May 10th, 2009

+++ Letwin Claimed for Tennis Court ++++++ Maude Flipped Property +++

UPDATE : Story is now up on Telegraph site.

Story Guido didn’t already have: Andrew Lansley renovating a property just before flogging it and flipping for another.  Chris Grayling claiming £100,000 for council flat story is an old one done here before.  Maude story was on Channel 4’s Dispatches a few weeks ago.

Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that as soon as they get their bums into the ministerial limos they won’t start troughing away.


  1. 1
    eye-eye says:

    hope I’m not first

  2. 2
    knobular says:

    they are all on telegraph already

    see thread in politicalbetting!for link!

  3. 3

    The practice of ‘flipping’ without any good reason is the biggest fraud and Maude I would say is the smallest loss.

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Flipper says:

    Hope Cameron makes them pay it back. If not he is a Hoon as well, and looses my vote!

  6. 6
    denverthen says:

    Er, it’s already been on’t telly…

  7. 7
    Witch says:

    Sack Maude, no loss.

  8. 8
    freddie flintoff says:

    i have lost all faith in politics

  9. 9
    Stronghold Barricades says:


    Pay back the money and resign

  10. 10
    Dr Nuts says:

    Cameron should state clear and true – he’ll make every MP who’s troughed pay the amounts back, regardless. It’s the public purse, not a private piggy bank!

    Hope he says it, not that it requires balls, but that it will send a clear electorate message. Brown has no control and the best he can do is come up with something worse!!

  11. 11
    freddie flintoff says:

    fuck it i wanna string em up and water board em then grate the dicks with a cheese grater and pour acid on it then piss on em hang all the fuckers

  12. 12
    eye-eye says:

    failed again

  13. 13
    Brown's Immoral Compass says:

    have a look at an ‘article’ by Clare Brown, on t’grauniad website, is it a work of fiction or a submission for a Mills and Boon Romance.

  14. 14
    Anonymouse says:

    Letwin claimed for a leaking pipe under a tennis court

    Doesn’t sound quite so bad put that way, does it?

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Tories aren’t important. Those not in power’s claims pale compared to those who are.

    If the Tories were in power, the voters would be merciless against them, like they were in ’97. But they aren’t… Meanwhile the campaign to oust Balls and his wifes expenses is growing by the day.

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    A bloke with two womens names is bound to be dodgy.

  17. 17
    nell says:

    As the Telegraph is saying tonight the Tories are under pressure to show they grasp the seriousness of MP’s expenses, given Gordon’s refusal to say sorry. Come on Mr Cameron!!! – Seize The Moment!!! Gordon is paralysed.

  18. 18

    maude should go.

    Others should apologise – Gove looked quite bad but is handing some back.

    Good that Cameron, Hauge and Osbourne are in the clear though and doesn’t go all the way to the top like with the liebour lot.:

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Does David Blunkett claim for dog food?

  20. 20
    Ivor Towbarre says:

    Yes. Parliament needs to be divolved. It’s no good not being governed by an impression of dishonourable members and ministers. (I feel like parking on a double yellow line tomorrow and telling the traffic ticket vendor to buzz off. “I park where I like now”, I will say. “Mp’s park their mobile second homes anywhere they like. In fact, I’m going to tell the Traffic Ticket Parking Ticket Vendor Operative to Pay Me for parking there!

  21. 21
    Ivor Pedigreechump says:

    They should be turned into bloody Dog Food.

  22. 22
    lololol says:

    Fer f*cks sake the dog is a working dog even if Blunkett does get paid for that I have no problem, the dog pays it’s way for doing a job.

  23. 23
    freddie flintoff says:

    just heard dave sounds good
    but fuck em string em all up see post 13

  24. 24
    Papasmurf says:

    Camerons statement…… pre recorded was inadequate and frankly disappointing…..hope he has better courage tomorrow.

  25. 25
    BBC, you are in my database says:

    It’s an interesting point you hint at that I was wondering about too. I’ve already caught myself using the excuse ‘It’s within the rules’ but in a lighthearted way. Even so, what trickle down effect does this corruption have on society as a whole.

  26. 26

    am i the only one who thinks there should be a parliament hotel just for MPs? Surely it would be cheaper, more secure and even better for working from with its own admin dept right there?

  27. 27
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    Did he run tennis tournaments in his constituency?

  28. 28
    Heads on poles says:

    Just saw toenails on aljaBeeba, now the Tories are involved, he doesn’t seem to think that it is small beer any more.
    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
    Whoever the wrongdoers are, get their heads on poles.

  29. 29
    Solid says:

    I agree.

    Sack Maude, he is a slithering snake of a man.
    Gove comes out of this looking pretty bad, he should apologize and repay any moneys that is against the spirit of the rules, Conservatives need him, as his policies on Education are very good.
    Duncan should repay the Lawnmower overhaul, apologize and draw a line under it. The hiring of a gardner on £6 an hour for 16 hours a week is hardly the high life, that seems fine.
    Leaky Pipe under the tennis court looks pretty outlandish.
    All the flipping needs to be atoned for, any MP caugh flipping for financial gain needs to be seriously reprimanded, either pay the moneys back or lose the whip.

  30. 30

    Yes it does.

    The hoon should pay any such expenses out of taxed income like every bugger else.


  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    The point being Mizz Gillan has 50:50 vision, so what’s her excuse.

  32. 32
    Andy Murray says:

    I need a tennis court for my job too – although i’m not a fat useless Rothschild employee so i’m not sure what the fuss is about.

  33. 33

    “Toenails” will be first against the wall, along with “Toilets”.

  34. 34
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    I believe the time has come for the people to convene a Court of Public Opinion.

    We the people should sift through MPS expense receipts to see if we believe they are justified.

    If the Court of Public Opinion decides they are not legitimate, then the “Honourable Member” should immediately resign & pay back in full the fraudulent claims.

  35. 35
    freddie flintoff says:

    wish some nutter blow up parliment

  36. 36

    Still, none of it as bad as Prescott: OUR money down OUR toilet. For fucks sake

  37. 37
    Heads on poles says:

    Agreed and nothing other than the lowest price travel expenses.
    Make them stay in the Olympic village should it ever be completed – or Thamesmead.

  38. 38
    pitcard says:

    Any Tory implicated should seize the moment and do the decent thing – pay the money back.

  39. 39

    How is fixing a leaking pipe under a tennis court related to his ability to perform his duties as an MP (i.e. a reasonable expense)?

  40. 40
    nell says:

    Just heard him – Cameron said Sorry – Good!!! – Toenails Robinson being his usual obnoxious, selective , self!!! – why do they employ him? —

    Sorry Mr Cameron but some of your MP’s heads must roll – be swift and decisive. (Gordon is going to deliberate on his response until the day before the election in 2010).

  41. 41
    Heads on poles says:

    He probably doesn’t know he’s eating it.
    Don’t be cruel.

  42. 42
    Desperate Dan says:

    Its a relief to see that the Tories have some standards and don’t buy their clothes at Tesco ands Ikea.

  43. 43
  44. 44
    Greychatter says:

    How many of these public servants pay Empty Property Rates on Industrial properties as British Business has to do.

    Premises which are not producing any income are still having to pay Business rates to support these thieves!!!

  45. 45
  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    It just beggars belief that Mr and Mrs Balls did not put in at least one dodgy claim. Ed worked with Gordon and Yvette works with Darling, surely the subjects of cleaners and flipping would have come up at the dinner table?

  47. 47
    Moley says:

    You establish that as a precedent and you will have people doing that to you and your family.
    That is not the sort of Country I want to live in.

  48. 48
    the Kuntocracy says:

    we’re scum and you know we are,
    we’re scum and you know we are…

    and there’s fuck all you untermensch can do about it.

  49. 49
    Apathetic Voter says:

    You, me and Guido. Lets form a conspiracy!

  50. 50
    Dr Nuts says:

    Disappointing – but a short start to something better – please let there be a moral compass for Camaron – preferably not a second-hand one!!

    All he has to say – to win the election is: ‘Everyone who’s been implicated in imaginative financial accounting to deliberately appropriate monies for effective personal gain, will be prosecuted if we win the next election – without prejudice or favour, regardless of the party the person was representing.’


  51. 51
    zero tolerance says:

    Guido, just make sure you continue reporting in the same direct and comprehensive way you did with Nu-li-bor troughers i.e. they are all scum, there should be no partisan shit here.chop, chop and merry fucking Xmas

  52. 52
    Scum says:

    We’ve got all the pitbulls.

  53. 53
    freddie flintoff says:

    if i fucked the taxpayer like this while i get 50 quid for looking after my sick misses and the mps are fucking us with a cucumber sideways

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Ha! Brown make-up secrets in The Sun tomorrow

  55. 55
    arthur says:

    There needs to be a spoilt ballot campaign at the euros just to shake the bastards up for the g election. 100% turnout …. no twat elected.

  56. 56
    nell says:

    I sure hope so – these BBC’s reporters are so biased . Re Nick Robinson – it wouldn’t matter but we are paying a license fee to listen to his biased , unbalanced points of view. Hopefully after the next election the government of the day will put a stop to this nonsense and Nick Robinson will be made redundant. Please!!!

  57. 57
    NewGirl says:

    OT but have you read the “Comment Moderation Policy” now in force for Labourlies?! Hilarious. They are going to moderate anything negative to the government! How pathetic those tosspots are.

  58. 58
    Laban Tall says:

    Off topic, but did Margaret Moran MP have to go down to Southampton Docks to give Mick Booker a tug ?

  59. 59
    Crappy days are here again says:

    Floating prison.

  60. 60
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Agreed. And they can’t borrow the money to pay back the fines/immoral gains,-call ‘em what you will. They will have to find the monies from their wealth or be busted. No loans for tax reimbursement!

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    It’s simply not enough for Cameron to apologise but at least it’s a start and more than Brown has done. He needs to demand repayment from those Conservative MPs who have exploited and scammed (whatever they might say about it being “within the rules”) and sack those who will not do so. He would then start to regain some respect from the electorate. The Speaker, widely perceived to be little less than corrupt, must be required to resign immediately.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Naughty, Guido.
    “Letwin claims for tennis court” implies he builtt himself a tennis court at our expense, but it was fixing a leaking pipe under a tennis court!

  63. 63
    NewGirl says:

    Hi Nell. OT I know but have you seen the new comment Moderation Policy on Labourlist? Hilarious. They aren’t letting anyone say anything naaaasty about the government. How pathetic they are.

  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a bad week for Phil Woolas – I know what everyone hear thinks about the BBC but Woolas obviously thought he was clever enough and arrogant enough to talk his way out of all the opprobrium. It’s a car crash. I recommend everyone uses listen again to hear him on 5 live. It should be put on a loop and played day in day out to everyone.

  65. 65
    nell says:

    gordon needs to beat him to it

  66. 66
    freddie flintoff says:

    i fuck despair honest i only got involved in parliment rectnly and feel so fuckin let down

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    She didn’t. His residence is officially listed as being in Luton. Something else going on in Southampton???

  68. 68
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    The House is a perfectly fine building for all new, honest, moral and service orientated Members once we elect them in due course. Please don’t blow it up.

  69. 69
    eye-eye says:

    at least we can rely on HM FORCES to cut to the quick

  70. 70
    Frankenswine says:

    Is the answer: none? Do you think MPs have bought industrial property and claim it as their second home?

  71. 71
    chronic says:

    Sorry freddie but no jacket at lords means you can not take the moral high ground.

  72. 72
    smellslikeshit says:

    this aint a tory blog , fuck off to dales apologist rubbish… and try and vote in a decent opposition, if of course you are on the electoral role

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    (slightly o/t) fair play – stephen nolan has given woolas quite a going over tonight, he’s not as skilled as some but he gave it his best

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Well in her TV interview she said she lived in Southampton to be with her partner. No mention of husband.

  75. 75
    arthur says:

    You are the type of tit that keeps this country fucked up.

  76. 76
    eye-eye says:

    knew i’d seen her somewhere before…..but she’s not aging well

  77. 77
    freddie flintoff says:

    i am just sick of the pricks

  78. 78
    lololol says:

    33 Question with a question rather Brownwinain,she should pay for her own dog food,Blunkett hasn’t come up on the radar yet when he does and if he doesn’t pay for the dogs food then he should get his arse kicked,still don’t mind though as the dog works for a living.

  79. 79
    arthur says:

    I retract that…. sorry.

  80. 80
    freddie flintoff says:

    init but we aint rich and anyway, anyway they dont like sensible ppl anyway

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    This is the elephant in the room.

    DT have been pulling\censoring references to this during the day on Benedict Brogran’s and Iain Martin’s blogs. So something is happening.

  82. 82
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    I’m not a tennis person myself but if the lawn or hard surface has a leak beneath it this would imply that it has to be dug up rendering it useless until such time as it has to be rebuilt as new. Next time he considers a structure pertaining to his personal use I would suggest he insures it against such inconveniences.

  83. 83
    arthur says:

    Sorry, mistaken identity.

  84. 84
    The Baronessleaze says:

    Has the Telegraph run out of steam on the Conservative MPs expenses or is it under an injunction? Their coverage of their expenses is very vague reporting that Lansley spent thousands of pounds, but not giving a total, and the same with the other Conversative MPs.

    “Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, spent thousands of pounds renovating a thatched Tudor country cottage shortly before selling it. He redecorated inside and out with premium paint at a cost of £2,000 and re-shingled the driveway. He then “flipped” his expenses to a Georgian flat in London where he claimed for thousands of pounds in furnishings including a Laura Ashley sofa.”

    While, the Labour MPs total expenses were quoted.
    Very odd …. bad journalism …….. or do we smell a rat??????

  85. 85
    NewGirl says:

    what sort of something do you reckon?

  86. 86
    lololol says:

    Go out and vote use your vote to vote for anybody but the ones you disagree with it will do more damage than not voting,not voting says you don’t give a damn who gets in and couldn’t care ,vote and if you can vote often.

  87. 87
    Solid says:

    hope there is truth to this, gove is a good egg by all accounts!

  88. 88
    a.t. says:

    Rumours that Ed & Yvette have got an injunction to stop DT from publishing their crimes. You know, the sort of injunction that forbids mentioning that there is an injunction.

    Fancy doing the DT a favour, Guido?
    Publish the details for them and cream the bastards.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Look, what is the point of all this huffing and puffing? Does it make you feel better? but to what end? Nothing is gonna happen. Even the polls today don’t show Labour in meltdown do they?

    There is really far too much at stake for the politicians to concede anything to the masses they rule.

    They’re just gonna ride this one out just like so many other issues.

    I wish it were different but unless some one is holding back the big one, just carry on making yourselves feel better at least!

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Extract from Ian Dale’s Blog earlier today:


    1) According to Companies House, Michael Booker (DoB 14.11.1956)
    claims he lives at 1xx, Alexandra Ave., Luton on and/or since 19.10.2006)

    2) See also the 192 Search results ( for: Michael Booker, Luton:

    Electoral Roll 2009
    Age guide: 50-54 (?), other occupants MARGARET MORAN
    Electoral Roll 2002 – 2008
    Age guide: 50-54 (?), other occupants MARGARET MORAN

    So, if he lives in Southampton, why would he appear on the electoral roll in Luton? No doubt purely because his partner needs his vote. And why has he given the Luton address to Companies House if it is not his main address? Ms Moran’s story is unravelling by the day.

  91. 91

    Why do you keep coming here and huffing and puffing? Does it make you feel better?

  92. 92
    nell says:

    Hey!! I’m being hijacked I think!!

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    It’s all that travelling.

  94. 94
    arthur says:

    This is it, the next few hours will reveal if we are mostly party political zombies or we want a house that is honest and is run for for the good of all or just its incumbents.

  95. 95
    freddie flintoff says:

    sorry to butt in by they is all crooks

  96. 96
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Another thieving poof
    Clerk of the commons
    If I wanted to get fucked up the arse I wouldnt expect to have to buy some hoon 4 houses for the dubious pleasure.
    why do we pay these hoons?

  97. 97
    NewGirl says:

    Is anyone else having probs posting or getting new posts up tonight…?

  98. 98
    Apathetic Voter says:

    I gotta say Freddie, you sound like my kind of man to head up the truth and reconsiliation inquiry! I’d have full confidence in your ability to despense quick and fair justice!

  99. 99
    arthur says:

    Bit overloaded

  100. 100
  101. 101
    NewGirl says:

    careful Guido. he wants to blow your house down.

  102. 102
    Tit Hoon says:

    You rang?

  103. 103

    Yes, that’s right, brown, keep people’s moral down and you can divide and rule to your heart’s content -or so you think. But we’re coming for you now. ticktock.

  104. 104
    Steve says:

    Indeed! Tonight’s light entertaiment from their dictionary:

    Politician n. An inherently mendacious person who seeks power or access to it for personal gain by cynically manipulating people and exploiting situations regardless of the morality or consequences of those actions.”

  105. 105
    nell says:

    Freddie I’m a great cricket fan and love you dearly – but best you stick to cricket at which you are a great credit to England which is more than Gordon is .

  106. 106
    Greyfriars Bobby says:

    And it sniffs out and brings home the totty for Blind Pew.

  107. 107
    Flemingcrag says:

    Oliver Letwin only got the lawn tennis court repaired so that his friend Tony Blair could play with Sir Cliff Richard on it. Every one knows you can’t play properly with another guy if the “pipes” are faulty.

  108. 108
    The Masked Tulip says:

    There is rot at the heart of our democracy.

    Non wonder MPs have been so keen to try and keep house prices afloat!

    You have to wonder why Labour Cabinet Ministers were so keen to destroy the UK IT industry with IR35 and off-shore thousands of UK IT jobs to India and to Indian IT consultancies now? You have to wonder about every PFI contract, you have to wonder about every Public Sector contract where billions have been directed towards private firms?

    If MPs think they can milk, and get away with, ‘nicking’ thousands from the tax-payer then what do they do when involved with contracts worth hundreds and even billions of Pounds?

    This Government is rotten to the core and at the very least there should be a general election called.

    PC Plod should be knocking on doors of MPs and getting them in for questioning so great is this crisis of apparent corruptness at the heart of our Parliamentary system.

    Rotten boroughs? Rotten MPs!

  109. 109
    Joey Barton says:

    Why not just twat ‘em?

  110. 110
    Scrof says:


    Maude is yesterday’s man, Gove looks like a fucking weirdo, Duncan’s a liability anyway, Lansley is beige, Grayling is a bong-eyed slaphead and no one’s even heard of Cheryl Gillan (and she’s called Cheryl).

    Sack ‘em.

    Move on.

  111. 111
    Technomist says:

    All the flipping needs to be atoned for, any MP caugh flipping for financial gain needs to be sent to prison for fraud and pay the moneys back under the Proceeds Of Crime Act.

    Who gives a shit about if they lose the whip or not: they should not be in Parliament.

  112. 112
    Engineer says:

    I think the most sensible and level-headed comment I have heard so far was Lord Nazeby on World at One saying that the public are now so disillusioned with both the economic situation and the current scandal that the only solution is to dissolve Parliament and hold an election – clear the lot out and start over.

  113. 113
    filipinomonkey says:

    Sir Winston Churchill 1940

    If all do their duty
    If nothing is neglected
    And if the best arrangements are made
    As they are being made
    We shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our island home
    To ride out the storms of war
    And outlive the menace of tyranny
    If necessary for years
    If necessary alone
    At any rate thats what we are going to try to do
    That is the resolve of his majesties government
    Every man of them
    That is the will of parliament and the nation…

    What a shambles this rabble are, be gone with the lot of you…

  114. 114
    Shocked citizen says:

    In case you haven’t noticed the credibility of Parliament (as someone roightly said here) has been “shot to pieces”…..

    The economy is already shattered…

    I cannot believe that the Government can seriously continue without an election…The scenes inside and outside Parliament are going to be pandemonium..

    Guido, can you imagine the next PMQs ? The comments flying around the Chamber etc…

    Hilarious and dangerous at the samùe time…

  115. 115
    Roger the Stable Lad says:

    Apples and carrots for his rocking horse.

  116. 116
    Steve says:

    Guido’s turned moderation on.

    Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.

    I think he’s having a few server problems today as the site was down for 4 hours this afternoon. Too busy I guess, with all those hoons to discuss!!

  117. 117
    Frankenswine says:

    Loosen up a bit eh dickface?

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    I am just as frustrated as every body else on here and I really don’t wish to come across negative. Merely asking what more can we do to achieve that sea change that we all so desparately want.

    There is nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to see some of those thieves behind bars as they deserve to be. Im just exasperated at what we can do to make the earthquake happen. You did a great service to the nation outing mcbride, lets hope the expenses scandal achieves even greater results.

  119. 119
    Technomist says:

    Hostel, not hotel.

  120. 120
    Droopy Drawers says:

    This is where the Tories can make some ground. ALL parties are in this, and the Tories could now set the example. Sack someone expendable (Duncan maybe after his HIGNFY car crash?) and get the rest to repay. The Tory claims seem to be much lower than Liebour, only a couple of grand or a few hundred here and there. PAY IT BACK ASAP.

  121. 121
    Captain Hoonblower says:

    Might involve discharged seamen lodging in the naval area.

  122. 122
    Technomist says:

    It isn’t. Nor is fixing a leaking pipe anywhere. If my pipes leak, I pay. Letwin is a hoon.

  123. 123
    Engineer says:

    I think the most level-headed comment I have heard so far was Lord Nazeby on World at One saying that the public is now so disillusioned with both the economic situation and the current unfolding scandal that only a dissolution of Parliament and a general election would suffice to sort it out. Go for a full clear-out and start again.

  124. 124
    Apathetic Voter says:

    PC Plod is all part of the rotten corruption of modern Britain. From the house of Windsor, Parliament, the banking system and the MSM. They’re all on the same merry go round!

  125. 125
    eye-eye says:

    Let’s hope Balls is visiting a school tomorrow. Some bright kid should ask him why he seems to have avoided coverage this weekend.

    ” Are you completely without sin Minister?”

  126. 126
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Woolas should have watched himself being fucked over by Lumley. Even he can’t be dumb enough to believe he’s clever enough to talk his way out of a paper bag, can he?

    Silly question, of course.

  127. 127
    Solid says:

    Check out the Times Online, they have a story that claims Labour are trying to exempt future expenses audit details from FoI requests my privatising the auditing. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE

  128. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Could have been worse, just one Junior shadow minister into dogging. Much better than a full minister into womans clothing and tampons.

  129. 129
    Technomist says:

    Any Tory should be treated the same way as any other MP on the take: they should go to prison.

  130. 130
    Shocked citizen says:

    Co-incidence …

    Do you think he is a “chum” of Mandy Pandy and ? Woolarse and the others !!…They are good at “networking” these fags…have nothing else to do with their lives…

  131. 131
    Frankenswine says:

    Perhaps it was leaking all over his numerous expenses forms? That would be a serious impediment to getting a free lunch at the Carlton.

  132. 132
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Got a photocopy of that plumber’s receipt?

  133. 133
    Witch says:

    Would it be too much to wish for that the cleaner turns out to be an illegal immigrant?

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    Vince Cable’s expenses will be the highlight of Tuesday’s Telegraph.

  135. 135
    Tory Bear says:

    Parliament should be dissolved, the full expenses published for every member and the the people should be allowed to be the jury on this.

  136. 136
    Alien8n says:

    Oh for goodness sake, the pipe was under the tennis court. Doesn’t say where the pipe was leading to. If the pipe was leading to the house then it’s permissible under essential repairs to the house. If the pipe was exclusively being used to water the tennis court then that’s a different matter.

  137. 137
    quelle surprise says:

    Another couple of not-conservative freeloaders.

  138. 138
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Not in meltdown???

    They’re as low as 23% – lowest number since polling began.

    Bye, bye Labour, and thanks for more than 60 years of socialist shite.

  139. 139
    The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    Thats the trouble with you moderates, always want to take it easy on em.

  140. 140
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Well it would save time and money!

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:


  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Read this and vomit, Clare Brown making excuses for her brother-inlaw Gordon, on the front page of tomorrow’s Guardian:

    “MPs’ expenses: the true story of Gordon Brown, the cleaner and my husband”

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Has Saint Vince been troughing?

    Oh dear!

  144. 144
    Technomist says:

    The thieves should go to jail. Just returning the loot does not mean there was no theft.

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    yuck! how fucking nauseating.

  146. 146
  147. 147
    Poseidon says:

    How many workmen does it take to replace 25 light bulbs?

  148. 148
    Alien8n says:

    Sorry, have to disagree. The House is a symbol of all that is morally corrupt and wrong with society in Britain today. As said in V for Vendetta, we need a new symbol.

  149. 149
    Engineer says:

    Oops – doubled up on comment. I take full responsibility and resign forthwith.

  150. 150
    Voice of the Resistance says:

    The Tory’s have at least said sorry. And theirs aren’t anywhere near as bad as the Reds. Not that that’s anything to brag about.

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King. But he never said sorry. Except for his smearing cronies. But that’s a different story.

  151. 151
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    If his dogs working it should buy its own food.

  152. 152
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Don’t invite him to cast the first stone

  153. 153
    Awaiting Moderation says:

    The PRINCIPLE behind the 2nd home allowance is that an MP needs to maintain a 2nd home to do their job, so they should be reimbursed the cost. That either means a place to doss down in London or a place to doss down in their constituency. How can it possibly include a mansion with a tennis court? How can it possibly include a seaside getaway? These criminals defend themselves on the totally spurious grounds that ‘it’s all within the rules’, but none of them can defend themselves on the grounds of PRINCIPLE. Thatcher made the rules deliberately lax because she assumed MPs could be trusted to behave honourably. Arguably her greatest mistake.

  154. 154
    Alien8n says:


    They’re refusing to show anything to do with them as they’ve got a deal that means they have to hush everything up


    What they have is so utterly explosive that they’re saving it for a grand finale.

  155. 155
    City of Vice says:

    Most of those on the razzle – Gove, Duncan, Letwin – are hopeless wets that Cameron would do well to lose. fear that Cameron might be a bit of a wet himself, being a bit of a grandee. Hug a hoodie? No flog them!

    The next government will need to get mediaeval with the Labour placemen and fellow travellers strategically placed in the public services. Labour’s rearguard. Cameron might as well start by purging the transgressors on your own side so that everyone knows he means business.

  156. 156
    Witch says:


  157. 157
    Gurning Gorgon's Video Productions says:

    The truth on the Testicle Twins must come out!



  158. 158
    Technomist says:

    These people can and will be hunted down for the rest of their natural lives.

    Think about that.

  159. 159
    The Rt. Hoon Jack Straws says:

    But Gordo’s like me; accountancy is not his strongest suit and anyway it was within the rules, the rules which we invent then try to cirumvent…

  160. 160
    Technomist says:

    GCHQ are on overtime, so are taking a little longer than usual

  161. 161
    Frankenswine says:

    Really? What do you do in Parliament? Rent boy?

  162. 162
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Cameron shows himself to be just as much of Hoon as the rest! Was he not aware of what the others were up to? There’s a man with his finger on the pulse! Prime Minister material, you’re having a laugh!

  163. 163

    Well yes, we need to know…. but do you think maybe guido is being disallowed (through legal or other means) from saying certain things which is why the DB was down this afternoon (while certain comments were censored) and now we’re all moderated?

  164. 164
    Solid says:

    HOORAY for Govey

    Seems he is an honest man after all and no inpropriety whatsoever. He actuall MOVED his entire family from Surrey to London after it turned out the commute and hours were killing his family life.

  165. 165
    Dr Feelgood says:

    1) The Conservative troughing (as I predicted in previous threads) is nowhere near as bad as that from Labour. This is not to justify what they have done, but will not swing public opinion back towards Labour.

    2) Cameron should execute two or three senior people for this (not one, that’s a Brown tactic cf. Peter Watt). Firstly to place clear blue water between Tories and Labour (who persist in trying to justify their indefensible behaviour); secondly, ‘pour encourager les autres’.

    3) Balls and Cooper must have an injuction against a) disclosing their fraud and b) reporting of the injunction (to repeat what others have posted). I wonder if this is what Private Eye have been unable to rpeort?

  166. 166
    lololol says:

    155 :-)

  167. 167
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Polish or English?

  168. 168
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    So what design shall we have in a new democratic democracy or as a republic.
    I must admit that the old house would be too much a reminder of tyranny. Still, keep it as a monument, eh?

  169. 169
    Frankenswine says:

    Hooray! Fascism!

  170. 170
    Biscuitbarrel Cementmixer says:

    All proceeds from the sale of accomodation bought with our money must be returned when the house/flat is sold.

  171. 171
    City of Vice says:

    These clowns already pull this stunt in a wide range of government bodies and quangos. We pay bills yet these madarins claim ‘commercial confidentiality’ to stop us seeing what they’ve done or what’s been paid for.

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    you sure mcbride isnt still working for brown from Ireland? Such a fuckin orchestrated piece, must come from number 10. Need to dash have to put me head down the bog and be sick, this piece of zanu nu labour is gonna make me sick all night long. YOU Hunts WILL ALL PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY, MAY YOU FUCKIN ROT IN HELL AFTER YOU’VE PAID BACK EVERY PENNY YOU’VE THIEVED FROM US!

  173. 173
    nell says:

    Hi New Girl . Time for me to go to bed .

    Interesting point,

    Labourlist is saying ” No-one- including the PM ,who is the root of the problem, will survive this week’s carnage………”

    I so hope that is true…..

    Balls/Cooper tomorrow????

    Good Night – God Bless

  174. 174
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Why? You looking to hire?

  175. 175
    Solid says:

    Guido, assume your blog is beyond the sticky fingers of the fuckers like Carter Ruck and co, and as such any injunction in the UK does not apply to if so have a word with Andrew Porter and try get the goss on Balls-Cooper unholy union toughmeisters extraordinaire.

  176. 176
    UK Thought Police and Bin Inspectorate says:

    We’re a’watchin yew!!

  177. 177
    freddie flintoff says:

    no just sick of em if we had honest ppl in there then would save us billlions

  178. 178
    Disillusioned says:

    Enough is enough. It is clear that these fraudulent expenses claims are not just a few isolated incidents, corruption is rife. The system is corrupt, and the whole lot stinks. It is time to dissolve parliament and let the people have their say.

    No ifs, no buts. Dissolve parliament and call a general election. I’m on the verge of going out with my can of spray paint in the middle of the night to make my point perfectly clear. I don’t care if I’m the only one, civil disobedience is the only option left if they won’t call an election.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    The clue is in the name….Let win.

  180. 180
    Awaiting Moderation says:

    That’s what the clubs in Pall Mall are for. Three nights a week maximum while Parliament is sitting, and not a penny more. It would be a lot cheaper than the 2nd home allowance.

    An MP who gets blackballed by a club can stay at a tourist hotel in Bloomsbury for less than £100 a night. That’s £300 a week for 30-odd weeks – a maximum of £12,000 per MP. No mortgage interest, no capital gains, no tennis courts, no bog seats and no wide-screen TVs.

    And while we’re about it, let’s get that down to £6,000 by halving the number of MPs. They obviously have too much time on their hands with all the retail therapy they go in for. Let them refer the constituency whingers to the Citizens Advice Bureau so they have time to sit in the chamber scrutinising legislation and holding the Government to account. Then at last they might be worth their salaries.

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:



  182. 182
    anony mouse says:

    thaaaats numberwang !

  183. 183
    freddie flintoff says:

    just give em carers allowance and income support and see how they cope

  184. 184
    Alien8n says:

    The big bad wolf turned to the little pigs and said

    “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”

    The little pigs replied

    “Do that and I’ll fucking sneeze on you!”

  185. 185
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    I think what should be done is this: A definitive date be announced for holding the General Election. That will facilitate the immediate electioneering for wannabe Members who will be offered a universal grant each for the canvassing. (No corporate lobbying but only private donations up to a maximum amount allowed). In other words, a level playing field for prospective MP’s.

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:

    In my view, if they dumped Oliver ‘pompous twat’ Letwin and Alan ‘dodgy geezer’ Duncan, they wouldn’t be missed..

    Totally, completely and utterly the wrong image for the Conservative party of the future.

    And why are there so few women and ethnic minorities in the party ??

    This is the twenty-first century for fuck’s sake !! I think the whole organisation with crusty old twats in the ‘constituency association needs a seismic fucking shake up and the ‘smack of firm government’ from the centre..

  187. 187
    Moley says:

    They will write all the posts themselves.

  188. 188
    Frankenswine says:

    What have you got? Do you do any deals?

  189. 189
    freddie flintoff says:

    as i is injuered i get to read da front pages

  190. 190
    Alien8n says:

    The current rules are actually the ones put in place under Blair.

    Thatcher’s mistake was making damn certain the rules were inflexible.

  191. 191
    Mz. YvadeIt Bollocks says:

    I’ve just put Edwin to bed, – and read him his story.

    Just time for me to write to you all to say to reassure that we are both ‘in the clear’ as it were.

    Adept at finance, faffing about wiv figures ‘n that, – and also buddies with the bigwigs at the DT, – we have no worries about being ‘exposed’ as they say.

    Nighty Night then. Sleep well.

    We will.

  192. 192
    Fausty says:

    We need a constitution along the lines of the American Republican constitution. We need independents running for office and a banning of the party whip.

    The party is anathema to democracy (or republicanism) as are lobbies.

    We need to redesign our system of governance from the ground up, our principles being what government IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO.

    The time is ripe for us to take back our country. Each of us must be Boadicea.

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Would you just love being a buck-shee squaddie just back from overseas on a long weekend having the same privileges not a kin Chance only allowed one home

  194. 194
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Luminous is the best option! It can be read 24 hours a day.

  195. 195
    eye-eye says:

    Hang on, let (b)Old Holborn and his truckload of pigs have their day first

  196. 196
    Solid says:

    Alan Duncan has been very effective in the commons recently, and his misdeameanors are not beyond redemption. Letwin can rot for all I care, same for Maude, and I have no time for Lansley either.

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Hey little piggy.

  198. 198
    Apathetic Voter says:

    And if your a dead Gurkha you can look forward to the deportation of your widow and family.

  199. 199
    Sunonmars says:

    I suspect the grand finale is being held up for the biggest hoons of the lot, we have not heard from them yet.

    Balls, Cooper, Purnell and all those dodgy northern and scottish labour troughers. The DT has not blown its wad yet, it will sell papers by the bucket load and they are going to drag this out.

    Drops “some” of the cabinet, drop the tories (which frankly i thought would be worse), then drop the libdems and then just when Labour thinks its out of the woods drop the great big motherload mid week when circulation is low.

  200. 200
    Ivor Phartparp says:


  201. 201
    pp says:

    For a new election we need clean candidates – these corruptions need to be bottomed out, so the corrupt can be exposed and condemned.

  202. 202
    Mark Littlewood says:

    “Sorry” seems to be the easiest word for David Cameron.

    If you say “sorry”, you accept you shouldn’t have done whatever it is you’re apologising for.

    If that thing is taking money from someone, you should repay it. Simple as.

  203. 203
    Dr Feelgood says:

    As suspected, Brown is conspiring with his media lackeys to set up Blears as the sacrificial lamb; see Iain Martin’s view in DT blogs:

    Personally, I can’t stand her, but if Brown thinks he can sacrifice just her and then put the whole scandal to bed, he is just confirming what a giant twunt he is.

  204. 204
    Joolzibub says:

    I remember having a short conversation with Letwin in Pimlico when he was campaigning to save the pound. ‘What a mediocre little wanker’, I thought.

  205. 205

    Maybe these Businesses should sell property they are not using?

  206. 206
    (B)liar Watch says:

    Mais Non!

    Just the reverse – totally predictable.

    Didn’t the Beloved One say He didn’t get where he is today by not knowing when to say ‘No!’

  207. 207
    Phil Woolas says:

    “Each of us must be Boadicea.”

    Does that mean I can wear a dress?

  208. 208
    Moley says:

    What else do you need to know?

    The colour of the paint?

  209. 209
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Yes. I know of 645 fuckers who will do anything for expenses!

  210. 210
    Magnus Pym says:

    Best wait until all the facts are out. Else you won’t know who to vote for, will you?

  211. 211
    Anonymous says:

    and that is shit and run by the japs thanks to heseltine

  212. 212
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Yup. That’s what we’re up against.

  213. 213
    Alien8n says:

    Hard to say.

    Plenty of Democratic models to choose from but with the way politics is shaped today I can’t see FPTP working in any shape or form. FPTP was great in a 2 party system, which is why it works relatively well in America, but we’ve been a 3 party system in this country for so long now that it’s been proven to be a broken system in this country. We must go to some other form of Democracy and it must be a decision decided by the entire country, not just some jumped up bureaucrats in Whitehall.

    Put the pros and cons of each system in the public domain, organise real public consultations (not just hand picked Labour supporting sycophants) and then hold a referendum. Top 2 choices then go head to head in a final referendum to create a new UK Parliamentary system.

    Only proviso I would add is, under no circumstances should the selection lists be controlled by party headquarters. The main issue with PR systems is the addition of selection lists, which guarantee the party’s “choices” get bumped up the list, meaning the party leaders chums get first pick of the vote.

  214. 214
    Moley says:

    It would be desirable if there was a requirement for all MPs to be formally
    reselected before the election, and time was allowed for this..

  215. 215
    Scorched Earth says:

    Some fair points here.
    Yep it isn’t as bad, but even if it was the moral obligation for action (as opposed to platitudes and empty words) would still fall on the Governing Party for presiding over the current mess and they have failed in that test utterly.

    Sadly though “they are all the same”unnuanced though it is will still be what the Electorate at large most often say when these scandals hit the headlines.

    Labours opinion poll ratings will certainly not go up as a result of the Tories with their snouts in the trough but The Conservatives numbers may well go down.

    Cameron should indeed try action of some kind in this case as that will not soon be forgotten whereas mere contrite words will.

    I must admit I’m intrigued by the fevered speculation about Balls and Cooper as to what this could all be ? Has there been hints that they have been snouting it shamelessly already ? Odd that only they seem to have the power of Lawyerlywrit when the rest of the Cabinet doesn’t though ?

    The Eye story was about vast amounts of Public Money (£12 BILLION) being wasted by in the NHS by one figure in particular.

    That explains most of it and who the Hoon is.

  216. 216
    Sunonmars says:

    at least he bloody said it unlike that fat hoon in No 10, who just reeks of contempt.

    and Brown about to make it worse for himself.

    Labour plots to keep MPs’ allowances under wraps in the future

    What an tosser.

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    He mentioned the S word. Will probably survive.

  218. 218
    Confucius says:

    Are the Telegraph making a mistake in putting all their scoops on the internet the night before the paper comes out? This must reduce sales of the paper dramatically.

  219. 219
    Technomist says:

    Duncan is a crook

  220. 220
    freddie flintoff says:

    i couldnt read da gaurdian comments all day

  221. 221
    Cardinal del Monte says:

    ‘Francis’ is not a woman’s name: the female form is ‘Frances’. And ‘Maud’ does not have an ‘e’ on the end.

  222. 222
    Sunonmars says:

    Labour determined to commit hari kari as Labour plots to keep MPs’ allowances secret

    As frenzy over claims continues a Labour plot to suppress the release of MPs’ expenses has been uncovered by The Times

  223. 223
    Alien8n says:

    Didn’t say he claimed for resurfacing the court in the Telegraph, just that he claimed for fixing the leak. Which suggests that any resurfacing was paid for out of his own pocket.

  224. 224
    Anonymous says:

    no just stopping a D notice before circulation

  225. 225
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Arthur. Do you suffer from schitzophrenia? Join me, we both suffer from it to.

  226. 226

    If they put it only in the paper and not on their website, other websites would read the paper and report it – so best they can put their own spin and get their own adverts clicked on than someone elses

  227. 227
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Er.. How does one join?

  228. 228
    Dr Feelgood says:

    If I was Will Lewis (DT editor), it might even be worth ignoring the injunction on Balls, Cooper, Purnell, Mandelson (plus whoever else).

    1) Sell shit loads of papers
    1a) Keep the story live for weeks and sell even more copies and advertising
    2) Restore trust of core readership
    3) Build relationship with forthcoming regime
    4) Experience justified short spell in jail for having supported Labour in recent months
    5) Write a good book about it
    6) Retire with mega-bucks to Channel Islands

  229. 229
    Alien8n says:

    Agreed Moley.

    Part of the selection procedure should also include a commitment to complete overhaul of the current system as well.

  230. 230
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    I’m going to glue a plastic sword on each hubcap first thing in ‘t morning.

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Labour are tarnished indefinitely from this weekend on.

  232. 232
    Cardinal del Monte says:

    Oh well, at least you’re not a merchant of death like Lord Nazeby.

  233. 233
    The little Islland of Sark said says:

    Wee jocks

  234. 234
    Leader of the House says:

    Your sense of honour obviously disqualify’s you from standing for parliament. We don’t want your sort here.

  235. 235
    Moley says:

    It looks a reasonable explanation.

    The first reasonable explanation I have seen.

    It might even be true.

  236. 236
    VotR says:

    If the Tory’s were in power, they would have been blowtorched. But a party that isn’t in power isn’t as hot news as the party that is, imho.

  237. 237
    Scorched Earth says:

    Well they put teasers on the web but when the actual print copy has been finalised and sent out they update it. But even then every single detail is not on the site and the Teleraph keeps em for the print run.

    So there will be much more of the detailed breakdown come tomorrow as there was with the Cabinet.

  238. 238
    Moley says:

    There are times when moderation is a really good idea.

  239. 239
    Doctor Mick says:

    I think the latter. I’ve seen so many cases of husband/wives/partners in a combined position of power, mutually supporting the other, to the extent that they actually don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong even as both hands meet at the bottom of the cookie jar.

  240. 240
    Fausty says:

    48, it’s too far from the Westminster village. One hopes there’s a more viable site.

  241. 241
    Apathetic Voter says:

    How about any candidate that promises to put all 645 fuckers on trial?

  242. 242
    Apathetic Voter says:

    I’ll get me gun!

  243. 243
    Commissioner of the Met says:

    Good evening all

    Sorry to be a bot late reporting…

    Hell of a busy day

    Spoke to Boris this morning…

    He quite agrees that we must not arrest any “leaker”.. he even said (off the record) that he would be a witness in favour of the Public Interest if it ever came to Court..(he also said that he would like to become a Folk Hero like that little bugger Guido Fawkes)

    So we will put that investigation on the back burner…

    Next point, I have receoived many formal complaints for fraud under the Fraud Act 2006 against members of parliament (Commons and Lords)…

    In accordance with my duties, I will put them on the “front burner”…starting but not ending with NcNulty…

    However, I need even more citizens complaints filed with my office to proceed with even more nofficial investigations for fraud and obtaining money under false pretences…

    So, citizens of London, do not despair…

    I will happily resign if the NUZALU Labour Party fire me.. (Boris told me I would be immediately reappointed after the Eclection and that I could be a security adviser to him in the meantime)

    Have a good night my fellow co-conspirators…

    The citisens of London will win…

    The Commissioner of the Met


  244. 244
    going down the pan says:

    no but they run many rackets and he,s always looking for a new set of ball’s it’s a totally different court i want to see him in

  245. 245
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Only when he’s entertaining a bird!

  246. 246
    John says:

    On the Sky Newspaper review there is an article on the front page of the Independent. The paper has been leaked an e-mail which has been sent to ALL Labour MP’s telling them they have done nothing wrong, and told them to quote ‘I was approved by the fees office’ if chalenged.

  247. 247
    Grimer says:

    “Maybe these Businesses should sell property they are not using?”

    To who, you fucking moron? Why would anybody buy commecial property now? It is like a fucking millstone around your neck.

    Forced to pay business rates on a property you can’t rent or utilise. You can’t even give tenancies away in London at the moment.

    A friend was offered a deal where he didn’t even have to pay rent or full rates. The building owner was happy to split the rates with him – i.e. paid him to move his business in.

    Only a fucking mong socialist could come out with your ‘why don’t you sell it’ comment.

  248. 248
    Grimer says:

    “Maybe these Businesses should sell property they are not using?”

    To who, you fucking moron? Why would anybody buy commecial property now? It is like a fucking millstone around your neck.

    Forced to pay business rates on a property you can’t rent or utilise. You can’t even give tenancies away in London at the moment.

    A friend was offered a deal where he didn’t even have to pay rent or full rates. The building owner was happy to split the rates with him – i.e. paid him to move his business in.

    Only a fucking mong socialist could come out with your ‘why don’t you sell it’ comment.

  249. 249
    Magnus Pym says:

    Apart from him obviously

  250. 250
    Grimer says:

    Oops, meant to reply to the mong at 208 (even if he does like HL2)

  251. 251
    David Willetts says:

    British jobs for British workers

  252. 252
    The Cookie Jar says:

    Don’t drag me into it! Those Digestives were entirely within the rules.

  253. 253
    V says:

    “Let’s dig an enormous castle!” cried Moon-Face. “Then we can all sit on the top of it when the sea comes in.”

    “We can’t,” said Silky, suddenly looking sad.
    “Why not? Why not?” cried Jo in surprise. “Isn’t this the Land Of Do-As-You-Please?”
    “Yes,” said Silky. “But it’s time we went back to the Faraway Tree. This land will soon be moving on_ _ and nice as it is, we don’t want to live here forever.”

    “Gracious No.” said Jo. “Our mother and father couldn’t possibly do without us…”

  254. 254
  255. 255
    Alien8n says:

    I really hope you’re right. However knowing the way they work you can bet there’s an injunction against the paper and in printing it they’ll be risking an awful lot.

    However, any judge finding in favour of Balls & co will end up getting lynched, there’s no jury in the land that will uphold an injunction on that story

  256. 256
    Scorched Earth says:

    Hmmm… Call me Dave has demanded the individual Politicians explain themselves to the Electorate but he’s also said “we obeyed the rules” is not an acceptable excuse.

    Have to say though there might be some truth in the rumours about a few Shadow Cabinet sackings if the fevered rush to “explain themselves” and put a nice gloss on things is anything to go by.

    Methinks Dave could be planning a “reshuffle” of some severity to outflank Brown.

  257. 257
    Alien8n says:


    Gordon Brown buys shares in piano wire manufacturer.

    I mean wtf? Are they deliberately trying to alienate (deliberate pun) every voter in the country?

  258. 258
    Alien8n says:

    As commented elsewhere, any judge upholding the injunction would get lynched and no jury in the land would find in favour of any of them.

    Telegraph will publish or the editor will be forced to resign.

  259. 259
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Maybe the case of Balls (quincunx, or 5 times hoons?) is already sub judice because they have had their collars felt?

  260. 260
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Well in that case, it will be business as usual. “Draw a line” “Learn the lessons” “Lets move on” “A third way” “A new kind of politics” Blah Blah Blah!

  261. 261
    Dr Feelgood says:

    The most laughable figure in this whole episode (with plenty of competition for the title) has been Sir Stuart Bell. This sclerotic old fossil, huffing and puffing, on TV has proven to the people of this country that there is a pompous culture of entitlement that runs deep in the in the HoC.

    Referring the leak to the police, and now trying to bring in new rules to conceal the shady goings on, despite public avowals of needs to reform the system, only go to further justify the public’s belief in the endemic corrupt culture.

    Only an absolute idiot could believe that further secrecy is the solution.

    Therefore, this must have Gordon Brown’s approval.

  262. 262
    Fausty says:

    Sorry, but whether it was a leak or the building of a tennis court, this has nothing to do with his ability to do his job. This is sheer profiteering!

  263. 263
    Sunonmars says:

    thats what you call the sheeite about to hit the fan.

    Are Labour this “clueless”

  264. 264
    Apathetic Voter says:

    How about Harriet?

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    some would say, if you do not vote, you have no right to complain at the result

  266. 266
    Richard says:

    Guido – your story differs from the Telegraph’s.

    According to them Maude did not flip his expenses; he had one arrangement rejected, so changed the arrangement. The new one does not look good, but far from the flippng that went on in the Labour benches.

    In fact it appears no Conservatives flipped more than once. A single flip could be legitimate, due to a change of circumstances or a decision on working practice and lifestyle (apparently the case for Andrew Lansley). Multiple flips are far, far more suspect.

  267. 267
    Apathetic Voter says:

    How many horses you got under that bonnet then?

  268. 268
    John says:

    It is telling that Times, The Sun & The Independent are trying to keep Brown and Labour the story. It does seem that one had does not know what the other is doing in Labour at the moment

  269. 269

    Our MP’s snouts are so deep in the expenses trough that their tails have gone curly. It’s little surpise they can barely come up for air long enough to oink “…we operated within guidelines”

    So to save them the trouble (we appreciate they’re very busy people) we have gone all creative on their behalf, and this week our Spotify playlist is all about fiddling expenses.


  270. 270
    The Man from Toronto He Say says:

    *knock Knock
    “Good Morning Sir, I’ve a writ here stating that you’ve been deemed a waste of tax payers money and a drain on society, as such I am now warranted under the 2009 Thrift Act to put you out of Britain’s misery”
    *Checks Box, returns to car, checks list for next visit

  271. 271
    Apathetic Voter says:

    Dave could’nt lead Gary Glitter to a playground!

  272. 272
    freddie flintoff says:

    dollys back

  273. 273
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Bizarrely, was reading about the ‘Land of Take-what-you-want’ to my daughter this evening. Never realized Enid Blyton was a satirist.

  274. 274
    going down the pan says:

    i agree disolve parliament arrest every fucking one of them sieze all their assets publicly humiliate them in a court of law imprison all the ones found guilty start again from scratch pay them £150,000 pounds putting them in the 50% bracket NO expences what so ever .buy whatever house you want furnish it with what you want BUT when you leave office an inventry of every item you bought is kept an belongs to the state your house belongs to the state you leave with nothing you are not allowed to have any outside intrests while you are an m p you are not allowed to take one penny from outside companys break the rules and your gone there use’d to be many people who went in to politics to make a difference so lets get them back in and rid the government of this pondlife for good.

  275. 275
    freddie flintoff says:

    i got a cricket bat

  276. 276
    BT call centre Bangalore says:

    Here Here! Bloody Blimey!

  277. 277
    Alan Duncan says:

    Yes! A crook with a well manicured lawn.

  278. 278
    Apathetic Voter says:

    1 down. 644 to go!

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    remind me, how much does Jack Straw’s wife earn from her ccorporate job, and how did she get the it?

  280. 280
    Fausty says:

    If they keep this up, the public might opt for the Caeucescu solution. Not outside the bounds of possibility.

  281. 281
    Alien8n says:

    Duncan just comes across as being a bit gay.

    Much like Brown comes across as being a bit incompetent

  282. 282
    Anonymous says:

    hear hear

  283. 283
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Sorry. Been offline for most of today. Iain Dale posted about the Blears ‘Chipmunk Cull’ at lunchtime.

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    I would prefer if you remained apathetic

  285. 285
    Technomist says:

    Barbara Follett ‘admirers’ are digging up some old nonsense she spun to her local paper on the subject of her husband’s money and the costs she incurred of being an MP. Calls for her deselection if she doesn’t resign.

  286. 286
    Dr Feelgood says:

    DC: Please dump Maude and Duncan – they’re both irritating little fuckers and you have a lot of better quality people to fill their shoes.

  287. 287
    Fausty says:

    The irony is that we await the judgment of the troughers to decide the fate of the troughers.

    Just who are the loonies here.

    We need to report them to the fraud squad, the police and mobilise in as many ways as we can imagine.

    If you leave it up to them, nothing will change, and they will get away with it.

  288. 288
    A Pensioner says:

    There’s bound to be injunctions flying, just because of the perpetrator’s ego not sanity (eg the statement on Brown which was totally out of keeping). But any “relief” will be shortlived as the stuff will come out regardless. Then the story moves on to the even worse story of the attempted cover up.

  289. 289
    Apathetic Voter says:

    And the rest come across as a bit crooked.

  290. 290
    Commissioner of the Met says:

    Of couse…

    That is why I have repeatedly asked you to file complaints against all these frauds with the is beginning to work with NcNulty…

  291. 291
    Commissioner of the Met says:

    death wish Brown…

  292. 292
    Apathetic Voter says:

    I was hoping to be upgraded to apoplectic

  293. 293
    Glittergirl says:

    Oh God do we know if Boris Johnson is as pure as the driven snow? I bloody hope so, or things are gonna get very nasty indeed!

  294. 294

    As I’m not a socialist as I know Price = Demand / Supply.

    They can sell it, they just don’t want to sell it at a price someone wants to buy it at.

    A tax on Land Values is the least distorting taxation and by far the best way for a government to raise money.

    If you want to plead that businesses should get a subsidy then

    You can also read here about LVT and it’s socialist opponents. It’s actually hyper capitalist, something this country desperately needs more of.

  295. 295
    Michael Winner says:

    Calm Down! It’s me.

  296. 296
    Anonymous says:

    He’ll make an ideal Minister!

  297. 297
    CIA, London Station says:

    And we’re watching you

  298. 298
    Apathetic (soon to be upgraded to apoplectic) Voter says:

    Sounds good to me.

  299. 299

    God I’d love to be pushing most of those troughing feckers towards the wall.

  300. 300

    Whatever happened to the ID Card supporting “IF you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear” Labour Government?

  301. 301
    Unpalatable Truth says:

    Land Tax is a major step forward. It is very fair. Local council tax can then be reduced for all homeowners.

    If Landowners cannot afford the tax they can sell up. It is what each and every one of us is obliged to do in similar circumstances.

    If landowers can pass on their estates effectively IHT free, then the least they can do is contribute something annually, just like the rest of us.

  302. 302
    Unpalatable Truth says:

    Duncan is on borrowed time. He is going nowhere. He will quietly retreat to the backbenches where he can trim his lawn. Not long before his past catches up with him.

  303. 303
    Mercian says:

    Well whoop-de-doo for pedants spoiling a good joke.

  304. 304
    Mercian says:

    They should be in prison.

  305. 305

    Legally it does, but that still leaves open conspiracy to defraud.

  306. 306
    Mercian says:

    Yes, but if they don’t like it, they should be free to live somewhere else AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

    Incidenetally, why are we paying ANYTHING towards Brown’s flat in London, when he presumably has a house somewhere in Jockland, and he’s been living in Downing Street for 12 years? How are any of his flat expenses necessary for his job? Impeach him!

  307. 307

    302 – the ID cards are for the oiks, not them

  308. 308
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Hear hear…nail the bastards

  309. 309
    The Dark Gnome says:

    Yeah…time to finish the testicular one.

    TIME TO GO BALLS!!!!!!!

    The Dark Gnome hears all, sees all, knows all!!!

  310. 310

    What Labour fail to understand is that a lot of employees fight tooth and nail to get legitimate expenses past their own firms and then again HMRC. Just because your HR Department may have a thick hoon on expenses, it does not justify you robbing the company blind. This is exactly what MPs have done.

    Screw them blaming the system. The system did not force them to claim.

  311. 311
    Steve says:

    Could it be that there’s no injunction, but the Telegraph is just saving the biggest hoons until last?

    Next Sunday maybe, after a couple of clear days for most of us (the general public, not poeple reading this blog) to think that the story’s over? ;-)

  312. 312
    insert-coin-here says:

    Direct Democracy.

    Google ‘The Plan’ by carswell and Hannan.

    Job done.

  313. 313

    Ben Leapman making the following claim?

    Are they trying to steal the News of the Screws and Guido’s thunder?

  314. 314
    Bri says:

    The BBC splash Alan Duncans claim for gardening expenses (which were not allowed) whilst no mention of this thieving W***er.
    I don’t like Duncan and think he should go but when you read the Beebs story you can see they are trying to ramp up the story about the evil Tories

    A junior minister, Kevin Brennan, had a widescreen television delivered to his family house in Wales then claimed the £450 cost back using his London second home allowance.

  315. 315
    Hoon says:

    They must all go.
    The dirt covers all MPs and there is no public confidnce left in them.
    They forget they are “representatives of the people” if they have no standards, no morals and no ethics, they must be sent down all of them.

    Call an election, now.

  316. 316
    clare the writer says:

    its bollocskley badly written for a so called journo

  317. 317
    U*ddin she horrible says:

    and the dreadful baroness of udder-all

  318. 318
    Gordon Brown's Nokia (Ouch!) says:

    Unfortunately voters vote for people most like themselves, someone sqeaky clean is not trusted as they NOT one of them, doh

  319. 319
    In the name of God Go! says:

    The Bates’ Motel is too good for this lot!

  320. 320
    Out damn spots says:

    Here’s is really why they must ALL go.
    Dissolve this failed parliament call an election.
    Remember they destroyed evidence despite a court order and Muppet Martin’s lost legal fight cost taxpayers 150,000 pounds.

    The fees office is staffed mainly by people with no accounting qualifications and Martin and his heavies browbeat them everytime they object to paying for kit-kat bars and 88p bathplugs.

    Now they want to privatise the expenses claim process so they can hide it all again.

    Go scum every last one of you.

  321. 321
    Pienomics says:

    But this doesn’t address the central question of why the taxpayer should be paying for Brown’s char. We shouldn’t. It’s as simple as that.

  322. 322
    Minekiller says:

    If DC has any wit at all, he’ll follow up on the apology with an immediate commitment and action to repay. Then he needs to sack the worst offenders. The he needs to commit to absolute reform.

    This will leave Labour floundering and exposed as the criminal scum they are – having had 12 years to reform the system – and begin the Augean clean out that the public demands.

  323. 323
    Deadly Boffin says:

    What’s the issue with trained accountants checking expenses? It’s simple:

    1. The rules are written down
    2. Claims are checked against these rules
    3. Claims outside the rules are rejected
    4. Dodgy receipts etc get reported to audit and investigated.

    No need to spend £600,000 a year on this. I’m, sure we can find a few volunteers. It is also being done in thousands of organisations up and down the country,so there is no need for anyone to reveiw/amend/create new practices. Just adopt what many others do.

    The same applies to flipping. If my employer subsidises accomodation for me, I need to make a case for moving,especially if the move will require a greater subsidy. Simple answer is to give them contracts with the residences written in. No changes in a five year period permitted unless authorised by an independent party.

    An alternative would be to give them a non-pensionable housing cost allowance (paid monthly,not as incurred) They would then have to budget like the rest of us for unexpected repairs. This would be available at a range of rates relative to the distance from parliament.

    Most people would accept £63000 a year, a season ticket loan and as incurred business expenses and many of us have far more demanding jobs than MPs,so why should they be different?

  324. 324
    Anonymous says:

    The Conservatives have put up Liam Fox to defend the situation using his best GP bedside manner to apologise -” I am not going to criticise individuals just as I didn’t criticise individual Labour MPs but we got things wrong and we need to put them right – it’s for individuals to explain for themselves…..”

    The next thing Cameron needs to do is tell Duncan to get his arse into gear and into the studios pronto and start apologising for bad judgement(may be unfair but this needs to be snuffed out quickly and the spotlight turned back onto Brown and Labour)- it would of course be better if Duncan decided for himself that whilst he may well have acted within the rules he feels that he should resign as Shadow Leader of the House in an attempt to restore public confidence particularly as he would be leading any debate for the Opposition on expenses – that way Labour continue to be wrong-footed and Duncan can spend the next 12 months on the backbenches with a possible return to Cabinet post-election.

    Cameron needs to be absolutely ruthless in this matter – others who are judged “guiltier” may have to resign for the party’s greater good – if they go wiillingly they may return post-election but if not then they have to be sacked for “bad judgement” – Cameron needs to ensure the maximum advantage to the Conservatives and maximum damage to Labour on this matter.

    Brown has shown he hasn’t got the necessary “bottle” to do that with his people and Cameron needs to show the public that he has.

  325. 325
    Doctor Mick says:

    Let’s hope he didn’t claim his bike clips on expenses.

  326. 326
    Hugh Janus says:

    So what’s to be done with the fees office? They have failed miserably to implement even these crazy ‘rules’ as we now know. Will any heads roll? Of course not, MPs will now devise another method, no doubt at vast expense, to oversee their thieving. The priority, of course, is a complete overhaul of the system before anything else happens. Notwithstanding their apparent lack of professional qualifications, why were so many glaring rip-offs allowed to go through? Is mole-catching necessary to assist an MP in the course of his duties? Of course not, so why was it paid? Is there some ‘undue influence’ over the fees office? Is bully-boy Gorbals behind all this? I wonder how many honours and awards go to fees office staff, and whether the number is proportionately higher than an equivalent government department? Time for an FOI request perhaps….

    A letter in the DT today asks for a collective name for a gathering of MPs.

    Well, ‘thieving bastards’ is completely accurate but a little undignified. I think ‘troughing hoons’ from this blog is perfectly suitable and should be adopted forthwith.

  327. 327
    mary says:

    They sound more like property developers than MPs. Should make a good series for daytime TV – Seedy and greedy.

  328. 328
    Talwin says:

    No bugger can be sacked, can they when the schtick is that ‘it’s all within the rules’. One goes down the pan, they all go down the pan. Hence only the mutual tut-tutting and outbreak of peaceful co-existence between Tory/Labour/Lib-Dem.

  329. 329
    Talwin says:

    Come on guys, play fair. How can you be an effective MP if you’ve a damp tennis court?

  330. 330
    Anonymous says:

    It’s being hinted that Labour specifically hid from the Tories that the “flipping” strategy was allowable – Yet another massive own goal by Labour if true.

  331. 331
    Anonymous says:

    That is a sadly typical response from ‘never apologise, never explain’ Brown.

  332. 332
    Out damn spots says:

    ….and fire them as an example to others, would also put Ruined-the-world on a spot because he’s a perfumed jellybag too frit to do the same.

  333. 333
    Hodder and Stoughton publishers to the great and good says:

    Rejected by us. Poor style, lack of gripping narrative, narrow focus, sloppy tone.

  334. 334
    Talwin says:

    Maybe the potential suicidal MPs reference doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago included Balls. Could we be that lucky?

  335. 335
    Another mad Fife git says:

    If the other Parties want an advantage they need to admit greed if not guilt and start to pay the money back.

  336. 336
    honk says:

    All misappropriated monies of any kind must be repaid with interest and amounts owed to the taxman settled also under the same conditions as the man in the street, penalties etc apply, (that will bankrupt the labour shop stewards for a start)

  337. 337
    honk says:

    All mis*appropriated m*onies of any kind must be repaid with interest and amounts owed to the t*axman settled also under the same conditions as the man in the street, penalties etc apply, (that will bankrupt the l*abour sh*op stewards for a start)

  338. 338
    Anonymous says:

    So not as sleazy as labour ha ha!. just heard that one tory claimed £100 for workmen to change light bulbs! Just how fucking useless is that?

  339. 339
    Stu says:

    While this whole thing needs sorting out it all pales by comparison to the nuclear winter of debt that these new labour aresholes have got this country into.
    Cameron needs to be decisive on this so that the Tories can get back to attcking Labour on the real issues, like how are we going to stop GB plc going bankrupt and how to get coco the the make up wearing clown to call a general election as soon as possible. Comparisons have been made between the Brown, Major and Calaghan adminstrations but I don’t remember any of the latter two being a complete laughing stock like Broon.
    How difficult can it be for the Tories to call a vote of confidence on Brown and his cronies?

  340. 340
    Anonymous says:

    It was David Willets – what a tosser, using workman to change 25 light bulbs, must be some kind of mong

  341. 341
  342. 342
    honk for an election says:

    Re Duncan.
    Rule that one out he’s a media whore can’t bear to be out of the TV spotlight so resign he won’t. Sack him as an example to others.

  343. 343
    P1 says:

    DC. You def need to sac some people and get some refunds paid. Everyone, including your own side, ex[pected ytje Tory situation to be much sleazier than it obviously is. Lib Dems look pretty clear (except for Rennard) so Labour are truly in the brown suff on this. On example, Hoon – who had no idea what he was doing at the MOD (read the Butler evidence and wince), seems to havse spent more time worrying about maxing his exes rather than buying body-armour or whatever for squaddies. He should be in prison. The labour “big guns” who have been missed so far (Balls/Cooper) will probbaly amaze us even more when the truth comes out. So DC take some action and retain the moral high=ground.

  344. 344
    Anonymous says:

    Can you really believe him? His PR team have told him this is what he should do, he should take action against every MP named and ensure they are deselected. Then we could believe he is sincere.

    But he won’t do that because he’s a puppet of those very people

  345. 345
    Anonymous says:

    YEs we all know the tories aren’t important but they’re still thieving basteards

  346. 346
    Anonymous says:

    THe decent thing would be to resign

  347. 347
    Giovanni Drogo says:

    David Willetts…Two-Brains, sadly neither knows how to fit a lightbulb

  348. 348
    Lee Enfield says:

    The whole lot of them regardless of party, STINK. No present MP should be allowed to stand at the next election. Let’s have a clean sweep.

    Introduce electronic voting in the house, that way MPs can stay in their consituencies to vote rather than sponge of us.

    Execute the entire cabinet for war crimes and jail every fiddling MP for a minimum of ten years. All MPs assets should be confiscated until they can prove that they acquired them legitimately.

  349. 349
    SYLVIA F says:

    One of the many things that upsets me about the troughing of MPs is the fact that they do not have to pay tax on what are “benefits-in-kind”. A worker who receives benefits in the form of medical fees, telephones, petrol, mileage etc from their employer has to pay tax on it – but our MPs don’t. THEY SET THE RULES.

    HM The Queen pays tax (can you remember all the Labour MPs shouting and hollering about this in the Commons – total hypocrisy). She certainly gives more to this country than this lot, both financially and morally, which last fact seems totally alien to our MPs.

    All “hard-working” families (I hate that expression – in the main, most people are hard working) pay tax but the MPs don’t on their allowances. THEY SET THE RULES.

    I retired earlier this year, not because I wanted to (I’m only 60) but because of the downturn in the housing market. I worked for a solicitor and they saw a significant reduction in their workload so someone had to go and it was me. I hadn’t planned to retire for several years but I felt it was the right thing to do because it helped my colleagues.

    I have worked hard for 44 years and wonder why. When I see a government who will turn its back on our troops, who will refuse to allow Ghurkhas to settle in this country after having laid their lives on the line for us, who will let the scum of the earth settle in this country without question because they come from the European Community, I despair for what my child and his family will have to put up with in the coming years.

    I am also full of despair for what my husband and I will have to go through in the future. We have our pensions, we used to think we would be reasonably secure financially, but who knows now in these troubled times BECAUSE THEY SET THE RULES.

  350. 350
    going down the pan says:

    the fees office. is probarbly made up of three polish students: first one you stamp each reciept :second one you put these bits of paper on this desk: and you the third one, this is a cheque each time you get one of these you write out one of these. simple.

  351. 351
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    I don’t know why you are so surprised about this. The MP’s are not abusing the system, they are using it as it was intended to be used.

    When the issue of MP’s pay rises was hit the headlines years ago, it was brushed under the carpet by freezing pay and increasing expenses. Since then, we have had a routine increase in expense allowances, and a decrease in the stringency and oversight of the requirements.

    Expenses were pay in all but name, and were used as such.

    It says a lot about all of us that MP’s thought that this was an acceptable and viable solution.

  352. 352
    Anonymous says:

    Come on Scrof, what do you really think of them??

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