circa 1997.

  613. 613
    nell says:

    The website of the Institute of Chartered Accountants highlights – ‘Run by Experts’ and a particularly strange phrase ‘ Thought Leadership and Advice’ !!!

    I looked in vain on their website for any words such as ‘ Ethics, Honesty or Transparency’

    Not much of a surprise really to find they were not there – The truth is this Government has undermined and corrupted EVERY worthwhile institution in this country including our Accountants.

  614. 614
    English Liberation Front says:

    You’ll be nicked by a Somali PCSO who can barely string two words of English together whilst a group of London’t finest dressed up like extras in Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” sit in a van and video you.

  615. 615
    Bride Pride says:

    KIRKBRIDE not McBride

  616. 616
  617. 617
    Timbo says:

    I’m leaning more towards the military coup option myself.

    The sight of watching the SAS swinging through the windows of number 10 and tearing gasing the cabinet really would make for great TV. Actually selling the TV rights may go someway to paying off the national debt.

  618. 618
    Aethelred says:

    You forgot cash for legislation.

    (in the House of Lords)

  619. 619
    Deeply Regret says:

    Perhaps he did. She hit a few bum notes on BGT tonight.

  620. 620
    grandma B says:

    Is this the same Darling who’s going to guide the country out of the recession? Obviously he’s out of his depth when it comes to a tax return. God help us!

  621. 621
  622. 622
    The Archbishop of Clerkenwell says:

    The Prime ministers penis was merely resting in my back pocket
    Thank you

  623. 623
    grandma B says:

    I suspect that Tony might have told the odd porkie pie.

  624. 624
    Godemiché says:

    Why does Blunkett’s beard resemble the patchy regrowth of anal hair after a prolapse repair?

  625. 625
    grandma B says:

    You’ve made my day!

  626. 626
    cassandra of Troy says:

    Darling to resign

  627. 627
    thick as thieves says:

    you have just had your skull caved in and you are currently staggering aroung the thread completely disorientated.
    you are starting to make a complete fucking arse of yourself and so the best thing you could do right now would be either to step away from the keyboard or better still why don’t you fuck off to conservativefoam.
    sometimes I really do feel like I am running a care in the community programme taking care of retards like you.

  628. 628
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Jacqboots’ DNA really should be the top story:

    This is an appalling subversion of the scrutiny of Parliament: an example of why MPs should be paid but half of what they are because they allow such totalitarian measures to be implemented by Statutory Instrument.

    This measure should be the target for an opposition debate, with intent to defeat the government.

  629. 629
    Anonymous says:

    She was pretty shite, I hope she gets paid well for the “moment” she created at her audition, but shes running on empty now. Pay her Simon and fuck off you freak show wanker !

  630. 630
    Aethelred says:

    We used to have an I.T. industry in this country, but then nulabour introduced their Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) scheme which allowed people who couldn’t get a work permit, to come in via the back door. This, coupled with off-shoring, gave our I.T. industry to India.

    I have to say though, voting BNP won’t do anything good.

  631. 631
    Anonymous says:

    Bell was prototype Blair , both a construct of Campbell. Tell BELL to fuck right off.

  632. 632
    Anonymous says:


  633. 633
  634. 634
    It doesn't add up... says:

    A quick reminder about Jacqboots’ DNA:

    Does Guido have any update?

  635. 635
    Anonymous says:


  636. 636
    Old but still servicable says:

    Its been a long time since a lady has said that to me!

  637. 637
    Anonymous says:


  638. 638
    Anonymous says:

    Another group with a minuscule active membership telling us what to do.

    I am off to form the Coronation Street Party. If somebody could form an Eastenders Party we would have a truly representative parliament. :)

  639. 639
    nell says:

    Sorry! Getting my criminals muddled up here!! There is so many of them now!!!

  640. 640
    thick as thieves says:

    you go on and on and on.
    you really are a boring c’unt.

  641. 641
    Anonymous says:

    emm cause he aint into nanny state like u obviously are !

  642. 642
    grandma B says:

    How do you know I’m a lady?

  643. 643
    Anonymous says:

    It was actually. You are right. Pre New Labour only political geeks had even heard of the BNP.

  644. 644
    BOFL says:

    i mentioned this the other day..i am not a legal expert but i believe that accountants have to notify the tax authorities if they suspect any fraudulent acts are being committed by their clients..they have to sign a document which is legally binding………they face jail and fines if they fail to inform……(ffs)!!!!!!.

    so it could be the al capone method again……….

  645. 645
    Sarge says:

    No need to subscribe as you kindly provide your comment for free.Overpriced in my book………challenge for you – can you respond without expletives?

  646. 646
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron`s support of Kirkbride today was a total disgrace which he will regret.

  647. 647
    Sarge says:

    Reminds me of Night of the Living Dead

  648. 648
    Blunkett says:

    You are John Prescott.

    There can’t be two useless cunts like you on one planet.

  649. 649
    Sarge says:

    …and not the only one as you continue to demonstrate so ably.

  650. 650
    Labour - thick & thieves says:

    I see Maggie Moron is right at the front of the Taxpayers’ Trough yet again.

  651. 651
    Bertha Rochester says:

    Never trust a man with a beard!
    and you’d better be even more effin’ careful of a woman with one!

  652. 652
    Old but still servicable says:

    Who cares! Theres a nursing home up the road to me .
    Fancy getting a room?

  653. 653
    thick as thieves says:

    oh, but you are right about my level of engagement, it is brilliant.
    well said cripple.

  654. 654
    Richard Chimney says:

    Hey !! That’s MY DNA sample in there, produced whilst watching the porn films.

  655. 655
    Anonymous says:

    I agree

  656. 656
    BOFL says:

    put harman,jacqui five bellies and margeret beckett on the front line and the taliban would run away pronto!

  657. 657
    The Pope says:

    Call yourself a Bishop?

  658. 658
    nell says:

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants needs to justify itself folowing this crisis in Parliament.

    Have any of your members advised MP’s/Ministers.Members of the Lords?? If so

    1) Can you categorically say that you have absolutely abided by the letter of the law appertaining to accountants ??

    And will you :

    2) Name any members of your Institute who have advised MP’s/Lords and let them defend themselves in the advice they have given??

  659. 659
    Rt Hon Sir Montague Arsewipe MP says:

    Oi “Thick as a tit” , what about our PM nicking money to have his flat cleaned?

  660. 660
    Bertha Rochester says:

    as in fewer MPs and less troughing

  661. 661
    thick as thieves says:

    if you fill out an application form for the thick as thieves fan club I will process it in due course.
    and it was very brave of you sarge to jump in to protect your boyfriend, you could obviously see he was getting a good kicking.

  662. 662
    Aethelred says:

    Sleazy Jet?

  663. 663
    Wodin says:

    Much as I hate Xtians, I have to point out that it’s the catholics that are the paedos, not the CoE chaps.

  664. 664
    P1 says:

    and Smith, and Hoon, and Purnell, and Burnham, and Balls and Cooper, and Blears and McNulty and so on and so on and so on…..oh yes, and Brown as well. Bank Holiday tomorrow, buut no resign they can’t write a good resignation letter in their own time.

  665. 665
    large donor-no problem-it's on expenses! says:

    she really is a first class hoon!

    we really do NOT live in a democracy.

    we are run by the most loathesome vile creatures ever……..

    i hope she gets cancer…….

  666. 666
    Baby Balls says:

    So we are the children of Ed balls and his wife…

    We only cost you £ 4,100 in Travel expenses…reserved for the travel expenses of members of Parliament

    My parents are the shame of Britain..

    along with many others…

  667. 667
    Robert Langdon says:

    resign to larding?

  668. 668
    Godemiché says:

    Can we have a status-update on Udders? Still hiding?

  669. 669
    nell says:

    That’s OK – Gordon’s going to sack Darling and make Ed Balls the Chancellor of the Exchequer –

    Wow!!! Aren’t we honoured ! – What a braincell! (my little toe is really jealous) – Just imagine!! – Balls knows exactly how to get the best out of an expenses system !!!

    He’ll be an absolute vote winner!!!!!!!

    I think tomorrow is going to be a bit of a scorcher – Good night – God Bless.

  670. 670
    Dr Feelgood says:

    What a bunch of despicable two-faced c*nts everybody in this shoddy Labour government is.

  671. 671
    insert-coin-here says:

    I am with Ivor.

    Farage using EU money to help pull us out of that totalitarian cesspit is not only an outstanding use of funds but also English irony at its best.

    The more I see of him the more I am convinced that he is a patriot and a great leader for UKIP.

    I am looking forward to him outing Dan Hannan as a UKIP member in all but name next week on QT.

    (Even though I think Hannan is an excellent politico and hope to see him shoot up the tory ranks in Westminster soon.)

  672. 672
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Ed “So what” Balls did an Anthony Gray: claiming for wreaths (rejected by Feees Office – reported in DT). Has he bought his own wreath for his career?

  673. 673
    Chancellor of the Exchequer says:

    I am Alasdair Darlng Chancellor of the Exchequer

    I charged as expenses my accountants fees of £2,000 for filing my own tax declaration


    I used the expenses reserved for constituency business and office to STEAL THIS MONEY FROM YOU THE TAXPAYERS



    like so many other New labour liars, thieves and frauds…






  674. 674
    Old but still servicable says:

    Its called consistent government

  675. 675
    grandma B says:

    If this crap labour government stays in much longer, I won’t be able to afford the care home fees. I’ll have to sell my body. Any offers?

  676. 676
    Godemiché says:

    Anyone remember the Elton John documentary video by his husband, David Furnish, years ago when Elton was undergoing ‘guided rehabillitation’?

    He was on his tennis court at his house in Nice when he yelled at this woman who was annoying him “Hope you get cancer of the c’unt!”

    Not seemly, and I laughed myself blue. Video never repeated.

    Every day I want to shout this at nEU Labiah.

  677. 677
    'Arry 'Uddini says:

    The Baroness Houdini has successfully escaped.

  678. 678
    grandma B says:

    How legit is this Star Chamber? Any details of its format?

  679. 679
    Father Ped says:

    For the avoidance of doubt, my cock was just resting in that boy’s mouth.

  680. 680
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Correction: James, not

    I wonder if “So what” will get the same coverage for the same offence? Just two sentences in the DT so far.

  681. 681
    English Liberation Front says:

    “The Home Office said using a statutory instrument would allow it to comply with the Strasbourg ruling as quickly as possible, and said it had launched a ‘full public consultation’ on the proposals and is seeking the views of expert groups such as the police.”

    This is what is so wrong with this bunch of fascists. The Home Office citing the police as an “expert group” in this instance is a serious conflict of interest. The “public” consultation was probably with New Labour activists and single issue Labour wimmin pressure groups who presume every man is a suspected paedophile and/or rapist until proven innocent. The presumption of innocence no longer applies in the world’s largest open prison known as England.

    Once again the laws proposed for England by this Scotch government and its English quislings are more stringent than those in Scotland. So much for New Labour “equality” and “fairness”.

    This woman is a poisonous fascist.

  682. 682
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Spain is, after all, where most British crooks retire.

  683. 683
    nell says:

    No!! Not hiding.

    She is being looked after by her servants in her Italian Marble Palace in Bangladesh wth the House of Lord’s Crest on her Wrought Iron Gates.

    Tonight she has probably been entertaining the British Ambassador to Bangladesh in her taxpayer funded glory hole.

    Aren’t we honoured to be funding her entertaining moments on the Indian sub-continent.?????

    Now I really am going to bed.

  684. 684
    cogent says:

    Let’s remember who really deserves the credit, Heather Brooke. Any chance of a People’s Peerage for Heather ?

  685. 685
    John Locke says:











  686. 686
    Dr Feelgood says:

    This from the Spectator:

    But Ed Balls faces his most damaging allegation to date: that he “attempted to claim for two Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths” but his claim “was rejected by the fees office.” There is no reason at all why the price of a wreath should not come from a minister’s ample salary, and to claim for it would be the depth of tight-fistedness and mean-spiritedness. CoffeeHousers will remember that James Gray, Tory MP for Wiltshire, was accused of doing precisely the same and faced instant calls for him to be dismissed from the Tory party as a matter of principle (Iain Dale called him a “class one copper bottom shit”). It wasn’t to do with the cost of the poppies, just the principle. We haven’t hard Balls’ response to this, so I will reserve judgement. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding. But suffice to say that this is a very serious charge indeed. It’s bad enough for a Tory backbencher to do this, but unforgivable for a government member. I do hope Balls is able to reject this allegation quickly.

  687. 687
    It doesn't add up... says:

    The DT seems to be continuing as Balls’ jock strap, burying the story towards the bottom of the article.

  688. 688

    > So now he’s going to go down in history as the Prime Minister who fiddled as the Bankers brought the Economy to it’s knees AND as the PM who’s “Leadership” & negligance brought Parliament to it’s knees.

    Sorry, his regulation brought the economy to its knees. His regulation made credit almost unlimited in order to prop up the appearance of economic growth.

    Remmeber post neo-classical endogenous growth theory? It’s complete bunk and it’s basically we can tax the shit out of the proles cos the economy will grow anyway though technology, that’s the cart before the horse.

    If the coming depression where a stick of rock, the name Gordon would be printed through the middle.

  689. 689
    Baroness Houdini says:

    I’m at a Sicilian monastery with my friend Aleister Crowley.

  690. 690
    Dr Feelgood says:

    They make a great case in favour of the burqa.

  691. 691
  692. 692
    Anonymous says:

    Yes. come on Guido, flag up the Balls wreath-claiming please. Shamefully poor coverage out there of this little chestnut. Why did the DT give this so little prominence? This f**er needs to be hung out to dry.

  693. 693
    caesars wife says:

    Being as its a bank Holiday , enjoy the British summer , Telegraph have managed a non story on mps using accountants (they can use professional services) , so bit of bogus monday for them .

    jaqui decides to renage (should re name the Labour Party to the Renage Party) on criminal DNA storage vote , Lib Dems finally realise the great leader will not tollerate weak socialism . It really is not our goverment anymore is it.

    David Camerons move to refresh has had a delayed effect , and should get some decent appeal.

    best bit for caesars wife this weekend was the launch of the Socialist Labour Party euro election campaign (run by non other than Arthur Scargill) , says they want out of Europe !!! .Caesars wife ponders what could have prompted mr Scargill to make such an anti socialist statement , is £5 for coffee too much . All he need do is insert the words “lowest possible tax take and minimal goverment control and expense ” somewhere in Socialist labour party and he should clean up !!.

    9 days to go , although with number plate recording cameras being in place on all main roads in 2 months , soon be able to stop “free association” to make 1000 yr reich .

    i want an general election , enjoy your day out in the passive survellence society

  694. 694
    Sungei Patani says:

    T as T. At the bottom left of your keyboard there is a key marked “shift” probably also with an up arrow on it. When you depress this key whilst striking another an upper case letter is typed e.g. “n” lower case “N” upper case.

    When writing in most languages it is the custom, and it makes life easier for the reader, to begin each sentence with an upper case character as I have done in this blog.

    Weren’t you taught this at school? Or is your ability to write good English as poor as your opinions?

  695. 695
    Standing on their own two feet says:

    Sisters are doing it for themselves.

  696. 696
    Sungei Patani says:

    The present parliament has set low standards and failed to achieve even those.

  697. 697
    cromwell says:

    I look forward to a contribution from you that doesn’t include insults or expletives to make its point.

    Those who swear display a weak command of the English language- which likely reflects their level of education

  698. 698
    Dogger says:

    I was warning about this on No2ID two years ago. I may be paranoid but nothing but NOTHING that has happened in the intervening years has made me less so. This is our one and only chance.

  699. 699
    Dr Feelgood says:

    The US inherited it from England. What Straw wants goes against several hundred years of English common law – the antithesis of the repressive Napoleonic Code and Justinian’s Corpus Juris Civilis as used as the basis of law in most of Europe, and as enforced by the EU.

  700. 700
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Distraction politics from Alan Johnson:

    I don’t hear big calls for a referendum on switching to some voting system designed to promulgate a permanent position for a failed party. Still, if this is his leadership bid, it is hardly compelling.

    The current bunch of politicians are quite unfit to pronounce on any kind of reform: such matters should be left to a new Parliament.

  701. 701
    Silvio Illiterati says:


    Silvio Tanner IS KNOT AN AMUSER

    Silvio Tanner IS CEREAL

  702. 702
    It doesn't add up... says:

    I suspect THE major reason for the proposed 50mph “national” speed limit is to encourage punters to use ANPR monitored roads. It has bugger all to do with road safety. Better brush up your map reading skills, switch off your mobile while driving (after all, you shouldn’t be texting even if you’re a Labour peer, eh?), and remove the satnav tracking device.

  703. 703
    Anonymous says:

    The Police have set up a COMMITTEE to kick things into the long grass. Very Nu Labour , Very Brown !

  704. 704
    cromwell says:

    I look forward to a contribution from you that doesn’t include insults or expletives to make its point.

    Those who swear display a weak command of the English language- which likely reflects their level of education

  705. 705
    MI5 says:


    The New Labour Criminal Conspiracy must answer first of all for their crimes before offering “advice”

    It is sick coming from these proven frauds.

    Where is the Minister of Justice BTW

    Speaker Martin knowingly used our money to stop the publication of MPs expenses, described by the Lord Chief Justice as “clearly in the interests of taxpayers”.

    We know what Speaker Martin was covering up now

    It was criminal pillage and is nauseating






  706. 706
    Scorched Earth says:

    What’s the matter thick twat ?
    So you do need really everything spelled out for you v..e..r..y.. s..l..o..w..l..y.. or you get all confused and pouty like the chickenshit little partisan wankstain you are. Tell you what let’s see if we can walk your microscopic little twatty brain through it one last time to see if you can teach something to a thick as pigshit little streak of piss like yourself.

    The Pigskin Wallet was Derek Conway’s. Got that ? Derek Conway was a Conservative MP. Now try very hard to join the dots you ignorant little twatbag and you’ll see that this means that anything that highlights the pigskin wallet highlights Derek Conway and inevitably the fact that he is a scumbag of the highest order who Cameron had to withdraw the whip from because he made the headlines for his piggy troughing nepotism when he hired his son to do fuuck all.

    It highlights the fact that scum like this are still in Parliament and unfortunately for Cameron AND Brown it highlights the fact that withdrawing the whip is not the terrible frightening punishment of last resort they seems to think the public will be happy with if all else fails. People want to see some of these Piggies JAILED.

    So go fuck yourself Gtytpype-thynne because the public doesn’t think that withdrawing the whip stops him being a Conservative it only stops him being a Conservative MP in name and he is now inevitably referred to as DISGRACED ex Conservative MP Derek Conway which reminds people that these sleazy dickheads are still in the commons troughing shamelessly. None of the Parties can pretend these c’nts weren’t their men even if they do finally withdraw the whip and if you took your head out of your arse you might see that that is why the public will not be placated by gesture Politics and amusingly ineffectual words. They want to see these piggies gone NOW.

    The Fact that Cameron and Brown are still not even going as far withdrawing the whip from their most disgusting piggies tell’s you that they are still hopelessly out of touch with the public on this one.

    It’s why the public wants an Election NOW.
    To boot the Piggy c’unts out. ALL of them if they can.

    I know some here are deluded enough to think the publics demands for an Election is some kind of tacit groundswell of support for Cameron but the fact is it isn’t. It’s a public who is utterly fed up with the lot of them. Cameron will still probably win the Election but he’s living in a world of make believe if he thinks he isn’t going to have to pay an incredibly high price after so many of his MP’s were caught troughing so shamelessly.

    What seems to have overloaded you’re pigeon sized partisan brain dickless & peeved, is that there are people who know that this carnival of piggery is going to be a fucking nightmare for the Conservatives, Labour and even the Lib Dems.

    Now the fact that you are so staggeringly stupid as to think that because someone isn’t parroting your example Cameron’s hypocrisy means that they agree with it is pretty much all we need to say on the matter.

    However it needs pointed out to someone as minblowingly thick as yourself that Brown is not a fucking pauper. He and his whole Cabinet are wealthy. And some of them are incredibly rich.

    I know this confuses you but you are going to have to face it little man. Blair and Brown sucked the cock of the wealthiest people in the City and the land ever since they got to power. They are just as culpable as the Conservatives for claiming Expenses when they CLEARLY did not need them. Do you seriously think people see Hazel Blears and think “poor lass she’s so hard up she must need all those houses”

    Think again fucknuts.

  707. 707
    caesars wife says:

    its whats known as desperately trying to gain traction . nu labour hoax party

    proportional represenation has never been shown to create good government , nor opposition , it useually ends up being ripped by the discovery that policy decisions are made in expensive hotel lobbies , and denials that a political elite has formed under the guise of “how could it its proportional represenation” . it also guarentess nutters to get into indvidual positions of power .Caesars wife took a flame thrower to PR file some years ago when he realised all they do is abdicate reponsibility to quangoes not thet that would ever happen here , hang on a minute

    besides despite our current parlimentary woes , current system has proven to be remarkably robust , at not allowing society to slither into a shapeless and gutless rule , until that is gordon brown took over .

    desparate parties useuall field PR in an attempt to make the opposition look nasty and out of touch , always accompanies gross manifesto welching by the proposer in this case one Alan johnson who is going to sell off the post office before mandelson moves on .

    The hoons are still lying to us .

  708. 708
    Criminal lawyer says:


    Clean up the criminal behaviour in your own Labour Party before trying to kid us with “reforms”

    You have no LEGITIMACY LEFT




    And “Physician cure thyself”

  709. 709
    Sunonmars says:

    The simple answer to this should be, He can have his referendum on electoral reform when we get our referendum on Europe and I am unanimous in that.

  710. 710
    Alien8n says:

    TwAT, you forget that the Tories only voted for the war because Tony Blair stood up and lied to the entire country about Saddam’s weapons. There’s a good argument after Iraq that ANY meetings to discuss the possibility of going to war should include the leader of the opposition

  711. 711
    Scorched Earth says:

    He is still a Conservative you twat.
    Removing the whip only means that he is not bound by the Party instructions of the whip. Hence the fucking name. He will not be able to stand AGAIN as a Conservative MP but at the moment he is still there troughing shamelessly and reminding people that removing the whip is still only gesture politics until an Election is called.

    It also means he is now referred to as Disgraced ex-Conservative MP.

    You are as moronic and out of touch as grytpype if you think he is not still a Colossal liablility to Cameron and the Conservative Party.

  712. 712
    Scorched Earth says:

    I repeat it means he does not take instruction from the Party whip but pretending he isn’t and wasn’t a Conservative is amusing but fruitless.

    That’s not how the public sees it I’m afraid. And it reminds people that this nepotistic scumbag was troughing a considerable time ago. Nothing much seems to have changed does it ? It certainly hasn’t stopped the troughing but Cameron does at least deserve credit for going as far as this even though it hardly excuses his piggery.

    And YES I’d remove the Whip from ANYONE deeply implicated in this pigfest, Labour Conservative or Lib Dem. And how hilarous would that be since nearly all of them are at it ?

  713. 713
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Ask Henry VIII – it was a court of repression.

    There’s an interesting Star Chamber in the Dept for Schools etc. today:

    Supposedly it vets data collection proposals. Seems to have failed over the new childrens’ database for one…

    The NuLabour version seems to be a work of fiction – still you could try asking for it on Desert Island Discs and see if they’ll let you have it.

  714. 714
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Boot her here:

  715. 715

    Applause! People there with video cameras, please.

  716. 716
    Scorched Earth says:

    Sorry but the Banking Crisis was primarily because of a pathetic lack of regulation on the Toxic Derivatives and the Credit Ratings Agencies who got it so spectacularly wrong.

    The CDS and CDO’s were over leveraged fools gold and brought the Economy and the Financial Sector to it’s knees because they were little better than betting on a pyramid scheme cloaked in AAA rating respectablility.

    Credit was too freely available but the biggest culprits are still the Banks. It’s why they were bailed out with hundreds of Billions of Taxpayer cash.

  717. 717
    Cardinal Richelieu's mole says:

    No-one is obliged to arrange their affairs in such a way as to increase their liability to taxation, so English case law tells us.

    It is, therefore, perfectly proper for taxpayers to seek advice from accountants and for accountants to give appropriate advice on avoiding tax liability, subject to compliance with the anti-avoidance laws and regulations in the relevant tax code. (Evasion of tax – not settling due tax liabilities – is quite different and quite wrong.)

    I doubt the Institute of Chartered Accountants would, in the normal course, know whether or not any of its members have advised parliamentarians and therefore it could not issue a list of same that you seek (ll). Even if it did have such a list, it would not normally be able to give the assurances you seek (l), despite it binding its members to a reasonably rigorous code of ethics. It would, I understand, investigate activities of any members in the face of specific complaint from clients or others.

  718. 718
    Fuck you troll says:

    I tried to start one – no-one gave a fuck. :p

    It all starts with Land y’know… how to tie a thousand debts to one piece of the Earth in myriad ways accounts for economic insanity also.

    But you enjoy your years of penury and hard work. Me? I’m getting me a dag and a dirty blanket. It’s the fucking future.

  719. 719
    Scorched Earth says:

    I look forward to seeing you put the noose around the wealthy Nu-Labour Twats like Brown and most of his Cabinet as well as the Conservative troughers Thick as pigshit.

  720. 720
    Scorched Earth says:

    Odd ? You were whining that it was only those who had the whip removed were not Conservatives. Which is as we know not true. It simply means they no longer take the whip instructions from the Party and cannot stadn again as a Conservative MP.

    But you are so deluded you think a Conservative Prime minister was not a Conservative. What a twat.

    Presumably because Heath was not as anti-European as Maggie who signed the Single European Act or Major who signed the Maastricht Treaty. Hypocrites.

  721. 721
    Fuck you troll says:

    I got about three fiddy…?

  722. 722
    Scorched Earth says:

    Note to thick as pigshit.
    Try using capitals before you try to be the font or grammar police.

    And who was this colossal twat ?

    “oh god, jethro the spelling jihadist has arrived.
    fuck off retard.
    I repeat, this is just a blog, not hansard.
    what a c’unt!”

    Yes that WAS you thick as pigshit ! :lol:

    You are a hypocritical fucking wankstain and a joke. ToodlePip!

  723. 723
    Scorched Earth says:

    Lord Archer is laughing very hard right now.
    And the hereditaries were a fossilised anachronistic joke.

    They should be Totally Elected given more oversight and cut them to 100 and the commons to 400.
    End of story.

  724. 724
    Scorched Earth says:

    Thick as Pigshit wrote -

    “note to cripple: switch off the bold setting you fucking moron.

    Then later on he hilariously tries to tell us –

    you do know this is just a blog, don’t you?
    your rules do not apply here.
    maybe you should fuck off to the
    there’s a good cripple.
    fucking hell, what a wanker!”

    “you just had your brains bashed out you fucking titbox!
    excellent. I particularly enjoy bashing the brains out of the trolls who think they are clever c’unts.
    but thick as thieves is a genius, so being clever will not suffice!”

    This FAR too easy you pathetic little twat.

  725. 725
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    So Nuliars now want to reform Parliament with a referendum. These fuckers are a sinister bunch of doublespeak thieving contol freaks that are determined to cling on to power come what may.
    FUCK OFF YOU INCOMPETENT CONNIVING BASTARDS, reform is the last thing NewLiars should be entrusted with facing extinction as they do.
    Where’s our Iraq enquiry?
    Wheres our referendum on Lisbon?
    Where’s our General Election to get rid of this rotton “duck island”Parliament?

  726. 726
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    We need a referendum urgently on the folowing questions before any on reforming Parliament.
    Q1 Do you think that any MP guilty of fraud should be jailed
    Q2 Do you think any minister lieing about WMD to take us to war should be jailed. Yes/No.
    Q3 Do you think Dr Kelly committed suicide?
    Q4 Has any aspect of your quality of life improved over the past 11 years?
    Q5 Should Gordon Brown call an immediate GE?

  727. 727
    Twizzle says:

    Sorry, Darling is Brown’s sock puppet.

    James Gordon Brown has destroyed UK plc. 12 years of financial mismanagement has only one result.

  728. 728
    Hugh Janus says:

    But this morning R5 is saying that the completely odious Testicular One – that self-centered, self-serving apology for a schools secretary – claimed for two poppy wreaths. Having listened to his pathetic self-justification on Any Questions this week, I just wonder how much lower he, and people like him, can sink. It just beggars belief that he expects the people of this country to pay for his wreaths – of all things – when he and his equally venal wife are trousering such vast sums of public money for screwing up the country. And what a disgusting insult to our war dead. Utterly appalling. Now stand by for the Peter Vain defence – “It was a mistake”.

    These people are completely beneath even contempt. The Archbish has it completely wrong – we must hound these people from office until they are all gone, ie political cleansing must be the order of the day.

  729. 729
    Anonymous says:

    While you are at it, TAT, try using some punctuation too. It helps this thick reader of your diatribes to unscramble what you are trying (unsuccessfully) to say. I suspect that others, when faced with your word-diarrhea, probably give up quite early on.

  730. 730
    Anonymous says:

    Now why the fuck should I be made to buy Jacqui Smith’s husband an iPhone?

    Is it handy fror straming porn or something?

  731. 731
    Big Dave Must GO NOW says:

    Afraid you wouldn’t meet the criteriafor a citizens arrest –

    In order for the arrest to be lawful, the following two conditions must also be satisfied:

    * It is not reasonably practicable for a constable to make the arrest instead
    * The arrestor has reasonable grounds for believing that the arrest is necessary to prevent one of the following:
    o The person causing physical injury to himself or others
    o The person suffering physical injury
    o The person causing loss of or damage to property
    o The person absconding before a constable can assume responsibility for him

    You could get arrested for assault, remembering that assault includes making person fearful of injury, and get yourself on the telly, which is probably your real aim you would be media tart

    You could always use it as away of getting on to gimmick boys reopened lists, he really must be made to go and be replaced by someone who knows how to lead rather than play to the gallery with empty gestures

  732. 732
    Woman on a Raft says:

    I’ve always thought it entirely possible that Dr Kelly became disturbed and took his own life. Mind you, I thought that a few MPs would be slightly on the fiddle, not the wholesale looting there appears to be.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Tear it down, start again.

  733. 733
    MI6 says:

    Rackets Spivs and Gangsters springs to mind, and this looks like the tip of an iceberg. Selling puppies to underage children will be next. Do we really believe the reasons we invaded Afghanistan. Or was it to secure a constant supply of heroin to keep the masses in check and justify having an overburdensome Police State

  734. 734
    Housing Hubba Bubba says:

    Dear Margaret Moran,

    I have in my possession a nice shiny 50 pence piece. For the last six months I’ve been flipping this coin extensively for several hours a day. I was given to believe this practice would generate new coins. As yet no new coins have been observed. I’ve also tried several other coin denominations, but again with no sucess. What am I doing wrong?

    Yours worriedly,

    Mervin King.

  735. 735

    Come on Guido, its Monday morning and time to apply the trusty cattle-prod to Rich & Mark, no?

  736. 736
    Another mad Fife git says:

    When are the Police coming into this? They have had 18 days of comment from the Telegraph – there’s a clue Boys in Blue.

  737. 737
    Nigel Bowker says:

    This parliament is turning just as I chaotic as I predicted in my book “Boom and Bust” written before Brown became PM. Contact me on for a free electronic copy.

  738. 738
    Big Dave Must GO NOW says:

    147 – surely deadly force is reasonable force unless you’re rambo

  739. 739
    Victor M says:

    The “Duck pond house” might be a fun headline but even the lunatics in the fees office (who they??) REFUSED it, he paid for it out of his hard earned salary…..There must be a joke there somewhere…ed.

  740. 740
    Aristotle says:

    Dawn Primarolo (when she forgets to put on her “posh accent”)

    thats when Red Dawn is speaking native in Bristol South

  741. 741
    Victor M says:

    You do course realise that Margaret Moron has a house in Spain too where she has had several brushes with the rozzers over complaints by her neighbours of her encroaching on local land rights. Unfortunately the neighbours are fully aware of that she is a British labour MP thus giving us all a bad name. Not satisfied with fiddling Luton and Southampton she has done the same to Spain too. I wonder what her ‘partner’ gets as his birthday presents. Probably, ‘advice’ – Tut tut Maggie…..

  742. 742
    Aristotle says:

    Legal advice backing a move to have former prime minister Tony Blair impeached was funded from Parliamentary office expenses, it has been revealed.

    Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price proposed forcing Mr Blair from power in 2004 over the Iraq war using ancient powers.

    Caernarfon MP Hywel Williams now says he, Mr Price and colleague Elfyn Llwyd split the £4,500 bill for outside legal advice as an “incidental” office cost.

    The impeachment bid, dismissed by Labour as a stunt, came to nothing.

  743. 743
    Victor M says:

    NON-story huh!! Since when did YOU get personal tax advice from accountants on your personal affairs and then get someone else to pay for it and it was non taxable to YOU…pray tell quickly, my tax office and accountants re-open tomorrow.

  744. 744
    Tony Blair says:

    This may be on the list, I haven’t seen it… ‘The Mail on Sunday has apologised in the High Court to Civil Service Minister Tom Watson over an article by Iain Dale on April 12 which incorrectly said he received copies of emails from Downing Street adviser Damian McBride and encouraged him in talk of smearing Opposition politicians.

    We accepted he had no knowledge of the proposed ‘Red Rag’ website nor of the emails he regarded as completely inappropriate.

    We have agreed to pay Mr Watson substantial damages and costs’.

  745. 745
    Inkwind says:

    Many people do not have the time to connect with their families as much as they would like let alone politics and local issues. So, for the most part we have to trust a locally elected individual to do this for us.

    Too many opt out from one election to another and then if there is nothing good on the telly toddle down to the polling station to vote for somebody they don’t know.

    That’s an awful lot of trust.

    Seems to me once elected your MP has to be all things to all men/women often along party lines, and inevitably that frustrates and exasperates far too many people, which leads to disconnection and/or anger.

    MP’s expenses is perhaps a symptom of that disconnection, but ultimately the only people that can put it right are those we have placed our trust in at the ballot box.

    There are crooks in all walks of life and maybe we should not expect Westminster to be so very different.

    My main surprise is that there were quite so many, and on reflection I can’t help feeling that perhaps I as a voter must share some of this blame for this.

    Perhaps we must learn to connect a little more often if we want to improve things, and perhaps Westminster should learn to trust the population and be far more transparent.

  746. 746
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Do you think that if we stuck a fuse in JG Broon’s arse and lit it we could launch him – preferably somewhere out over the Atlantic?

    Nice idea!

  747. 747
    Aristotle says:

    Dear CoE

    Firstly I am not a Tax expert , although you and your Department are.

    Is it OK for me to ask my employer to pay for the Accountant’s Fees to sort out my “tax doesn’t have to be taxing” paperwork in September ?

    Should I declare this benefit in kind on the P11D, or can I cite the same Dispensation that your colleagues seem to enjoy?

    I await you considered response.



  748. 748
    grandma B says:

    Get lost!

  749. 749
    Sarge says:

    Love to join but the application forms are in limited supply -probably only two available….one for you and one for you ego.

    We have been through Tory Toffs and homophobic remarks. What’s next? If you have a valid point,no need to hide it behind vollies of abuse. Unless of course,you have no argument and the bluster is to hide that fact.

    If you picked that lesson up from our political masters, drop it, as that strategy has been rumbled.

    I look forward to (in hope,not expectation) a reasoned response.

  750. 750
    The Dog from the Esther Rantzen TV Show says:

    grrr sausages grrrr

  751. 751
    Milli Vanilli says:

    “There’s a feeling out there that Gordon just doesn’t like women. And it’s mutual.”

    And looking at the mingers in his cabinet girl you its true.

  752. 752
    Anonymous says:

    When the chancellor uses tax payers’ money to pay an accountant to try and see how much extra money he can fleece from the tax payer, that’s the worst of the lot. It’s not so much the amount of money, but the idea that he’s using tax payers’ money to pay his own accountant to work out how to fleece more money out of the tax payer.
    Self-employed people are allowed to ofset their accountants’ fees against their tax bill, but this is different; this is like getting your boss to pay for ways to find out how to hold your boss to ransom for more money.
    He’s just taking the piss.

  753. 753
    Former Chief Trougher of Arkansas William Jefferson Blyth says:

    It is all a question of what the definition of “is” is

  754. 754
    U stream if you want to says:

    Yes you can stream porn on an iphone – done it and it works,unlike the Labour Party and its CaUNT of a leader Brown and his criminals Darling and Hoon and Smith and Straw – the list is as long as the money shot goes on an Italian porn film….

  755. 755
    Jan says:

    I am not affiliated to any party. I detest lies and bullsh..t. I detest discrimination of any kind,so I detest your mates in the New Liebor party.

  756. 756
    Britons,rise up and claim your country back from Brown says:

    Bank Holiday Monday morning and Brown is STILL in power with his corrupt criminals.
    How long is it going to take the British public to realise that these scum need to be FORCED to resign.
    The British are so damned polite – cut these fraudsters out of society by forcing them to resign – we need a 1,000,000 person march on Buckingham Palace to show The Queen that she needs to take action NOW and not wait for the criminal Brown to decide.
    Letting the odious Brown decide when an Election happens is like asking Hitler when he might, perhaps, be aiming to leave the Bunker in Berlin in early May 1945.
    GET HIM OUT – use the press,use public demonstrations and marches,use petitions (curious how the Downing Street “resign” petition has been controlled by the Downing Street fraudsters and kept at 60,000 signatures) and pressure The Queen.
    This country is in a state of emergency and the criminals in control need to be thrown out now.
    By the way,I am not an anarchist,Conservative,Lib Dem,BNP etc voter – I am simply one of millions of Britons who are absolutely FURIOUS and feels powerless to deal with this vermin govt and who demands a date for a General Election to be set.

  757. 757
    Gordon Brown MP, Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath says:

    Come on you boys and girls in blue
    Come on you boys and girls in blue
    Come on you boys and girls in blue

    Wait a mnute! This is like following the Blue Brazil!

  758. 758
    Susie says:

    That article is magnificent.

  759. 759
    Silvio Sollytolli says:



  760. 760
    Silvio Potti says:


  761. 761
    Susie says:

    And watch how quickly the Greens move to France in a few years’ time when their wind/wave/solar energy doesn’t live up to the hype.

    France’s nuclear will keep the lights on while the UK is plunged into intermittent darkness.

  762. 762
    thick as thieves says:

    I would be honoured to slip the rope round that c’unts neck.
    if we lynch nick griffin aswell I could make a double headed noose and we could string both those one eyed nonces up in one go.
    there is a recession on and there are many to be hanged: we need to most careful to not waste a single foot of rope.

  763. 763
    Susie says:

    Reminds me of Moran’s partner’s ‘charity’ fund raising events at the Commons… they made up their own ‘registered charity’ number.

  764. 764
    thick as thieves says:

    dear raspberry ripples(retards:1st Class)
    It gives me great pleasure to know that I am getting right up your noses.
    yet another mission successfully accomplished by the mighty and heroic thick as thieves.
    and you cripples do realise this is just a blog and so formal grammar and spelling etiquette do not apply in this place?
    we will have to come up with a name for a group of intellectual weaklings like you guys.. um… how about a milksop of retards, or a ninny of cripples.
    bunch of sp*stics is probably the best way to describe jan, sungei, alien8 and the token anonospaz though.
    you’re like a bunch of old fishwives bleating and nagging.
    you silly old tarts.

  765. 765
    thick as thieves says:

    they are at the top of my list.
    the new labour war and occupation party war criminals are the ones I would hang first.
    fucking hell scorched earth, I think we may have found some common ground!

  766. 766
    thick as thieves says:

    oh, so as you are accusing me, a truly independent person (type tat into search engine for proof of that fact) of being a zanulab zombie and I we combine that with the fact that you refused to name your party when first requested and did not answer the question until far, far later in the proceedings, then that means you are most definitely a bn p troll.
    so you are a nazi, and I was right first time.
    thick as thieves bashes another nazi troll’s brain out all over the fucking thread.
    it’s getting a bit messy in here innit guys?
    there is blood and brains fucking everywhere!
    time for a re-dec.

  767. 767
    Judy says:

    So, even though she already has three SPADs,

    Harriet Harman turns out to have spent yet more of our money on the services of Scarlett McCGwire, the woman who advised Sharon Shoesmith & Co at Haringey on how to spin the Baby P case:

  768. 768
    thick as thieves says:

    I am a juvenile delinquent and therefore am by definition exempted from the rules.
    you fucking retard!

  769. 769
    Anonymous says:

    “It is, therefore, perfectly proper for taxpayers to seek advice from accountants and for accountants to give appropriate advice on avoiding tax liability”

    Strangely, however, that didn’t prevent the Inland Revenue c’unts declaring the whole thing to be immoral and theiving from the public. Of course, no doubt that didn’t mean when applied to the ruling classes.

  770. 770
    thick as thieves says:

    but thanks for following every single post I make.
    good reading, innit!
    love him or hate him, everybody reads the epic and ongoing adventures of the heroic thick as thieves.
    the motherfuckers can’t get enough of this shit.
    no doubt.

  771. 771
    thick as thieves says:

    scorched earth,
    you are creepy.
    I am a juvenile and you keep making posts directed to, or about me.
    laws are in place to protect me against nonces like you.
    desist from commenting about me scorched earth, you have already committed a criminal act by trying to groom a juvenile on the internet.

  772. 772
    thick as thieves says:

    why don’t you c’unts fuck off and hold your gay-fest elsewhere?
    and just to prove I am not anti gay, here are some suggestions for what you can do at your gayfest – the sarge can suck off cromwell who, in turn, can give the reach around to ever vigilant who could be simultaneously rimming the sarge.
    hope that helps guys.

  773. 773
    thick as thieves says:

    what are you talking about you dullard?
    you and scorched earth are the two most useless c’unts going and you are both featured here, on the same thread!
    fell into that one innit.
    I really feel quite guity bashing you retards.

  774. 774
    thick as thieves says:

    then we will have to start charging c’unts like you to come in, won’t we sarge?

  775. 775
    thick as thieves says:

    give it up scorched earth and take your beating like a man.
    hold on…. oh fucking hell, don’t tell me you are another spinster-troll?
    you fucking are, innit, you’re a bird!
    are you a lesbian like dr mick?
    maybe you two should hook up.

  776. 776
    Scorched Earth says:

    Fuck off you pathetic little twat.

    We’ve all seen you trying to use that pathetic excuse before when someone points out what a fucking useless little whining joke you are so try again.

    Piss off to CBeebies if you’re too much of a juvenile to be here.

    Because everytime I see you perform you’re trolling twattery now I will take great pleasure in telling everyone that you have admitted you are a juvenile little kid who got lost on the way to the Teletubbies site and keeps crying for help when anyone points out that you are far to stupid and timid to be posting on an adult site as you starts blubbing when anyone tells you to shut the fuck up.

    What happened to “I particularly enjoy bashing the brains out of the trolls who think they are clever c’unts.” “but thick as thieves is a genius, so being clever will not suffice!”

    Not so full of yourself now are you Thick as Pigshit ?

  777. 777
    Scorched Earth says:

    And who was this colossal twat ?

    “oh god, jethro the spelling jihadist has arrived.
    fuck off retard.
    I repeat, this is just a blog, not hansard.
    what a c’unt!”

    Yes that WAS you thick as pigshit !

    You are a hypocritical fucking wankstain and a joke.
    But people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

  778. 778
    Scorched Earth says:

    Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    Buh-bye Thick as Pigshit.

  779. 779
    Scorched Earth says:

    Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    Though people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

    Buh-bye Thick as Pigshit.

  780. 780
    Scorched Earth says:

    Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    But people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

    Buh-bye Thick as Pigshit.

  781. 781
    thick as thieves says:

    the intelligence of the great thick as thieves is also not in question.
    indeed, thick as thieves could accurately be describes as a political genius.
    oh, and to associate education as a basis for the manifestation of genius is a very vulgar and unenlightened statement to make.
    you really are a dullard, aren’t you?

  782. 782
    thick as thieves says:

    fucking hell! you titbox!
    you were so wound up by my lesbian accusation that you posted twice.
    you fucking sp*astic!
    so you are a bird.
    nag nag nag.
    you old fucking nag, what a silly old tart!
    you are making a right fool of yourself love.
    step away from the keyboard and pick up the knitting needles.
    ps. I still think you should hook up with that other lesbianist, dr mick.
    but I should warn you that she is very butch indeed.

  783. 783
    thick as thieves says:

    obviously you are a woman because your manners are so dreadful!
    it is not polite to post the same post twice even on different threads.
    but to post the same post twice on the same thread is nothing more than a crass abuse of your host’s decency to allow you to freely visit this place.
    you really are a vulgar c’unt scorched earth.
    you have no class whatsoever.
    c’unts like you are not welcome here.

  784. 784
    thick as thieves says:

    what the fuck are you going on about lesbian?
    there is no question that I am a political genius and at the moment I am successfully engaging you(a torytroll) and giving you the right fucking run around during. it is worth remembering that this is all happening during an election campaign. you should be trolling for your beloved benefit cheat leader, dave’untrustworthy’cameron not barking like a wild dog every time I pull your chain.
    come on scorched earth, pull your finger out your arse and start doing your job of trolling.
    honestly, these trolls really aren’t very bright at all.

  785. 785
    thick as thieves says:

    scorched earth,
    the stuff you post is garbage: that you insist on repeating your rubbish posts two and three times in the same thread exposes the contempt you have for the good reader.
    you’ve been rumbled.
    take your defeat like a lesbian.

  786. 786
    Susie says:

    Last night I dreamed that all the Hunts in England came over Westminster Bridge and into the palace of Westminster, their horses smacked down the doors and the hounds flushed the MPs out to face a baying mob.

    It was a good dream.

  787. 787
    Susie says:

    Took a woman to sort out the last Labour government… where were the boys in 1979?

  788. 788
    Susie says:

    Ah David Blunkett…

    “The only minister who resigned to spend more time with someone else’s family” :-)

  789. 789
    Ethel the Aardvark says:

    can’t wait

  790. 790
    Scorched Earth says:

    You didn’t answer the question.

    So who was this colossal twat ?

    “oh god, jethro the spelling jihadist has arrived.
    fuck off retard.
    I repeat, this is just a blog, not hansard.
    what a c’unt!”

    Yes, that was YOU thick as pigshit !

    So Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    Though people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

    ToodlePip Thick as Pigshit.

  791. 791
    The fucking cheek of the woman says:

    She (Ms Moron) has always denied breaching parliamentary rules by using the Commons-headed paper for personal use. When the claim was first made public, she instructed a firm of leading media solicitors and paid their £881.25 bill using public money meant for her constituency office.

    But The Daily Telegraph has found a piece of Commons stationery kept by a British expatriate who lives near her villa in southern Spain, with handwriting on it that matches that seen in Miss Moran’s expense files.

    She allegedly pinned up the notes in an attempt to stop residents parking at the end of a track near her three-bedroom house, then walking along a path across her land to their homes.

    Written in both English and Spanish, it reads: “Please note – this road is private & closed. Please remove your motorcycle from our land.” In 2007, however, a judge ruled that she must not block the access to their homes.

    Stuart Powell, who has lived nearby since 2002, said: “It was extraordinary to find a note with the House of Commons emblem stuck on my bike. It was clearly meant to intimidate me but I just thought it showed the arrogance of the woman and kept the note to stick up on the wall above my toilet.”

  792. 792
    Scorched Earth says:

    Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    Though people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

    I’m afraid I can’t resist doing this again and again seeing as you fall into such a hiwawious tantwum.

    Awwww you’re not going to cry are you ? How sad.

    Amusing how easily trolls are dealt with.
    And you have been trolling long enough little twat.

    Toodlepip Thick as Pigshit. See you next time.

  793. 793
    Scorched Earth says:

    Piss off back to CBeebies little twat.

    Anyone who bleats that we should stop picking on him because he is a “juvenile” shouldn’t be on an adult Political site.

    It’s sweet that you managed to work out how to use mummy and daddy’s PC but they will be back soon to make you a nice bowl of Jelly.

    Though people do love laughing at your embarrassing twattery.
    So keep it up as we all like a bit of clueless comic relief.

    I’m afraid I can’t resist doing this again and again seeing as you fall into such a hiwawious tantwum.

    Awwww you’re not going to cry are you ? How sad.

    Amusing how easily trolls are dealt with.
    And you have been trolling long enough little twat.

    Buh-Bye Thick as Pigshit. See you next time.

  794. 794

    Agreed but anothet fact about Mr. Levitt is that he has also claimed for a hiardryer whilst being almost completely bald !! The wreath claim is unforgiveable !!

  795. 795
    thick as thieves says:

    please refer to my previous post.
    you are a bloody lunatic.

  796. 796
    Trogh Mixtre says:

    Lots of Sybian rivalry then. A tenner says Dave’s more moist than ‘Aridet.

  797. 797
    Stating the bleedin' obvious (twice) says:

    After more than two weeks of revelations about fraud it’s apparent that there is barely a single MP that knows the difference between right and wrong.

    I thought the primary purpose of an MP was to approve legislation that distinguishes between right and wrong?

    There are already hundreds of MP’s implicated in fraud, but quite apart from the staggering scale of the fraud thre is the disturbing similarity of many of the frauds exposed (flipping for example).

    It is quite clear that there has been considerable discussion between the various fraudsters in how to maximise their gains. It is quite likely that some of these discussions will have been captured in emails, texts etc.

    Surely there is a need now for a freedom of information request to be made for MP’s emails, texts and recorded conversations to be made public so that this aspect can also be investigated?

  798. 798
    Anonymous says:

    You missed this one:

  799. 799
    thick as thieves says:

    it’s that bloody mad lesbian woman again!

  800. 800
    David Miliband says:

    And I tried to cover up the torture flights that landed, fuelled and took off from British airports I am therefore guilty of the war crime of facilitating torture.

  801. 801
    David Miliband says:

    you’ve lost it.

  802. 802
    thick as thieves says:

    fuck off miliband.
    the last thing I need is a Palestinian child killer apologist like you backing me up.
    you fucking war criminal.
    off to the Hague with you mr miliband and then to the gallows.
    you fascist.

  803. 803

    What happens to the VAT (VALUE ADDED TAX) on all these plasmas, toothbrushes, plugs etc as the feather bedded numpties are over the VAT theshold, there has to be some accounting somewhere. Is the fees office claiming it back in any way or perhaps our Mps are putting in the whole bill including VAT; being paid out for VAT but not including it in any formal VAT return so thats an extra 17.5% being trousered?…

    Guido is it possible for your muckraking noble followers to dip the waste and wheelie bins of selected MP’s and their mistresses and boyfriends ( and a few trannies) see how many are putting the loot through limited companies, Legal limited partnerships or just sole traders. Seem to remember there is VAT on commercial premises and motor vehicles so where is it going….not back into the public purse so you might say every MP should even if whiter than white repay 17.5 percent of all expenses paid out to them….and let them individually try and get it back from the Knock Knock boys and girls (excisemen)

    I think the clear out rate will be nearer to 500 plus. remember many of the trophy wives will be putting on untold pressure as they are no loger seen as queen bee of the county set but just a taxpayer financed moll to a ligger. cameron is normally astute ( but i wonder considering that MacKay was a CLOSE associate – what a plonker and new (NINETEEN MINUTES WORTH) video footage from the public meeting is on the twitter site ( not You tube) see my @julianbray page I’ll try and find the link..

    Finally what would it take for a whole load of us Guido folk to put ourselves up for MP stardom, can anyone lay their hands on the right forms and others knock out a proforma series of letters like the Martin lewis
    Bank charges recliam letters – got to be worth a punt what started as a joke is now so serious Civil war could well be on the cards if we have a long Hot Summer (and it is on the cards!)


  804. 804

    I switched them on to THICK AS especially for you. OBVIOUSLY NOT THICK ENOUGH I’LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO…

  805. 805
    Rebekah Wade says:

    David is easily the better looking woman.

  806. 806
    Victor M says:

    That story is 100% true – it has been going on so long now I had forgotten the details. Ms. Moron is quite mad then again so are her voters in…where is it Looooton airport? Goodbye Ms. Moron – mind you nice spot for your early retirement in the Alpujarras. (mountainous region south of Granada)

  807. 807
    thick as thieves says:

    er, no no, scorched earth.
    just because you have failed to defeat me in open debate it is no good for you to now attempt to misrepresent me.
    and you insult the intelligence of the regular reader by attempting to smear me by saying I have a political allegiance.
    I am independent, scorched earth.
    that is why I am so dangerous you imbecile.

  808. 808
    A Nation celebrates says:

    The notrious “double dipping” Wintertons are not standing again as they “want to spend more time with the family”. A Nation will celebrate. These two find it impossibe to be honest and state the true reason why they are quitting. They’ know they’d never get re-elected now all the sordid secrets are out.

  809. 809
    thick as thieves says:

    scorched earth,
    medication time!

  810. 810
    Anonymous says:

    Jackie’s husband will still be able to keep one hand free.

  811. 811
    Anonymous says:

    They’ve also said they no longer wish to keep up with the hectic pace of politics. You’be got to larf at these two. Hectic making up claims for £80,000 for a flat owned by their childen more like. Nichloas is especially odious – unbelieveably pompous – and there’s no way we can ever expect the slightest degree of humility from the hoon.

  812. 812
    hardy says:

    I’m appearing on question time this Thurs and could do with some help on coming up with a scorcher of a question and suggestions?

  813. 813
    hardy says:

    I’m appearing on question time this Thurs and could do with some help on coming up with a scorcher of a question any suggestions?

  814. 814
    hardy says:

    sorry about the typo, I meant any suggestions?

  815. 815
    Porky Pies MP says:

    I’m beginning to think this country has gone completely mad. James Purnell, that grinning gurner (and scourge of benefit claimants) has bought 3,000 fridge magnets out of taxpayers’ money. You just couldn’t make this believable if it were a novel or something but this is FACT! How in heavens’ name can fridge magnets be relevant to his duties as an MP?

    The slimy toad also purchased books from Amazon despite a massive House of Commons library. Oh, and here’s a good bit for this New Labour creature, once tipped as a future Labour leader, one of them was titled Modern Conservatism. Apparently he is a friend of that other grinning fucker, Tony Blair.

    I just wish we could now have a massive physical demonstration against these thieving bastards. I’d risk being clouted with a police baton to protest about these fucking crooks!

  816. 816
    Porky Pies MP says:

    See below about the fridge magnets!

  817. 817

    Hopefully that corrupt fucker Brown will take a sodding poison pill along with the whole of the cabinet;
    Picture the scene as a Downing St flunkey thinks to himself;
    “It’s awfully quiet in the Cabinet meeting – surely they can’t all be watching Smith’s streaming porn on her husband’s IPhone?”
    As he enters the room,a truly tremendous sight meets his eyes – the Jonestown Massacre Part 2 – every one one of the fraudsters have popped the pill in a mass suicide.

    And then I wake up from this dream,go downstairs and crank up the flatscreen TV (32″,paid with my own hard earned money as of course I am one of that Hunt Brown’s hard working Britons) – only to see that Gordon Brown has announced he will save the world yet again and has volunteered Hazel Blears for a new role – strapped to the fuselage of a ballistic missile carrying a warhead (Jacqui Smith and the odious Moran woman,tied face to face) and aimed at N Korea.

    I mutter “Shit,he’s got away with it again”,as I turn and make myself a coffee and read the Daily Telegraph’s expenses revelations,Day 234;
    “Gordon Brown and his fucked island”…….

  818. 818
    The Queen is NOT amused says:

    And her family are such intelligent characters – the world’s most dysfunctional family – makes the Simpson’s appear totally normal.

  819. 819
    Newcastle - going down like labour MP's says:

    Something really satisfying seeing Newcastle go down – hopefully we won’t have to see Shearer’s grey suit and brown shoes – bring back Bob Stokoe and his raincoat over his tracksuit – a real man.

  820. 820
    Kaufman - there is a use for him... says:

    We could use his ugly head to stick above the trench to test the Taliban’s fire.

  821. 821
    Anonymous says:

    Seriously, this should be a matter for the police to investigate immediately. Quite apart from thieving from the public purse to support his strange hobby of collecting fridge magnets, the guy should be certified. He’s supposed to be Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. God help us. God help this country. These MPs have made us the laughing stock of the world.

  822. 822
    Anonymous says:

    Does any reader seriously believe that our Prime Mentalist will allow Postman Pat to take over? He would not have allowed his own mother to take his place.

  823. 823
    Trough Mixture says:

    He has a mouth like a retired whore’s front dirtbox turned through 90 degrees. I want to see him cry like a girlie when he goes – secure in the knowledge that sometime soon he will get the pasting he deserves.u

  824. 824
    Budgie says:

    A pigskin wallet? – not a pigskin traveling case (as he goes from place to place)?

  825. 825
    Housing Hubba Bubba says:

    The more I read the more convinced I am that Lewis Carroll may have had access to a time machine. ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’ seems like a thinly disguised analogy of Margaret’s troughing through the expenses system.

  826. 826
    Budgie says:

    No British bank failed because of “Toxic Derivatives”. All the British banks that failed (bar RBS) were destroyed by their almost complete reliance on UK property.

    Gordoom caused the property boom and the subsequent property bust. That pulled the rug from under the Banks. Exceptionally RBS failed mainly because of buying ABN at the top of the boom: the sin here was hubris rather than greed.

  827. 827
    Jimmy says:

    “Though he will have sworn year after year on his tax return that he was making a full and true statement. A criminal offence.”

    Excellent point Guido.

    Next week, Josef Fritzl on childcare.

  828. 828
    grandma B says:

    I can’t believe I’ve just read that! 3000 fridge magnets. Why? What for?

  829. 829
    Noddy says:

    On Question Time, ask:

    “When an MP makes an allowance claim, the rules state that it should be above reproach and must be for expenditure necessary to ensure that they could properly perform parliamentary duties.

    Does the panel think that the following items are above reproach and necessary for MPs to fufill their parliamentry duties:

    (list of the most stupid items claimed for)

    Cleaning a moat
    A rug
    Wine glasses
    £1,000 TV
    A digital camera

    Etc Etc

    Can we have some suggestions for the most pathetic claims?

  830. 830
    Housing Hubba Bubba says:

    I wouldn’t worry about energy generation.

    Gordon’s quantitative easing policies will provided enough fivers to burn for at least the next 50 years. And any shortfall can be met by turning jails into large exercise bike farms hooked up to the national grid.

  831. 831
    Snowball says:

    Dear Porky Pies MP

    For a demonstration against the snouts in the trough, you just need to set a date, time & place and just ask everyone to come along! Its as simple as that! Trouble is; is anyone bothered?

    Why demo? Just whingeing or demanding a General Election?

    Date? How soon? First day/Sunday of every month till an election is called? Either an election is called before 21 Oct Trafalgar Day or Battle of Britain Day 15 Sep, if not demo goes ahead? Sorry Guido, 5th November is too late!

    See also:

  832. 832
    Sylvya Intellidgjentsaea says:


  833. 833
    Sarge says:

    @ 581.Thick as Thieves -I’ll take that as a ‘no’ to my question.

    Having reviewed your material, I will not be paying for a subscription. There does seem to be a certain repetetiveness to your stream of bile which begins to bore me at this point in time.

    No need to waste your energy responding as you have not managed to wind me up. A pity as you showed a little promise.

    I have no intention of reading or replying to any posts you make in future.

  834. 834
    Dave says:

    “Ofgem bosses rewarded with a collective 14% pay rise

    Energy regulators who let gas and electricity prices soar have been awarded inflation-busting salary packages”

    from the gruaniad web site

  835. 835
    MI6 says:

    I have felt sick for a while but more since reading these blogs. Our Country is on its Knee’s brought low by the acts of our representatives since the eighties. They have supported laws to create division and strife among the masses and have now lost all of their authority to rule. Our constitution is under attack and our futures in peril. Change is coming hold onto your hats.

  836. 836
    MI6 says:

    The more the State nicks off the Tax payer to pay MP’s the less Democracy you will get. If you work for someone and they pay you over and obove what you would possibly get in the real world then you aren’t about to upset them are you. Cmon people we have lost any sense of Democarcy to these self serving C=nts

  837. 837
    Susie says:

    They usually ‘create’ another department and move those they want to sack into it, after 6 months or so they announce that the new department is surplus to requirements and they are ‘restructuring’ so everyone in the new department gets compulsory redundancy.

    They then rehire staff. Happens all the time.

  838. 838
    Susie says:

    Nearly 800 years. Common Law which was introduced by Henry II in 1230.

  839. 839
    Susie says:

    I’d say on the IQ stakes Cameron’s light years ahead of McSnot — you only have to watch PMQs. And McSnot knows it.

    That’s at the root of his very real hatred of Cameron, and why he employed McBride, he can’t cut it face to face.

  840. 840
    Susie says:

    I was puzzled why Mrs Balls needed 30,000 calenders.

    “Yvette Cooper, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, claimed £225 for a digital camera. Miss Cooper, the wife of Ed Balls, the schools secretary, also claimed £1,200 for 30,000 calendars. ”

    Has she got some sort of chronological disorder or was it the time of the month?

  841. 841
    Shropshire Ladette says:

    Mr MacKay may know where the bodies are but Mrs MacKay clearly knows something which is giving her protection. Sounds like the investigation needs to be pretty far reaching.
    The people of Bromsgrove deserve to know the truth.

  842. 842
    Silvio Tanner says:








  843. 843
    Silvio Tanner says:

    Trafalgar Day







  844. 844
    Tommy MacBinbag says:


  845. 845
    Tommy MacSinbin says:


  846. 846
    Parish Councillor says:

    Guido – no further point in blogging with you.

    Totally tame messages sometimes are included then become deleted later.

    Watch out all. This isn’t the freedom of speech site Guido likes to purport.

    Waste of time, sadly.

  847. 847
    Sir Fred Goodwin says:

    You tell them sir! There was no greed involved whatsoever.

    And the fact that the Banks made Billions in bonuses for trading in almost worthless Credit Default Swaps (Derivative) and Collaterallised Debt Obligations is neither here nor there.

    Remember, the PR line is Gordon made these Banks do everything and all this talk of Brown’s criminally irresponsible “light touch regulation” must be ignored as we pretend that the Banks were noble responsible institutions which were in no way brought down by their own short-term greed and incompetence.

    This was all merely a housing bubble that took out Banks around the world who had to be bailed out for Hundreds of Billions by Taxpayers and almost destroyed the Financial Sectors Worldwide. Nothing to see here! Move along.

  848. 848
    Scorched Earth says:

    Christ, you really are some twatty little kid using their mummys laptop.

    Will you now start blubbing you’re a juvenile and we musn’t pick on you ?

    A twatty little troll like you starts behaving like a little kid when someone calls you out for being a clueless hilarious embarrassment.

    Piss off back to CBeebies Thick as Pigshit. The adults are talking.

  849. 849
    Scorched Earth says:

    You really are some twatty little kid using their mummys laptop.
    Piss off back to CBeebies Thick as Pigshit. The adults are talking.

  850. 850
    Elizabeth says:

    Have you read Joan Smith in the Guardian today? (Her husband is a Labour MP). I must confess I can’t stand Joan Smith’s hypocrisy. (Her husband is apparently a Labour MP). This woman has used her Guardian column on so many occasions to target the Queen Mother, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family “of a degree of vitrioli disproportionate to any offence they are deemed to have caused”, to use her own words. Here is Joan Smith on Prince William and Harry: “the character and behaviour of Princes William and Harry would render them almost comically unsuitable candidates for the role of head of state. They are disqualified by their snobbery, their sense of entitlement, and their spendthrift attitude to public money – not to mention the fact that they’re not very bright”. Here’s Joan Smith on the Queen Mother: “All the bronze statues in the world cannot conceal the fact that the nation’s favourite granny was an unashamed bigot”. Here’s another Joan Smith quote: “if we got rid of the Windsors and opened royal palaces and art collections permanently to the public, they might attract even more visitors. I’d be quite happy for some junior royals to stay on as guides, like former convicts showing tourists round Alcatraz”. As they say, “people who live in chateaux, shouldn’t throw tomateaux”. I wish Ms Smith would shut up!

  851. 851
    Victor M says:

    Is that not Hoon with a capital H ???

  852. 852
    Victor M says:

    Yes, the DT do a daily ‘entertainment’ of the more ‘exotic’ claims – it’s real fun to read if you are not a pensioner and saver.

  853. 853
    Tommy MacTalentspotter says:





  854. 854
    Silvio Lining says:



  855. 855
    Nurse Ratchett says:

    Medication time for scorched earth!

  856. 856
    The Adjudicator says:

    Thick as Thieves is the clear winner.
    Scorched Earth keeps repeating herself, like a computer programme.
    Very strange.

  857. 857
    Ian Macdonald says:

    How about:
    “Now that electing Party Politicians to govern us as representatives in Parliament has resulted in a degenerated country and a discredited administration who have even falsely gone to war – what system of alternative governance – democracy do you see fitting?”

  858. 858
    Elizabeth says:


  859. 859
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    She’s right about the “Royals” – only that because their forebears were bigger thieves than the rest of us,(including the porkers in the H.O.C.)!

  860. 860
    thick as thieves says:

    you’ve got one of those blue names, I especially like collecting those types.
    they seem to be more precious to their owners.
    but as you are new here I will give you a pass this time.
    thick as thieves

  861. 861
    thick as thieves says:


    I’m a fucking political genius you c’unt!

  862. 862
    thick as thieves says:

    tommy, I do have a plan, chill out motherfucker.

  863. 863
    Cruella Talli says:


    U CALL Sylvya Intellidgjentsaea A SPASTIC






  864. 864
    Cruella Talli says:



  865. 865
    The Punter In The Public Gallery says:




  866. 866
    The Punter In The Public Gallery says:








  867. 867
    Cruella Talli says:


  868. 868
    Silvio Tanner says:





  869. 869
    Silvio Tanner says:



  870. 870
    Silvio Stanislavatoryplumma says:





  871. 871
    Silvio Talli says:


  872. 872
    Tommy MacTalent says:


  873. 873
    Tommy MacTalent says:



  874. 874
    Tommy MacTalent says:

    PC 49 MITCH





  875. 875
    Tommy MacCabinet says:




  876. 876
    Tommy MacOptical says:


  877. 877
    GYDO FORKS says:





  878. 878
    Silvio Forks says:




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