May 21st, 2009

+++ Labour MP Ben Chapman Standing Down Over Fiddles +++


  1. 1
    Rennard Lover says:


  2. 2

    Good. They should all stand down. When’s the election?

  3. 3
    Call me Infidel says:

    How many will try and tough it out though? Labour are all over the place. Blears is wrong for not paying CGT but it’s OK for Hoon? Sorry does not compute. Give us an election now Broon we have had enough.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Fourth! Which is higher than Ben Bradshaw would’ve come if he’d stood for re-election.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:


  6. 6
    Papasmurf says:

    Just had a thought……. Bing………..

    If there are so many leaks in the Civil Service, surely HMRC moles should be feeding the dirt on Hoon and Purnell to Our Dave. McBroon has stated that Hoon and Purnell are “clean” if they are not then they could quite easily be taken down and McBroon with it.

    Surely if he loses so many of his cabinet then he woulkd have to go to the country?

  7. 7
    Tony Blair says:

    Stand Down Gordon……………

    Now that sounds like a cue for a song,remember “Stand Down Margaret” by the Beat??

  8. 8
    Witch says:

    Former FCO , I’m sure his pals won’t let him starve or have to queue up at the dole office.

  9. 9
    P1 says:

    No loss – dreary back bencher. Assume he will be selling 2nd home then (clearly not needed after he’s gone), and reimbursing all claimed costs to taxpayer from proceeds?

  10. 10
    The Yorkshire Ripper says:

    They’ve totally fucked it up. They’re standards are incoherent – much like they’re governing. Ticking time bomb….ready to implode. It just needs someone to push the button or put it up in lights fully. Enough pressure and they’ll crumble.

    Brown, in his idiocy, has left himself wide-open. He can’t do much about Blears because the rest of the gang round the table are all on the same crookery course. Next it’ll be Darling….once Mandelson gets his claws out it might be curtains for Brown. He’ll lead his removal….the focus will shift from those that are ‘at it’ to the person responsible for those who were ‘at it’ in the party – and he’s about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit to the whole Cabinet. A GE is looking more and more the way to clear them all out. Back to Obama’s Q…. ‘Who’s running Great Britain’? …..

  11. 11
    Mr Ned says:

    Brown should put them all out of our misery and call an election, NOW!

    We need people in power who respect our Parliament, our Sovereignty and our heritage. We need honest and decent people with integrity.

    Labour fail on all counts.

    How bad do you think they will be if we reward them with our votes??? ANd you just know that many labour voters in safe seats still will!!! They are clearly braindead hypnotised party clones. They do not give one shit about what labour actually do. They have a thought process that states that IF labour do it, it must be good. whatever the ‘it’ is. They don’t care.

    They should not be allowed to vote. In fact, in order to vote, then there should be a test. Stop the braindead fuckwits from voting!

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    But he’s not bloody paying the money he took is he? Now he knows he isn’t entitled, keeping on to the money is straightforward theft. And of course Brown let’s him get away with it. Unbloodybelievable.

  13. 13
    Flog em all says:

    No one yet seems to be gunning for the Fees Office headed by some civil servant on more than 120,000 a month. Fees Office has been totally incompetent in its oversight job. Sack that man, confiscate his pension and charge him with being an accessory after the fact (condoning fraud).

    “According to documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph, Mr Chapman was given permission to over-claim by officials in the Commons Fees Office after arguing that by reducing his home loan he was “forgoing interest and investment opportunities elsewhere”.
    That appears to be backed up by a leaked internal e-mail in which a senior official in the Fees Office, whom the newspaper does not name, tells a colleague: “I have heard similar arrangements being agreed to in the past.” Mr Chapman continued to over-claim for 10 months, until a new expenses policy explicitly ruled the practice out. “

  14. 14
    Cherie says:

    All my dreams have come true.

  15. 15
    Greychatter says:

    Hazel Blears pays the capital gains tax back and according to Gordon that is not acceptable.

    Hoon and Parnell don’t repay the same tax and Gordon says that’s OK.

    So Gordon is saying it’s OK to rip off the Tax Payer!!

    Is it me or have I got it wrong?

  16. 16
    anonemo says:

    Err this comments page has this address…

    spot the error!

  17. 17
    Mr Ned says:

    Well Gordon HAS to enforce the strict adherence to the rules as being acceptable, RATHER than ripping off the public regardless if the rules allow it. This is because IF he stood up for the tax-payer, instead of the rotten and discredited rules, then Brown HIMSELF would have to stand down too. THAT is why he is defending blatant troughers, and even allowing Blears to stay in her job.

    Now is a great time to be a cabinet Minister. The job might not last very much longer, but until the election, there is no way in hell that they can be sacked at the moment. Brown hasn’t got ANY shred of authority left!

  18. 18
    barrow boy says:

    Blears is a pushover for Broon, Hoon however is a lecturer in law, bet he has all the plumbing leakproof.

  19. 19
    Bertha Rochester says:

    disagree have met a lot of lifelong Labour voters who have said they’ll never vote again after this fiasco

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    but the chipmunk is in front of the camera far more. already successfully briefing against brown’s ill-disguised bias against her and in favour of the hoon.

  21. 21
    Tiger Moth says:

    My thoughts exactly, Greychatter.

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    James Purnell doesn’t live at his constituency address, per his neighbours. His ACA claim is therefore based on a falsehood.

    I’ve rang the Met about it, wanting to make a complaint against him. I have been told the police will not log complaints on this; a policy decision has simply been made to tell people to contact the Commissioner for Parliamentary standards. But they say they can only look into allegations that a member has breached the Parliamentary code of conduct.

    So there you have it. MP’s are above the law. You can’t even complain to the police about theft any more.

    What kind of country do we live in?

  23. 23
    It doesn't add up... says:

    I think he has little experience of the court of public opinion.

  24. 24
    his lordship of hoggtrough says:

    as someone who has the unfortunate distinction of being representated by this fraudulent trougher i can only say this is long overdue. a thoroughly unpleasant man, this greasy arrogant non-entity is despised by almost all unfortunate enough to come across him. hopefully the fraud squad will readjust his attitude to his electorate. i should also say that his neighbour, stephen hesford has always distinguished himself at the top of the troughing charts……..and most of his claims could do with closer inspection…….guido …over to you…..

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, he’s not paying the f***ing money back though is he? Hunt

    Don’t forget my commenting chums……

    There’s no way he’d have got the same interest rate on his £295K if he’d bunged it in the bank as he was paying on the mortgage.

    Bank’s lending rates are always better than their saving rates – that’s how they make profit.

    Also, if you get interest on your income, it is TAXABLE.

    Not only has this Hunt got his money from the taxpayer
    He’s paid no tax on the allowance,
    Rejigged the rules so he gets a better rate
    And paid no tax on the income from the investment

    A Hunt of the first order.

    This is just fucking fraud and I am outraged that the snidey Hunt is stepping down to avoid paying it back.

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Great post. It just shows the kind of man Brown is that he lets the Labour bastards get away with not paying money back. This is criminal. No bloody question about it.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Ask one of the members of the SNP to make a complaint.

    As for the police, they are just the private force of nulabour now. They are a bloody farce.

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    p.s. I’m sure the twat paid a fortune in gardening. What was it? £150-£200 per WEEK??????

    Look at his gaff – it has no f***ing garden out the front so the back must be like a f***ing stately park.

    Some quotes just to f***ing cheer us up:

    “I understand that many of my constituents are concerned about claims perceived to be excessive. I share my constituents’ concerns”

    Yeah, I f***ing bet.

    “Mr Chapman said last night that he had been “extremely distressed” ”

    Not as f***ing distressed as I am

    He estimated he would need £4,000 for food over 10 months. “Since I live as a bachelor,” he wrote, “and eat out for every meal.”

    Yes, at MY f***ng expense you c*nt.

    Three weeks after he submitted the plan, Mr Chapman wrote to the fees office to complain that his first claim under this new scheme had not yet been paid.

    “This is neither acceptable nor impressive,” he wrote. “To say that I was not best pleased . . . is putting it mildly.

    “It is not for me to carry the burden for inefficiency in the fees office . .  . I am not prepared to have my cash flow affected again.”

    Hmm, me neither you w*nker

    Mr Chapman told the Telegraph that he was satisfied all his claims had been justified. “I’m quite content for this to be looked at,” he said. “I’m going to get on with the job.”

    Yeah the job of feathering your own nest you complete f***ing leech.

  29. 29
    Pissed off voter says:

    re Blears versus Hoon and Purnell, why have we not heard from Harman the champion of equality for womenfolk?.

  30. 30
    confused as fuck by Brown sophistry says:

    So according to Brown what Blears did was “unacceptable” however according to Brown she neither Broke the rules nor did anything wrong. So what was the “unacceptable” thing that she did ?

  31. 31
    Flog em all says:

    he’s next!

  32. 32
    bustop says:

    If we need to bring back any song it has to be Gordon is a moron

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Not sucking his c*ck

  34. 34
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Live on QT I hope.

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:


    Sorry, I see he’s standing down at the next election.


    You sir, are a twat.

  36. 36
    bustop says:

    “this is why I have asked that we look at claims over the last four years” is becoming the new “it stared in America” for Brown – he cannot get it out quickly enough. It is clear that the most blatant abuses, where it appears the fees office actually encouraged false claims, were stopped circa 2004. I cannot understand why Plod has not interviewed Andrew Walker – he has the tales to tell and would either have to take the hit or dish the dirt – it is an absolute no brainer.

    Brown is a busted flush who looks like a loser before he even opens his disengenuous mouth. He will go down as the worst PM ever. If he’s have been on the Titanic he would still be clinging to the wheel thinking what to do.

    It also seems he told Saint Joanna not to discuss their meeting this morning – what the fuck is that about? I’ll tell you what it’s about – he told her it was all down to Woolass and the others – “you see Joanna only I know what I’m doing – the rest of them are useless”

  37. 37
    Wee Jock McStropp says:

    Just add up all the immigrants, the benefit claimants, the Civil Service jobsworths, council workers and the criminally insane and you have a pretty good starting point

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Thats you out then

  39. 39
    Tony says:

    Yeah and I’ve got plenty more tacky money-making rackets up my sleeve. I can’t believe how much dosh we’ve made out of being corrupt lying toerags.

  40. 40
    Cassandra King says:

    Anyone see the stomach churning preening and prancing by McMental in front of the Gurkha campaigners?
    Trying to do a Toni Bliar when he has single handedly tried to block justice for the Gurkha cause for months, all of a sudden his media bitches are trying to paint him as the hero of the hour!
    I still dont trust McMental to do the right thing and given his history of lying through his capped teeth, perhaps its best to wait to see the actual fine print at the end of the month, my guess is that there will be some unpleasant surprises in the new rules.

  41. 41
    A cabinet of one says:

    If he was the only CaUNT left in that cabinet of nonentities,he would still try to carry on – if he was a kamikaze pilot,he would crash his plane in his brother’s scrapyard.

  42. 42
    Wee Jock Mcstropp says:

    Are you kidding? She couldn ‘t stop talking long enough. Anyway even McTwat wouldn’t want his cock sucked by a ginger hobbit.

  43. 43
    Coming to an Odeon Cinema soon! says:

    I think Blears has the films of Brown and Mandy as a leverage

  44. 44
    r lockhart says:

    Where’s the sisterhood when the chipmunk needs them. Ooops sorry, not available, get thee to the wolves little chipmunk as a tasty morsel, and keep the heat off those who can cause gordo serious trouble.

  45. 45
    Westminster's Coroner's Court - May 24th says:

    I can see the coroners court now;

    “And you say the Kukri just jumped out of your hand and thrust itself into Mr Brown’s head?”

    “Yes Sir,as if it had a mind of it’s own”

  46. 46
    Susie says:

    This is scary. Whatever happened to Henry II and his Common Law of the 1230s?

    The country has gone back to the 12th Century in legal terms.

    When the rolling power blackouts start happening in a few years time it’ll feel like the 12th Century too in more ways than one.

  47. 47
    bustop says:

    I agree and as I said above I really think he achieved this by shitting on Woolas – got to be some room for mischief making here Guido?

  48. 48
    What an image! says:

    Please,the very image makes me retch.

  49. 49
    New Tiscali group song! says:

    Why don’t we all – 10,000 of us – get together outside Downing Street and do a new version of the Tiscali advert,singing;


  50. 50
  51. 51
    McGobbler of Fife says:

    Gobble gobble gobble!!!!!!

  52. 52
    disgusted says:

    A troughing socialist victim to the end. Ben Chapman says he is standing down because the news covergare has been “hurtful” to his family, friends and supporters.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Why was Brown so keen on per diem allowances? Because they are tax free for MPs.

    The question to ask him is would everyone else get the same income tax exemptions as MPs.


  54. 54
    Chick N McPhagate (oops, what a giveaway), I mean Gordon Brown says:

    All I have to do is claim a new cabinet on expenses.

  55. 55
    Archie MacPherson says:

    When is one of these shitbags going to be dragged up in front of m’learned friends?

  56. 56
    Plato says:

    He claims to live there?

  57. 57
    Bill F says:

    I still treasure my copy of “I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher” (the ‘Not Sensibles’)

  58. 58
    Arty Dodger says:

    DT- Ian Gibson, a senilor Labour MP is being done in the DT tomorrow, will resign at next election. Not soon enough.

  59. 59
    anonymous says:

    Purnell’s home in Broadbottom???

    You couldn’t make it up!

  60. 60

    Getting all the expense money back from the troughers should be relatively simple. A retrospective law to recoup all expenses for say, the last 12 years or however long they were at the trough, that the trougher cannot prove to the satisfaction of HMRC (ie just like the rest of us) was wholly, exclusively and necessarily expended on his/her parliamentary duties; together with repeal of the 2003 Troughers Charter Act that effectively exempted the troughers from this expenses test; nuLab have passed such laws in tax in the last few years against people they are prejudiced against (people who made tax provision on the basis of the law as it stood but which nuLab envy wanted to penalise, so they rfetropsectively changed the tax law). Interest and penalties, naturally. So what is needed is the party leaders to commit to this. How can McMental refuse, given his need to raise taxes to 50% ? Second, it should be possible to devise legislation to strip the flippers of their gains, again retropsective legislation. Personally I am against such legislation, but these bastards deserve it in spades. Should raise many millions of pounds.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Just heard Antony Steen’s lunchtime outburst regarding the audacity of the public interfering in his private affairs and daring to enquire what he spends his money on.It is not any of we “proles” business apparently.It is when it’s our monies you’re spending – mate. Cameron immediately told him to apologise and that he is now “on warning” and a further outburst will result in him being booted out of Conservative Party. He should have been booted out now – arrogant idiot. Has he no conception of the present mood ? Obviously not. How on earth he ever was elected in the first place is beyond me and I say THAT as a Conservative Supporter!!!!!! ! I trust his constituents will do the decent thing at the election and ensure he has more time to spend cultivating his trees – AT HIS OWN EXPENSE not ours !

  62. 62
    Slotgob says:

    It’s like a Supermarket Sweep of the Vanities.

  63. 63
    Behind the Brown Door says:

    Oh my God, stop right there!

  64. 64
    Dogger says:

    “Get thee to the wolves little chipmunk as a tasty morsel” – I found this form of words profoundly amusing, for some reason.

  65. 65
    Archie MacPherson says:

    Andrew Walker, who apparently looks like Eric Morecambe. He’s the arrogant, antiquated wreck who stood by all allowed it all. Encouraged it all, in fact.

  66. 66
    Massey Vardon says:

    In 1982 I worked in Chatham for a private-sector company. I received a £20-a-day per diem on expenses and was assured this was agreed with the taxman. I stayed in a £7-a-night guest house in Rochester and was very pleased with the arrangement. No lying involved.

  67. 67
    Hyacinth Bucket says:

    His party members were probably too busy sucking up to him,hoping to get an invite to one of his candlelight suppers.

  68. 68
    A fossil says:

    I had no idea that they had lunatics like that in their ranks.

    I wish they’d put him on youtube.

  69. 69
    pp says:

    I guess being first proves you are terribly sad and don’t have a live I guess…

  70. 70
    Jethro says:

    39 Tony means, of course ‘tow-rags': tow=hemp, used by ship’s surgeons for packing wounds, and then thrown away… though I suppose some wounds might be to the toes…

  71. 71
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Tull the other one:

    Toe it is. Now please kowtow


  72. 72
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Will we be allowed to scavenge in the royal forests, or will these be reserved for labour MPs?

  73. 73
    Dr Feelgood says:

    On QT tonight Hague implied that Steen was pissed.

    If I represented my company in public like that, it would be gross misconduct and would be fired immediately.

    Cameron should dump the old fart.

  74. 74
    albacore says:

    What about the eulogistic final verse of “The Three Bells”, of about the same vintage as James Gordon Brown himself:
    “Just a lonely bell was ringing
    In the little valley town
    Twas farewell that it was singing
    To our good old Jimmy Brown”
    (The last line might just need mandelsoning a tad)

  75. 75
    Stuart dull hoon Maconie says:

    Or “Come on Eileen” which I always felt was a bit harsh on Eileen.

  76. 76
    Augeas says:

    She wrote an article in the paper criticising him – it’s nothing to do with expenses at all. That’s why he picked on her and not Hoon, Purnell, Darling or Smith.

  77. 77
    Augeas says:

    He doesn’t need to raise tax to 50%, as it is unlikely to raise material amounts of dosh. He has chosen to, in order to box Cameron into a corner and try to associate himself with public anger against the bankers (remember them?). Last time I saw an opinion poll, most people seemed to have fallen for it, although that was before all the expenses fun and games.

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me who’s responsible for the ‘UKIP-ocrisy?’ advert on your website, so I know who NOT to vote for.


  79. 79
    BorisCarloffe says:

    I have just watched Question Time and This Week on BBC1. Seems everyone including me wants immediate General Election. To me this is the quickest way to get rid of the lying scheming idiot of a Prime Minister, Gormless Brown.Personally I would like to see him put in a small rowing boat with guns pointed at him and told to get rowing away from this country. Hope I don’t offend Guido but your namesake should have been saved from the fire and the Traitor Brown should be set on fire and then future generations could celebrate this country’s release from this evil dictator

  80. 80
    Lizzie says:

    You are correct, everyone but Brown wants a general election, the winds of change are blowing through Westminster, but are not blowing hard enough in Downing Street….yet! Brown is the most pathetic PM Britain has ever seen. It will take a decade to recover from Brown’s economic war.

  81. 81
    Lizzie says:

    Steen is just a “grumpy old man”, he was past his sell-by date. Imagine living with him! no I am not one bit jealous of his lifestyle, imagine the death duties when he passes on.

  82. 82
    Lizzie says:

    Just shows how two faced Brown can be. Hang on to people who suck up to you and cast away those who hated the “Youtube” moment.

  83. 83
    Lord Delaval of Sluice says:

    I claim to be 3 of those, at least, and I won’t be voting for the feckers!

  84. 84
    Airey Belvoir says:

    It must be said that Mandy’s timing has been superb on this. By transferring across to the Eurotrough for the exact period for MP’s expense records to be outed, he has missed being involved. If he was`still an MP no doubt his own expenses would be among the dodgiest of the lot.

  85. 85
    anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

    To that bastard Gordon Brown!

  86. 86
    The Wall Street Wailer says:


  87. 87
    The Colonel says:


    Window licking good!

  88. 88
    James Sloan says:

    1230 was the thirteenth century.
    1101 to 1200 was the twelfth.

  89. 89

    […] +++ Labour MP Ben Chapman Standing Down Over Fiddles +++ – Guy … […]

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