May 21st, 2009

Rennard Round-Up

Rennard’s goodbye letter said he was leaving not because of the News of the Screws revealing his dishonesty, not because of his expenses and not because of Newsnight featuring him as the emblematic LibDem expense trougher last night. His letter was as true and as accurate as any LibDem leaflet he has ever written.

    Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone We're in Stockwell

  • Nick Clegg had a two hour meeting with Chris Rennard this morning.  No doubt they were discussing his diabetes medication programme.
  • Paul Burstow, Chief Whip in the House of Commons, phoned a number of female LibDem PPCs personally to assure them that Chris Rennard would no longer be in charge of their careers.
  • The Federal Executive meeting on Monday was supposed to be the denouement of Rennard. As it turns out the Newsnight reference to Rennard was the final straw for Clegg who is as keen as Cameron on getting credit for running a clean party.

The News of the World is not focusing on Chris Rennard’s financial misdemeanours.  A number of Cowley Street staffers are rejoicing at the departure of of the Chief Executive.  Mostly female staff…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:


    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      ‘Don’t get the headline story? Confused I am. Sorry.

    • 12
      NewGirl says:

      I was wondering too

    • 25
      Doctor Spock says:

      That diabetes treatment causes a malady called


      You cant get it up and you cant get it down

      If you see what I mean…

    • 227
      freddie flintoff says:

      hes a fookin hoon and needs shooting up the arse with a shootgun

    • 309
      Wayne ANTI HOON says:

      Ian GIBSON


      YOu ll step down if the constituency asks —

      how hooning well kind of you.


    • 381
      Anonymous says:

      That sign off is all a bit gutter … even for Guido.

      • 468
        Anonymous says:

        I can’t believe no-one has released a “Troughing” game yet a la FatCat Cashback.

        I’m sure you’ve all played it:

        Was thinking of a space invaders type thing but instead of something firing missiles, you’d have a pig firing something.

        Complete with “oink” and squealing noises.

        The prizes you would “shoot” at would be typical trough fodder, but in order of value – as an example.

        Level 1: tampons, food mixer, bog seat, food items

        Level 2: Sofas, Plasma TV’s Dining tables, Duck Houses

        Level 3: Council tax bills, Home cinema systems, moat cleaning

        Level 4: Capital Gains Tax relief, home flipping, Social housing

        Level 5: Become an MEP

        Level 6: Get a peerage

        Come on, there must be something out there???

        If not and you have the technical skills, you could become very very famous by writing this.

        If you work in the civil service just throw a couple of sickies. It’s no different than those robbing MP b*ggers and you get the kudos.

        Please please please!

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    JimDee says:


  3. 3
    papasmurf says:

    So the picture is him fantasising about some invisible female busts!??

  4. 5
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Caption competition:

    Jacqui’s baps are best for burgers

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    Tony Blair says:

    You don’t say he was a serial shagger????

    • 13
      papasmurf says:

      Burstow must have had his work cut out if he was on the phone to more than one female.

      Sexual discrimination / harassment allegations being placated????

      it has been said that there was little sexual elements to this crisis.. maybe some details now to come out?

    • 73
      Duck Island says:

      Sounds like an Office Pest.

      • 107
        nell says:

        We have William Hague on Question Time – so hopefully there is going to be some blood !!! He’s already talking about fraud. Go on William!!!!

  7. 9
    caesars wife says:

    carefull on question time i here bradshaw has been practicising bursting into tears if william says labour are all a corrupt bunch of hoons , and alhabyi brown is ready with a motherly hankie , if anyones horrid to him .

    ime taking 4-1 on the most repeated phrase tonight “its the fault of the system”

    popcorn at the ready , for added fun take a large sheet of glass and place it in long window box planter in front of the televison, you can then throw rotten fruit as they fight it . i wonder if a large mesh screen has been installed between panel and audience ??

    • 11
      MI5 says:

      Lovely Caesar’s Wife

      But you have not spoken of your glass of Chateau Lafitte…

      Reminds me

      We need to send a case or two to Guido before his hollies…

      • 26
        caesars wife says:

        I think Guidos on margeux , i wonder if i could get away with sending my monthly mail order 6 bottles of new chillean wines , do you think he would suss it .

        any updates from met office??

      • 57
        MI5 says:

        Caesars’ Wife

        Have you rumbled me ?!

        I work in several Met offices you know

        We will get there you know

        But damned messy business…as you know…

      • 159
        NewGirl says:

        you must be Insp Gadget M15….!

    • 14
      Expat says:

      Please give me a round up of the lynching/crying/rotten eggs etc

      Can’t get that programme here in France..


    • 16
      anonemo says:

      Just seen on Ian Dales, question time is on at the earlier time of 9pm tonight.

      • 29
        Deeply Regret says:

        So is Patrick Kielty who is about as funny as a burning orphanage.

      • 35
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, and what is on at the usual time?

        A party political broadcast by the labour party.

        BBC? Impartial? But of course

    • 58
      Timmy Kangaroo-Downsport says:

      What on earth is that racist, toxic bint Alibi-Broon doing on the program? At a time like this you would think the BBC could field a panel of relevant Brits.

      • 71
        Sir Barrington Minge says:

        That Alibi-Brown is probably one of the nastiest little shits it has ever been my misfortune to come across.

      • 75
        post says:

        post her back to Nairobi in a brown envelope.

    • 90
      New Raver. says:

      Don’t waste a stamp, we’re in a recession don’t you know!!!

  8. 17
    Mr Ned says:

    I am sick to death of hearing this “It’s all the fault of the system” BULLSHIT! THEY CREATED THE FUCKING SYSTEM!!!

  9. 19
    Caligula says:

    Do you mean that a bunch of lovely LibDem Totty luvvies are going to file a complaint for sexual harassment…or is there a secret bun in the oven as well ??!!

    Love to know…

    They will be called the Cowley Street Orgies…

    When I lived there, Cowley Street was dead…

    Except for some great parties thrown by Lady Pamela Berry (who owned a newspaper !!)

    At last some action…

  10. 20
    Anonymous says:

    What I love is seeing the party leader’s indulging in a circle-jerk of ballbreaking machismo as they seek to outdo each other for decisive career-slaughtering opportunism…

    And every body they throw to the sharks just creates more blood which brings more sharks which need more feeding which creates more blood…

    This isn’t going to end well for the political classes…

  11. 21
    MI6 says:

    I think you know too much Guido…

    Careful going home tonite…

  12. 22
    Spin Doctor says:

    The sight of Brown trying to be chummy with the Gurkhas made me want to vommit. He even dragged his fucking misses in front of the TV cameras too. What an absolute tosser.

    • 56
      Builders Crack says:

      Saved the gurkhas, saved the world, saved the financial institutions, saved that hoon saved – oh for fuck sake,what a wanker

    • 60
      The Fatuous Fixer of Farcical Fincance says:

      Yes, – but no, – but – I’ve always supported their cause – they fight for Britain and do not want to sponge off the state – or harm it.

      I’ve said this elsewhere of course, – only not so loud as I did today

    • 66
      Catosays says:

      Someone shouted ‘Kukri’ and he thought Jamie Oliver had arrived.

    • 304
      Dr Feelgood says:

      What a farce. The two-faced twunt trying to grab some glory. He is lucky the Gurkhas are magnanimous in victory.

  13. 24

    Male politico shows interest in women shocker. CCTV footage at 11.

  14. 30
    Anonymous says:


    I do not know this man but from what you have written was he perhaps a c unt ?

    Good day to you sir.

  15. 31
    Irish Catholic Priest Child abusers recently exposed says:

    Thanks to these troughers at least we are not the most hated group at the moment

    • 36
      Satan says:

      I don’t hate you. I look forward to your intimate company with the warmest of expectations.

    • 59
      Scot Nat says:

      Hey Father

      Scottish Criminal Labour loves you too…

      Remember those Rotten Catholic Labour BURGHS please !

      • 121
        The Forensic Historian says:

        The Scot Nats are about to play a major part in delivering a landslide to the Tories.
        Perhaps that in itself will help in reparations for the vandalism from these criminals.
        Congratulations in advance for ridding Scotland from this NuLabour vermin.

      • 123
        Irun Bru says:

        Aye the Scots are nae daft they voted Labour out it was England that voted them in a third time. Bout time ye’s woken up.

      • 132
        The Forensic Historian says:

        Fair point.
        Not sure our cousins in England are aware of that.

    • 296
      A Few Thousand RFC Supporters at Tannadyce this Sunday says:

      Don’t know about that, guys !

  16. 32
    P1 says:

    Why do Lords get a 2nd Home allowance? Uddin claimed this as well, but has no consituency so can live wherever she likes. If Rennard has a house somewhere else, why on earth should the taxpayer pay for it?

    Has Uddin been called in by Brown? Probabaly already been sacked by MisMisMisMister Decisive Brown.

    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      Yes where is the elusive Udders these days?

      • 40
        U*dderly disgusting says:

        disgusting cow.

      • 43
        Baroness Udder of Gravy Train, says:

        Here I am boys! Sucking on the Big So-Sher-Lerst Tit as ever.

        Like a suck too?

      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        Ooooh Yes please Baroness – I hear you have a flat for rent in Maidstone & a holiday home in Bangladesh you’re taking bookings on?

      • 169
        'Arry 'Oudini says:

        Oi !! Leave Baroness ‘ Uddini alone !!

        She’s escaped the Taxpayers’ wrath; that’s amazing.

    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      Why do Lords get second home allowance?
      YOU DUMMY,
      So Speaker Martin when he resigns can continue having a second home allowance.
      Isn.t that the real reason.
      These Lords are living proof or our democracy. Some body has to wheel them into the Lords, Nursey sees them and signs them in and they get their daily dosh. They don’t even have to\sign in themselves, nursey does it for them.
      This is our KLEPTOCRACY in action

  17. 33
    Sir William Waad says:

    Rennard is still in the House of Lords, so he still has two trotters in the trough. He is only resigned from the job where he had to do some measurable work.

  18. 34
    Mrs F Craddock says:

    Those stodgy and rich official dinners that he was forced to eat, as a LibDem official, were adding to his weight problem, potentially causing diabetes and other illnesses.Research suggests a third of UK adults will be grossly overweight within three years, with Britain even predicted to overtake the US as the most obese nation in the world.

    • 46
      Flabby FatFucker says:

      You mean a poor bankrupt third world state like Britain can produce fat fuckers?!

      Shome mishtake shurely?

    • 49
      Tattooed_Arry says:

      And thats just the MPs…………..

  19. 37
    Dr Kanvi Sing says:

    Why do the Lords get any thing at all.

    No one voted for any of them.

    They are well enough paid as consultants for the work they do on behalf of big business and not the general public.

    • 86
      Robert Catesby says:

      See my post #80 as a reply to #31.

      It’s hard to admire the French, but they solved there problem of a House of Lords very efficiently. It’s a pity we can’t do something similar and do away with a few or more MPs at the same time.

      We need to replace out Kleptocracy with a Guillotinocracy.

  20. 39
    dirtyden says:

    Was he a sex pest, then? More. More. They’re dropping like flying pigs (would) Who’s next, we wonder, deeply.

    • 45
      Anonymous says:

      Has Rennard been sexually harrassing women underlings at Lib Dem Party HQ?

      I thought Lib Dems strongly disapproved of that sort of thing?

      What do Sarah Teather and Lynne Featherstone have to say about this, if anything?

      • 61
        Jeremy Thorpe MP says:

        They supervised Rennard’s orgies silly…

        We are all LibDEem luvvies didn’t you know…

      • 83

        I think Sarah Teather is fairly safe unless you fancy plump girls with pudding basin hair cuts. As for the other one she always looks grubby.

      • 92
        WobblyJim says:

        #79 Nowt wrong with a grubby wench

      • 108

        Damn you Jeremy Thorpe – an image of Sarah Teather in bondage gear just sprang to mind, and I’m all aquiver!

      • 215
        Charles Kennedy says:

        Sarah is great to take out for a drink, basin hairstyle balances a pint quite well!

      • 320
        Dr Feelgood says:

        Can we please not discuss LibDem bonking. It just reminds me of the illustrations in the 1970′s version of the Joy of Sex – lots of beards, sandals, lentils, and so on. Yuck.

      • 498
        I know everything says:

        Anon@ 7:24 pm

        Yes, Rennard has.

        Lynne got where she is today through her own hard work, but Sarah – well, hard work of a different kind.

        Remember, there’s not a lot of it about in the Lib Dems, so you tend to take what you can get, however ugly it is.

        Sarah called in some very interesting favours to get the Brent East nomination in 2003, I hear. But no-one will touch her now.

      • 499
  21. 41
    The Fatuous Fiddler of Farcical Finance, and Bankrupter of Britain, says:

    I always intended to let the Gurkhas stay.

    After all, they fought FOR this country, and contributed much to it.

    That, in contrast to spongers and people who soak the state for what they can get.

    Nothing’s my fault either.

  22. 42
    Miss Count says:

    Gordon to have any chance of saving yourself you must start another dodgy war.

    What about Iceland they stole from us as well.

    I wanted to recommend France but as I know you’ll never attack the frogs as you’ll loose your head!

    • 44
      dirtyden says:

      How about Scotland?

      • 54
        Tattooed_Arry says:

        Wales. The Kinnocks could be dragged through the streets of London, behind lorry-loads of their ill-gotten gains.

      • 174
        Troughers Independent Traders says:

        Are there that many lorries in the Northern Hemisphere ??

      • 322
        Dr Feelgood says:

        Russia’s always up for a scrap. Gordon might even make Napoleon and Hitler look good in comparison.

    • 51
      War Horse says:

      No- Belgium – surely.

      Lots of luverly beer

      No government

      Can wipe out EUSSR HQ on the way

    • 52
      Rick the Roman says:

      Hang on a minute – it’s not long since he saved the world!! What more do you want – please visit No10 petitions and let him know

  23. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Lots of rumours of reshuffle

    “Foreign Secretary David Miliband is fighting for his job behind the scenes in the face of a campaign by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson”

    Is that not a rearguard action?

  24. 63
    A Cavorting Caravaneer says:

    Not long now boys and girls – and I’ll be back where I belong!

    Let’s hear it for Caravaning – they get results!

    • 74
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Caravanning?….Shed Dragging more like

    • 91
      nell says:

      Let’s face it Margaret you’re probably better at caravanning than you were at being Foreign Secretary – I seem to recall that FO Civil Servants were heard complaining that you were the worst Foreign Secretary ever!!

      • 376
        FO offocial says:

        Until Milibrand arrived

        Son of leading “Marxist” theorist

        Silly arrogant prick

        Who told us that



  25. 64
    Swiss Bob says:

    WOTSONTELLY, Michael Mates and Asil Nadir come under the scrutiny of Stanislav, a young Polish plumber: WOTSONTELLY.

  26. 67
    BugBob the Builder says:

    No fights in the TV studios this evening ?

    We want blood


  27. 68
    john miller says:

    I understand his penis is smaller than his brain.

    And his brain is very small.

    • 77
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Still a bit of a prick though

    • 85
      Uddin the Vamp says:

      Just so,but he has the most beautiful pair of bollocks between here and Maidstone.

      • 102
        Taxpayers' Assets Recovery Team (Parliament) Unit says:

        Oi, Uddin. Can we have your Flat back please? Also please vacate the Tower Hamlets residence so that someone who needs one can have a home.

      • 103
        Future muslim emir of Britian says:

        That’s towerhamletstan to you infidel!!!

      • 150
        U*dderly disgusting says:

        TotteringHamletstan if you must but still not yet fully independent so social housing should be confiscated forthwith from BMW-driving, Marble Palace-owning Uddin-sucklers. Oink

  28. 76
    RichardD says:

    I refer you all to the lyrics of “Clerkenwell Polka” on the recent Madness album “The Liberty of Norton Folgate”

  29. 79
    G says:

    QT – Question Time is on at 21H00 tonight. An earlier time of 9pm.

    • 152
      MacMental says:

      angry audience told them where to stick the failed prime minister.

      • 167
        NewGirl says:

        never thought i’d see the day when me and most of the QT audience were at one…

      • 332
        Dr Feelgood says:

        When the lady at the end started laying into Bradshaw about calling a GE, they weren’t far off storming the stage.

  30. 80
    michel de montaigne says:

    See that dripping tap has been fixed. About time

  31. 81
    Dack Blog says:

    God I’d spike my own drink if I had to shag him.

  32. 87
    nell says:

    I thought I read that the Taxpayers Alliance had appointed lawyers to look at possible prsecutions of mp’s – so who are they going to prosecute first? I do hope it’s going to be the illustrious Baroness and the carrot topped one.

    So pleased to hear from Gordon that Hoon and Purnell are absolutely squeaky clean – obviously his moral compass is still on the blink.

    • 94
      WobblyJim says:

      I wouldn’t put it past these thieves to try and pass legislation to give themselves a pardon or other type of free pass, If they do try, I hope that Her Madge tells them to fuck right off.

    • 106
      Engineer says:

      The Taxpayer’s Alliance may have to appoint quite a few lawyers – there seem to be an ever-increasing number of targets.

      On the discipline front, Cameron seems to be in the lead, having ‘retired’ several (admittedly expendable) grandees. Let’s hope he doesn’t blot his copybook by kicking any of them upstairs. Clegg seems to be in second place, with Gordon trailing a rather pathetic third, making contradictory public statements about the Ginger One and backing to the hilt taxpayer-funded property developers and part-time legislators Hoon and Purnell. Even the average lumpen prole will notice that one. If this standard of performance continues, the Lumpen Prole will conclude that Cameron’s shirt is the hairiest, and will sway his voting intentions accordingly.

      • 111
        ITV Watcher says:

        Gordon seems to think he’s the only one doing anything and sacking people lol everytime you see him on tv the worse of it is believes his own lies and then repeats them for all to hear surely it’s time for the men in white coats.

      • 145
        Martin in Essex says:

        Sometimes when this fuckwit is talking,if you look at his face theres nobody there, he looks like he has just come around from a frontal lobotomy operation.

      • 155
        Anethatipissed says:

        I don’t think he’s come round yet, it’s the NO2 talking

      • 165
        Dack Blog says:

        Do you think it’s a cockroach wearing Gordo’s skin like in ‘Men in Black’?

      • 199
        Engineer says:

        No self-respecting cockroach would stoop so low.

      • 222
        Dack Blog says:

        Well they reckon cockroaches would survive a nuclear blast. G-clot seems to be surviving the political equivalent.

  33. 88
    Tory Dan says:

    I hope QT is as fun as it was last week t’ut North in Grimsby.

    • 104
      Carlos says:

      The fine people of Salisbury have been stoked up by a few pints of Summer Lightning at the Wyndham Arms and should be in fine fettle!

  34. 96
  35. 97
    Dr Doolittle says:

    I see from the photo above that Rennard is controling his diabetes with a few bottles of champagne. Looks like he has kept off the sugars and fats too.

  36. 99
    Peter Andre says:

    so whats wrong with the guy? we could do an album

  37. 100
    anonymous says:


    watching the Chelsea Flower Show prog. First day for the public and Alan Titface doesn’t have a tie on today – had one for other days for celebs and members. Another Beeb tit!! Ken Livingstone is all over it! Even a feature on him at home in his garden.

    What the fcuk’s going on here. Livingstone seems to pop up all the time on the Beeb – the bloke’s a wa**er.

    • 105
      ITV Watcher says:

      Has been off impregnating younger women again to have more of his brood at his ripe old age?? Probably needs the money for the child support maintance fees.

  38. 110
    nell says:

    Martin Bell just called Westminster this the ‘Duck Island Parliament’ – what a great name!! -

    and called for an apology to Elizabeth Filkin who had tried to do an honest job and was sacked. Yes!!

    • 124
      Dack Blog says:

      I think he’s overdoing the ‘Duck Island’ reference a bit.

    • 175
      Catosays says:

      Was nice to see that woman getting out of her tree and telling Brown to fuck off…well, she didn’t say fuck off but that’s what she meant.

    • 208
      nell says:

      Sorry DackBlog I don’t think so – they all need a short sharp lesson in thrift and humility .

      To MP’s – you are not superior – you are not entitled to funds for all your food – for mortgage payments-council tax- leather suites-cut glass champagne flutes-patio heaters -cleaners-gardeners.

      We need an election now!!!

  39. 113
    Limp Dem says:


  40. 114
    Dream On says:

    The public are pissed off the MP’s are getting a beating on QT tonight

  41. 115
    nell says:

    Vince Cable has just called for a General Election. Yes please!!!!

  42. 117
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Question Time: The whole Panel (except one!!!) is calling for a GE!!!!!!

  43. 119
    Dogger says:

    A dead dog found floating in the seventh-floor swimming pool of a luxury condominium starts the dénouement of JG Ballard’s novel ‘High’ Rise’, an allegory of how over-controlled societies crack under artificial strain. It’s all down hill from that moment on and, yes, chaos becomes the guiding principle.

    Britain has now reached its ‘Dead Dog’ moment.

    • 122
      Rinka says:

      Fuck Me. Are we back in ’77

      • 126
        Dogger says:

        Worse than that – ’75!

      • 133
        Dack Blog says:

        *irons flares*

      • 136
        Dogger says:

        “Soon, skirmishes are being fought throughout the building, as floors try to claim elevators and hold them for their own, groups gather to defend their rights to the swimming pools, and party-goers attack “enemy floors” to raid and vandalize them. It does not take long for the occupants of entire building to abandon all social restraints, and give in to their most primal urges.”

      • 140
        Anonymous says:

        Sounds like Mr Guido’s back on the acid house circuit

    • 353

      Out with the Hawkwind albums, and man the barricades!

      Oh, sod it, I’ll just light up a fat one instead…

  44. 120
    fuked orf says:

    I’m sick of crooked banksters and i’m sick of crooked politicos. I want retribution so i will vote for the dick sniffin party on the basis of “my enemy’s enemy”

    • 129
      ITV Watcher says:

      I’d vote for any party that would jail them.

      • 139
        Anonymous says:

        One way to neuter them would be to let them loose in Brussels.
        All those bars. All those prostitutes.

    • 158
      Lord Elpus says:

      Tactical voting the way forward. I hope we have some good independents this time.
      But if no screaming Lord Sutch candidate anyone else except the crooked fools who normally turn up.

  45. 127
    Spin Doctor says:

    Westminster see this as just another story that needs to be “managed”

  46. 131
    Dack Blog says:

    Good on the bloke who said what we need is a party worth voting for. The rise of the local independents maybe.

    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      Notice that Esther’s linked up with the Jury Team lot – should be some good publicity for them.

      • 257
        Anonymous says:

        Lets be honest I dont think the answer is Esther Ranzen.

      • 300
        Engineer says:

        And if the answer is ‘Esther Rantzen’ lord knows what the question was!

      • 338
        Dr Feelgood says:

        The question would be, “Who’s holding the turnip that looks like a thingy?”

        And now, Cyril…

  47. 134
    Anonymous says:

    10 hours a day, seven days a week? She should report her employer for breaking the European Working Time Directive!

    She was good though.

  48. 138
    Mitch says:

    That Bradshaw bloke just had him a new arse hole ripped hahahaha smug fukwit.
    Tha audience should lynch the fukin lot of em.

  49. 142
    The Forensic Historian says:

    Bell is a blustering bore – well past his sell by date.
    Move on, Campbell’s toy.

  50. 144
    Dack Blog says:

    Bloody hell this is confirming my closet admiration for William Hague.

  51. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Cable: “Public school twits on the Tory backbenches”

    Nice Vince, way to show you’re rising above the party politics.

    • 209
      Tattooed_Arry says:

      He should look at his own front bench, Nick Clegg – Caldicott, and Westminster.

  52. 154
    Lord Elpus says:

    Just saw the old head of the con artists, Hague on the telly.

    He supports Martin getting a pension and a peerage! Dam foolish useless twat.

    Join the stop Martins pension and peerage campaign now.

    Jail this berk, don’t give a perk!

    Justice for the people.

    • 168
      A M says:

      Just William didn’t do very well tonight did he? He had a chance to shine, shame.

    • 180
      Captain Scarlett says:

      I know. I thought he was quite good until he said that – I couldn’t believe it.

      Why did they bring QT forward to 9pm?

      They really hyped it up. I thought something dramatic was going to happen – a fight or a shoot out even. [especially after last week's debacle]

      Ben Bradshaw was awful – looked like a toothpaste advert. Isn’t he a member of the commitee (as they say)?

      And who was the blond EU whistleblower with a slanty mouth? Difficult to understand but said some good anti EU stuff. Is she a UKIP candidate??

      And the ghastly Alibi Brown – a living nightmare of extraordinary proportions![although she played the anarchist tonight and was even slagging off labour.]

      • 203
        NewGirl says:

        yes blonde was Ukip. Brought forward cuz Beegb have decided its popular television at the mo. Just want a few viewers i think! All out of self interest, natch!

      • 206
        NewGirl says:

        ben radshaw likes his fake tan doesn’t he?

      • 216
        Anonymous says:

        Fake tan, fake sincerity.

      • 220
        Margy says:

        Why did Vince make that quip about tory backbenchers who he reffered to as public school twits? Very out of character – I was susrprised. He’s gone right down in my estimation. I just wish these leftists/liberals could get over their bloody class obssession because if they don’t we’re going to get nowhere fast!

        Vince you’ve upset me………..and my mother who is 96!

      • 224
        Margy says:

        Yes it looked like fake tan (propbably Clarins pour homme). I got sick of the sight of his teeth. .

      • 234
        NewGirl says:

        oh I missed him saying that. It’s soooo boring, and completely irrelevant. WTF cares which school anyone went to. They only drop it in because they think it makes them sound “one of the people”. Bollox.

      • 249
        Margy says:

        There are twits everywhere not only in public schools, and the latter only have their fair share like everyone other institution. Most of them seem like fairly decent chaps to me.

        It’s just another ‘catch phrase’/mantra like using ‘toffs’ all the time – it’s pathetic and shows a lack of growing up and moving on. It’s so small minded and bigotted.

      • 270
        NewGirl says:

        precisely. aren’t these trendy right on lefties supposed to be against discriminating???

      • 277
        RSM says:

        Character,leadership and class comes from the power of the personality, not the background.

      • 351
        Dr Feelgood says:

        The Tory toff line was seen to fail dismally at the Crewe & Nantwich by-election – so not a very clever line to follow.

        It’s the political class that is discredited, not the upper, middle or working class.

      • 377
        "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you.." says:

        Most the Public School educated, dysfunctional arseholes I have met, I came to the conclusion that Public School is the Social Services for the wealthy.

        An alternative to state care.

  53. 160
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Meantime, we have the next DT victims:

    Gibson (Lab) funding a flat for his daughter, as did Anne Main (Con)

    Moran instructed to refer herself to parliamentary inquiry (why not report to Plod?)

    Alan Beith double troughing for the same home with his wife Baroness Maddock (are Lib Dem peers special?)

    John Bercow (Lab Speaker candidate, though nominally a big Con) flipping and maximising ACA.

    Has that knocked out the Speaker candidates?

    • 166
      Brian "Cougar" Shatwell says:

      is not gibson a member of the famous “Scotch Twats” criminal gang?

      • 250
        Horny handed son of toil says:

        Nah, he’s a former Trot from Norwich. He is Scottish though.

    • 193
      dirtyden says:

      Be gratifying to see Berk-off knocked-out. (Nice bit uv two by four round the back of ‘is ‘ead should do the trick.)

  54. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Martin Bell was a creation of Alistair Campbell’s. I wouldn’t trust the smirking prig as far as I could kick him.

    • 173
      RENT MY GARAGE says:

      Knows his slightly right of normal poetry though, cheap white suit to boot

    • 247
      New Model Voter says:

      Bell is a self publicist who is hardly the best example of moral propriety. He was churning out contrived sound bites all night. And just so he knows The “duck house Parliament” wont win any caption contests.

  55. 162
    Brian "Cougar" Shatwell says:

    I think Brown is still the cock-a-doodle-do, an aging masturbating monkey

  56. 164
    nell says:

    Listening to main news now – full of Joanna Lumley and the Gurkha Victory.

    Well done Joanna!! I thought this morning that Gordon would renege – she was just too over-powering- and I’m glad.

    Of course- Gordon looks like what he is – completely robbed of authority – QT showed tonight that there is an overwhelming demand for a GE.

    But of course Hoon, Straw,Purnell are given absolutionof their sins by Brown whilst Blears is condemned but nonetheless kept within the fold – how sweet.

    • 185
      Honest says:

      Now the gurkhas have won perhaps Joanna Lumley will do us all a favour and feck off back into semi-obscurity. I’m sick of hearing about her and seeing all this completely over-the-top gushing praise. It seems that a sizeable portion of the British public and media never got over the loss of that other obsessive attention-seeker Princess Di.

      Though, at least she’s not as bad as that raddled, publicity-obsessed, desperate old hag Esther Rantzen.

      • 245
        nell says:

        Perhaps Mararet Moran is a saint who should be re-elected for the benefit of Luton!!??

      • 260
        Anonymous says:

        Oh Mandy, stop bitching. She played your party brilliantly. Now GET OVER IT.

      • 317
        Anonymous says:

        I’d prefer Margaret Moran to that pathetic, attention seeking, old boot Esther Rantzen.

      • 507
        Diana Prince says:

        Diana Prince worked in obscrtity for the benefit of mankind.

  57. 170
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    To all the little people.

    I am touched by your sadness andoutrage at what have been described as unreasonable claims for expenses, and note the opprobrium which some have attempted to heap on me.

    Your problem stems from a misguided notion; that I entered Parliament to serve you.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I entered Parliament to feather my nest in whatever way I could, milking the expenses system, jollying around the world on fact finding trips, gong collecting and using my influence and inside knowledge to secure extra parliamentary remuneration totally unrelated to my scant abilities.

    Do I have regrets? well, just a few; the momentary weaknesses such as selecting a 36″ telly when I could have had a 42″ and duck neglect, my poor mallards had to sleep under a bush in a dirty moat, but all in all I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to do.

    I shall stand down at the next election, with a hefty severance allowance. I will never forget nor regret my time in parliament; my huge, and I do mean huge, pension will see to that.

    So farewell then losers, swivel and gripe, Titbrain doesn’t give a shite.

    • 183
      Catosays says:

      Your name is Steen and I claim my £5

    • 187
      NewGirl says:


    • 190
      Village Idiot says:

      Your house looks like Balmoral, I’m dead jealous, I am.

      • 268
        Cladit, Glaze & Scarper says:

        Balmoral Stone Cladding, – all the rage in the late ’70s. One doesn’t see it so much now.

    • 202
      'Umble Constituant says:

      Does this mean that your going to abandon us ordinary folk by not continuing to serve us in the upper chamber? Come now sir,where is your sense of duty? Not forgetting the small remuneration.

    • 242
      New Model Voter says:

      We may yet drag you to the Scaffold in your retirement.

    • 396
      Hugh Janus says:

      I too heard the Steen slo-mo car-crash interview. I can’t ever recall listening to a more pathetic or stupid MP – and that is saying something bearing in mind the current crisis. Dave must be cringeing like the rest of us. Good riddance to prats like him.

    • 415

      Don’t be too surprised when your house burns down.

      The Penguin

  58. 172
    Fausty says:

    Did we have an early QT because MPs wanted to scuttle of early for the weekend?

  59. 177
    Mike Wheatley says:

    I think the outrage over MPs expenses is displaced anger over bankers bonuses.

    • 188
      early riser says:


    • 196
      Anonymous says:

      Bollox, you fuckwitted prick.

      • 226
        Mike Wheatley says:

        What’s your displaced anger over then? I’m sure my little remark shouldn’t induce such an aggresive response.

      • 254
        Anonymous says:

        Idiot. You clearly can’t manage to read a newspaper.

      • 313
        Anonymous says:

        If you think that’s aggressive then you’re too sensitive. Have you had a sheltered life?

      • 327
        Mike Wheatley says:

        Nope, on both counts – read the papers and I’ve been shot at and spat on for taking the Queens shilling. I too am angry over the MP’s exp scandal but I feel it is disproportionate for what has actually gone on. Dig below the surface on any walk of life and you’ll find people scamming.

      • 358
        Anonymous says:

        yes but not on the fiddle for tens of thousands of OUR money. And if the common people get caught, they get banged up. That’s why people are so disgusted. It’s the Animal Farm nature of our pathetic and useless politicians that really sticks in the craw.

  60. 184
    ben bradshaw says:

    ben bradshaws saying some of ‘em should go to prison! May i be your future?

    • 192
      Anonymous says:

      Bradshaw wasn’t very loyal to Brown tonight, was he ;-)

      • 205
        The Forensic Historian says:

        Thought so too.
        Suggesting Primary type elections too as part of a new Constitution.
        As NuLab go, one of the better guys and brave to face the audience in these times.
        Is that in the Manifesto or is he settting his stall out as a candidate for the next leader ?

    • 236
      Anonymous says:

      Bradshaw is positioning himself for the post nu labour World

      • 237
        Anonymous says:

        Labour are positioning Bradshaw for the post nu Labour World !

      • 244
        Engineer says:

        In the Jobcentre queue with the rest of his party?

      • 355
        Dr Feelgood says:

        Definitely – he set himself against the party line in a number of ways.

        With any luck Labour will not be the official opposition after the GE – and the 100 year socialist nightmare will be over.

        Bradshaw would make a good Nick Clegg – leading the rump third party which formerly was a power in the land.

  61. 194
    RavingMad says:

    Agree about QT – audience very lively and wouldn’t let Bradshaw get away with his nonsense. Maybe the revolution is just beginning…..we want an election and we want rid of the present scum government.

    • 334
      English Liberation Front says:

      Yeah but notice that Dimblewit didn’t go along with the suggestion for a show of hands from the audience as to whether an election should be held now. He quickly moved on from that – too embarassing for the BBC to preside over a judgement by proxy on Gordon McMugabe’s crap regime. Most of the hands would have shot up except for the planted Labour stooges and odd barmy communist.

  62. 195
    Hazel Blears says:

    Gay Gordon Brown is a fucking tosser and I’m gonna rip him a new arsehole if he tries to sack me.

    • 214
      Alan Philip Bongggg says:

      In your black dress, Hazel, you look like a Duracell battery. “I will go on and on and on. I will.”

    • 416

      You should have refused to write that fucking cheque until Hoon and Darling got their fucking cheque books out, you cowardly little ginger minger.

      The Penguin

  63. 197
    Bored by Lumley says:

    Joanna Lumley = yawn

  64. 198
    The Forensic Historian says:

    Ian Gibson MP (Labour Norwich)
    Comes clean on selling his taxpayer funded home to his daughter for half the market value.
    He gives his story in DT tomorrow.
    He’s happy to face the electorate after explaining what he understands is a move too far for his constituents. Oh, and he’s NuLabour Scots.

    Well done him !
    At first glance an honourable man.

    But wait :
    Is this a cynical ploy for NuLabour to be seen as doing the right thing and steal some kudos for Brown and away from Clegg and Cameron ?
    The man is a University Professor, aged 70, with a majority of only 5000 who is almost certainly going to lose his seat despite this epiphany.
    Rather than doing the honourable thing, I’m sure he’ll choose to give hs electorate the option to ditch him – but only at a General Election.

    These types make me sick.

    • 211
      Singing Postman says:

      Was he known as Dr Ian Gibson? I once went to one of his constituants surgeries, and i was asked to go behind the curtain and disrobe. Fearing probing questions,i left

      • 257
        The Forensic Historian says:

        Doctor of Philosophy, apparentlly.
        Pray tell how you managed to be fooled into taking your clothes off – or even into his fake surgery ?
        As the late, great, Spike Milligan once remarked when he joined the army and was invited to take of his clothes for an initial medical:
        “Aren’t you at least going to offer to buy me a drink first”?

    • 246
      Anonymous says:

      Isn’t that fraud so she paid less stamp duty than was due? MPs children above the tax laws as well?

      • 271
        The Forensic Historian says:

        And Gordo as Chancellor brought in a number of budget policies to deal with these tory types trying to offload their assets to their offspring and evade fair taxes, did he not ?
        Defended rigorously at the time.
        New loophole fixes like POAT (Pre owned asset tax)
        I’m sure he’ll forgive Dr Gibson “for services provided” in this case.
        Just think, this guy is likely to be out of a job at the age of 71 . How will he survive ?

  65. 201
    Jim says:

    She don’t half love herself

  66. 204
    Peter Mandelson says:

    I’m sharpening my knives. :D

  67. 207
    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown pants says:

    If you think Anthony Steen’s got a nice pile then you want to see my £2.7 million manor house outside Cirencester.

    So nice of you plebs to pay for it for me LOL

  68. 217
    Evesham ex-Tory says:

    Greedy shopaholic Tory MP Peter Luff claimed for three bog seats. John Prescott only claimed for two….

  69. 223
    Anonymous says:

    The government has lost all authority and has become a sick joke both at home and abroad. It’s clear that the vast majority of voters want a general election now.

    • 269
      Engineer says:

      Agreed. But Gurning Gordon won’t call one until the last minute. God knows what state the economy will be in by then, never mind public borrowing.

    • 275
      NewGirl says:

      people keep saying that. I, for one, don’t think they ever had any bloody moral authority. not a days worth

  70. 229
    nell says:

    Gordon on News at Ten saying that he is congratulating Joanna Lumley – because she has won her case for the Gurkhas

    and saying he wants to thank her thank her thank her thank her

    and makes him very proud very proud very proud of the gurgkhas

    Why didn’t he support the Gurkhas and Joanna in the beginning???!!!

  71. 231
    Dack Blog says:

    Labour ppb coming on… *peeks through fingers*

    • 235
      Anonymous says:

      It all started in America………….

      • 248
        Dack Blog says:

        Christ it was the usual slag off the opposition with a bit of ‘We know you hate us right now’ tacked on at the start. Like the ads for the local curry house you used to see at the cinema.

      • 253
        Not cash, just Gordon says:

        I’m getting on with the job of saving the world.

    • 360
      Dr Feelgood says:

      The production values were appalling – encouraging sign that Labour have run out of money.

      But at least proves that Gordon can walk and talk at the same time. Just. Well done to him.

  72. 240
    Heads on poles says:

    Just saw the Zanulabour election broadcast.
    WARNINg – the snotgobbler grins and smiles in it – you have been warned.
    Oh and it probably cost £3.

    • 243
      NewGirl says:

      Yeuch. Can’t watch, won’t watch. Makes me feel poorly, that grin.

      • 285
        Ex SAS says:

        I’m under the Councellors orders not to watch or listen to Gordon Brown. All being well she sais I should make a partial recovery from repetitive stress and tension syndrome in about another year.

    • 251
      Dack Blog says:

      Let’s hope he didn’t have a return ticket on that Eurostar.

      • 264
        Anonymous says:

        Brown is a sick joke and his government have lost all moral authority.

        We must have a general election now!

  73. 263
    NewGirl says:

    How long after June 21st will they leave it till they give Martin his peerage? Is it the next Honours list? When’s that? I’m just musing, but I really think that if they go through with that, they are yet again underestimating the public feeling about it. Might be another nail for Brown. FFS how ridiculous to even consider making a Lord of someone who has been so thoroughly discredited he was forced to resign from office. But they are utterly arrogant enough to think public opinion doesn’t matter. It seems to be a very slow learning curve…Someone should start another petition about that peerage. Bet it would gather a few names.

  74. 265
  75. 266
    Andrew says:


    Not only got a tax payer funded flat but had his daught living there full time. Then sold it to his daughter for half market value saving inheritance tax/transfer tax and capital gains tax. A very dodgy deal if ever there was one. It must all be illegal.

    Old codger is standing down but he should be prosecuted and tax payers should get their money back.

    All the hypocrisy this guy is on when he styles himself as a rebel and a moral crusader etc but is just a hypocrit on the take. He should stand down now the criminal. We really do have a parliament of thieves.

    • 280
      Anonymous says:

      Standing down ? – he’d be out anyway.

      • 399
        Archie MacPherson says:

        Not so sure he’s standing down. He’s the first to publicly suggest that if voters want him out then they can vote that way. It’s the first open acknowledgement of a logic that relies upon the probably correct belief that the public is too thick to understand what is going and/or doesn’t care.

  76. 271
    nell says:

    Sorry – elderly person – needs to go to bed -

    Have been reading Machiavelli today – pertinent point –

    “The experience of our time shows that those who achieve great things make small account of good faith. They understand by cunning how to circumvent the intelligence of others”

    I would like to elect Mandy as Machiavelli ??- from Brownite to Blairite ???

    • 293
      nell says:

      Sorry – just a thought – I have gone to bed!!!

      But isn’t Rennard pleased that QT and Lumley have overshadoowed his resignation ??!!

      Don’t wprry Chris we shall come back and examine what your resignation is all about very soon. You have not been forgotten.

      Neither has the Illustrious Baroness.

      Good Night . God Bless.

  77. 276
    Rip Off UK says:

    What has happened to QT – they are discussing on it BBC 24, but it has not been shown on BBC 1.


  78. 279
    Question Time? says:

    Why was Question Time pulled?

  79. 288
    arthur says:

    David Starkey is spot on; change now.

    • 294
      Dack Blog says:

      Why is Maguire made up to look like Gordon Brown? And Anita Dobson??? Christ on a bike. The celebs are invading politics. We’re (even more) doomed.

      • 299
        Anonymous says:

        Be Warned its just a matter of time before that prize prick Bono stands for election in the European Parliament.

      • 307
        arthur says:

        What the fuck is your reply about, are you a status quo c***

      • 308
        Anonymous says:

        F*ck Nooooooooooooooooooo !
        Bono – Pop’s answer to David Brent

      • 314
        Anonymous says:

        U2 are an old mans band , you old man. Almost as old as status quo but more smug.

      • 318
        Dack Blog says:


      • 324
        Anonymous says:

        Im sure youve all heard the story of Bonos self righteous sketch on Stage where he in full pontificating mood( whilst paying very little tax himself) says “everytime time I snap my fingers a child dies” and someone in the crowd shouts “well stop f***ing doing it then !”

      • 326
        Anonymous says:

        He is being prepared as Gordos Doppleganger

  80. 295
    Gordons Browns invisible cleaner says:

    I was claimed for therefore I am

  81. 297
    Rip Off UK says:

    Ok that’s the final straw – time to tear up my tv licence!

    to suffer social embarrassment on the guido fawkes blog is an infringement of my human rights.

  82. 301
    Anonymous says:

    Some MP Peter Luff on Radio 5 now, whinging his head off and full of self pity because the Telegraph are exposing his troughing tomorrow. Diddums you crook.

  83. 305
    Anonymous says:

    Why has Brown cleared Hoon and Purnell yet said Blears behaviour is “totally unacceptable” when they have all done the same scam? In fact Hoon and Purnell probably made a lot more money than Blears.

    • 311
      Sunonmars says:

      because Blears dared to speak out against him, its that simple.

    • 312
      Confucius says:

      Because Blears flipped the house that she evaded tax on, saying it was her second home to one lot of officials, and saying it was her first home to the other lot.

      Whereas, the other two Hoon and Purnell didn’t do that, they didn’t pay the tax because it was declared as their first home to all the relevant officials.

      One does not need to pay capital gains tax on the sale of ones first (or main) home.

      This I believe to be a true and correct explanation to your above query.

      • 362
        It doesn't add up... says:


        [Purnell] saved thousands of pounds after informing the parliamentary authorities that Manchester was his “main” home while the tax authorities considered London to be his “primary” residence. Mr Purnell claimed for a £395 accountant’s bill that included “tax advice provided in October 2004 regarding sale of flat” on parliamentary expenses which are intended to cover the costs of running an MP’s office.

        Mr Hoon is believed to have made a profit of around £300,000 on the London home he sold in 2006. The property had been rented out for four years before it was sold. During this time, he had lived in a grace-and-favour flat in Whitehall and owned a substantial “family” home in Derbyshire. Within months of changing ministerial positions and leaving the grace-and-favour property, Mr Hoon sold the London house, telling the tax authorities that it was his “principal” residence. He then bought another London property and claimed expenses on that.

    • 315
      Walls of Jericho says:

      If one falls…..

    • 321
      Anonymous says:

      one of the great unanswered questions.
      such as why are badger’s arses so rough
      and who found that out

    • 505
      Short Arsed Someone says:

      At 4′ 10″ perhaps Gordon thinks she is leprechaun and will give him a pot of gold

  84. 323
    arthur says:

    I am amazed that David Starkey is the only one in all this corruption as come up with a alternative system and there as not been one comment on it from this blog.

    • 328
      Confucius says:

      What did he say exactly?

      • 331
        Loved Up Historian says:

        Bollocks, basically

      • 339
        Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

        He remarked on the efficacy of the american system, which apparently was developed from ours. Basically in Brown, we have an illegitimate president who has no checks and balances. Starkey sounded good to me.

    • 340
      English Liberation Front says:

      I enjoyed his usual dig at the Scots and Welsh politicians fouling our parliament with their mean-minded bolshy nonsense.

      And contrary to “Loved Up Historian” I thought what he said made sense. He has the measure of Broon and his Gang of Sucking The Life From Our Democracy Goons.

      Watching Broon tonight I was filled with hatred for him. Watching Jacqui Smith admit defeat over the Gurkhas I was filled with contempt for her. She was like a sub-manager in a second rate retail chain talking about the latest regional sales figures.

  85. 329
    Confucius says:

    Why were BBC programs on earlier than usual tonight
    e.g. Question Time and This Week?

    • 333
      Grasshopper says:

      I Dunno. Any insights?

    • 345
      BigBadC unt Corporation spokesperson says:

      it’s all to do wiv space and time.

      Time to big up McSnot again.

      And space to do it in.

      He (or she) is our leader.

  86. 336
    Veteran MP Sir Antony Steen quoted in the guardian says:

    “I’ve done nothing criminal, that’s the most awful thing, and do you know what it’s about? Jealousy,”

    “I’ve got a very, very large house. Some people say it looks like Balmoral. It’s a merchant’s house of the 19th century. It’s not particularly attractive, it just does me nicely.”

    “We have a wretched government here which has completely mucked up the system and caused the resignation of me and many others, because it was this government that introduced the Freedom of Information Act and it is this government that insisted on the things which caught me on the wrong foot, which if I’d been cleverer it wouldn’t have done. What right does the public have to interfere with my private life? None.”

    • 346
      Horny handed son of toil says:


    • 349
      Dogger says:

      At first glance thought this was a clever piss-take. IT’S A QUOTE, FOR GOD’S SAKE! Not sure my brain is really accepting what is going on here, but I’ll keep trying.

      • 350
        Anonymous says:

        Mind you,after a little chat with Dave,He was full of contrition,and announced he would stand down.

      • 438
        A fossil says:

        hooorah. Listen to the gory details yourself. go to 1:20

    • 359
      Bob the Builder says:

      Balmoral was always awfully ugly…

      Typically Queen Victoria

      But these pricks spent thousands of our money to imitate Victoria

      150 years later…


    • 365
      Dr Feelgood says:

      Hague implied on QT that Steen was pissed when interviewed.

      A sackable offence in most occupations.

      Stupid old fucker wants taking out the back and shooting – go on DC, pour encourager les autres.

    • 384
      Archie says:

      Nae when we’re payin’ fer it, Jimmeh!

  87. 341
    Stephen says:

    Sorry, O/T but this takes the biscuit:

    Keep it in the family, Gibson, you are just a thieving Scottish Hoon, no better than a crack addict stealing car radios to pay for another rock.

    Your daughter must be very proud of you.

    You Hoon.

    • 361
      Historian says:

      We are really into the old Scottish gangs again…

      There really is a problem with these people

      Greedy Scots and greedy Jews have ruined England

      That is most of Nu Labour statistically…

      • 366
        Dr Feelgood says:

        What a crock of racist shit. Idiot.

      • 371
        Historian says:

        The facts are there my friend

        Do you want me to give you a list of the names ?!

      • 372
        Bugsy Siegal says:

        It is too hishonest for words to dismiss a factual statement

        With a smear

        Physician cure thyself, first of all before speaking please..

        Ot are your MACBRIDE…!!!

      • 373
        Bugsy Siegal says:

        Or Dr Feelgood are you just trying to cover up


        with smears of racism against your oppenents to establish

        censorship on your tems

        That is what GOEBBELS did old fellow…

      • 374
        John Locke says:

        Silent and ashamed Dr Feelgood ??

        Or inventing your smears for tomorrow ??

        Like the rest of Nu Labour I suppose

        You are a disgrace to Britain

        And history will regard you all as such…

      • 430
        Dr Feelgood says:

        Blaming racial groups for the plight of the country is errrr, racist.

        To accuse anyone who doesn’t like picking on minorities a Labour shill is ridiculous. The root of the problem with the country is the Labour party.

  88. 344
    Horny handed son of toil says:

    Is he a bottom pincher?

  89. 352
  90. 357
    Citizen Kane says:








    • 454
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Somebody said years ago that if you sent all MP’s an anonymous message saying; ‘All is`discovered. Flee at once’ you could get rid of most of them.

  91. 364
    Alan Philip Bongggg says:

    Why the public outrage now? We sat through episodes of “Yes Minister”/”Yes Prime Minister” and laughed at how the system served itself at our expense in the 80′s and 90′s. Is it because we are having the p*ss taken at a time of economic crises, uncertainty and hardship? Just wondering.

    • 439
      JMT says:

      People cannot understand the amount of cash wasted on ZaNuLabour’s failed polices.

      Hundreds of Billions are just words – no-one can picture that amount of money – whereas a few thousand quid people can easily picture.

      That is why a couple of thousand quid of taxpayers’ money squnadered on “expenses” generates more public anger than the hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money squandered on bailouts and subsidies.

  92. 367
    Alan Philip Bongggg says:

    At the risk of being the only insomniac still up at12.45 a.m. and therefore talking to myself, did anyone else attribute significance to the fact that Vince Cable on QT did not respond to a question proposing proportianate representation, when given the opportunity? Are the Lib Dems banking on a hung parliant?

    • 369
      Alan Philip Bongggg says:

      Or even proportional representation.

      • 370
        Alan Philip Bongggg says:

        and even a hung parliament. I really should preview my comments.

      • 378
        Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

        I would settle for a well hung parliament – that would be diferent. They could sell themselves by the inch then.

  93. 368
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Guido, any chance of publishing a list of genuinely Honourable members. It should be fairly short

    • 403
      shellingout says:

      Norman Lamb – Lib Dem MP. He is in a very small minority of honest MP’s, I’m afraid.

  94. 375
    caesars wife says:

    As the dying mad scientists experiment that is Gordon browns labour , splutters in the frying pan , I hear some labour people have had some whispers and now thinking of turning on him , the maytr stage was passed a few months ago , now they are thinking his loafing and leadership deficiet are costing them dear , they wish he had taken the exit offered . The court of public opinion noises are getting through the loch barrons fifiedom .

    The near unamimous public outrage that the Labour men and women who steered us into this mess are not who they want to get us out of it anymore , Standard and Poors pointing out that our AAA rating is not secure , says somthing bigger than Gordons and Alistairs lack of truth is getting crushed under bigger voices , that are losing confidence in what this goverment says .

    On tonights QT , we had a taster of somthing long forgtten in that , if it our parliment why dont they treat us with more respect . Ben Bradsahws quavering explanation of why we shouldnt have an election , is from a man who prays at the alter piece of PR “Dear Max Clifford who art similar to heaven , grant me this day the words that make me sound worthy yet do not allow the fires of truth to enter into my house , as i wish to sit back and take it easy on the money i have , calm the troubled seas of those that think i am fool conning them out of good goverment , and let me not fall into the pit of vipers that i have made for made for my enemies , now so huge and using so much tax payers money it is hard for me to see the promised land anymore”

    what Ben thinks is that the public , can be talked to , bamboozled with spin bling , comforted with the sounds and images of the Blair era .

    So gordon has a “national Plan” , could it be the cultural revolution , chairman gords new Red Book ??, he says he will reveal it post june 4th wrongly assuming that people wont still feel cheated , the boil having been lanced he can come over all fresh and new , in wonderful moment of british summer , of warmth and sunshine .

    Brillos opening sequence was a classic , capturing the weeks events well , scarey mcguire in the dungeon , or was it the daily mirror editorial suite .
    hints at new , yes what we need is new , not the old new but the completely new oh yes that will sort it out . As if the poor voter doesnt have enough on his/her plate deciding if the leaflets getting pushed through doors mean anything .

    It is a rotten parliment , historic really , a country busted , toughers avin it large and a total lack of understanding or respect for history , this goverment thinks its scorched earth iniative , can change things more to there liking as any truly despotic regieme does , oh no we dont elections , they just get in the way !! We dont need to explain anything as we know how to run them and there insignificant lives .

    nothing will change until gordon brown goes and that election is called , denying the choice is the same thing as not wanting you to have one in this goverments case . labour want to trick into thinking they are protecting you like a relaible class A drugs dealer , you know where to get the stuff that makes you happy !!

    but before we have the attack of the giant slugs , sandles and proportional representation (who also ahould be flame throwed) , because some of the new ideas have in mind to take your represenation into somthing called “dunnow mate” or a pleasant dinner party discussion.

    here is my test , a sort of turing test if you will .

    Why should we elect people to run our country and have authority??

    • 434
      Ann Mein says:

      You see, most of our laws and orders come from foreign lands in europe, so what do our Parliamentarians do exactly? This was a point made on Question Time last night but ignored. Do we need them or shall we restore our own values, laws, etc and elect decent, patriotic people to part take in the process of our government. I’m not talking bandpee btw. I took the warning from the UKIP representitive off of Question Time. She was the EU accountant who was sacked for whistle blowing.

  95. 379
    terrace bar frequenter says:

    rather impressed by the crawley mp who sleeps on a camp bed when overnight in london and does not want to trough. has a margin of 38 in her consituency. if she stands as an independent rather then labour next time i would like to hope we would all vote for her. 640 of her and the country would be better off.

    • 388
      Lord 'Udders' Mandrill of Duck Island, Brazil, Bathplugs and Porn says:

      Funny what being marginal does for your morals!

      • 465
        Vimeiro says:

        I concur. My MP has a majority of over 15,000, claims to almost the max on his ACA, even though the constituency is on the main line to London and a season ticket for less than £2,500.

    • 466
      Throbber says:

      Fuck her – she’s Labour, vote the c unt down.

  96. 380
    anon126 says:

    as I say in my blog, I am amazed how everyone is totally innocent. Rennard seems to want to spend more time with his family & because his health. Strangely his health is not that bad, or his family so needy that he is not giving up his peerage and all those lovely lifetime expenses…..odd that :)

  97. 385
    RavingMad says:

    The 2009 Westminster Comedy Review enters its third week with no sign of abating. Today we have Nick Brown, eminent troughing swine, calling on Margaret Moran, eminent troughing swine, to report for Parliamentary investigation.

    You’d laugh your head off if it wasn’t so bloody serious. Anthony Steen, who has form on these things, sums up the great divide between players and audience well – it’s all their fault. Quite Anthony, it’s all our bloody money – no fcuk off and go to gaol.

    • 387
      Dogger says:

      I AM laughing my head off and it IS so bloody serious. Never felt so schizophrenic!

      • 395
        An ordinary voter says:

        Brown fears chaos if there was a General Election but it can surely not be worse than the present chaos sweeping through Parliament ? At least the electorate could put them collectively out of their misery in one fell swoop at the polls

  98. 389
    A Pensioner says:

    Just be re-reading the D-Day explits of 47 Commando

    How bacteria like these fucking MPs have the right to bleat about being hard done to make my blood boil with fury.

    • 413
      Cast the last fodder says:

      And mine. Talk about away from family/family life my arse.

  99. 390
    Brian "Cougar" Shatwell says:

    Ian Gibson – hmmmm…………Scottish

    It started in Scotland

  100. 391
    anonybot says:

    “Sir Alan Beith, the first MP to put his name forward for the post of Speaker, claimed £117,000 in second home allowances while his wife, Baroness Maddock, claimed £60,000 Lords expenses for staying at the same address. Sir Alan is a Liberal Democrat MP.”

    ” John Bercow, a Tory candidate for the Speaker’s chair, faces questions over his expenses claims after he “flipped” his second home from his constituency to a £540,000 flat in London and claimed the maximum possible allowances. ”

    The above snippets from to-day’s Telegraph I think probably put paid to both the gentlemen’s aspirations to be the Speaker to restore confidence in Parliament

    • 417
      nell says:

      That leaves Ann Widdecombe then – because the Labour side will never vote for Frank Field.

      Morning Folks

      • 476
        Sunonmars says:

        I’d happily lik to see Widdecombe stay on and not retire and become speaker, it would hilarious to watch her berate them for a few years.

    • 449
      Gelnda Jackson for Speaker Campaign says:

      Glenda Jackson for Speaker

      • 462
        cutofyourjib says:

        If so, Glenda should put the Elizabeth I frock and wig and makeup on.

        That’d put the wind up them. Instead of “Order Order”, I suggest “send them to the Tower!”

      • 492
        Sunonmars says:

        Glenda is a useless cow, she only ever appears just before an election, she was my mp for years before i moved, we all used to call her the ghost mp.

  101. 392
    Barry Stanford says:

    I am concerned about the amount of Scotch MP’s who have been troughing

    Not only do the Scotch have their own parliament, they vote on English only matters in our and still fill the need to gorge themselves on the public purse

    What is it with Scotch people?

    • 394
      Anonymous says:

      I think you probably need to go back to the times of Robert the Bruce and then start reading Scottish history and their centuries old disputes with England- deeply ingrained in their national pysche the Scots feel that anything they can get from the Westminster Parliament(which they equate with the English Establishment) is their due !

    • 422
      Nearly Headless Nick says:

      They drink too much!

    • 425
      Sir Mallard RoaringBigot says:

      Quite bloody right!

      These Scots have a damned cheek trying to show up the mother of all Parliaments by enacting expenses reforms long ago that actually work.

      What right have they to whine patheticaly about the English ?
      You won’t see that sort of loutish behaviour around here, by thunder!!!

      Send them back across the Irish sea to Walesland where they belong.

    • 447
      Anonymous says:

      Scotch is an alcoholic beverage. The people are Scottish or Scots. If you have to be Xenophobic at least get the terminology right you fucknut.

    • 486
      Angry Scotsman says:

      Whilst I completely share the view that, pretty much all our MPs are on the fiddle, I would point out that the Scottish MPs voting on English only matters (the Lothian question) is not a matter for ‘Scottish MPs’ as such. It is a problem of the party system.

      Labour’s stronghold is Scotland, when NuLab want to push something through for the English system, they whip the Scottish MPs. I’m not defending them at all, they’re too feckin stupid to realise what they’re doing. But that is what is happening.

      So look at the party system, rather than throwing muck at all scots.

      There are a hell of a lot of scots who also want these thieving pondscum out of this parliament.

  102. 397
    Hugh Janus says:

    Nadine Dorries on Toady, trying to defend – unsuccessfully – the ACA.

    MPs are frightened – this is outstandingly good news. They should be terrified of the electorate.

    • 402
      Breakfast Ruined says:

      Nadine Dorries on Toady, trying to defend – unsuccessfully – the ACA.

      She really came across as a mad old bag. Tory Tigress, my arse. Tories ought to give her the push if they’ve got any sense.

    • 404
      Very concerned Joe says:

      No. They should be respectful and subservient to the public. Sadly, most have not and cannot be. We need an election pronto. This is beyond entertaining now and is most serious as we need moral authority and level headedness in our leadership, not cowering, low-life cowards hiding behind a facade of pomp and graciousness.

      • 443
        Mallards Ladies and Gentleman says:

        What with Dorries and Steen “respectful and subserviant” have vanished.
        I for one would welcome an Election tomorrow but it AIN’T gonna happen.

        We have the Euros in two weeks and whenever the Election is the Expenses of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 646 MP’s will be “outed” before then.
        That is almost a certainty.

        This isn’t going to fade away.

        It will not be one protest vote and everything’s all better now.
        Politics and MP’s have been defined for a generation by this and trust will not return for a looong time. If the Election was tomorrow the public would still think most MP’s are thieving greedy scum the day after whatever the result.

        Mock Piety, saying sorry, blandishments and PR moves won’t change that now.

  103. 401
    shellingout says:

    So many MP’s on the fiddle now coming out of the wooodwork. If they fall on their swords now, they probably all stand a better chance of getting a peerage. I hope they all burn in hell.

  104. 406
    Anothermouse says:

    Now that the Lib Dems have come out for an election, Gordon’s greed and moral bankruptcy might be enough to send Labour into third place behind them.

  105. 408
    Nick Clegg MP says:

    I’m gonna buy Vince Cable a sense of humour for his birthday!

    • 412
      Fred Goodwin's undersea Goose Mansion says:

      Didn’t see wee willie hague trying to pull too many “funnies” as Colossal Conservative f*ckwit Anthony Steen was quoted to him amid gasps from the audience.

      Expect those quotes and clips to be played again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

  106. 409
    Spin Doctor says:

    Just who was the Hunt who persuaded the Gurkhars to raise three fucking cheers for Gordon Brown in the Downing Street garden. Fucking unbelieveable!

    • 433
      'Baroness' Uddin everything according to the rules says:

      I am a scheming, selfish monster of the golden trough with houses all over the fucking shop and an attitude you can’t believe.

      But you can’t touch me because I am a useful Muhammudist and will go on claiming to be multiculturalist until we are in the majority and I no longer need any cover.

    • 437
      shellingout says:

      I couldn’t believe that either. He even wheeled out Mrs B to come and shake hands. If Labour were that concerned about the Gurkhars, why didn’t they sort this out 12 years ago when they got into government?

      Gordon will jump on any passing bandwagon to give himself the oxygen of publicity whilst hoping that some voters will believe that he’s done the decent thing.

      I can only hope and pray that there are plans afoot within his own ranks to oust him quick smart.

    • 452
      Groucho says:

      On the contrary, their magnanimity in victory must have really got under Brown’s skin, showning him up for the spiteful petty minded little man than he is.

    • 475
      Sunonmars says:

      considering last month he was happy for them to die in a dump somewhere whilst basically saying, we got what we want from you, now fuck off.

      Besides I’m prety sure it was a very clear british labour voice doing the hip hip hooray crap.

  107. 410
    Anonymous says:

    Off topic but did anyone else catch the sainted Nadine on Today this morning.

    What a pathetic, piggy in the trough waste of space she was justifying mps excesses, worried that one of them will top themselves!

    Guido might think she’s a tiger but she’s showing herself to be toothless sheep, pray god she’s a one term MP

    • 414
      Cast the last fodder says:

      391 and 396 did.

    • 418
      My second Duck Domecile has a helipad says:

      Don’t talk nonsense!
      “Tory Tigress” is actually a little known term that means “toothless trough enabler”.
      How else could you explain her pathetic performess as the poor widdle MP victims of the howwwible nasty Tewegwaff that is hellbent on their Mcarthyite Vendetta of printing the MP’s expenses facts in black and white. The Swiiiine!

      No doubt the “media” held a gun to all those MP’s heads and forced them rob the Taxpayer blind. Sorry but you get another nice Holiday MP’s and if the worst comes to the worst you get a lovely pension and have already profitted like a Banker out of your disgusting greed with a House or two to spare to boot no doubt.

    • 450
      Indigo says:

      Yes, I heard Nadine shoot herself and all the other MPs in the foot/feet. Call me cynical but I thought that she was “positioning” herself and her colleagues so that, if – Heaven forbid – an MP does do him/herself in, she will feel justified in blaming the media. Rather than attribute it to the late MP’s bad conscience, say.

      Anyway, I read somewhere that a psychiatrist had been brought in at taxpayers’ expense to help them deal with being found out in their avarice and dishonesty.

      If, say, it turns out that an MP has been using the public purse to maintain a mistress, of course that MP will feel frightened about being discovered and lampooned. But it isn’t the media’s fault.

  108. 421
    Charlie Chutney says:

    It started in Scotland

  109. 423
    Bell End PR says:

    Она началась в Шотландии

  110. 424
    Anonymous says:

    The pathetic trougher Nadine Dorries MP has just told Radio 4 that the expenses episode is a McCarthyite witchhunt against MPs who are cracking up and at risk of suicide.

    What an arsehole she is, what a hoon, what a bleating piece of thieving shit.

    No doubt her mate Iain Dale will be defending his favourite fag hag on his blog later today.

    They just don’t get it, do they!

    • 427
      Taxpayers' Assets Recovery Team (Parliament) Unit says:

      Anything mentioning expenses is O/T, as Rennard resigning for “family and health reasons”.

      Assume Uddin will resign because she doesn’t lke ermine anymore.

    • 435
      Cassandra King says:

      Dorries has been used by the BBC toady comrades and played like a cheap guitar, well done Dorries you fucking prick, you have just cost the Tories yet more votes.
      Self pitying whinging is the very last thing people want to hear right now and the silly cow has played into newlabours hands perfectly, the sole reason that toady picked it up and gave her airtime was to make her look like the complete tool she appears to be, the newlabour scumbag Stephen Pound got the prime chance to make her look like an out of touch twat.

      • 484
        Anonymous says:

        Exactly. Dorries is a cretin and allowed that Brownite creep Pound to take the moral high ground.

    • 440
      Anonymous says:

      MPs topping themselves….what a tragedy that would be for Britain!

      • 453
        shellingout says:

        Oh, they’ll be alright. They’ve probably already enlisted the services of a Harley Street shrink at £300 per hour (courtesy of the taxpayer).

      • 485
        Anonymous says:

        They have a psychiatrist appointed to help them. Taxpayer funded of course.

    • 488
      Senator McCarthy says:

      Damn right honey. Only difference is MPs are actually guilty.

  111. 426
    Nigel Bowker says:

    Our political system under Brown is turning just as chaotically as I predicted in my book “Boom and Bust” written before he became PM. Contact me on for a free electronic copy.

  112. 429
    Pat's Pal says:

    I heard from a mate that Royal Mail are warning their post delivery operatives to be on the look out for potential postal voter fraud. (Mutliple names at same address, etc). I wonder who would gain most by riggin’ and what does this tell us about our beloved country?

    • 432
      Duck em all! says:

      Well any of the the main Parties would be totally loopy to try it as they are going to get a smash to the face from the voter in the polls.

      Whether by masive numbers of people just not bothering to vote for crooks anymore or by the fringe and extremist Parties getting an Expenses boost.
      They are going to be well and truly f**ked.

      • 441
        P1 says:

        Except that many “community leaders” in some areas and constituencies will see nothing wrong in their MP’s troughing activities ( they may even admire it, as they are doing the same further down the democratic food-chain). In case I haven’t made it clear, I’m worried about the inner cities here. Nothing has been done to attack electoral fraud and the next election will be the worst yet.

      • 472
        "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you.." says:

        Yes, if they are brazen enough to fudge their expenses, fiddling the vote would not be beyond their remit.

        Couple this with the amount of potential voter disillusionment, the potential of ‘more of the same’ is very real.

  113. 436
    joe r says:

    I think it may have been a mistake to direct attention to the Lib Dems. I now live on tenterhooks waiting for the revelations on Mark Oaten.

    Just think about it!

  114. 444
    'Baroness' Uddin everything according to the rules says:

    This farce is now terminal. There won’t be any return to anything approximating ‘normality’ until after an election – and even then it won’t be a normality any currently elected MPs will recognize.

    If Broon bitch-slaps Blears into an early and hastily-dug shallow grave, but still embraces Hoon then the prospect of an early election will move into centre stage.

  115. 445
    Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are still silent about the sponging fraudster Margaret Moran, but they do find time to report on a stunning newlabour council election in that common thief Blears ward, newlabour held the seat on a 17.5% turnout, can you believe it FFS?

    Its quite possible that the ward is crammed with newlabour client serfs on benefits who think its far more important to watch daytime soaps on their 52″ plasma while drinking wifebeater all day?

  116. 448
    shellingout says:

    Did anyone see Peter Luff on Sky this morning, trying to justify his £17,000 expenses claim?

    Mr Luff purchased a dinner service, which he broke. To replace this, he said he bought a “cheap” set for £625. He bought two ironing boards (one broke) and two toilet seats (one broke). He says he will stand down if his constituents ask him to.

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that these sorts of claims are tantamount to fraud and these theives should be standing in the dock.

    • 471
      Anonymous says:

      Cameron must encourage Luff’s deselection. The man is a shameless spiv.

  117. 455
    The Wall Street Wailer says:




  118. 456
    Groucho says:

    Can anyone out there please confirm that my hearing is ok?

    Did I really hear Ben Bradshaw on QT last night actually claim that he had been ‘campaigning for years’ to reform MPs’ expenses?

    • 460
      lololo says:


    • 461
      Let them eat Duck soup says:

      That would every other second between pathetically trying to claim he and Martin Bell were siamese twins seperated at birth.

    • 478
      shellingout says:

      Wow. That was a very quiet campaign.

      • 496
        Ben Watch says:

        It’s Ok, He didn’t realise, but everyone in the room just laughed at him every time he tried it. Another towering figure of political integrity and moral values bites the dust – anyway, didn’t he flip his boyfriend’s house (if that’s the correct term) or something?

      • 501
        Silvio Champagner says:


  119. 457
    Tick Boxer (just can’t help tickin’ them boxes – it’s me Noo-Lie-Bore trainin’ y’kno, innit) : says:

    Coming up to the end of a lovely week, a nice w/e in prospect, – and just reviewing me clip-board –

    Bliar (1) gone [ √ ]
    Bliar (2) gone [ √ ]
    Gorbals gone [ √ ]

    Mad Jock McSnot, the Fifeshire Twat [ ]

    OTHERS :

    Arselickers [ ]

    Arsewipers [ ]

    Jobsworths [ ]

    Quangocrats [ ]

    BBC [ ]

    Thought Police [ ]

    Bin Inspectors [ ]


  120. 459
    Groucho says:

    Oh please hurry up, Daily Telelgraph, and get to Kevan Jones’ expenses.

    He is one of the biggest claimants in the HoC and one of the strongest opponents to publication of expenses.


  121. 463
    1381 says:

    Results from yesterdays council bye election.
    What does it say about Labour voters.
    Unprincipled scum comes to mind.
    Don’t look for them at the barricades.

  122. 464

    You may have already covered this, but didn’t Chris Rennard get into a spot of bother when he was David Alton’s agent? Something to do with expenses even back then.

    When he was a student at Liverpool University in the late 70s / early 80s, he was generally known as “that fat crook.”

    Plus ca change…

  123. 467
    Anonymous says:

    It seems that odious Luton Labour MP Margaret Moran was fiddling every last penny she could in every way possible:

    “It also emerged yesterday that Miss Moran claimed travel expenses for driving 26,028 miles last year, when her seat is just 32 miles north of London, enough for 407 round trips to her district.”

    • 482
      Anonymous says:

      I’ve met Margaret Moran. She is an extremely self-obsessed, egotistical person. No doubt a narcissistic personality disorder IMO. I’m not surprised to hear about all her expense fiddling.

    • 503
      Daft Punk says:

      Around the world

      with 1000+ miles to spare

  124. 469
    Worried of East Sussex says:

    I get the impression that the Daily Telegraph has capacity problems analysing all this stuff. At the current work-rate it’s only seems about five a day.

    Why don’t the ever commercial Barclay bros set up a phone line so we can vote for who we want looked at next. Could be quite profitable and a good test of the public’s nose for this stuff. I’d be interested in our local MP. Some rumours only, but so far he’s evaded it.

    Mind you he’s no Mastermind – you wouldn’t want him on your side in a pub quiz.

    I am also slightly concerned about the lack of originality in these purchases. Surely somebody’s got to have bought a yacht for their sea-front property. Or for the land-locked, a snooker table. If not, why not?

    We don’t lead the world in much these days – but maybe we could do well in the Pro-Celebrity SuperTrough Challenge.

    • 474
      Fred Goodwin's undersea Goose Mansion says:

      Well the fact that almost every MP was shambling about the commons like the living dead before fleeing to warmer climes tells me that this has a LONG way to go yet.

      Can the Duck Island be topped ?

      It’s a formidable challenge.

    • 480
      Indigo says:

      On last week’s QT, Ben Brogan said that the DT had 25 journalists analysing the disk. I can imagine that some of the information takes longer to check: eg comparing Alan Beith’s redacted expenses released by himself with the primary sources on the disk and thus pin-pointing how he tried to conceal the rent-free arrangement and then half-price sale to his daughter.

      How many parents would love to be able to do that for their offspring but are prevented from being able to afford to do so by having to pay for everything out of taxed income. Unlike MPs.

      • 483
        Indigo says:

        Erratum: for “Alan Beith”, read Ian Gibson.

        I seem to be in scandal-overload.

      • 494
        Grubby Hack says:

        Tim Walker this morning said that they are one third the way through the info on the disc

  125. 477
    Anonymous says:

    We desperately need a snap election now. Parliamnet and the government have no authority to govern and the whole thing is an embarrassing shambles.

  126. 481
    Anonymous says:

    The MPs want to cling on until their 4 month summer holiday starts in the hope that all the fuss will die down down and they can stay on the gravy train for another year.

  127. 487
    Anonymous says:

    After Peter Luff MP was feebly making excuses for his greed last night, Nadine Dorries is coming on Radio 5 soon to whinge about Macarthyite witch hunts and blubbing in self pity.

    That’s thousands more votes lost for the Tories.

  128. 500
    Debita Nostra says:

    What a hypocrite, that marshmallow Cameron.

    Refuses to remove the whip from Steen, demonstrably one of the most outrageous, snouting twats in parliament.

    The guy’s still there on the tory benches, bold as brass.


    Brown’s the same.

    But at least he’s not boasting how much tougher he is.

  129. 508
    Godemiché says:

    Andy “Straight-outta 1984″ Burnham-Hell now in the frame, and it looks serious.

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