April 24th, 2009

The Heirs to Blair Should Fight Labour on Tax and Spend

Matthew Parris yesterday called on the Conservatives to come out of the closet, and behave like conservatives, Guido would be happy if they just behaved like Blairites. The symbolic 63.8% tax rate* should be opposed. Everyone can see that for the government to take more than half your income is not social justice, it is ritually sacrificing the successful on the altar of socialist dogma. Blair would never have countenanced it, he ruled it out in every manifesto that he signed.

Heir to BalirThe Cameroons have yet to shake off their awe of Blair, who was admittedly a political genius when it came to strategy. Brown is not Blair, when it comes to strategy he is a political idiot, he may be half blind but his bigger handicap is that he is tone deaf to popular feeling. Guido will frame his argument in terms that may resonate with the Cameroons better than Tim Montgomerie’s obituary for New Labour.

Osborne should ignore the siren calls from the likes of Polly and the Fink for acquiescence, there is no need to draw close to Gordon’s dividing line. Labour in government has once again ended in national financial disaster. Think what would Blair do in this situation?

The New Statesman’s James Macintyre, who often takes his copy straight from Mandelson’s friends with whom he has had a close relationship, says that Mandelson wants to fight on a programme of “prioritisation”. Mandelson wants to change the narrative to accept cuts in spending, in this he is supported by the surviving Blairites including Purnell. The Cameroons must not cede this territory to the Blairites in government. Mandelson knows the time for tax and spend is over, buried in debt and deficits.

So accept Gordon’s dividing lines. Think strategically “what would Blair do?” Now is the time for a clear message of fiscal conservativism and sound money.

*That is what the top marginal rate really amounts to when you include the combined NI of 13.8%.   Feudal serfs had to work 3 days a month for the barons.


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Camerons love affair with Blair will NEVER end!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    That poor baby that slotgobs holding looks like Cameron? Is it my eyes? Excuse me if its nifty use of Photoshop

  3. 3
    (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

    Guid0’s love affair for England is so strong he has to live in ireland.

  4. 4

    In many respects, Gordon Brown is a Brundlefly of Captain Herbert Smith and Neville Chamberlain: cursed with the latter’s political nous and a personality the size of the former’s rudder.

    Whatever the idiot does, it will be way too much and way too late.

  5. 5

    It think it is time to use the Number 10 machine to get rid of PM Brown:


  6. 6
    Pete-s says:

    The TAX figures are totally wrong. There is another income TAX out there called NATIONAL INSURANCE. This with it’s proposed increase means the real tax figure is 68%. That is too much.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Today prog.-More Cameron waffle.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    For all income above 150,000 it would be:

    50% Income Tax – Broken election manifesto promise
    1% Personal NI – Disguised Income tax
    12.8% Company/Employers NI – Tax on employment

    Fairness is a Labour code word for redistribution of wealth

  9. 9
    Guido's Angriest Sheep says:

    If you really are a libertarian and really hate politicians why do you support the conservatives?

  10. 10
    Pete-s says:

    Sorry miscalculation it is 64%, but still a very large number.

  11. 11
    jaydeeaitch says:

    O/T: reading your comment of the day, why should the bast*rd have the solace of a brandy?

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure Cameron wants the job – cant blame him really.

  13. 13

    It’s a strange state of affairs when people start getting nostalgic for Tony Blair.

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    But still not eneough to plug the unfunded gap!

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Today prog-you can see why he had such trouble over EPP can’t you?

  16. 16

    I think if I was Cameron I would call for a National Government after winning the next General Election, for at least the first full Parliamentary term, excluding any NuLabor numpty of course.
    Thereby allowing him to get on with sorting the country out, and not having to indulge in politics with the rump of a defeated bitter opposition, who got us into this mess.
    Second thing he could do is repeal the smoking ban!

  17. 17
    Kev says:

    Guido, that HOON Blair signed off on Brown’s Budgets when Snotgobbler was Chancellor, he is just as culpable. He was as Old Labour as all of them.

    I only hope the Cameroons are pulling the same trick, appealing to the centre until they get in, then ripping off the disguise to be Maggie Mk II.

    We can but hope, someone of her calibre is needed……….

    PS:Good to see Starkey rip Gordo/Labour a new arsehole on QT last night.

  18. 18
    Jim says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the debt, it is about to be repudiated via hyper inflation. We should spend more time thinking about suitable punishments for New Labour politicians and their families. Guillotine anyone?

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Big problem needs a big man-but who?

  20. 20

    All those petitions are a waste of time.

  21. 21

    Don’t, it is the lesser of two evils – get Gordon out – kick the Cameroons when they get in. What is your plan?

  22. 22
    exiled&angry says:

    Ken Clarke, maybe…?

  23. 23
    Gary Elsby says:

    I blow goats, don’t you know!

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    I dont expect many people will pay the tax anyway. Perhaps a few civil servants. Perhaps a few hapless souls who don’t have accountants. This is all about posturing and spin. Nothing that Liebour says can really ever be taken at face value. When was the last time they told you anything that turned out to be true?

    They will be ousted before the tax rises come in. Baldrick is going to be humiliated in the Euro elections, and his own party will remove him shortly afterwards. They will have to call an election very soon after that as they have no legitimacy.

    I grumble about the taxes, but I know what I pay my accountant for. You pay no NI on dividends for instance. And those of you reading mostly won’t be earning anywhere near £150k.

    No, this is class war dressed up as social justice. Its rubbish.

  26. 26

    In one sense I agree with you, but it still makes me feel a bit better. Also the heavy filtering of the petitions is clearly a big problem. Many of the reject petitions seem really good to me.

  27. 27
    pp says:

    Means GF can see where we are heading…

  28. 28

    If you read the accounts of insiders you’ll see that he didn’t know what was in the budgets until the last moment.

  29. 29
    tipping point says:

    It IS 68% – that is the figure for marginal earnings over £100k when you add in that you are now paying 40% on more of your earlier earned cash as you dont have any non-taxed income (personal allowance) anymore! Add in the NI and this governement is taxing people who want to push into 6 figures over 70% at that stage.

  30. 30
    Throbber says:

    No way I want to leave my name, address and email with those evil bastards.
    If they get their way they would be hunting everyone on that list down.
    Never trust these bags of shit.

  31. 31
    Guido's Angriest Sheep says:

    I am REAL libertarian and my plans involve getting rid of the lot NOT replacing tweedlebrown with tweedledave

  32. 32
    Throbber says:

    A small furry cat would make a better government than the current shower of shit. On that basis anything other than Labour will do.

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Was it not this lot that have joe public a vote on what private members bill would be put forward in the HofC? I believe this was done on the ‘Toady’ program.
    When the the results of the vote were made known it did not fit with their own agenda so they did they put forward the one that came second instead.
    Tells you all you need to know really.

  34. 34
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Quite right. As the economy tanks more and cheaper access to fags and cheap booze is required. Being poor is bad enough without having to be miserable as well.

  35. 35
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    That makes him an even bigger prick.

  36. 36
    Pete-s says:

    Not being anywhere near that income, I am not proficient at calculating the tax burden. However, as it will never fund the unfunded gap, even if 100%, then it should be looked at as to the effects on the nations citizens. It it will drive away the wealth makers, then it is a very bad idea.

  37. 37
    Opinicus says:

    You have forgotten the 2.5% tax caused by removing personal allowances at £112000. The extra tax is therefore higher than the marginal rate.

  38. 38
    Throbber says:

    Everything about Labour (new or old) is about class war. Its all its ever been, its the burning centre of their being.

  39. 39
    Margy says:

    Starkey was brilliant on QT and made mince meat of Denham. We need more of this public ‘putting down’ of nulabour liars and criminals; they have been getting away with their crimes for too long and deserve as much public shaming as we can give them.

    So, keep up the good work Guido!

  40. 40

    “fiscal conservativism and sound money.”

    How do we get that without higher taxation and deep public expendature cuts ? No euphamisms – just bluntness, honesty and guts please.

    Blair was a socialist – one intelligent enough to court the money men, but at his heart was a deep resentment of ordinary British people.

    Distance from Blair would be good. The further the better.

  41. 41
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:


  42. 42
    rob says:

    I would describe Brown as a libertine not a libertarian.

  43. 43
    Margy says:

    David Davis should be broguht back to the front bench.

  44. 44
    Galloping Gurner says:

    I used to think that the Tories were keeping there powder dry until they got in, but increasingly it seems they either have no powder or its damp.

    What have we done to deserve such a weak Opposition at a time like this?

  45. 45
    Margy says:

    Ken Clarke is pro EU…….or is he backing down on this?

  46. 46
    Margy says:

    I thought Cameron was excellent in the house on Wednesday – much more bullish!

  47. 47
    The News Sandwich says:

    The ‘News Sandwich’

    One staffer says a colleague developed a technique called a “news sandwich” — first telling the prime minister about a recent piece of good coverage before delivering bad news, and then moving quickly to tell him about something good coming soon.

    read it all at http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aNGVoeniv9HU&refer=home

  48. 48

    Spot on, Guido.

    The fact that Mandy is going down this line is very significant. I do believe, as you suggest, he is trying to seize the battleground first and dare the Tories to come hither. This will allow him to shout “copycat” or to attempt to continually keep the Tories on the back foot justifying why their plan is different. Mandy has the advantage of access to all the books, so can prepare a series of trip-wires, bear pits and elephant traps.

    p.s. Please, Guido, do NOT use the term “social justice” as that just makes you fight the battle on their ground. “Social justice” is damnable nonsense that enslaves the individual to the synthesized mores of the mob – synthesized, look you, by sanctimonious, rent-seeking, authoritarian bansturbators.

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    This is a crucial departure. Labour can no longer go on about “Tory cuts” – they are cutting, and significantly – but still nowhere near enough to balance the books.


  50. 50
    A pedantic cunt says:

    Your 63.8% rate is nothing. The tax credits system creates a rate of tax of 109% on the poorest.

    Of course, it’s 109% on fuck all and it’s based on money the government are giving to the poor fuckers, but still….

  51. 51
    Weygand says:

    Cameron’s political sense is keener than Guido’s and that of Parris.

    The economic rights and wrongs of taxing the better off are irrelevant in a country where most voters are economically illiterate.

    The best move is to silence this temporary distraction – wouldn’t have done it – will change eventually but is not a priority given others.

    Cameron’s response is clean, simple, effective and the right thing to do.

  52. 52
    councilhousetory says:

    I would say liability.

  53. 53

    All those petitions are belong to us. G Brown esq.

  54. 54

    Margy, you are missing a t and the i is in the wrong place.

    Joke, btw, Cameron did a cracking reply. Clegg won the cigar at PMQs, but Cameron was streets ahead in the Budget.

  55. 55
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Oh, have they had something about UK politics on Today? Seems to be wall-to-wall about South Africa – fair enough as a news story for their elections, but this wall-to-wall coverage is ridiculous.

  56. 56
    Mr Ned says:

    Blair is a delusional war criminal. He also had the lobby and the media as compliant liars working for his agenda.

    I certainly do NOT have ANY nostalgia for the twat Bliar!

  57. 57
    Kev says:

    Guido, Brown presided over the budget for a decade, Blair could only use the above excuse once, then he would see the snotgobbler’s form.

    “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me TEN times, complete and utter shame on me for not sacking you, you one eyed HOON”

  58. 58
    Gordon Brown says:

    It started in America

  59. 59

    I would say Liberace.

  60. 60
    Cato says:

    Whereas you live on Planet Zog

  61. 61
    86.3% Tax Rate says:

    Made up of:

    50% Income Tax
    13.8% NICs
    2.5% Loss of P/A
    20% Loss of 50% ofPensions Tax relief

    Why should ANY entrepreneur stay here?


  62. 62

    Having tried gunpowder and failed previously, am interested in your realistically achievable objectives.

  63. 63

    John Prescott – he with the biggest man-but of them all.

  64. 64
    rob says:

    The country is deeply in debt thanks to Brown and we are spending vast sums of borrowed money that we cannot afford.This is a recipe for bankruptcy.
    The biggest cost is public expenditure and although I am no accountant this must be the first target for radical pruning.Any household anywhere in the Country that is as deeply in debt as this government is must face up to the fact that the good times are over and all but the extreme necessities in life must go. The alternative is too appalling to even contemplate i.e. the total breakdown of the state.
    Brown will go down as the most inept chancellor and pm we have ever had – what a legacy – whats worse is that if he stays much longer he may very well destroy all of us financially and turn britain into a third world basket case.

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Sky is indicating we have deflation yet just about every bill I get has gone up significantly particulalrly utilities.

  66. 66
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Its not just income and NI what about the taxes we pay from post tax income?
    These hoons are easily taking 80% of our cash

  67. 67
    grobdj says:

    A previous Labour Government introduced the Employer’s National Insurance Surcharge (the Tax on Jobs). Originally I think this was 1 or 2%. It is now over 10%. So if a company employs a high-flyer, the effective tax take will be almost 80%.

  68. 68

    He is a presbyterian, not a libertine.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    If it’s a Blairite policy of course dave will follow!

  70. 70
    Ratsniffer says:

    Great to see Starkey sticking it to labour last night on QT – some real fire, passion and genuine loathing. And getting plenty of applause, too. Would be good to see a bit more passion from the Cameroons.

    Memo to Snotbobbler: The public detest you, and your lousy Government and you will be written about in future political history books as the worst chancellor and PM ever.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Which is what Darling did in his budget statement except the ‘good bits’ were still bullshit.

  72. 72
    Throbber says:

    He’s a c u n t

  73. 73
    Heads on poles says:

    Yes that was Stephen Pound.
    What do you do when democracy gives you the wrong answer …….

  74. 74
    Dick the Prick says:

    Rawnsley was cheeky last night comparing the death of new labour with the 3 year demise of new tories.

    Fuck it – if Cameron wants to keep his trap shut, fair play – there’s a while yet and he can’t do shit yet. May as well try and enjoy the weather.

  75. 75
    I Squiggle says:

    O/T: Anyone else see Osborne’s budget reply on the telly last night? I have to confess I was a bit one eyed by that late hour, didn’t really catch what he was on about. But the thing that did strike me was the he appeared to be wearing someone else‘s jacket. Big fella it must have been as well..

  76. 76

    […] replaced it with the false growth promise of deficit-driven fiscal expansion. There is no way, as Guido aptly notes, that Tony Blair would ever have approved a real top tax rate of 63.8pc (that’s the 50pc […]

  77. 77
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    Council tax only up 5%…

    bastards – and we have to sort out our rubbish before it is collected, or redistributed across the streets.

  78. 78
    M.T.BUCKET says:

    I would say latrine.

  79. 79
    can't afford to be a socialist says:

    well said – Starkey was brilliant. Where is Camoron? If it carries on like this I’m going to stand as an MP. I couldn’t possibly be any more useless than this shower of MP’s calling themselves the Opposition. At least I would be visible and won’t thieve off the taxpayer.

  80. 80
    miranda's my hero says:

    swoons and faints

  81. 81

    Even the lower Tax payers are paying over 40% in tax when you include the indirect taxes in the calculation. And most of us don’t have the option of nipping off to Switzerland/Jersey/Monaco until this bunch of clowns are kicked into touch.

    Better still, sack 75% of the Civil Service – at least 100% of those in the top posts and start again. The entire Civil Service “Management” is a scam of mamoth proportions, they could n’t manage a welk stall never mind the country and they are totally unaccountable for their cock-ups. Ask yourself this question – when overall budgets in the Civil Service are CUT by 10% annually, why do they rise by something like 15% each year? Why has the Civil Service grown to become the single largest employer in the country? It now employs over 21% of the total UK workforce and produces nothing of any value to anyone except themselves and Westminster!

  82. 82
    bish bash says:

    There is still an election to be won Guido can afford to have high ideals but Cameron has to convince Citreon Piccasso man. The point is would Keith Joseph have won the election in 79 no he had the ideas but not the public face.so you have to blur the truth

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    redistribution of wealth is a code word for theft !

  84. 84
    Anonymous says:

    I would describe him as a liability !

  85. 85
    it's all Balls says:

    Cameron’s pledge to prioritise reversing the National Insurance hike ahead of reversing the 50% tax hike is sound politics.

    Guido, stick to what your bloody good at – blogging

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    God Bless America…

  87. 87
    Snotgobbler says:

    Hoons and Hains.
    Smith ‘n’ sniff.

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    In my walk of life this concept is known as a “shite sandwich”.

  89. 89
    Plato says:

    He certainly did.

    The BBC appear to have undergone a bias transplant

    I’ve posted about it just now – Nick Robinson kills Darling with Prudence, R5 gave Cameron an open goal and now QT follows up on Dr Starkey’s dismembering on Sunday.


  90. 90
    jgm2 says:

    Not sure I agree about mimicking Blair being the best way forward. Unless it is as Blair the Trojan horse – the glossy brochure we were fooled by meanwhile Brown, Balls, Straw and the rest of the Marxist imbecile destroyers were able to destroy our economy and civil rights as our media were all mesmerised by the rictus-grinning Blair.

    Yeah. Maybe in that sense Cameron needs to imitate Blair. Not frighten the horses until he gets in and then he can actually begin to sort the mess out. because there is no doubt that a great proportion of the public want to believe it’s the Americans fault. Certainly not their own fault for borrowing hundreds of billions on the back of their obscenely over-valued house and blowing the lot on German cars, Japanese wide-screens and holidays in Mauritius. hell no. It’s the banker’s fault. It’s the yanks fault. I can’t afford my house Brown. It’s somebody elses fault…

    And Brown, who has been successful by encouraging them to destroy their own life thus far is only too happy to tell them it’s still not their fault (or his) and lie to them that all it needs is even cheaper money, massive borrowing and plenty of printed banknotes and there will be no pain at all. certainly not for anybody employed by the government anyway. And particularly not until after 2010.

    We all know who to blame. It is our government and as a whole it is our own fucking fault. We, collectively, believed the Labour lies and so we went out and borrowed a shit-load of money without a care in the world about how it would ever be paid back.

    Of course Cameron dare not say that. He can’t blame the voters who are (almost) as culpable as the government for this idiocy so he has to restrict himself to attacking Brown.

    Don’t get me wrong. Brown is the major criminal in all this but he was only using the voters own fucked-up lack of education and economics against us. There is no way in a half-sensible population that folk would have bid house prices up to those insane levels and then promptly remortgaged their future and blown the lot on BMW’s and all-inclusive family trips to the Seychelles. There is no way a prudent government would have encouraged a population of nascent idiots to do so.

    We (the UK population) really did/do have the government we deserve. It’s just it’s not the government anybody with an IQ greater than a jellyfish deserves. Who, the fuck, are these 28%? Who reminds them to breathe every ten seconds?

  91. 91
    Sarah says:

    Which is weird considering how few of them are working class.

  92. 92
    Trough and Drop says:

    I’d say Midden.

  93. 93
    Tony Blair says:

    Bring me back, I’ll soon sort out that backstabbing bastard Brown!

  94. 94
    Plato says:

    I think Cameron should call it what it is – a Success Tax.

  95. 95
    Doctor Mick says:

    Wealth is dynamic, not a stash of gold sitting in a locked vaults. Attacking the wealth creators only serves to reduce the size of the pie to go round.

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile in the chaos caused by the collapse of the economy the Utilities have being ripping everyone off like a bunch of looters high on crack !

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Blair signed off on Brown’s Budgets”

    Yes-and he did this as he had NOT A CLUE when it came to financial (or many other) matters!!
    Says a lot for the brits who elected the dumkopf in the first place!!

    As another poster put it-it is a dire state of affairs when nostalgia sets in for T Bliar!

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately a small furry cat would be better than Cameron and his bunch of clowns. Given a choice between the current Labour party and the Conservatives it will obviously be hold my nose time and vote Conservative but I’d far rather vote for that furry cat you speak of. Why in the hell can’t we have some decent politicians in this country? One’s that would actually give a cat a run for it’s money.

  99. 99
    Tony Blair says:

    Other vote for my latest son, Dave Cameron. God bless.

  100. 100
    StrongholdBarricades says:

    Government without accountability?

  101. 101
    A pedant writes . . . says:

    “Acquiesance”??? That would be acquiescence, Guido. Latin and grammar schools are sadly missed: I thought that you could spell (unlike Mrs Dale).

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Keith Lemon could win this one such is the hatred for Labour.

  103. 103
    Plato says:

    Funnily enough that was a suggestion by Mr Smithson over at PB.com this morning.

    He has a 250/1 bet on Tony being the next leader of the Labour Party – brilliant.


  104. 104
    Anonymous says:


    It is NOT. What would Blair do?

    The Question should be.


  105. 105
    Sarah says:

    And if the Cons have even the tiniest clue, they will not be drawn out by the Dark Lord. Any policy they unveil will be quickly stolen and repackaged. Any ‘debate’ they answer will be, as Roger Thornill says, a trap.

  106. 106
    CuttingEdge says:

    GDP falls 1.9% January to March – single largest quarterly fall since ’79.

  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    He was actually far worse than Gordon Failure Brown but he was so god damn slimy you didn’t always notice. Brown is incompetent and will be gone soon. Blair was a truly vile, noxious, creature who utterly destroyed this country and then handed the blame to retard Brown before most people realised just what he’d done.

  108. 108
    StrongholdBarricades says:

    So who’s going to instigate the Iraq enquiry?

    Is Brown too busy saving the world now?

  109. 109
    Plato says:

    and a reduction in pension contribution allowances too…

  110. 110

    Am trying to frame an appealing argument for the Cameroons. Maggie is infra dig to them.

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    x = income tax rate on employee
    y = national insurance rate for employee
    z = national insurance rate for employer

    employee gets (1-x-y)/(1+z) of every pound the employer has available
    to pay.

    So if an employer has £100 to pay to someone taxed at 50%
    the employee will get £43.44 that’s an effective tax rate of 56.56%.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Ratsniffer “Would be good to see a bit more passion from the Cameroons.”

    Maybe the problem is that if George Osborne made sure everyone knew JUST how bad things are, the whole debt ‘house of cards’ will collapse just as they come to power, and a ‘debt downgrade’ will have the IMF visiting a Tory No. 11 – I think there is a kind of ‘mexican standoff’ going on here, where the Tories will talk about the mess Labour have made and it will mean lower spending and more tax.

    But the amount of shit the public borrowing is in won’t be put under the same spotlight for fear of the sources of funding drying up…. Terrifying, but true..

  113. 113
    low interest rates are the opium of the people says:

    I agree entirley, the whole new labour project was designed to create policy according to focus groups ie not leading the sheep and convincing them of your ideas but simply listening to their wants and needs no matter how stupid and short sighted they were and implimenting them. Classic example was the sheep tell us they dont want high interest rates so despite the natural ebb and flow of the markets we will artificially kept these rates down. Result ,storing up trouble for the future of a massive scale. In fact trouble just came knocking on the door in the Chancellors budget. Thats why !

  114. 114

    The position of sub-editor etc…

  115. 115
  116. 116
    Ian says:

    What a dismal analysis, but I fear you are right.

  117. 117
    miranda's my hero says:

    what’s a Simpsons cartoon character got to do with taxation policy?

  118. 118
    Groucho says:

    David Starkey is my new hero. His comments to John Denham were priceless – “you stupid man”, “Good grief, are you really a minister?”

    No diplomatic poncing about, just telling it like it is.

  119. 119
    (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

    When were Conservatives LAST fiscally conservative? 30+ years ago?

  120. 120
    Amateur Hastings Historian says:

    was it not a Mr A. Bevan who said, and I paraphrase…give ‘em cheap booze and fags then you can do what you want.!

  121. 121
    jgm2 says:

    a great proportion of the public want to believe it’s the Americans fault.

    Or the banks. Or the governments. Anybody elses fault but their own. But I talk to folk who are having to tighten their belts and a fair few of them acknowledge their own culpability in this. The more intelligent ones probably.

    These are folk with kids at private school, big cars, big houses. All mortgaged. But they’ve been cancelling their skiing holidays and suchlike and making do with four days with family in Devon.

    Shaaaaame, you might say. Poor them. Maybe. But unlike many folk they recognise that perhaps they too should have been saving their money and paying off their mortgage while the going was good instead of blowing the lot on shiny new cars, 42″ plasma TV’s and foreign holidays almost as soon as the pay-cheque hit the bank. And before in many cases. Hey, there’ll be another pay-cheque next month…..

    In short they were emulating this government. The difference is, as we see the tumbleweed bowling down the High Street, most people have smartened up. It is only this government that is still spending like next month’s pay-cheque is just around the corner.

    They are the last ones left in denial. Their sole remaining tactic seems to be to try and encourage us all to repeat their idiocy of the last decade. They have to go.

  122. 122
    the iron chancellor says:

    Ach so, the Krauts will fall 6% this year! Hang on 1.9% each quarter is more than 6% a year. Oh shit!

  123. 123
    spug says:

    Throbber, they have it already. Silly boy, do keep up.

  124. 124
    A scholar says:

    When Brown called for a Government of all the “talents” he was of course talking about a biblical “talent” which as you know is a form of currency. He is a son of the manse you know so this imagery is well known to him if not the electrate. This translates therefore to a government of all the money. This explains his taxation fetish as he wants it all.

  125. 125
    stevo says:

    “Etheopia is planning a LIVE AID concert for Britain.”

  126. 126
    Sarah says:

    You’re absolutely right about people not taking personal responsibility for their part in this mess. But most people really don’t have a clue about money, really none, apart from some simple mortgage calculations and so on. And I think they are deliberately steered away from taking an interest in mass money, like economics and banking.

    It would be a very brave politician who was able to tell people the unvarnished truth about the country’s finances, but it could be done – Churchill style – with a bit of the blitz spirit thrown in. There must be a simple way to explaing to people how the economy works, and the part that private and public spending plays, what is a national debt and so on.

    The real winner for the Conservative would be opting to take a pay cut (are you listening, Dave?) – it needn’t go through Parliament, they just need to be photographed giving a cheque to the Treasury every month, on their own initiative.

  127. 127
    Mr Ned says:

    When Brown Loses I shall be partying VERY hard. When I recover from the hangover, I will be working very hard to remove the tories and replace ALL the lying bastards from office, with independent candidates who actually give a shit about the people who elected them.

  128. 128

    The problem with Cameron et al is they are so desperate for office that they are terrified to do anything.

    If I were leader of the Conservatives I would say to myself: Do I really want the leadership at any cost. Then I would remember the slogan of “Clear blue water” and the one that said “Labour isn’t working”.

    I would grit my teeth and say to my team, we really don’t want to win the next election at any cost, how about being completely different and tell the voters the truth. Labour isn’t; the LibDems aren’t!

    Then I would appear on Television and tell the voters that we are in a God-Awful mess and we will need to raise taxes and cut expenditure for the first four years to ensure that our children, and I have three of them, are not saddled with debt for life.

    I would say to the people, if you want to vote Labour at the next General Election, then this will be one election that we won’t regret losing, but you are going to get embroiled deeper into the mire. We are prepared to take control if we get a vote of confidence, but it is up to you to make that decision.

    Then I would spell out what the real situation is, and that we cannot be expected to tell you exactly what we are going to do unless the Socialists allow us full access to “the books”.

    Come to think of it, everytime Labour jeer that the conservatives haven’t got any plans, I would say: “Give us access to the government book and we will then give a full chapter and verse of what we will do. Come on, allow our Shadow Chancellor to see all the books, then we will give you what you want.


  129. 129
    bish bash says:

    A week is a long time in politics

  130. 130
    Media watcher says:

    Stop falling for Labour’s “tory would give tax cuts to the rich” non-event and take a look at the GDP figures.

    Sky reporting GDP down 1.9% in the first 3 months (worse than expectation of 1.5%). Alistair Darling would have known this and yet he still parrots on a fall of 3.5% in total for 2009, so just a 1.6% fall for the remaining 9 months then, what a relief

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    And the supermarkets no deflation in their world just the odd price cut on shit you can’t eat.

  132. 132
    Pip says:

    Does it worry anybody else that the three main parties can’t even sort out their expenses. A more straightforward and logical (with the help of H.M Revenue & Customs) exercise could not be imagined.

    If this is so difficult – how can any of them be trusted to sort out the country ?

  133. 133
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    I feel an analogy that you can’t rebuild a detached house with one of the external walls blown off whilst at the rule of law and submission to europe. To me UK is this house with the wall missing: To get the house in order-order you need to mend the wall before the value in the house and furnishings are appreciated and properly managed. Some may suggest building another house against this missing wall making it semi detached and the land you lose is worth it but what if the new neighbours are dreadful? I would like to hear your analogies today, my little possums…

  134. 134
    Alastair Hastings Cambell says:

    I also found the traffic going accross westminster bridge distracting. As was the comfy executive chair. and as you say, the jacket..well..
    presentation…. presentation…bring back BLAIR

  135. 135
    BJ says:

    Say what you will about Brown and his cronies, but don’t stoop to the depths with cheap shots like his blindness in one eye. Your as bad as the rest you arsehole.

  136. 136
    Patrick says:

    Guido, not 2 days ago the badger predicted Q1 GDP would be -1.5%. Today we see it is -1.9%, much worse then was expected. This also confirms that the debt figures in the budget will be understated too.

    FFS! Can Darling have had no inkling of the right number?

  137. 137
    Max says:

    “He may be half blind” – yes because HAHAHA he LOST AN EYE!!!!!!!! OMG ROFL HE’S HALF BLIND!!!! DO YOU SEE!!!!! HAHAHA.

    You fucking creepy twat.

  138. 138
    Anonymous says:

    I thought he was rubbish Dave this Dave that, like a broken robot he nearly sent me to sleep.

    god help us we really are fucked.

  139. 139
    RayD says:

    Good evening comrades. Tonight I would like to talk to you about taxes. Now, as you know, in the past Dear Leader has set tax rates at the absolute minimum necessary to provide essential services. Sadly some traitors have abused this generosity and squandered the life blood of our economy on German cars, Chinese electronics and international holidays.

    Dear Leader has now decreed that in future all income will be paid directly to the chancellor and comrades will claim back living expenses through the existing tax credit system. This sensible and long overdue change will allow him to provide public services that will be the envy of the world. Comrades, you will soon be living like kings!

    Feel free to celebrate but don’t forget that lights out sounds in fifteen minutes. Sleep well, comrades, and dream of the riches to come!

  140. 140
    Steve says:

    And the story continues, as the warmonger became an ambassador for peace, and the progressive became a millionaire shill for banks… and he found God. Seriously.

    He must be laughing at us so much when he stops to think about it.

  141. 141
    Mark, Sidcup says:

    Blair was the front-man for Brown. Their relationship was a bit like Mrs and Mrs Kinnock AKA the Power and the Glory, Neil had the glory, Glennis wielded the power; Blair did all the TV and the showboating “Summits”, Brown ran every thing.

    Blair was there to avoid spooking the horses while Brown got on with expanding the State and it worked: Labour vote was as weak as under Kinnock, but the Tory voters didn’t even bother to vote.

    Should Cameron make a lot of noise and wake up the Labour vote?

  142. 142
    Twizzle says:

    We, collectively, believed the Labour lies

    Speak for yourself. I certainly never, ever believed a single f*****g word that came out of a single New Labour minister or MP in 12 years.
    Or for the three previous years, either. If you couldn’t see through Blair’s synthetic smile frght from the start you must get ripped off every day of your life.

    Lying Hoons and smarmy bastards, the lot of the them. And always have been.

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    guido why do we need politicians all we need is a computer and allow everyone a vote on everything. what we should do is have a petition system. you have to get say 50 thousand signatures on a petition to get a bill into parliament then once its in everyone gets a vote and gets to debate using their national insurance number as a unique identifiier. people could make comments to add to the debate using the web where anyone can read them and then after two weeks debate everyone votes. That way no politicians to pay (save a fortune and everyone gets to be involved in a democratic society) belgium got along fine for months without a load of politicians dont see why we cant.

  144. 144
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    A lying war criminal.

  145. 145
    Mark, Sidcup says:

    No, Brown would not stoop to using a truth, instead he generates lurid lies about opposition MP’s and their spouses.

  146. 146
    Triffid says:

    63.8% tax ?

    Hmm, but has anyone worked out the tax rate should you go from £100,000 to £110,000 salary ? Is the following maths right ?

    You would lose £5,000 of personal allowance and then be taxed on 40% of the remainder. So for an increase of £10,000 the Government takes £7,000 – an eye watering 70% tax band !

  147. 147
    Quo Vadis says:

    Awww. That photograph of our democratically elected and therefore rightful Prime Minister is so cute!! Sigh. Oh for those days of the lovely, lovely Tony Blair!

    Hmmm. I’ve over-egged the crap point somewhat. But anyway, it all leads me back to:

    I hate the undemocratic dictator, democracy backstabbing, policy devoid, nose-picking, morally repugnant, dull, characterless one-eye Scottish idiot living at 10 Downing Street.

    Oooh great. Not even 10am and I got to write a load of abuse about our not so glorious leader. This could turn out be a lovely day.

    Can we have a beauty pageant of Home Secretaries next? :)

  148. 148
    jgm2 says:

    Yep. It has to be. The truth will set you free and all that. This is where the Tories lost their way this past decade. Particularly since 2002. It has been obvious since 2002/2003 that Labour’s plans involved borrowing and squandering as much as they could get away with and engineering an unsustainable boom.

    The Tories should have been pointing this out all along and to be fair to Howard I remember him denouncing Brown’s borrow and squander budgets. It just comes back to this media supression thing again. They simply were not getting their message out there. Any time they mentioned the insanity they were shouted down by ‘nasty Party’, ‘Tory cuts’, type invective. As Redwood said the other day (and I paraphrase) the Tories didn’t get into politics to fire nurses and doctors and teachers (although I, personally would fire a fuck of a lot of teachers). But Labour, with a twenty year campaign of mis-information has successfully positioned the Tory party as exactly that. Just like they played the long game in rigging the constituency boundaries and poisoning the whole of Scotland against the Tories.

    Instead they were out-manouvred into promising to match Brown’s insane spending plans.

    If they’d been telling the truth since 2002 loudly then they could now, rightly, point at the government and electorate and say ‘Told you so’.

    Unless they were just giving Labour enough rope to hang themselves. Shame they let the government give the rest of the UK enough rope too. Well, more like borrowed the money to buy enough rope…

  149. 149
    Democrat says:

    The quickest way to get out of this financial mess is to cut loose the deadwood of Scotland, England and Ireland. They are a fiscal and political drain on the majority.

    Don’t give them a choice viz. Do you want to be – “independent” but we’ll pick up all the bills as long a you give us a Labour majority!!

    Cut loose – Free the English

  150. 150
    Za-Nu-Nu Labour aka OLD Labour says:

    Now that Nu-Labour, Old Labour … whatever … is dead, we now pray that the New Conservatives stop paying homage to a political strategy that has failed, crashed, finished, end of ?
    We need to get this perverse bloated state off our collective backs, enable enterprise to prosper and grow for the benefit of us ALL.
    What’s so difficult to understand – does the politics of envy make the current lot so blind they’d rather implement a scorched earth policy than make every effort possible to get our nation out of the state that they themselves caused.
    Time for massive – and I mean massive – national expense cuts immediately this recession bottoms out.

    Taxi for the Public Sector.

    (you’ll never have it so good again)

  151. 151
    Democrat says:

    # 149 Hangover. I meant Wales

  152. 152
    anony60mous says:

    Various “political pundits” are saying that there has been a “sea-change” in the electorate’s view of Labour – but they’re all wrong it’s not a “sea-change” but a “tsunami” that’s approaching and Labour are going to feel it’s full force at the June euro/local elections but if they think that’s bad – the aftershock will be much much worse when Brown eventually runs out of time and has to go to the country. Labour are going to be punished and punished very severely in the polls for the past 12 years of Brown’s incompetent handling of the economy and Labour’s supine acceptance of his hegemony in domestic policy.

    The Conservaties – are sleepwalking to government – and will find that the Prize is no longer worth gaining. That is how much Brown has f***ed the country over and I’ve seen some real useless Labour and Tory administrations in my time but this one has exceeded even those for incompetence. Brown should be arraigned before Parliament when he loses the election because has done what our enemeies have tried to do and failed to do over the centuries – brought the United Kingdom to it’s knees and saddled future generations in colossal debt and ruined their aspirations and hopes for 30 years! This government and Prime Minister needs to go and go now!!!!

  153. 153
    Cyclops says:

    I didn’t see that one coming

  154. 154
    Anonymous says:

    Care Guido gchq run scans for such words as gun powder ;-)

  155. 155

    Ivor – you are Confucius and I claim my 2lbs of prawn crackers

  156. 156
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Sarah, I think what would be a good exercise to explain the value of money and how things work in real life would be for these same tory MP’s to put that ‘paycut money’ together and start a business; It would demonstrate the red tape, rules and workmanship, intelligence, costs, taxation, overheads,etc, etc and people could really see how hard or easy it is to be responsible and at the same time hammered by euro and domestic red tape. I maybe able to help here if the idea gains traction?

  157. 157
    want my country back says:

    lt’s not what Alistair “don’t call me busby eyebrows” monodrones, it’s what he doesn’t say that matters.
    Tax rises will come AFTER the General Election, and THOSE tax rises will be suffered by US.
    He’s already hinting that the new tax rises for the High Flies MAY be only temporary.
    The “hint” materialising AFTER DC said he wasn’t going to fight it.
    Brown has pulled the rug from under DCs size 3 shoes. Remember the braying that DC was just another BLAIR, and DCs efforts to counter it?. Well, now the General Public will have the old “yes, but Cameron is just another Blair”, planted in their heads.
    ie new boss same as the old boss.
    Bleeding dry the High Flies (whom Brown appear’s to think will just comply and not piss off) is not only stooopid but will contribute how much toward paying off HIS DEBT.
    Nah!. lt’s us who will take the shafting!.
    By they way?, if Brown’s recent video and his manic gurning on Thursday, isn’t reason enough to section him, what the fekk is?
    ELECTION NOW!!!!!!!!!

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    This eulogising of Blair by Guido is pure historical revisionism. Great political strategist my arse! Any muppet with a red badge on could have won in 97 and 01, even Brown. In 05 Blair actually promised to quit in order to make Labour more electable, and they only scraped in with a pathetic proportion of the vote despite the tories still being an unelectable shambles.

    When the going got tough Blair bailed out and left everyone else to face the shit his 10 years of incompetence had created. Not that I have any sympathy for them as they were all complicit, but those are the facts.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    As the prediction and the actual are so close in time did Darling already know what the figure was? It just seems to me that it takes more than 48 hours to figure out this calculation and I would have thought the Chancellor of all people would be given pointers as to how that calculation was going.
    Just can’t figure out though
    1) why bother to bullshit it as it would be well known very soon anyway.
    2) How that will now affect all his other predictions made a few hours ago

  160. 160
    jgm2 says:


    I’m not proud that I fell for their lies. But until we admit what has happened we can’t begin to fix it.

    And when I say we, collectively, I mean just that. Ie, on average, we fell for it. Or at least a high enough proportion to make the difference. Now I know there are folk who proclaim they’ve never voted Labour because they remember what happened last time. My dad was one of them. And even now we can see this Labour bastards setting themselves up for a return from the wilderness in the future. Glibly borrowing on regardless so that twenty years from now Labour liars will be blaming Cameron for the record debt and unemployment, highger taxes, public service cuts that are to come.

    Well, as they say, education, education and education. And a thorough clearout of the entire socialist propaganda output from schools, the BBC and anywhere else is called for.

    Good for you for not falling for their lies and voting Labour. But I did. On the upside it’s not the dogmatic Tory (or Labour) till I die voters that make the difference. It’s the swing voters. That’ll be me and the millions like me for whom the scales have fallen from our collective eyes. And they’ve been falling since 1997 hence the reducing Labour majorities.

    Folk hate being lied to. They’ll forgive an honest mistake but we all can now see what a pack of deceitful, incompetent whores, liars and bastards we’ve been handing a job to now. They’re down to their 28%. The job now must be to persuade enough of that 28% to vote liberal and make Labour third.

  161. 161
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    I’m sure you are right. Rediculous.
    And it’s worse. Like the 40% tax rate that used to be paid only by the relatively well paid, but is now paid by a large percentage of ordinary working people as the earning limit hasn’t risen in line with inflation or wages.
    Now .. think .. once inflation rages, as I believe it will within the next 24 months, it won’t be long until a very large percentage will be paying that 50% tax rate.
    I’ve always said, this Labour is not supporting the working class at all.
    It’s in power to support the NON-working class
    I live in a safe Labour seat in Scotland. Our thoughts are SNP = Independent Party, Labour = Dependent Party

  162. 162
    Marie Antoinette says:

    Let them eat cake!

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Anybody who thinks there is a class war going on against the wealthy in this country has their head up their butt. The poor in this country have been utterly screwed by Labour. Far worse than anything the Tories have done. If you’re not well off or on the dole in this country then you’re hammered from every angle. Someone is paying for the hospitals, schools, military etc and it’s not the rich or the dole bludgers.

  164. 164
    JD says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If the wealthy don’t pay more tax, then the little people like me will end up paying more – as we always do. It is not fair to place the tax burden on low and middle income people.

  165. 165
  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    BBC world have been running SAfrica for 2 days wall to wall and something about racing cars?

  167. 167
    Anonymous says:

    Higher taxation, less spending. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not. There’s no money left. Why the Tories don’t just come out and say it I don’t know.

    Most people are now awake to the fact that the piggy bank is empty. Higher taxes are coming and cuts in government spending wont be far behind. Doesn’t matter who is in power now, we’re in for a world of hurt – I’d rather get rid of the pigs who got us into this mess than leave them in place to fix it though. That way lies ruin.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Only one way vote Cameron in by a landslide and ensure we utterly destroy Labour for ever as a fighting force. Hold your noses if you have to while doing it. Then in 5 years everyone votes for an independent candidate.

    Never ever work of course given Labour still get nearly 30% to vote for them even now but still.

  169. 169
    (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

    Democrat you were right the first time.
    It’s all deadwood.

  170. 170
    Quo Vadis says:

    Starkey really impressed me, I must say. I found myself cheering and applauding at almost all he said.

  171. 171
    Moley says:

    There are some subtle clues that the picture associated with this blog is a fake.
    Not sure what it is; not quite the right shade of lipstick perhaps.

    It is not the only thing that’s a fake. Extract from the article–

    “Brown frequently says his background as the son of a Church of Scotland minister gave him a sense of morality,”.

    This statement has less credibility than the red hair, red nose and eyebrows.
    There are no words in the English language to describe the gulf between Brown’s perception of himself and the reality.
    I would feel sorry for him, but he alone is responsible for the position he finds himself in and he alone can resolve it.
    There is no-one with the authority to resign him, so he will have to do it himself.

    Look everybody; — no f—-ng rude words!

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:


    any chance of putting the Starky bit on You Tube? Outside the UK your link cannot be used for BBC progs

  173. 173
    want my country back says:

    STRONGHOLDBARRICADES comment is a gem!

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    I think it’s very telling that tax inspectors get first class train travel when on business but my company would piss themselves laughing if I tried that – then fire me. The civil service is heavily bloated and now lives in a world that used to be for senior executives only. The benefits for people working in the council, tax dept etc are obscene.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    I am Picasso man and I despise the Tories. They’re a bunch of lying thieves. I’m still going to vote for them. Labour are finished.

  176. 176
    micha987 says:

    Why is it that most of you are unable to spell the word ridiculous?

    Frankly, it’s [ri-dik-yuh-luhs]

  177. 177
    Sarah says:

    Too right, jgm2. No one likes a party pooper, so any Tory suggestions to limit spending during the boom years just looked petty and vindictive. The greatest damage done was the secrecy of PFI which utterly distorted the real picture of indebtedness. The Tories should be preparing the ground now about PFI, warning us of the disaster to come, and always making sure that we know it was Labour’s lies and outright fraud which brought it about.
    Is there any possibility of a criminal fraud investigation?

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    I never really believed them but I HOPED that for once they were a bunch of politicians who were actually going to do what they said. It became obvious pretty quickly that they were just standard odious politicians who were blatantly lying to us for their own gain. The Tories will be no different – I just hope they are fractionally more competent.

  179. 179
    Ivor Phartparp says:

    Guido. In all seriousness I refer to 156 in reply to Sarah. ‘They’ or indeed any small group should easily be able to demonstrate the reality of productive private enterprise and any pitfalls faced by buisness people by starting up a company. This is the best way to educate. again, I may seriously be able to help. Seriously. I know what you maybe, are going to ask: What sort of Company?

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    If I were leader of the Conservatives I would say to myself: Do I really want the leadership at any cost.

    And that is why you are not the leader of a political party. You’re answer to that question is not the same as his answer. He’s there for wealth and power, nothing else. I doubt there are more than 2 or 3 politicians currently in parliament who are there to do good instead of thieve. Cameron isn’t one of them.

  181. 181
    Sarah says:

    The wealthy are mobile and have accountants. They will always be able to limit their tax liability.
    It is true that the tax burden fall heavily on the ordinary waged worker, but there are other ways for the government to raise money.
    One of the simplest ways is not to piss away money you already have: one example being the gigantic waste of money (billions) on computer systems which don’t work, run years over time and millions over budget.

  182. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, nice comeback. You’re so clever!

  183. 183
    want my country back says:

    lvor (and l don’t mean this nasty) that is serious whacky baccy for the eyes.

  184. 184
    Quo Vadis says:

    “The Conservaties – are sleepwalking to government – and will find that the Prize is no longer worth gaining.”

    Economy aside, the prize is not worth having as about 80% of everything that is passed through Parliament now originates in Brussels.

    The Westminster Parliament is now mostly a piece of theatre. It’s not even particularly good theatre. Lame actors and devoid of the pageantry that used to befit it’s history and place in society.

    Cameron can win himself a bit part in the play, but he’ll have to get it quick and pull out of Lisbon if he wants to make sure he has any lines left to deliver – to be a player on the stage rather than an extra in a crowd scene.

  185. 185
    micha987 says:

    Wholeheartedly agree. Good point, well made.

    I didn’t think Cameron was as non-committal as it has been suggested on R4 this morning. He pinpointed 3 areas of immediate concern and where public spending would decrease from the moment they were in power.

    I liked his honesty about the ‘success tax’ taking its’ place in the order of problems to be solved, after the taxes that are affecting those on more modest wages.

    People seem to forget that the Conservatives are in opposition, they are not required to put forward an alternative to every single point of policy, spin or nonsense from the Govt. This will come at Election time.

    I think Dave just still want the job, but if I were him I too would be cautious about promises made now. In 14 months the situation could be substantially worse (or better, if you believe Darling) and until he knows what he is inheriting, and what he is dealing with, those promises would be empty. And, no doubt, would be picked up on by the Labour opposition from the very second he assumed power.

    I think he’s playing the long game. And I think he will win it.

  186. 186
    micha987 says:

    The ‘good point, well made’ was in response to Ampers’ final paragraph.
    Not to Anonymous’ opinion about Cameron.

    I think his is the kind of sentiment that leads to voter apathy and Labour govts.

  187. 187
    JollyRoger says:

    With the internet, it’s now possible to develop a ‘Voter’s Manifesto’, publish it’s key points online, and collect anonymous ‘votes’ of approval. If a momentum is built, it would send a powerful message to all political parties about where the REAL power lies.

    All it takes is will. NewLabour’s greatest ‘success’ is that it has broken the will of the English nation. All we hear these days is NOT the will to change – but the howling despair of the collective will in submission.

    Currently, we can include the Conservative Party in this. Much of the frustration in the air is not so much at Brown and his cronies – but at the gaping vacuum where a credible and strong alternative should be.

    The ‘centre ground’ is not a desirable destination – it is a vacuous, stinking black hole sucking all towards it. Our greatest Englishman, William Blake, knew exactly what he was talking about when he warned “Without Contraries is no Progression”.

  188. 188
    Triffid says:

    Actually, just pondering this some more – it’s probably incorrect as all depends on how they apply the tax.

    It’s more likely that HM Revenue will apply 40% tax to the gross and remove any personal allowance at the same time.

    So in effect for a £10,000 increase you’d have to pay 40% of your salary (£4,000 increase) AND lose £5,000 in personal allowance meaning a 90% tax band.

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    They say that when one loses a primary sensation sensitivity increases in another of the five senses. (Or how ever many of the five are left that is). This may explain why he needs to keep one finger up his hooter or indeed, why his taste for snot is excessive?

  190. 190
    jgm2 says:

    -1.5% ‘v’ -1.9% in the space of two days? So we’re to believe that on Wednesday the guy who figures out this calculation was sitting there poised over an empty desk, calculator in hand waiting for all this information to arrive on his desk. Not a clue in the world what the figure would be, no information at all, not a Scooby but ‘probably around -1.5% Mr Darling’.

    Then somewhere between Wednesday afternoon and yesterday evening a shitload of data arrives on his desk, he gets out his calculator and ….. fuck me, wouldn’t you know it -1.9%…

    Oh well, Friday news is for Saturday’s papers. Sunday’s papers are for the football.

    Another lie buried.

    Do they seriously think they’re doing a good job. Do they wander round patting each other on the back giving it ‘Fucking great job with the economy there Darling’.

  191. 191
    micha987 says:


    Please sign.

    Even if Guido is right and they do nothing, someone from govt. will have to reply to everyone, if there are over 200 signatories.

    Thanks :-)

  192. 192
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    “Who, the fuck, are these 28%?”

    Well I have 2 next door. Both Teachers.
    My son’s friend’s parents are another 2. Both Doctors

    I live in a very safe Labour constituency. Because they don’t need to try to win this area it has the worst unemployment record in Scotland. Must be a “real” 15% unemployment level I suspect.
    Labour thrive in Dependence. Most vote Labour “Because ma Da’ did”, they don’t even think about it. A large % of them wouldn’t vote at all, but the labour party workers knock their doors and offer a free car trip to take them the 800yds from their home to polling station and back.

    Education, Education, Education ?
    What about sacking teachers that fail our children ?
    Actual teaching 16 hours a week, guaranteed pension and wanting another 10% pay rise ? For what, failing our nation and our kids but not failing to pick up their salaries ?
    What about making basic Economics part of these NuLabour training schemes they are so keen on in an attempt to massage the (un)employment numbers,

    So who are the 28% … Jellyfish IQ owners and the public sector parasite beneficiaries of OUR taxes.

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Mrs Balls (news 24) doesn’t even look or sound as if she believes the rubbish she’s spouting.

  194. 194

    No. Absolutely no need to do anything.

    The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Tories only need to wait and see. Assuming they become the govt they can look at whats happened and if as we all suspect the revenue is peanuts and its affecting entrepreneurs then they can do something about it. But the public finances are in a mess its daft to give this a priority.

    there is absolutely no poiny=t or need for Tories to get worked up about this.

    Going back to 1979-80 Thatcher had to put taxes UP and only fiddled with the top rate of tax for the first few years.

    So no need and no precedent. Guido and his fellow conspirators are just doing Browns dirty work. How clever is that.

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Mrs Balls is talking utter balls!

  196. 196
    I Spy With My Glass Eye says:

    I know he hasn’t got a glass eye.

    Problem is he could have 6 eyes and still not see the quagmire of uncontrolled debt he has bequeathed my family. A real family, not a fantasy family….

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    You are right. Freedom for public sector workers. Let them be free to become entrepeneurs themselves, being their own boss, to earn their own money. Not to have inflicted upon themselves the burden with which they formerly burdened others before them in the private sector. In other words: ‘You’re fired, make your own way in life.

  198. 198
    thick as thieves says:

    the only way we will raise sufficient capital to prevent tax increases is by the taxpayer getting full value from the investment they have made in the banks.
    you paid for the banks, folks, so you own them, and you are entitled to receive the profits for the risks we, the taxpayer, have taken.
    the conservatives and labour and lib dem parties all want to make us liable for the banks debts but to return them to private ownership as quickly as fucking possible.
    we have save the bankers necks and yet we have no seats on the boards of the banks we saved, we have no say or control whatsoever, despite being majority shareholders.
    what the fuck is going on here, eh?
    we are being cheated because the tory, lib dem and new labour war and occupation party are all as THICK AS THIEVES.
    ever get the feeling you’ve been ripped off?

  199. 199
    'orrible hoons says:

    Confiscate his parliamentary pension NOW.

  200. 200
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    So.. if you are earning £95,000 then you’ll either ask for a £20,000 raise or reduce your working hours ?
    (looks like the benefits-in-kind route has been plugged)

    Just what we need in trying times, huh ?
    Inflation or waste of resources.


  201. 201
    Rick the Roman says:

    Socialism always was, and always will be, the politics of envy. The Project kept it carefully hidden in the Blair years and he hoodwinked the British public three times. Now Socialism is back with a vengence. We have a very hard twelve months until we can get rid of them – lets hope Cameron has the balls of Thatcher to put this country back together again.

  202. 202
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    Do we all get to pay a salary for another public sector employee to answer ?
    With respect – no thank you !

  203. 203
    Labour - Scum says:

    Nuremberg Economic Crimes Tribunal –
    Blair-McRuin-Ballsx2 the first accused.

    Sentence: confiscate all their wealth, illgotten and at our expense, then transportation to St Helena.

  204. 204
    Karl Marks says:

    Blair was a conservative, thjat’s why he was successful. Problem was that poor one eyed, Scottish, Lying Gordon was labour with no idea, but his spin doctor’s carried him through.

    For God’s sake go, and go now.

  205. 205
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    Remove the tax burden.
    Then nobody pays.
    Lateral thinking.

  206. 206
    wolvreen says:

    Guido is right, Finkelstein is talking rubbish saying, if the Tories abolish the 63% tax rate, what will they fill the black hole with?

    Duh, Well they wouldnt have created the tax in the first place, so they will find that small amount of income from somewhere else like taxing Tescos/BP fairly for example.

    This is a stupid argument which basically says that no taxes can ever be repealed.

  207. 207
    wolvreen says:

    Does anyone have a working link to the interview where Nicky Campbell called Guido a facist on radio 5 live?

  208. 208
    want my country back says:

    l didn’t accept the freebie Money Tree plant, either. But l feel a lot of empathy for most of those who did.
    125% mortgages: “go on!!!!!!.have one!!!!!!!!….new home need’s new furnishings………blah blah b’lair”
    And they are sneaking back those same toxic 125% mortgages, once more.
    Northern Rock soon to announce massive losses, again.
    Brown just want’s everybody to keep believing.
    Living his dream is our nightmare.

  209. 209
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    I referred to her as “Mrs Balls” to my MP (female) at a recent local surgery. She wasn’t impressed.
    Worth a wind up though.

  210. 210
    Major Plonquer says:

    Sorry but that’s 63% if you are employed by someone else. For those of us who are self-employed (we who create the jobs) we also have to pay the employer’s NI contribution. By my calculations I pay 74.6% of my personal income to cover the cost of these lunatic socialist fantasies. And 30% of the population still thinks its a good idea.

    Can anyone please explain why I should stay in business?

  211. 211
    Microhard says:

    Spell checker, courtesy of Bill Gates, free.

  212. 212
    Somalia says:

    Would that be Ethiopia?

  213. 213
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    If you tax companies rather than individuals then they have no option but to pass that tax on.. basic economics. “We” still pay.

    The answer is to avoid the expense.

    If I lose my income and I cannot spend the money, then the expense CANNOT exist.
    Stop the expense and the income (tax) is no longer required.


  214. 214
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    Like that other friend of Brown, Duncan Ballantyne (lucky fool) , Scots tosser.

  215. 215
    Somalia is paradise comapred to this says:

    Taxis! Absolutely.
    50% of public servants on the street tomorrow with pensions reduced to old age pension levels.
    All the rest resit Civil Service Entrance Exams, the 10% that pass get to run the country.

  216. 216
    Hoons says:

    no f—-ng rude words!

    Why not ?

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Typical socialist interfering do-gooders

  218. 218
    Hoons all Hoons says:

    Mrs Balls is utter Balls, testicularly overdeveloped

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Nice. He’s right about the tax split and the twat who claims he can’t afford to be a socialist :)

    BTW: What did Guido do during those “several years in finance”?

  220. 220
    davo says:

    @Sir Reggie Titbrain.
    To be honest I don’t care whether the booze and fags are cheap. I only ask that I can smoke my fag while I’m drinking my booze inside my local. Any party that offers that, can shag me up the arse for all I care.

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Morality my arse!

    Puritan bigotry and an irrational hatred of anyone or anything which doesn’t conform or do as they’re told.

  222. 222
    micha987 says:

    Alright then, don’t!

    But I am *fairly* confident that my submitting (or not submitting) one petition will have no impact whatsoever on the number of salaried public sector employees.

    As we’re paying for them, should the argument not be that we make them *work* for us? That is, until we get rid of the extraneous ones?

  223. 223
    micha987 says:

    Anon – you remind me of my younger brother.

    Yesterday he announced he would refuse the offer of a job at my place of work, during the summer (he is currently studying ecomonics at Sheffield).

    His basis for this rejection? He did not want to be paid £80 per day, but only take home £50.

    He would rather just be paid £50, cash in hand.

    This is not to prevent the govt spending on his behalf / wasting the tax they collect.

    It is “easier” for him. He “knows where he is” with that.

    Having said that, the “easiest” option he can come up with is not to work at all, as no-one will employ him on a 3 day week, part time, and not mind if he is hungover on a Friday, as he won’t compromise on Thursday nights out.

    Next to logic like that, Darling looks positively competent.

  224. 224
    micha987 says:

    Oops, not Anon – I meant Dolly.

    Silly old me.

  225. 225
    anon says:

    Duncan was revealed for the person he is be the NOTW

  226. 226
    Kev says:

    Too fucking right!!!

  227. 227

    Applying a cat of nine tails to the backs of politicians might focus their minds and improve the performance of the survivors. The 18th c. navy apparently regarded 300 strokes as equivalent to a death sentence. Those sailors were a lot tougher than modern politicians. How many strokes to you think are deserved by, say the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, Labour MP’s for supporting them, expense troughers of all parties?

  228. 228

    Bring back the stocks for Labour politicians and the ducking stool for politically correct harridans.

  229. 229

    Dr. Starkey was right about politicians only having rewards these days, not risks. Those who have destroyed this country should be executed. Off with Labour’s heads!

  230. 230

    BBC bias transplant? Some of them may wish to still be employed in the middle of next year!

  231. 231

    Err, Guido… in your tax calcs of 63.8% (which is correct) you have overlooked the employers NI contribution, which assumedly could have been paid to the employee if it hadn’t been taken by the government. I think employers NI is about 11% and so therefore the tax is 74.8% tax. Yep – 3/4 of the wage goes to the government. So, starting on Jan 1st, you work until end of Sept before you get any of your own money.

    Then there is another factor – people who are in this earnings band tend to take less out of the state. Private schools, private health care, no public transport, tertiary education etc etc etc.

    In what way can that be seen as anything like fair or equitable??

    Lets face it – we’re back to the 70’s and there never was such a thing as “New Labour”.

  232. 232

    The guillotine may be too humane.

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    I always thought that the premises of Godfather 3 was rather far fetched in that the God father became a Cardinal in The Catholic Church.

    Blair on the other hand is attempting to prove me wrong on that one !

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    Bread and circuses and the Government encouraged it. The vaccous shallow fuckwitted celebrity culture is another manifestation of this. It is surley no co incidence that the Death Of nu Labour and the Death of Jade Goody happened simultaneously ,

  235. 235
    Anonymous says:

    Who are the Etheopian equivelant of those hypocritical Hoons Bono and Geldof ?

  236. 236
    Anonymous says:

    Taxi for brown !

  237. 237
    Duncan Bannatyne says:

    Let me tell you where I am . Nu LaBour are a buch of incompetent Hoons and for that reason Im out !

  238. 238

    Those who put them in power, and benefited from their extortion should also be punished. Scrap public sector pensions. Summarily execute asylum seekers and illegal immigrants and those who let them in. Fire all those extra public sector employees and quangocrats. Sell off the NHS and substitute a basic insurance system. Execute the hereditary unemployed and debar unmarried women with bastards from public housing and assistance. Execute the lefty media and academia and the protest rabble. Reverse all politically correct legislation and execute those who lobbied for it. Bring the army back from interfering in other people’s wars. Cut total public expenditure to no more than 20% of GDP. Stop all payments to the EU. Abolish excessive Healtha nd Safety rules and bureaucratic burdens on small businesses. Stop all the wasteful government IT projects and execute those responsible for the waste. Stop regional subsidies. Make payments to politicians the last priority, if there’s any money left. Cleanse the country by blood and fire.

  239. 239
    xsdogskin says:

    As has been pointed out, the 50% rate applies after all the allowances have been removed.
    Someone on 150k a year pays the same VAT, the same tax on petrol and the same on all the other non-representative taxes.
    Is this fair?

  240. 240

    Dr. Starkey perhaps?

  241. 241
    Talwin says:

    This rise apparently fooled Darling but not the CBI who predicted a pretty adjacent 1.8%. The Treasury, then, just like the Home Office; not fit for purpose.

  242. 242
    Alex says:

    Let’s get this tax take right:

    At the moment the marginal tax rate will be 50% income tax plus 1% NI on each extra pound, and the employer pays 12.8% employers NI for most staff.

    So the tax taken out is (50+1+12.8) on a gross amount of (100+12.8) which is 56.56%.

    Of course the NI rates will be going up to 1.5% and 13.3%, but I can’t be arsed to work out what that means.

  243. 243
    Spliffe says:

    Wow, Tony used to almost be a piece of ass.

  244. 244
    Dr Nuts says:

    This is why Fred the Shred wont have his pension confiscated by Broon, sets a precedent for taking Broons pension!

  245. 245
    Dr Nuts says:

    Darling is just as bad – he’s still doing spend spend spend…

    What’s the £1000 for each old car? If that isn’t spending needlessly – what is?

    Labour wouldn’t know what Fiscal Prudence was if it was to smack them between the eye(brows)!

  246. 246
    Alien8n says:

    It’s traditional when sacrificing yourself on the altar of despair.

    Personal I’d swap the brandy for caustic soda and give him blanks, make the bugger suffer

  247. 247
    Alien8n says:

    ambassador for peace? He bacame the UN ambassador for peace then bloody disappeared for a year. He was nowhere in sight when Gaza was getting the crap blown out of it. The man’s a bloody hypocrit who’s excuse for invading Iraq was “my imaginary friend told me to do it”.

  248. 248
    Alien8n says:

    Nah, more like Government without accountants

  249. 249
    Dr Nuts says:

    Tory’s are lying thieves – what the hell do you call Labour – you’ve just run out of appropriate nouns!!

  250. 250

    And consider this for a moment – The Civil Servants are the people who advise idiots like Mr Darling on how to calculate the tax take…… In fact, its actually the Civil Service who run the country and “interpret” the Ministers intentions.

    Not bad for a bunch of overpaid and quite possibly over qualified filing clerks.

  251. 251
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    “She” looks more like a Mr Balls (well, little boy Balls) than Mr Balls does.
    Does that make sense ? Probably not.
    In which case I’m talking as much balls as the Balls.

    ps. Can I call him Mr Balls.. or is that only an honour reserved for either Mr Draper or Mr McBride ?

  252. 252
    Dr Nuts says:

    Excuse me – I’m a recipient of Carers Allowance. … I care for person who has ‘problems’.

    For that – the local services have been closed – under Nu LieBore.
    The assistance has gone. I do the governments ‘dependency job’ 24/7.

    For that I get £44 a week! Get rid of the dependent I could earn a lot more… easily! Due to a car accident, I can collect Incapacity Benefit, oh, hold on… I got compensation – which was absorbed by LieBore to pay the IB payouts. But in doing so I didn’t get the Carers Allowance for the period either. This state takes – and gives with gritted teeth! See James Purnell – We, the LieBore Party do not want to give any money to the people, we’ll spend every last penny we can – bankrupt the nation and the only real beneficiaries are the troughing Hoons in the Labour Party – and its sycophantic subsidiaries.

    James Purnell’s part in Labour Policy – get people to work – so the government can spend more. The labour policy is – spend, spend, spend – and despite everything that’s going on – it hasn’t changed!

    I’ll never vote labour – they hate education, and especially the educated.
    Remember Br(h)oon stated he’d put no assistance in for research. I can get a job – in the US, Canda, Italy!, Australia etc, anywhere but Britain. Why – it’s education based research.

    They hate the ‘spongers’ – the mentally and physically disabled, displayed by the contempt shown by Purnell towards them.

    They hate the old – ravaging the pension pot – and lying about how much people get as pensions. There are 600,000 women stating their pensions are only £25 a week!

    They hate people who save – attacking savings in 2-fold strike – keeping interest rates down – so there’s no incentive to save, and taxing the savings indiscriminately of a persons total earnings.

    Who are the 26% – the middle managers and quango’s. The Labour Councillors and ‘advisors’. The consultants. These are the very people that Douglas Adams had a go at as well. After all – if you need a consultant to tell you how to do a job – you’ve defined yourself as incompetent!

    And there’s an army of high pay consultants under labour, who fritter the cash cos it’s not theirs!

  253. 253
    Dolly - there's that creep who nicked our chips says:

    That’s OK. Been called worse than Anon (believe me).
    I have a kid like that too.. spooky

  254. 254
    Talwin says:

    Actually the imagery is not known to Brown as well as one might have expected. In fact Brown ‘quoted’ the Parable of the Talents and got the whole frigging thing wrong. It is worth revisiting the story as it illustrates Brown’s general and continuing crappiness even in those things about which he should have an inkling.

    Back in May 2008 he made a speech to the Church of Scotland General Assembly. The sanctimonious bastard said, “As a son and now a father, I believe in the Parable of the Talents my father taught me:-

    that everyone has a talent,

    everyone should have the chance to develop that talent,

    and everyone should be challenged to use that talent and given the best chance to bridge that gap between what they are and what they have it in themselves to become”.

    Now either Brown’s father taught him a load of bollocks, Brown has a memory like a sieve, or he just didn’t get it. For many of us (certainly with a pre-1997 conventional education) – without the head-start of a manse upbringing – know that talents were money, and, in the parable, were given by a master to his servants. Coincidentally (if not divine intervention!), in this period of post-budget analysis, the parable is worth a quick look it holds a signal relevance to a controversial Brown/Darling initiative on taxation.

    Briefly, a master goes away for a time but before he does so he gives one servant 5 talents, another gets 2 talents, and another gets one. They are told they will not know when the master is to return. On the master’s return the first servant says he traded with his talents and made 5 more; the second servant did likewise and made 2 more. The master praised them both – ‘good and faithful servant’ – and gave them more responsibility. The third servant, believing his master was a hard man, buried his talent returning it alone to his master. The master said:-

    “Thou wicked and slothful servant…though oughtest to have put my money to the exchangers (bankers) and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury (interest).

    Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.

    For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

    And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.
    Matthew 25: 14-30.

    Brown demonstrates that he has still not mugged up on the meaning of the parable for in his and New Labour world the good and faithful servant who gets 5 talents and makes 5 more gets derided for being a rich bastard and taxed at 50%.

    But there is at least one reassuring parallel in the parable. For surely the unprofitable servant is New Labour to be cast into the outer darkness that will, for them, be the next general election, accompanied by the weeping and wailing as they contemplate their loss of perks and expenses.

  255. 255
    I see no ships says:

    Eye didn’t either

  256. 256

    Stop borrowing. Spend only what can be raised by current taxation. After deducting the cost of basic state functions – defence, justice, diplomacy, debt service, cut the civil service, social expenditure and quangocracy to fit within what is left – which may not be much.

  257. 257

    Let them be cast into the fire which is never extinguished.

  258. 258
    wolvreen says:

    I realise by increasing company tax, but the big corporations must be laughing into their bottled water the way they avoid paying fair corp tax with their dodgy schemes.
    All this means is huge profits.

  259. 259
    Feduptothebackteeth says:

    As good a critique of the whole flawed philosophy of the new liebour project as I have heard.

    As I am one of those who didn’t follow the herd and spend like there would be no tomoorrow, after all gordon and tony told us it would never end, I will have to hand over what little I have to pay off the feckless.

    Deeply depressing, but very true.

  260. 260
    Chris Kelly says:

    I don’t recall Michael Corleone becoming a Cardinal in the Catholic church….

  261. 261
    Chris Kelly says:

    Who cares if Ken Clarke is pro Europe or not?

    It’s not Europe that’s the problem, it’s the government of the UK. It is they who wish the EU to be the bogeyman that they can blame for everything.

    The only sad thing is there are people like you who fall for it!

  262. 262
    Chris Kelly says:

    How have the poor been screwed?

    By not being given enough free handouts?

    Give me a break.

    If they didn’t wish to be poor, they’d be out doing the jobs that we’ve had to ship millions of immigrants to do.

    They’re bone idle and workshy, and will be even poorer once the Tories get in. And rightly so.

    Reward for hard work, not for spawning kids every year and watching Jeremy Kyle.

  263. 263
    Alex, Balls's overpaid SpAd says:

    You are a typical Tory whinger, Guido.

    Bleating on about serfs having to work 3 days a month for feudal Barons.

    Try being a SpAd for Guvnor Balls, Right Hoon MP and you would realise those serfs had it easy.

    I spend MORE than 3 days a month cleaning the windows of Mr and Mrs Guvnors expensed houses in between providing plausible deniability for his various daily cock ups that are screwing up the educational system and disfunctionalising the national sprog community for generations to come..

    And the Prime Mentalist throws a hissy at Ballsy, who takes the Nokia hit?

    And worst of all, is having to go to Norwich City home games and feed meat pies to the Guvnor as Delia croaks it out over the tannoy.

    Those f****** of serfs had it f****** good.

  264. 264
    Notts Al says:

    I don’t think the numbers work that way. I think the 1.9% is this qtr. compared with the same qtr. last year. So another fall of 1.9% in the next qtr. would still be a fall of only 1.9% on an annualised basis, over the 6 months. Ergo 4 qtrs. fall at 1.9% is still only a fall of 1.9% for the year. However I do not know because the reportage is incomplete and confusing. Any economists, help please!

    However the 1.9% is not based on all the data available to the office of Nat Stats, so the number will at some point in the future be revised. Loads of wriggle room here for the Darling and his detractors.

    Nevertheless, this number is absolutely key to every other extrapolation in this budget. If the Darling is only decimal percentage points out the borrowing requirement is exponential, measured in £billions.

    Sadly, right or wrong on the forecasts the borrowing requirement is an utter disaster.

  265. 265
    Alex, Balls's overpaid SpAd says:

    The Bill for Cameroon.

    That’s rather good. Ballsy will be pleased.

  266. 266
    Alex, Balls's overpaid SpAdwashes Yvette's windows. says:

    We know you are a Neo Con radical fascist war mongering single home owner.

    Report immediately to Jim Knight for our NuLab(PolPot Branch) re education programme.

  267. 267
    Alex, Balls's overpaid SpAd washes Yvette's windows. says:

    You have rumbled our diabolical master plan.

  268. 268
    Alex, Balls's overpaid SpAd washes Yvette's windows. says:

    For Macintyre’s information ( which he is especially welcome to pass on to Mandy and Purnell) Damian McBride has not gone away.

    Blessed are they with a long memory and a longer reach.

    Guvnor Balls has not approved this message and addresses me as MR Alex, and is at a loss to understand why I would mention Mandy and Purnell in the same sentence.

  269. 269
    Fiscal Conservative says:

    And another one called the inflation Tax, so not only do we get to pay back these ever increasing loans, but they devalue the Money we already have.

  270. 270
    Captain McBroon of HMS Titanic says:

    How about Globalism, by relying on foreign imports, not having our own food and fuel security, destroying our farming, fishing and manufacturing is like setting sail on the Globalist Ocean without any water tight Bulkheads.

  271. 271
    Stalin, Hitler, Pol Phot and Mao says:

    Soon we will all be working for the state, that is what Communism is all about, haven’t you worked out where our followers are taking you yet.
    this is going to be easier than we thought.

  272. 272
    Adrian P says:

    spot on JGM, but if Govt doesn’t warn them, then they assume everything wil be ok.

  273. 273
    Adrian P says:

    If we didnt borrow, there would be no need for Taxation, certainly 80% of it could be cut.

  274. 274
    Anonymous says:

    It’s not 50% tax of the total. it’s graded just like everyone else. Those on 200K will pay about 35% tax + NI , -Dividends and other methods.

  275. 275
    Adrian P says:

    Blair was / is a bilderberg First not a British Conservative or even a British Labour MP.

  276. 276
    Gary Elsby says:

    Just get your wallets out and cough up.

    We have loads of new schools and hospitals to build and plenty of handouts to handout to the ‘poor’.

    So be good Tories and act as though you’re placing bets, investing in shares or paying a few bribes.

    You know it makes sense.

  277. 277
    Tipple says:

    I’d venture a similar fate to that of Benito Mussolini. Wonderful way for the people to show their angst. Let the fucker rot for days on end too, so I can spit on his corpse.

  278. 278
    Macbeth - the Snotty's tragedy says:

    A Citroen could win it, liebour is totally despised.

  279. 279
    urinalpeeps says:

    Changing his name to James Fitz Roy or Roy Fitz James??

  280. 280
    Gigits says:

    I looked at that photo of the Blairs for ages, wondering what it had to do with story, before I realised that the baby was Dave.

    I am pissed though…

  281. 281

    […] This chap created an interesting post today on The Heirs to Blair Should Fight Labour on Tax and Spend – Guy …Here’s a short outlineThereby allowing him to get on with sorting the country out, and not having to indulge in politics with the rump of a defeated bitter opposition, who got us into this mess. Second thing he could do is repeal the smoking ban! … I’ve posted about it just now – Nick Robinson kills Darling with Prudence, R5 gave Cameron an open goal and now QT follows up on Dr Starkey’s dismembering on Sunday. http://plato-says.blogspot.com/. 172. Anonymous says: April 24, 2009 at 10:23 am … […]

  282. 282
    Atlas shrugged says:

    Can anyone please explain why I should stay in business?

    Don’t be such a plonker. No business man has a right to make money, or stay in business. You do however have the perfect right to give up and go on the dole.

    The system hates you and me to bits, and then some, best to just get used to the idea. It is certainly not a new one.

    First up against the wall, and all that.

    I run my company for 2 main reasons.

    1. I do not know how to do anything else.

    2. I would refuse to work for any one else, even if they payed me twice as much as I make, and begged me to work for them.

    If the only reason why you are running your own business is to make lots of money, may I suggest you give up right now, and save yourself a lot of pointless, and thankless hard work?

  283. 283
    largo says:

    If people on JSA etc is the biggest drain on the public purse then how about removing all people from the UK that are not UK nationals and on JSA – Also deport the same criteria of people that are in prison for low grade offenses – because they will end of on JSA also.

    The have an out an out ban on any public body using a consultant for anything. – Just like in the good old days when Public services looked unprofessional – and were poor – instead of now where there are tarted up to the nines and still underperform.

  284. 284

    […] Guido Fawkes says Tories must ask “What would Tony Blair do?” […]

  285. 285
    Deepus Throatus says:

    Tony Blair, the greatest Tory to lead (New) Labour. Which is now Old Labour thanks to their tax election pledge’s broken promise.

    No wonder he was backstabbed so nastily and thrown to the dogs.

  286. 286
    Regent Exeter says:

    It should really be permitted to smoke and drink and eat cake inside the chamber of The Horse of Come-Ons.

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Dan Hodges on Labour unity

“We’ve heard a lot over the past few years about how Miliband has united Labour. But he has not united Labour. He has pacified Labour. He has placed it into a medically induced coma following the trauma of the party’s 2010 defeat.”

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