April 11th, 2009

+++ Mission Accomplished – McBride Fired +++


  1. 1
    simon says:

    Fuck off, and don’t come back.

  2. 2
    bergen says:


  3. 3
    thick as thieves says:


  4. 4
    numberstation says:

    Another scalp for Guido!

  5. 5
    Gripe says:

    Damage limitation before tomorrow’s revelations?

  6. 6
    MohammedIsfahir says:

    It begins here.

  7. 7
    Noodle says:

    Haha! Nice work! I can’t wait to hear what Draper has to say about this. What a laughable buffoon.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Well done Guido !

  9. 9
    BrianSJ says:

    Great. Well done. Mission Accomplished – just like Bush on the aircraft carrier. There are still stables to clean. Time to take the Fawkeslet to legoland or somesuch? On the other hand, pressing home an attack is usually a good tactic. Well done indeed.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    About time Nu-labour sum got their comeuppance

  11. 11
    MohammedIsfahir says:

    When can we see the emails?

  12. 12
    Shit-Bag says:

    Toilets Maguire, your time has come.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    It all started in America

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:


    God, I hope so…..

  15. 15
    Thumper the Rabbit says:

    Who’s next?

  16. 16
    Plato says:


    Bravo – now for the encore :)

  17. 17
    numberstation says:

    Derek Draper is on Sky News right now! by the way – where are the emails? Why are they not being published?

  18. 18

    […] Black ops (5) Jump to Comments Good news from Guido. […]

  19. 19

    Draper now on Sky defending McBride and talking about ‘hacking’ of private emails. He’s on his way out as well.

  20. 20
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Dale’s saying that he resigned.
    I presume that McFuckpig will also vacate No10?
    Nope…didn’t think so.
    He’s Cyclops’ bumchum (allegedly)…he’ll still be in the background.
    So…who’s next to go???

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    well done guido.
    fucking delicious.
    that Hunt draper is defending him on sky news

  22. 22

    Tom Watson hopefully

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    One down, one to go – who is going for Dolly?

  24. 24
  25. 25

    That Hoon Draper is still trying to dissemble over on Sky – wittering on about ‘hacking’ emails.

    He’s not getting too easy a ride though ;o)

  26. 26
    dlama1950 says:

    Now we need to de-throne the “Mayor of Fife” and his muppet Not-so-darling. Then call in the fumigators to cleanse Number 10, 11, et.al!

  27. 27
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Fuck me..Drapers on Sky now.
    Draper is whinging that private emails should be private…FFS.
    God, he’s SO fucking camp.
    By the way have you see the photo that Sky are using, he looks as bent as a dogs back leg!!!

  28. 28
    unemployed tory says:

    well done Guido, you nuked him. now only Brown and the rest of th zanulabour party to go

  29. 29

    Fuck yeah! Well done Guido!

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    If Draper has any decency, he’ll be off himself.

    Also, labourlist being very slow to load at the moment, can the rest of you please stop trying to view it so that I can have a chance, please.

  31. 31
    Henry Crun says:

    Noodle get over to LaboursLost. Draper’s sphincter must be working overtime…

    Let’s all laugh at Derek,
    let’s all laugh at Derek,
    Ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha.

    Almost as funny as the next general election night is going to be.

  32. 32
    brownbaita says:

    Brilliant Guido. Well done. Watch your back though.

  33. 33
  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Dolly realises he is in the s**t and is squirming on Sky News. It is clear who your next target should be, Guido!

  35. 35
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Draper says it isn’t fair….
    Stop saying you know..you complete Hunt!!!

  36. 36
    Henry Crun says:

    Draper? Decency? Bwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    I thought draper’s comment said he was on holiday ? Was that holiday in the Sky news studios ?

  38. 38
    Gripe says:

    BBC has it as he’s resigned: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7995044.stm

    Which is it?

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    This is PRICELESS.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:


    It’s hardly “Mission Accomplished”, until it’s stuck on Brown.

  41. 41
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    McBride down, wouldn’t surprise me if Watson is caught lying too so he can be next, followed by Draper

  42. 42
    Man on the Omnibus says:


    Oh please God, let it be Brown – and the rest of his incompetant parasites.

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Wow. The power of the interweb. (Time for an e, paul, and some ginger beer.)

  44. 44
    ned says:

    Who’s next publish the e-mails pronto

  45. 45
    So17 says:

    Wow what great news. congratulations Mr Fawkes.

  46. 46
    Elby The Beserk says:

    Tip of the hat, sir – a fine day, garden, cider, pipe and then all this comes in. Glory be. Who next?

  47. 47
    Pugwash says:

    lets hope you can get the rest…

  48. 48
    Boombastic says:

    Happy days! Well done Guido.

    When are you going to make the emails public so we can see how much Dolly lied?

    Twat Dolly on BBC News 24 now trying to defend him.

  49. 49
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Draper is already toast.It will be essential to work through the whole rotten crew to get to the McCreep in the middle.Next one: Tom Watson?

  50. 50
    Watson Pride says:

    Happy Easter everyone


    I’m trying to cheer everyone up over easter with some happy music, but nobody has commented yet. Ah.

  51. 51

    Well Done, Guido, and thank you.

  52. 52

    Will Brown find, as Nixon did, one resignation leads to another and another, and then…..to the Truth.

    Downfall of the Bunker.


  53. 53
    Heironymous Bosch says:

    BBC News24 says he resigned and female commentator said he’ll find another role in the Labour party…but I thought he was a civil servant.

    Radio4 News also says he’s resigned. Reported the Brown view that there is no place in politics for emails such as this. BBC woman said PM knew nothing of this. Nadine Dorries demanded apology from PM on basis that PM was behind action.

  54. 54
    Halo says:

    Congratulations Mr Fawkes, you’re my Easter weekend hero!

  55. 55
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    Draper now on Snooze 24, desperately spinning to avoid his own scalp

  56. 56
    john miller says:

    No, I think large cannon is the comparison. So large, in fact, that there is a small door at the back where the human cannonball sneaks out before the powder ignites

  57. 57
    Rexel 56 says:

    Go Nadine, Go – she owns the BBC Today NuLab toady

  58. 58
    Halo says:

    Draper on Sky…

  59. 59
    justoneglass says:

    Nice one Guido, I’m raising my glass to you this evening!

    We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing; but let us not forget for a moment the toil and efforts that lie ahead. Labour, with all its’ treachery and greed, remains unsubdued. The injury she has inflicted on Great Britain and her detestable cruelties call for justice and retribution. We must now devote all our strength and resources to the completion of our task, both at home and abroad. Advance, Britannia! Long live the cause of freedom! God save Guido!

  60. 60
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Have’nt seen the news yet, but well done Mr Fawkes. However, as a civil servant he will be able to stick like the proverbial to a blanket. Is he really out of the CS without a pension?

    AH (C)

  61. 61
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Drapers on the Beeb now…
    My God, he’s such a bent bastard.
    You are a disgrace to all good Lancastrians Draper.
    It wan’t gossip..it would have been used..you lying toerag!!!
    Stop saying you know….
    He’s just spoken abot McFuckbif ‘banging one out’ at the PC.
    Bit like spliffy’s hubby then??

  62. 62
    anonybot says:

    Draper on all channels “spinning like mad”. He’s now on BBC after just being on Sky – where his arguments were comprehensively demolished by iain Dale afterwards

  63. 63
    GCooper says:

    Congratulations, Guido!

    Keep this up and we’ll be rid of the vermin infesting Downing St in no time.

  64. 64
    Defcon 2 says:

    On the nose!

  65. 65
    caesars wife says:

    i absolutely deny !!!

    making my paper hat, found some lambrini from christmas , a cigar must be behind the sofa , whey hey give it some earth wind and fire “can you feel it”

    dum dum dum de dum dum dum

    pig sty with hole in it whoop de doop

  66. 66
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    Draper apparently saying they’re “brilliant and funny” (the emails). That was from the reporter quoting him, has anyone got the full conversation?

  67. 67
    Halo says:

    Ignore my sky comment. I’m laughing too much to know what channel i’m watching.

  68. 68
    Rebecca says:

    Heave ho, the shoving can begin, we start from here until the McScum are all gone. They have bled us dry and brought the nation to it’s knees. The fight back starts now!

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Guido – Genius!

    Dolly now on Beeb 24

    Making himself even more stupid

    Claiming to not remember the content! LOL

    Watson next, then Nick Brown

    Add in Toenails

    Perfect Easter gift

  70. 70
    Georges says:

    Paging Sir Michael White ….

  71. 71
    Arfur Pint says:

    Mission accomplished? I thought from the picture it was Draper in your sights.

    Great start but not quite mission accomplished.

    Let’s see what the Sunday papers make of smeargate. Will Tom Watson fall on his sword?

  72. 72
    Liam H says:

    Well done Guido.

    Don’t these fuckers realise that lies will out. Fucking numpties the lot of them. No wonder they’ve fucked the country up good and proper they have the collective intelligence of a two day old turd.

  73. 73
    Damian McSnide says:

    I always knew I’d make it to the Lords.

  74. 74
    Tory Bear says:


  75. 75
    Twizzle says:

    You’re a star, Guido.

    Go get the main course – Brown’s the evil that the parasites live off.

  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    One last card and the stack is surely down.

    Good on y’Gudio, well done.

  77. 77
    GOTCHA! says:

    Bye bye McBride.

  78. 78
    Train crash says:

    There is more mileage in this story and more heads to roll I think.

  79. 79

    That Hunt Dolly is bullshitting on the BBC. Puke.

    What did Brown know? That is the question.

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Useless BBC lies that You are a “Conservative Blogger”:


  81. 81
    Stephen Brown says:

    Draper’s drivel here: http://www.labourlist.org/derek-draper-emails

  82. 82
    Angryvoter says:

    Dolly’s being a bit of a pillock on the BBC bleating on about how Brown has nothing to do with it etc.

    Oh, and Draper announced several times rather loudly “How would you like it if your emails were read out in public?”

    So, what about the publically owned database the government is collating our emails on?

  83. 83
    brownbaita says:

    Draper’s on BBC now ‘it’s got nothing to do with Gordon Brown’. Bollox.

  84. 84
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    Draper is even getting owned by the News 24 presenter, this is f***ing hilarious; can’t stop laughing!

  85. 85
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Drapers now trying to blame RW bloggers…

  86. 86
    Julian Gardner says:

    Taken from the BBC Website

    “A Number 10 spokesman said the messages were “juvenile and inappropriate”.

    I though shithead (DD) was independant and did not work for “Number 10″


  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Sue the BBC for slander!

  88. 88
    Dennis says:

    He’s been resigned is probably more like it.


  89. 89
    Pass the popcorn says:

    Draper getting a hard time on the BBC News. This particular ship is sinking and even the BBC have realised that it’s time to swim away or be pulled down with it.

  90. 90
    Plato says:

    Dolly on N24 now attempting to smear this is all to do with right wing blogs!!!

    And still attempting to say his email account was HACKED.

    What a PRAT.

  91. 91
    Paul Pinfield says:

    Draper is lying on the BBC News Channel…

    Claims of hacking etc.

  92. 92
    Plato says:

    Can we have this instead of PMQs please :)

  93. 93
    Dennis says:


    I won’t ask.

  94. 94
    Budgie says:

    McBride has been fired to protect Gordoom. How much longer are the Liebore faithful going to lie down and die to protect the Great Debt Monger?

  95. 95
    Ratsniffer says:

    Ah, what a truly lovely day. The spring sunshine, sitting on the swing seat in the garden, a cup of tea on the go and a shit-eating grin on my face. The sewage is being hosed away. One down; a useless Government to go. Toast yourself with a fine champagne this evening, Guido.

  96. 96
    Julian Gardner says:

    Sorry should also have said that the BBC News carried a message from him and quoted him as saying “the emails were juvenile and inappropriate”


  97. 97
    Hugh Jardon says:

    I bet Kate’s pissing herself at all of this…..baby pressing on her bladder probably!!!

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC News presenter interviewing Dolly is rinsing him…

  99. 99
    They are of course the most devious, deviant and deceiving government we have ever known! says:

    Only one less rat in the sewer of Whitehall – every little helps.

    Got to laugh, Blears attacks political bloggers, it’s not of course a case of her and similar vermin needing to clean up their act!

  100. 100
    Derek's Sphincter says:


  101. 101
    Dino says:

    So, what exactly does “resigned” mean nowadays?

    How many minutes before he is “un-resigned” ? Given a peerage?

    Will he be receiving a pension?

    Give another lucrative position in the government or friend of Labour?

    As always with Labour, words take on new, inventive meanings.

  102. 102
    Tim of Bexleyheath says:

    Thank you. And many congratulations. May many more topple like dominos.

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Sigh, so many tories in one place and not an out of control lorry to be seen.

  104. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Come on, Guido – please get that obnoxious little piece of shit Draper out of public view, too.

  105. 105
    Budgie says:

    It wasnae me

  106. 106
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Where’s MaCavity?

  107. 107
    Radge says:

    Hopefully the NuLabour heirarchy will now cut that wankstain Draper adrift, what a prick.

  108. 108
    Noodle says:

    GUIDO!!!! On News 24

  109. 109
    Hugh Jardon says:

    FFS Draper…just FOAD.
    Enjoy the rest of your easter break…hilarious!!!
    Hi Guido…sounding good!!!

  110. 110
    Broad Sunlit Uplands says:


  111. 111
    Gripe says:

    Guido on the BBC News Channel!

  112. 112
    Hugh Jardon says:

    This is utterly brilliant!!!

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but Guido tells you what REALLY happened.

  114. 114
    Paul Pinfield says:

    Charlie Whelan implicated by Guido on BBC News Channel.

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else heard that the possible smear they had in mind for Cameron was to say Ivan wasn’t as sick as his father was pretending. I’m hearing that Downing Street was discussing attacking Cameron for milking his son’s illness before he died.

    If this is true it’s a new low for Brown. One would imagine he would be especially averse to this given his own experiences, but I guess he’s desparate and knows unless he gets down and dirty he’s out in a year.

    Being PM is the only thing he’s ever wanted so he’s going to stop at nothing to cling on.

  116. 116
    labour dirty tricks says:

    We don’t need lorries anymore, we use the police.

  117. 117
    grunt futtock says:

    What’s next for the nu-lab totalitarian political party. Let’s outlaw political blogs, Filming of police (incriminating?) and lets have a big database of all emails sent (of course MP’s will be exempt). What was that..? someone said it’s in hand :-(

    I can imagine it now. Hot news … a delegate a ten nu-labour MP’s are being sent to China to learn how better to control the masses.

  118. 118
    Fistal Stimneyulation says:


    Jacqui, is that a pet name for Gordon’s wife Sarah?

  119. 119
    Hugh Jardon says:

    let me guess…BBC is now trying to switch it to the tories…..

  120. 120
    Admiral Gnome says:

    This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

  121. 121
    Hugh Jardon says:


  122. 122
    Finnpog says:

    Oh the irony – after the Shower have squeezed personal privacies until they are nought but a dimly remembered illusion of freedom.

  123. 123
    Severe Withdrawal Symptoms says:

    Where’s Harman Pride today???

  124. 124
    tsubaki says:

    At the risk of joining a stampede, well done Guido!

  125. 125
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Guido’s now owning the BBC

  126. 126
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    I would rather have McBride than Drooper. Drooper is an nonentity, MacBride is Brown’s man

  127. 127
    Angryvoter says:

    Hahahahaha. Go on SON!

  128. 128
    LOL from Planet Mad! says:

    Clearly has no idea how his mails got out! Good what an IT illiterate twat

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Well he shouldn’t be part of a party that is party to each and every single email anyone sends being recorded should he, the whinging fuckwit.

  130. 130
    Cato says:

    Yeah, he’s kept a bloody low profile.

  131. 131
    Heironymous Bosch says:

    Well done, Guido for battling BBC interviewer suggestions that you publish without checking – unlike the BBC!

  132. 132
    Noodle says:

    Here we go, Guido dropping Watson’s name as next target. Hehe!

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Guido is now after Tom Watson, MP. He should go for Sion Simon too – and start with Dolly!

  134. 134
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Go Guido…Go Guido..Go Guido

  135. 135
    Dodging the Jammys says:

    from LieBoreGraph website :

    As the row threatened to engulf the Government, Mr Clarke said: “Damian McBride has no place in 10 Downing Street. His actions bring shame to the Labour party and he should be dismissed immediately.”

    . . . neither has Bonkers McBroon

  136. 136
    sean says:

    Absolutely Nailed him!! A watershed moment in the history of British political blogs.

    Imagine for one minuter Blair losing Campbell, this is the equivalent. I dont know how Guido pulled this rabbit out of the bag? But well done, you’ve a genius.

  137. 137
    One-eyed snotgobbler says:

    HP (aka Dolly Draper) is going around the MSM trying to save his own skin!

  138. 138
    onion says:

    Fucking Genius Guido -pwning that Beeb droid just now. Brilliant!!!

  139. 139
    Scrobs says:

    I’ll drink to that Simon – best news today!

    Well done Guido, we need a few more of these!

  140. 140
    JohOfEnfield says:

    Will GB say sorry?

  141. 141
    Jumbo says:

    Why should my licence fee pay for that so-called interviewer’s perm?

  142. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Well done Guido! Excellent live BBC interview!

  143. 143
    Boombastic says:

    Draper made a cock of himself on BBC News 24!

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    this is it. the zoo flaktower has fallen. generals are swigging from bottles of brandy. steiner’s troops have surrendered. the american’s have crossed the ruhr. the 8th guards are in the reichstag.

    only those in the bunker refuse to consider surrender.

  145. 145
    Mike G says:

    A clap on the back, well done Guido, and you got some air time. Hustled off fairly quickly before you got more people on trouble though, good man. Keep up the good work, the chair leg of truth comes to all!

  146. 146
    Horatio! I know everthing says:

    The BBC just shat themselves at the mention of Tom Watson.

    GOOooooooooooooooo Guido

  147. 147
    Rexel 56 says:

    GF: “Name one story on my blog that hasn’t proved to be true”
    News24 Nob: “er splutter erm er splutter um er um well it’s the Blogs innit”


  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, your slap-down of that half-wit BBC news dick-reader a couple of minutes ago was GREAT!!!

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Dolly on Radio 4 right now.

  150. 150
    anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

    Draper making a cock of himself all over the media!

    Sky, Beeb 24, now on PM!

  151. 151
    Hugh Jardon says:

    guidos on sky now…

  152. 152
    Train crash says:

    This is why the nuNaziLabour gov will try and control and limit blogs. Hoons.

    They have already started a dirty untrue campaign against blogs that dare show them for what they truly are. A brunch of hoons.

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:

    That was the best BBC interview I’ve seen – good on you Guido. You ripped him to shreds, and managed to get the point in about Watson.

  154. 154
    Anonymous says:

    The obnoxious Hunt is saying ‘you know’ on Radio 4 PM now @ just before 5:30

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    To everyone involved in outing these emails a big THANK YOU.

  156. 156
    The HaHaHaHaPersons Pride, says:


    Here we are again

    Just KNEW you’d miss us!!

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    Can I just say that future protests should be held in front of MP’s homes as well as The City. Make it personal, no use shouting at an empty building.
    Congrats Guido, watch out you don’t get Kelly’ed

  158. 158
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Is it me of is Mcfuckpig one of the ugliest Hunts that you have ever seen???

  159. 159
    They are of course the most devious, deviant and deceiving government we have ever known! says:

    Maybe he can start a blog?

    Yes, he can call it Labourpissed

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Is it not Beardie McBride?

  161. 161
    Finnpog says:

    Is that when Ruth Kelly comes around for tea and scones? ;)

  162. 162
    Tony Blair says:

    A blinding result Guido. Well done

    Now go for Gord !!!

  163. 163
    Genghiz the Kahn says:

    the w anchorman on News 24 didn’t do too well did he…fancy trying to imply you lie.

    Mc Bride shocked and appalled at the way emails were used…then why did the cnut send them out?

  164. 164
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Hold on you sky Hunt…Cyclops is on the record of having insiders.
    So why can’t Guido???

  165. 165
    cheerleader says:

    Guido is the man
    three cheers for the man hip hip

  166. 166
    Train crash says:

    I just caught the end of the BBC News 24 interview with Guido.

    Well done.

    Bit of a shame you were cut off before you could reveal further details.

  167. 167
    Mcpoison pride says:

    Election is cancelled and I am getting my job back.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    A resignation late Saturday of an Easter holiday week-end? A resignation of a senior Civil Servant who was to Gordon Brown what Campbell was to Blair? A resignation over something described by the BBC as juvenile malarkey? The fuckpigs must be well-and-truly in the shit.
    Isn’t it wonderful? Whose next?
    Roll on the Sunday papers.
    Dear Guido, I could kiss you, if I were thay way inclined…
    Do be careful, remember Dr. Kelly.

  169. 169
    JUSTIN says:

    Beware of scape goats. The real culprit is still at No 10

  170. 170
    Anonymous says:

    What a shame you don’t own a decent phone, and cannot get your children to be quite while you are live on Sky News. We might have gotten to hear something interesting.

  171. 171
    von stauffenberg says:

    whod have thought that emails would have been better than hi ex

  172. 172
    Dream on says:

    Good one Guido heard you on Pravda24 ,it seems have learned to swim in shark infested waters,that slight mauling by the white shark has done you a load of good,well done,nice to bring a law out and read other people’s private email but you shouldn’t yell when the people’s court reads yours eh draper.

  173. 173
    They are of course the most devious, deviant and deceiving government we have ever known! says:

    Probably while Mandlebum does not look over his shoulder at the climactic moment!

  174. 174
    LOL from Planet Mad! says:

    Number 10 emails are ours by right so putting all that crap about needs policing by us doncher know?
    Cheeky bastard, sounds as if he’s been sniffing some of that white nostril stuff, rapid speech full of self importance, over confidant, scruffy looking geezer aint he?

  175. 175
    Train crash says:

    is there a replay available anywhere, even on youtube soon? I would love to hear it!

  176. 176
    Dick Timney says:

    On the one hand, I knew you’d pop up eventually before being completely finished. On the other hand I’ve got my video remote control whilst the wife does her expenses.

  177. 177
    anonymous says:

    Listening to Draper on BBC News Channel was so toe-cringing and embarassing like watching someone digging a deeper and deeper hole- I almost felt sorry for the bloke(almost) Draper was hufing and puffing and contracdicting himself several times whist sounding all the while like a total idiot – with his voice going to an higher and higher octave as he was actually “grilled” by the BBC for God’s Sake(at one point it sounded like he was talking to somebody else in the room or perhaps himself who knows ?

    The bloke is a total embarassment – and he’s supposed to be spearheading Labour’s fight back against the right wing blogs?

  178. 178
    Angryvoter says:

    It is a nice perm though, you have to admit.

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    This is all very exciting every media outlet is talking about it right now – with our favourite bloggers having the airtime they deserve! [even Dolly deserves it if only to reveal what a liar he truly is].

  180. 180
    brownbaita says:

    Right Cameron, go for a vote of no confidence NOW. You won’t win it but the whole country will get to hear what’s been happening under this shower of incompetents.

  181. 181
    They are of course the most devious, deviant and deceiving government we have ever known! says:

    Sorry, why, not while

  182. 182
    robert peston's speech therapist says:

    Well done Guido, be careful out there. ( and on your telephone line/e-mail/cellphone)

  183. 183
    The Watcher says:

    Congratulations Guido!

    Keep up the pressure and show them no mercy!!!

  184. 184
    Useless Labour twat says:

    I’ll show my arse in Aldi if Brown did not know about this failed smear campaign.

    Good riddance to the scumbag

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Well done on the BBC. I loved the way that the BBC had some kind of defective syllogism:

    Guido is a blogger
    Draper is a blogger and tells lies
    Therefore Guido tells lies.

    Their logic is as defective as their political balance

    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t hit them with one of their myriad dodgy, badly sources, later-refuted stories of their own.

    It shows just how very, very corrupt the British MSM has become when one bloke on a ten-bob blog is the main source of reliable news about the government…

  186. 186
    Cleethorpes Rock says:

    GF: “Name one story on my blog that hasn’t proved to be true”
    Beeboid scum: “Erm, erm… ahem…..”

    Fuck off McBride
    Fuck off Brown
    Fuck off Dolly
    Fuck off BBC.

    Let us all resolve today to ask ourselves the following when we wake up each morning:

    “What am I going to do today to help get rid of these corrupt Hoons?”

  187. 187
    Guthrum says:

    The Nation gives you its thanks, one battle won but the war goes on

  188. 188
    Angryvoter says:

    Yes. It’s terrifying. She talks for hours and hours about transport issues.

  189. 189
    So17 says:

    This is, on a personal level so going to hurt Brown let alone politicaly.
    The pain of loss will cut deep tonight at no10.
    Again Bless you Guido and your site.

  190. 190
    cheerleader says:

    So, government enforce retention of everybody’s emails and Brown’s shoddy gophers are the first victims. There must be a God :)

    Brownshit will not be pleased with Jacquarses latest little cock-up.

    ooh, I’m glowing all over :)

  191. 191
    Mike G says:

    I do find it highly amusing that the people who are clamoring to be able to read our emails scream and shout so loudly when we read theirs… hypocrites.

  192. 192
    Casual Observer says:

    Having just heard Draper wittering on Sky and BBC News, I am amazed that anyone in No 10 has had anything at all to do with this dysfuctional, inarticulate idiot. The man’s an arsehole. He’s had ages to prepare his defence for the inevitable and has clearly done nothing about it.

    I suspect his association with any political party at all can now be measured in minutes.

    Kate Garroway. What have you done?

  193. 193
    Rod says:

    If only Marr was on tomorrow, I would love to see him squirm and avoid the front pages.

  194. 194
    1SQ says:

    Bloody brilliant Guido, bloody brilliant. I’d be quite happy to give you my licence fee next year instead of the BBC.

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    about f==king time all these over paid shit heads are xposed, keep up the bloody good work

  196. 196
    Boudicca says:

    Just adding my admiration … well done Guido.

    What a result – and that’s only on the knowledge that the emails are in your hands and extracts will be published tomorrow. There must be some real dynamite there …. I hope they show the circulation list and Lord Putrid Meddlesome is on it!

    Raising a glass to you this evening … nothing on tellly so I’ll just have to continue enjoying repeats on Sky and Biased.

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait until Sunday!!!!

  198. 198
    Laffin Assasin says:

    Well done Guido

  199. 199
    Happy says:

    Another proven disreputable parasitic and malignant socialist bites the dust, bring it on. Well done. Not long now and the whole lot will come tumbling down.

  200. 200
    anonymous says:

    Draper’s GOT to be hanging by a thread – surely he’ll be next? He’s reduced the Labour Party to a complete laughing stock and done very little for his own and their reputation either !

    As a Tory Supporter – even I’m embarassed whenever he comes on to the news channels – so surely Labour Members must be ? Can’t someone do the decent thing and suggest he pursues his pyschotherapist career rather than political bloggging for which he clearly has very little aptitude ?

  201. 201
    JUSTIN says:

    Hazel Blears on BBC website: “”The most popular blogs are right-wing, ranging from the considered Tory views of Iain Dale, to the vicious nihilism of Guido Fawkes,” she said.”

    Now, I wonder what she is hiding…?

  202. 202
    The Director of Politically Correct 'n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, says:

    + + + NOOSFLASH + + +

    At this very difficult time of national crisis, we are casting about for words of comfort to bring to the Sheeple.

    The Beloved and Glorious Leader, the Leader of our Party, cannot broadcast in person, as He (or She) has got severe intestinal hurry and cramps, and is confined to His (or Her) room with a nurse in attendance.

    However, we look to Herr Comrade ChairPerson McStalinBrownStainovich and His (or Her) Five Year Plans and Progress to carry us, His (or Her) loyal sheeple, forward to the Glorious Uplands of Socialist progress and utopianism.

    We turn our eyes upwards and look for inspiration as we, the sheeple, look for His (or Her) satellite in space as a symbol of our new prosperity and to show we are not a destitute or broken-down economy.

    Old-Noo (née Noo-Old) BoringLiars – WASTING YOUR MONEY on something POINTLESS NEAR YOU!

    [Martial Music]

  203. 203
    karin says:

    maybe mcbride’s blog should be called red card ha ha ha lol

    guido you rock

  204. 204
    Cassius says:

    Just a moment

    The bbc carries the downing st. line that “nobody else in Downing St. knew anything at all”…

    Does that mean that the Freedom of Information requests sent two weeks ago or more by Guido and Dale were sent only to McBride, and that no procedure exists to log their arrival or deal with them? Are we really supposed to believe that this was not discussed until this morning?

    Or does Downing st. really mean to say “We have known about this for at least two weeks, and we wanted to see whether it appeared in the press”.

    If there is no place in politics (G. Brown) for things like this, why did they not fire him two weeks ago?

    I think we should be told.

  205. 205
    smiths dirty knickers says:

    just heard dolly on bbc crying about private e mails being made public better ask jackboots about that

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    BBC / Labour party / Civil servant

    What’s the difference?

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    Me to. What the Beeb and Sky describe as “controversial” is anyone ferreting out the truth.

  208. 208

    We haven’t got 3 years like Bush had to turn Iraq into a democracy.

  209. 209
    scared (no longer) says:

    all good things, wait till more has outed

    then the shit will soon hit the fan …im so happy right now

  210. 210
    LOL from Planet Mad! says:

    Good to see planted ZanuLab lickspittle questions returned with topspin! Well done that man! Glad you mentioned who is next…can hear the quiverning from here!

  211. 211
    jake says:

    If you want vicious nihilism look no further than ZaNuLabour.

  212. 212

    Fuck off Derek and your useless side-kick arsehole McBride.

  213. 213
    Greychatter says:

    “Waiting for Gordo” to Go !!

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Ditto Blears. According to the BBC, “Political blogs are fuelling a culture of cynicism about politics, communities secretary Hazel Blears has claimed”. Can you credit it????

  215. 215
    James Harte says:

    All I can say, having dealt with him, is that it is a shame for Labour’s prospects that it took so long for them to realise the risks they were running with McBride. This isn’t a one off but routine stuff.

  216. 216
    Scallywag says:

    I wouldn’t hack into Draper’s email. You could catch something nasty being anywhere near anything to do with him.

    I wonder what the little bastard is going to do for the rest of his life.

  217. 217
    JUSTIN says:

    LOL. Hazel must have missed that one.

  218. 218

    Well done! Now I think you need to tear the Telegraph a new arsehole for their part in the pre-emptive spin operation.

  219. 219
    Heironymous Bosch says:

    So, H Blurs reads Guido. Result!

  220. 220
    Anonymous says:

    Excellent, where is the silly cow’s DNA by the way?

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Dolly your government has abolished privacy! Has no one told you?

  222. 222
    brownbaita says:

    Very good point. Jackboot Jacqui Two Homes take note.

  223. 223
    Anonymong says:

    This is a great comment over at LabourList from R Lilley, telling Draper exactly what he thinks of him. I just want to share it with you and spread a little more sunshine around:

    “I have voted labour all my life. I have watched with growing horror your disgraceful conduct. The vile arrogant shouty appearances on the media. The twisting lieing misrepresentation of your opponents views, and the bullying hypocritical allegations of racism misused to silence truthful criticism. Above all Mr Draper I have watched my parties enemies utterly destroy you: by allowing you to let everyone else see what they already knew – that you are an unscrupulous, egotistical, incompetent chancer with no real values of any kind, let alone Labour values. Go I beseech you, let us have done with you; get back under your rock.”

  224. 224

    2 are directly funded by extortion, whereas the Labour party uses a Union proxy to wash extorted taxpayers cash

  225. 225
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    The next PMQs are going to be very interesting indeed.

  226. 226
    Anonymous says:

    What’s not to be cynical about?

  227. 227
  228. 228
    paul says:

    Just seen your and DD interview the BBC then on sky; and the difference was palpable. Biases is a ugly word and the BBC is clearly is. I can only thank you for sticking to you guns and fighting back.

  229. 229
    dixx says:

    In the world of workplace bullying this is one of those rare occasions when the bully gets fired and the target(s) survive(s). Prescott’s office was slated for bullying. Nothing much changes in labour does it? Have we not learned anything?

  230. 230
    winkernet says:

    Fuckin’ Result!! Well done! The sooner we kick these control feaks out the better.
    Happy Easter!

  231. 231
    English Liberation Front says:

    Scraper’s performance on BBC News24 was risible. Puerile, high-pitched, bleating, contradictory, hypocritical huff and puff – “you know”. In sharp contrast to Guido who landed the newsreader a cracker when he tried the Neo-Nazi/EUSSR line that blogs are unreliable.

    Private emails sacrosanct eh, Scraper? Well, with Jacqui’s Massive Database none of our private emails will be private so have a taste of your own foul medicine, Nazis!

    The country is in the middle of an economic crisis, caused by the Neo-Nazi’s, and a taxpayer-funded civil servant who is Braun’s personal adviser sends “juvenile and inappropriate” emails smearing members of HM Opposition. And Gordon Brown thinks he can distance himself from this?

    Let’s see how soon Brown and his Neo-Nazis come out with blog regulation legislation after this. Time to up the ante. We need open rebellion against them.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    The head of No 10 is a dysfuctional and inarticulate idiot too. What do you expect?

  233. 233

    BBC is called Pravda for a reason.

  234. 234
    A Bystander says:

    Have another nervous breakdown, probably.

  235. 235
    Anonymous says:

    I missed these interviews can anyone put them up somewhere as Im sure Mandleson and co will ensure they are only shown sparingly.

  236. 236
    William Waad says:

    The standard of spin these days has gone to pot. Bring back Laker, Lock or even Ally Campbell. Guido will sleep well tonight, perchance to dream of Derek Draper’s neck next in the noose.

  237. 237
    Ricky says:

    I never thought it possible but I’ve just seen the Draper slob squirming on BBC News 24 when Philip Hayten actually just tore him an extra one.

    The Draper was even laughed at when he implied that McBride was a “victim of a right wing blog.” Thank you so much Guido.

    Yet another ZanuLabour liar bites the dust at the Court of the One Eyed Stiff One.


  238. 238
    Heironymous Bosch says:


  239. 239
    Michael says:

    OK, well done.

    Has he really been fired or just moved out of No.10?

    If he has been fired, how much is his pension?
    It should be zero if he has been justly fired for not acting as a civil servant should, breach of contract.

    My betting is that he will have a nice large pension paid for by the taxpayers, especially as broon wouldn’t want him selling his story to the papers.

  240. 240
    Anonymous says:

    Toast. History. A dot in our rear view mirror.

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    Usual political stuff. Do what you want, but don’t get caught!

    ALL political parties look for oportunities to weaken their opponents.

    A bit like the media……get the story, but we don’t want to know how you got it.

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    That she has no balls?

  243. 243
    Anton says:

    Kate is distraught. I am comforting her in the way she likes best.

  244. 244
    Jumbo says:

    Enjoy the moment. The mendacious k ts will throw your hopes back with a violent thud tomorrow. Thanks aljabeeba

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    Poke Mrs Derek Draper?

  246. 246
    Cherie says:

    I love you, Guido.

  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    Easter, & then there was one more crucifiction

  248. 248
    Stuff them all says:

    The Blears article on the Brown Broadcasting Corpse is five months old. They are dredging up anything to deflect.
    The BBC is now in panic damage limitation mode to protect the kiddy fiddler.

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    I too would like to see these interviews. I get the feeling that our dear leader and his mates will put a stop to them being shown again.

    Guido – don’t go out for a walk in the country anytime soon….

  250. 250
    Susanne Neslen says:

    Well, ‘Superman’ Gordonhas just lost his political press officer for making up nasty email stories about Tories but he still has a Home Secretary who is having a little bit of trouble justifying her expenses claims.

    Wonder who goes next ….. ?

    Happy Easter Mr Brown!

    (Oh and yes, very Happy Easter egg eating to you Mr Guido – well done!)

  251. 251
    The Raven says:


    You’re listed as a Conservative blogger again, Guido.

  252. 252
    Call me Infidel says:

    If as has been suggested these emails are from a .gov address then they are public property. If a freedom of information request has forced their publication it would be a criminal offence to attempt to prevent their disclosure or to delete any emails. I don’t think the McBride resignation will “draw a line under the affair”

  253. 253
    Anonymous says:

    The idea that Labour have a monopoly on underhand sleaze is madness. If I have to hear another “connected” conservative tell me that story about Gordon and Mandy I’ll scream.

  254. 254
    Matt says:

    Mission accomplished??? Oh ye of little ambition.
    This is just “first part of mission accomplished”
    Bring on the rest.

  255. 255
    Robert Mugabe says:

    Out of control larries are very good way to get rid of political opponents. I learn much from ZaNulab.

  256. 256
    Anonymous says:

    well done giuido the internet is now very powerful

    That is why there should be no government interference in it like monitoring emails

  257. 257
    Finnpog says:

    “He’s Cyclops’ bumchum (allegedly)”


    Or is this an anology of what the sexually explicit ZanuLab smear campaign was going to resemble?

  258. 258
    nobby says:

    I bet they did as well.

  259. 259
    James says:

    Congratulations Guido! You deserve an honour.

  260. 260
    Michael says:

    No no.

    Draper must be left in place, the harm he does to the national socialist cause is inestimable.

    Save dribbling draper

  261. 261
    Harry Va Derci says:

    Back of the net Guido! In extra time.

    But for God’s sake get some media presentation skills. You’re going to be on the MSM a lot now. The Berkeley T-Shirt last time around was a skillful joke but I doubt many viewers ‘got’ it.


  262. 262
    Cameron's Pride says:

    “Above all Mr Draper I have watched my parties enemies utterly destroy you:”

    Above all – you fucked up.

    Labour = All Hoons

  263. 263
    English Liberation Front says:

    Yes, indeed! A very good point that should not be lost on the useless hacks that pose as media journalists.

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    If Dolly is lying to the Beeb, we should be told.
    Can someone get the details to the Sundays for the late editions, or Monday to spoil the PM’s breakfast?

  265. 265
    Captain Beefbayonet says:

    What is Gauling is that Dolly is on his hold and has the opportunity to give the fragrant Kate a go at shaking his Mr Timney. Hmm me thinks he might be a bit worried about this whole “smeargate” has blwn up in his face. Scratch my earler concerns he’s in no mood for a session with the wife. Kate if you see this leave the twit and marry me……

  266. 266
    Joe Public says:


    If he’s allowed to resign, he keeps his pension.

    He should be sacked to lose his pension.

  267. 267
    jo public says:

    a small step in the right direction. These ministers and advisors demean the british claim of a fair and just democracy and only provide fodder for our enemies to back their cases.
    One day maybee truth honesty compassion fairness and loyalty to the vote weilding public will prevail.
    But i am afraid that great swathes of the political system is showing it self to be self serving and morally bankrupt.
    But guido good work keep it coming

  268. 268
    Anonymous says:

    So it’s Mission Accomplished is it – i.e. a right fucking disaster? Great analogy. I know you’re trying to be clever but it hasn’t worked.

  269. 269
    Mitch says:

    193 Tories,63 limps,10SNP+the whole UK media both print and TV and they achieve fuck all,1 man and his PC on a mission has a wall full of scalps and the thanks of a grateful nation.
    I will raise a glass of Guinness in your honour later.

  270. 270
    nobby says:

    He’s appearing in an episode of Mr & Mrs.

    And you think I’m joking.

  271. 271
    Anonymous says:

    Draper on the radio just said he’s being “discriminated against” because he’s just an “ordinary, working-class lad from up north”.

    What a ludicrous tosser!

  272. 272
    labourwipeout says:

    This blog has now gone mainstream thanks to all the publicity it has received over this affair and also the stupidly counterproductive intended criticisms from the like of Blears who as you know is currently positioning herself for the leadership of zanuliebour with populist speeches.

    Many people will now visit this site and other related blogs perhaps for yhe first time and will see that AT LAST there is hope, there is a movement to remove this administration in a truly democratic fashion.

    They will see that like them many many many people are sick to the back teeth of what we all perceive as a corrupt administration . of the sleaze of the lack of accountability, of the refusal to go to the ballot box whilst they run this country into the ground.
    This is it folks the fightback is truly underway, no wonder the government is running scared.

    Welcome my friends to the court of Public opinion !

  273. 273
    anonymous says:

    But it was “just two mates mucking about !” was a classic Draper line during his BBC interview “we never expected them to see the light of day !”He was also a bit sketchy on the actual “free time” element of McBride’s E Mail wroiting – was it “Thirty Minutes ?” – “An Hour ?” or the final “Thirty Minutes!” that McBride took to write them ? Christ Derek if you can’t even get the times right how do expect the rest of your story to be believed ? And there were rather too many “yer knows” too

  274. 274
    The Beast Of Clerkenwel says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooo get you!
    Take a Valium darling and get on with cutting my hair.

  275. 275
    A weak, pale, sweating, snivelling, grovelling, cheating, lying thieving little shit, says:

    Ar’ cannae gi’ off tha’ shitta – so arl’ jus’ call oot roun’ tha’ door!

    It wasnae me! Nuthn’s ma’ fult ye ken!

    [Translation : this has been a terrible, terrible afternoon! And now I’ve got the shits and am stuck here with nursey wiping my arse and applying cream. Which is nice, but I wanted to play with my toy money today.

    Instead, one of my most trusted advisors (another Favourite NooLyingBore word!) has been dumped, – and more will follow I guess.

    Anyway, I just want it to be clearly understood that nothing is my fault, – and everything started in America.

  276. 276
    Michael says:

    Oh come on.

    Do you really want national socialism to gain a more credible leader.

    Leave broon in place, the dear leader is the best advertisment why not to vote for national socialism.

    Draper may dribble and smell, broon does those and eats his own snot. An exemplar of the present government.

  277. 277
    Dick Turpin says:

    I think you or someone acting on your behalf may have just broken the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. Next time you’re passing through an airport expect to be lifted by Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

  278. 278
    JUSTIN says:

    Well at least he didn’t say it was all because he’s a woman – a la Jackboot Smith

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    You are such an odious little shit Guido!

    Well done you got someone fired!

    Hoorah! – Is this what your mother and father dreamed of for you!

    You do nothing to increase the tone of British politics.

    I in no way condone what McBride did but when a very poor blogger who trades in insinuation, lies and gutter journalism is portraying himself as a defender of all that is good and true i’ve got to call it as it is – Bullshit!!!

    Guido, you are a partisan who trades in tittle tattle – are you really the one to campaign against it?!!

    I feel sorry for you that you regard this as a win!

  280. 280

    Don’t pay the TV Tax you fool.

    Did your parents send money to Lord Haw Haw?

    Click here to find out how easy it is to save 123 pounds per year.

  281. 281
    JMT says:

    Outstanding (with a capital F**KING) piece of journalism – shows how pathetic the deadtree press are, and as for broadcast media – the less said the better.

    I cleared off to watch the Circuit Of Ireland this a.m. with the wee lad, but followed this all day.

    McPoison ousted, Watson in the frame, Brown fingered and (hopefully) MSM journos publicly outed as ZanuNewLabia stooges. And I got to watch the Rally.

    Carlsberg do not do weekends, but if they did…..

  282. 282
    The Master says:

    On the hair theme: With the new “Badger look” Guido is only just getting warmed up.

  283. 283
    Hugh Jardon says:

    McBride is a CIVIL SERVANT….
    McBride resigned…didn’t he???

    What a complete Hoon!!!

    ANYWAY..even the Sky blogsite is on this now….

  284. 284
  285. 285
    spartacus says:

    Ah, its hurting the hoons. Bravo Guido.

  286. 286
    Mike G says:

    Two things to keep in mind, 1, Stay in front Guido, they will be coming…. and 2, how long before McSnide returns, a la Mandelson, please God not as a Lord.

  287. 287
    Anonymous says:

    The same tired old drivel. Nothing changes! They never learn.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    No election expenses were fiddled in the making of this News 24 programme……

  289. 289
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Get out of your bunker now McMoron and deny that you and the rest of your staff knew about any of this!!!!

    But be careful Guido knows more than you realise

  290. 290
    Bhoddhisatva says:

    Our Derek is married to Kate Garroway isn’t he?

    Can’t be completely camp therefore I’m afraid …

  291. 291
    weybridgeman says:

    Hello again DD me old mucker…………….really Derek you shouldn’t hide behind the old ‘anonymous’ blog entry……

  292. 292

    But you can all name (at least) one story on the BBC that hasn’t even a shred of truth.

  293. 293
    The Master says:

    Suspect this is just the start. Well done Guido. More please.

  294. 294
    Mandingo says:

    The Court of Public Opinion says “Dolly….you’re next”. McFreak will be purple with fury at your ineptitude on N24. A mobile phone or two will be receiving some serious wall action in No.10 this evening.

  295. 295
    DDS says:

    Headlines on ITV news. Poor old Gordon. The nails are coming thick and fast.

  296. 296
    Mad-as a- Hatter says:

    Peter Hain has apparently contacted the BBC to ask them to clarify that he did not fiddle his expenses according to the Guido interview.

    I bet all those zanuliebour hoon’s are glued to the news channels bricking it.

    Bring it on – this is a fantastic bank holiday weekend – I’m luvin it.

  297. 297
    Batteredstrat says:

    McBride’s resignation is temporarily satisfying, like Chinese food. Tastes good but you still hunger for a substantial meal before long.

    Unless McBride, in a fit of pique at getting caught, lays the entire pack of cards on the table, then the smear campaign will still go ahead with new faces and a little delay. Most voters will not have even registered this, they don’t watch the news or read blogs.

    Is there more, something that really incriminates the Labour machine right to rotting head? I look forward to the Sunday editions with much hope, but less expectation.

  298. 298
    Marian says:

    What we have seen today with “McBridegate” is the tip of an iceberg of New Labour’s methods of ensuring that the next UK general election is going to make Crewe & Nantwich and Glenrothes look like a schoolgirl’s playground fight.

    New Labour are intent on a dirty, smear filled, personalised, negative, divisive political campaign that will reach a new low in UK and Scots politics. Just look at the people who are at the heart of the Brown bunker – brutal, malevolent, mendacious unpleasant-to-the-core people. New Labour will use vote rigging/ballot stuffing/block vote buying/dog whistle polititics/character assassination/postal vote fraud and their friends and family in the dead tree media/BBC will promote New Labour and sabotage the Tories at UK level and the SNP in Scotland.

  299. 299
    JUSTIN says:

    Shouldn’t that be Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Nailed by Executive Whim) Act Revised Second Edition (R.I.P. N.E.W. A.R.S.E.)

  300. 300
    Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy says:

    Sounds like a formal complaint to Sir Gus might be in order?

  301. 301
    Cedric Crêper says:

    Ah, the first Cuckold of Spring……

  302. 302
    Every day is a HOONFEST says:

    Oh Joy!

    Not been this happy for along time. I sincerely hope this is the tipping point and that the Dolly goes, followed by the rest of the Red Shite.

    Like other before….Guido, watch your back!

  303. 303
    The Master says:

    NO 278 is……Dolly! Goodbye you are next. Bargepole springs to mind

  304. 304
    King Karlos says:

    Just heard Draper trying to defend McBride on Sky News claiming it was wrong he should resign as no stories were actually published. The cock.

  305. 305
    Finnpog says:

    And the benefit of Guido is that the balance provide by your post here is not censored because it doesn’t comply with New (Labour) Speak.

  306. 306
    Chief Justice of the Court of Public Opinion says:

    I have had to re-convene the session as one of the defendants has now thrown himself on the mercy of the court and by his own admission found guilty as adjudged !
    The other is still putting forward his plea for mitigation which is beginning to strain even our credulity and that of our Jury who has just dissolved into very inappropriate fits of laughter- notwithstanding his lack of experience in the world of politcal blogs – we are disposed to ask for further reports on the genteman before passing judgement

  307. 307
    English Liberation Front says:


    Propaganda Commissar McBride – face like a side of ham, piggy little black eyes

    Deputy Stasi Chief Quick – face like a side of ham, piggy little black eyes

    Stasi Chief Blair – face like a side of ham, piggy little black eyes

    Is there such a thing as a taxpayer-funded Labour stooge physiogonomy?

  308. 308
    ***Days from Freedom from Labour says:

    All of them like maggots gorging on the rotting corpse of the Labour Party – there’s going be a lot of flies hatching from this lot. Keep the fly nets up.

    Good riddance to the lot of them

  309. 309
    labourwipeout says:

    The bbc are not showing drappers interview but are quoting him in a way that they can control. She the bugger as he is !

  310. 310
    William Waad says:

    Sky News have outscooped you, Guido. They have just reported that it was Damien Green not Damien McBride who colluded with Derek the Draper.

  311. 311
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like it will be in the Sunday Times according to the Beeb.
    Pages 1-3 – not enough!!

  312. 312
    lexander says:

    Fullest congrats Guido. You deserve a place in the history of blogging’s important moments! Now to get that lying sod Draper and finally finish of Maddlesom.

  313. 313

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Guido!

    A tour de force, un triomphe!

    More please! More, more, more, more!

  314. 314
    Agent 99 says:

    Actually a perfect description’exocet’

    You can see it coming and watch it close in quickly but there is absolutely fuckall you can do about it.

    300 years of cheers for Guido!!!!!!

    Party time!

  315. 315
    Plato says:

    “Pages 1-3 in tomorrow’s Sunday Times”

    BBC Political Correspondant R4.

  316. 316
    Anonymous says:

    From the BBC, quoting DD:

    ‘He said he had been sent the comments after canvassing Labour supporters about the prospect of setting up another blog to combat “right-wing tittle-tattle” posted on the web.’

    Welcome back, Dolly.

  317. 317
    Anonymous says:

    Of course it’s a ‘win’, you cretin. It’s one fewer lying bastard being employed at the taxpayers’ expense!

  318. 318

    Reciprocation is the cornerstone of western civilisation.

    I can only come to the conclusion that Labour are against our civilisation.

  319. 319
    Stuff them all says:

    A comment on Labourlost.crap

    “I have voted labour all my life. I have watched with growing horror your disgraceful conduct. The vile arrogant shouty appearances on the media. The twisting lieing misrepresentation of your opponents views, and the bullying hypocritical allegations of racism misused to silence truthful criticism. Above all Mr Draper I have watched my parties enemies utterly destroy you: by allowing you to let everyone else see what they already knew – that you are an unscrupulous, egotistical, incompetent chancer with no real values of any kind, let alone Labour values. Go I beseech you, let us have done with you; get back under your rock. “

  320. 320
    Hugh Jardon says:

    News 24 is trying to swing this back to the tories now.
    Grayling is giving him hell!
    Hawkins (BBC) is saying that the 1st 3 pages in the Times is about McBride.

    I’ll go & build a cross…someone march Watson up the hill.
    I’ll also bring a nailgun.

    McBride is now saying that he’s sicked by Guido…FFS!!!

  321. 321
    Nick says:


    Just been on Redrag and tried logging in as Damian and also as Derek to see if they had accounts. – They do and their passwords have just been sent to them.

    Also username watson is receiving an email reminder of his password at the moment!

  322. 322
    A Cynical False Flag says:

    You are Ruthless Guido,

    Do Gordon Next.

    OT but
    Putin Warns on Socialism

  323. 323
    labourwipeout says:

    The bbc are not showing drappers interview but are quoting him in a way that they can control. Show the bugger as he is !

  324. 324

    malignant socialist is a tautology.

  325. 325
    Agent 99 says:

    ITN was reporting that he was ‘forced to resign’ so all troughing rights probably remain firmly in place.

  326. 326
    Rebecca says:

    Ooohhh whose got his knickers in a twist then . Guido has singlehandedly taken down one of the clowns that is bringing this nation to it’s knees. You should be thanking him you partisan idiot.

  327. 327
    Anonymous says:

    ” Lord Provost” of Fife!

    Sorry Dlama-its N of Watford so must be off your radar!


  328. 328
    anonymous says:

    What about Jacqui or is she still at the B & Q sales ?

  329. 329
    JUSTIN says:

    So, your view is that it’s better to suppress it all (no doubt “in the public interest”) and keep the anti-Tory smears coming? Mugabe has a job available – he’s just waiting for your call…

  330. 330
    Ctesibius says:

    Why limit your ambitions to the Sex Tourist of Marrakesh – this story leads directly to the Prime Mentalist’s snot-encrusted desk.

  331. 331
    Derek Draper says:

    Damn, I’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for the meddling bloggers.

    Oh and Guido, I bought my washer from John Lewis.

  332. 332
    brownbaita says:

    I thought you were much better than some of the past efforts. Bravo. Oh what a lovely day – I’m getting drunk now.

  333. 333
    Pugwash says:

    McBroon is wetting himself

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

    It’s not a scalp, it’s a whole fucking head and it’s tied to Guido’s chariot!

    Guido the Barbarian.

  335. 335
    JMT says:

    Does not sa much about the rest of them if they think Dolly is The MAN to help them.

    If they cannot get a bit of their own spin right, what else are they screwing up?

  336. 336

    IT conned U
    Conned you it
    OH Shit, they’re knocking the door down ALREADY

  337. 337
    Fistal Stimneyulation says:

    Draper on Al-Beeba PM talking to ZL Carolyn Quim…

    …you know..ermm…juvenile…ermm…you know….juvenile…blogging..labourlist…juvenile..you know…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Professional Communicator or what?


  338. 338
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly what Nixon did.

  339. 339
    Aberdeen Angus McDayie says:

    “looks like it was hacked” said Draper.

    But does it quack like it was hacked, eh Dolly?

  340. 340
    The Master says:

    C4 News 6.30, Dolly is on…..

  341. 341
    King Karlos says:

    It’s wankers like that that give us Northerners a bad name

  342. 342
    Fenman says:

    Bravo ! and for an encore `Tom Watson `surely a case of `Greater love hath no man than he lays down his life for his Fuhrer`

  343. 343
    nobby says:

    I’m just glad another ugly fucker has gone.

  344. 344
    Corporal Jones says:

    oh dear they don’t like it up em these Labour toadies

  345. 345
    Jumbo says:

    Prepare yourselves for an inevitable sigh of dissatisfaction

  346. 346

    I mean what Simon said at comment 1.

  347. 347
    The Master says:

    Apologist Pound just about to be on SKY, Dolly on C4 6.30

  348. 348
    anonymous says:

    Well – that’s a relief – it was just too painful to listen to – a man comitting political suicide live “on air” – and the photo they wereshowing of him was taken about 10 years ago by the look of it and bears absolutely no resemblance to the Draper we have all come to love !!!

  349. 349
    Anonymous says:

    Why the F is Guido having to do “call me Daves” work for him??

    For heavens sake-Guido DOES NOT receive the leader of the “oppositions” salary!!


  350. 350
    Mitch says:

    He is at least cleaning up British politics one nulab sleaze at a time now fuck off!

  351. 351
    Crucifiction Lane says:

    Where’s Toenails this Easter?
    Indisposed with a fungal infection!

  352. 352
    jammy dogger says:

    What a great bit of beseeching; typical leftwing contempt for punctuation, grammar, etc. though.

  353. 353
    Jumbo says:

    As in aljabeeba etc will place a pillow firmly over your face

  354. 354
    Pugwash says:

    Where’s Lord MandyBum of Boy?

  355. 355

    So the fact that Gordon Brown went on holidays in a Gay resort every year for years before he got married and became chancellor is a pure coincidence.

  356. 356
    Anonymous says:

    Great news, Guido you will be marked after this! What are the rumours anyway, can someone provide a link to them?

  357. 357
    Pat says:

    One more brick chipped out of the wall- wonder how many more before there’s a hole, or better a collapse.

  358. 358
    1984 says:


    These are the very same people that intend recording all emails and keeping them for 10 years

    Hypocritical bastards

  359. 359
  360. 360
    Cassandra King says:

    How the fuck does the BBC know what Brown did or didnt know so quickly? no finding out the facts, no reading of the e-mails and no BBC investigations, the national broadcaster is supposed to wait for all the facts to come out first BEFORE telling us who didnt know anything and who had no role or prior knowledge!
    The BBC comes out so fucking quickly(too quickly) to say Brown knew nothing? Fucking nulab toadies wouldnt be so quick to defend a Tory PM would they?

  361. 361
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    Sion Simon is such an unprepared idiot he is not worth wasting time on

  362. 362
    Gripe says:

    It does that for whatever you enter, regardless of whether they actually have accounts. “Guido” brings up the same page.

  363. 363

    […] McChoped. Curtains for Draper? Filed under: Uncategorized — aljahom @ 5:20 pm Damien McBride has been fired according to Guido Fawkes. BBC confirms. Well.. they say he […]

  364. 364
    Plato says:

    HAHAH *bravo*

  365. 365
    denverthen says:

    Tom Watson next, surely…

    Just what does a minister for ‘Digital Engagement’ do? I think it means something like this:


    Minister for Smears.

  366. 366
    Giovanni Drogo says:

    Keep up the good work Fawkes!
    Let’s see some more of these mendacious bastards getting their just desserts right up to Election Day a.k.a ‘The Bonfire of the Inanities’.

  367. 367

    Maybe Draper and Watson can make up the numbers?

    Though I can’t see any of them being a candidate for the ‘good thief’…

  368. 368
    judith says:

    Guido, you’ve cheered up a grey London day – great work!

  369. 369

    Messrs Draper, Watson and Brown please form an orderly queue.

    Briliant work Guido. Cheers!

  370. 370
    Grex says:

    Stephen Pound on Sky has just accused Guido of hacking the no 10 site.

  371. 371
    Nemesis says:

    Sleaze, spin, spam, bam! Good evening ladies and gentlemen what did you all expect from the Blunderbirds ‘The International Disaster Squad’ truth. Labour have lost control! They are now lurching around like a casualty looking for a Hospital. Oh how the mighty have fallen McBride thinking he could launch another attack form the bunker. Hacked ha! The Labour members I know still have to find the on button for the computer! He wasn’t hacked (well maybe hacked off) he made the assumption that all true fools of his streotype make, he assumed everyone was as unjust, two faced, under handed and nasty as he was. Goodbye Mr McBride I look forward to passing water over your grave!

  372. 372
    English Liberation Front says:

    Yeah, don’t fall for the Neo-Nazi propaganda that this is just a foul-mouthed right-wing blog for bed-wetting, Daily Mail reading, Racist Little Englanders. It is actually a blog for truth, freedom of speech and democracy against the Neo-Nazis masquerading as Labour.

    Join the Popular Movement for the Liberation of England to rid of us the repressive, lying machinery of Brown and his gang of Neo-Nazi criminals. The teachers have started the Balls rolling with the SATS boycott (SATS are imposed on English children but not Scots or Welsh children).

    Let’s print off all our emails and take them to Reichsfuhrer Schmitt in a huge march. She wants them – let’s give ‘em to her.

  373. 373
    Steve says:

    Very well done Guido, you’ve made everyone who cares about this country proud!

    All this publicity of Derek Draper is wondeful – the more the public see of him in the short-term and the less they see of him in the long-term, the better!

  374. 374

    Stephen Pound on Sky just accused you of hacking into a mail system.

  375. 375
    chronic says:

    RIP draper you parasite.

  376. 376
    titanic says:

    That other (barely) acceptable face pf NuLab, John Denham MP, will be wheeled out soon, mark my words.

  377. 377
    Noodle says:

    Oh here we go. Stephen Pound on Sky News spouting bullshit about Guido “hacking into email accounts”.

  378. 378
    Crucifiction Lane says:

    Guido, we need another ‘Hitler Bunker’ video commissioning to reflect this campaign!!

  379. 379
    labourwipeout says:

    “She” should be “show” of course sorry bout the typo.

  380. 380
    Anonymous says:

    So print it in a newspaper then… This is the same situation. There is no proof nothing that wouldn’t cause you to be in trouble with the libel lawyers. And all I’m saying is that these things are happening on both sides of the aisle.

  381. 381
    Brooks says:

    Well done Guido, may the force be with you.

  382. 382
    John Lyon CB - Do Not Disturb says:

    As you all know, I very rarely comment on anything, indeed rarely do anything for my fat salary of £108,000 plus perks and scams, I cannot however, let this pass without comment,

    WELL DONE GUIDO – you deserve the CB thatwas so erroneously passed my way!

  383. 383
    45govt says:

    Why – you think Dave will have grown a pair?

  384. 384
    ronny says:

    He’s in Marrakesh covered in flies.

  385. 385
    Mad-as a- Hatter says:

    He’s a moaning Hoon who is just a fool.

    He’s devalued just like the falling pound which is on the ground.

  386. 386
    Anonymous says:

    Ceaser’s Wife just got a name check.

  387. 387
    Washpug says:

    Hiding at Dolly’s behind

  388. 388
    Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy says:

    Yea, c’mon Dolly – grow a pair. Or were they snipped off this afternoon?

  389. 389
    Anonymous says:

    Rentagob Stephen Pound squirming on Skynews spinning the ‘private conversation, nowt to do with Gordy’ line…


    No, seriously, it is utterly without credibility.

  390. 390
    Grex says:

    Pound says you are a louse.

  391. 391
    Yehaaates of the Yard says:

    An honour for you, Guido. No question asked.

  392. 392
    Anon says:

    Great work Guido! Sincere congratulations. Now get Draper & then start picking off the rest, one by one. Take care.

  393. 393
    no longer anonymous says:

    Nice one Guido!

    Hopefully Tom Watson will be next…

  394. 394
    Alan Douglas says:

    Flicking through TV programs after watching 20 mins on BBC and Sky News of Draper whining about his emails being hacked, I (mis)read :

    McBride and Prejudice.

    Is my subconscience trying to tell me something ?

    Alan Douglas

  395. 395
    Crucifiction Lane says:

    Some ‘talkers’ will have carnal knowledge and just needs ‘persuading to do the business’!!

  396. 396
    Mzz. ThornPrude says:

    Oh gracious me no!!

    Just like fourth . . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . OldNooOldBoringLiars would never blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . .

    blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . . blah . .

    [etc . . . continues for ever . . ]

  397. 397
    City of Vice says:

    Great work, Guido, but no mission NOT accomplished. In your earlier article on this blog you stated:

    “Andrew Porter, the Telegraph’s lobby correspondent, is Damian McBride’s regular drinking companion and tame mouthpiece…”

    I’m sick and tired of these tame, conflicted MSM lobby types getting away with parroting this government’s corrupt bullshit. And in this case it’s unforgivable that a conservative leaning newspaper should have been used by these New Lab crooks as a vehicle for covering their tracks, when engaged in smearing Tory MPs, due to the shortcomings of one of its lamer correspondents.

    Mission is not accomplished until this guy Porter has his head and bollocks on a platter and goes the same way as McBride.

  398. 398
    jammy dogger says:

    Dolly Draper – face like something from a sex-toy jumble sale, piggy little black eyes. Fuck the physiognomy, just resign you git.

  399. 399
    Anonymous says:

    Well done GF!

    You’re now officially better than ConHome!

  400. 400
    Harry Va Derci says:

    Labour List is even a better read than this at the moment!

    Sung to the tune of a Boer War soldiers’ song

    “I have come to say goodbye, Dolly Draper
    It’s no use to ask me why, Dolly Dray,
    There’s a murmur in the air, you can hear it everywhere,
    It’s the time to do and dare, Dolly Dray
    Hark – I hear the bugle calling, goodbye Dolly Dray”

  401. 401
    Cassandra King says:

    The fucking BBC build there entire output on lies and manipulations of the truth, they employ whole offices full of liars who specialize in twisting and perverting the truth.
    Their ‘global warming’ output has been one long train of lies from start to finish, the hoons couldnt tell the unvarnished truth if their grubby lives depended on it.

  402. 402
    Scrof says:

    Check the date on that story.

  403. 403

    […] Now I find this somewhat odd, given that he allows comments on his blog such as simon says: April 11, 2009 at 5:02 pm […]

  404. 404
    Anonymous says:

    Stephen Pound on Sky (paraphrased): “Do you honestly think Gordon Brown would organise a smear campaign?”

    Me: Erm, yes?!

  405. 405
    45govt says:

    Yes please! Al Beebera don’t allow non-contributing expats to watch their shite.

    Guido – please post links soon, we all want to genuflect before your genius. Well done indeed.

  406. 406
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    My friends, do not believe for a moment that McBride will disappear or be diappeared in true Labour fashion.Stay vigilant; the smear campaign WILL take place.If you fancy it, go and park some tanks on Tom Watson’s blog; it is an eerily quiet place at the moment

  407. 407
    Ted Bundy says:

    I can’t believe the complete and utter bollocks that Stephen Pound MP has just trotted out on Sky News. In heavens name what did we do to deserve these truly dreadful politicians? Labour must be desperate if this is the highest calibre politician they can find to defend their criminal misconduct.

    BTW where are all the Pride posters today?

  408. 408
    Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy says:

    Well done, Guido. One down, how thousands to go? Is this the beginning of the end?

  409. 409
    shergar says:

    One of the biggest victims in this seems to me to be the Telegraph, disgracefully caught with its pants down running a pre-emptive defensive screen for Labour sleaze. To be fair to him, mad, braying cassandra Stephen Glover predicted that a cull of journos and subs would result in a drop-off in standards, but to be left with the likes of Bryony Gordon and the clown who write this drivel…bye-bye MSM.

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    Any guidance on which rag to buy tomorrow, should one wish to enjoy more private grief ?

    This is balm for the soul.

  411. 411
    Dirty Rat says:

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

  412. 412
    Kev says:

    Listened to Stephen he spontaneously denied that Brown was behind it with out being asked. No smoke…….

  413. 413
    Hugh Jardon says:

    yeh…a bit naughty that!!
    he also said that Muckfuckpig acted with honour FFS.

    What a Hoon!!!

    Channel 4 are descrin=bing mcfkpg as Cyclops’ right hand man..ooh matron!!!

  414. 414
    The HaHaHaHaPersons Prude, says:


  415. 415
    The sane Cassandra King says:

    Language Ms King. Are you Jewish?

  416. 416
    McPride pride says:

    It will all be forgotten when Liebour secure a historic fourth term, after the elections are cancelled, and history is rewritten. McPride, will be reinstated to head the Cabinet Office and will totally politicise the civil service. Any blogger not on message will be expelled from the country and the great firewall will protect us from the lies.

  417. 417
    jammy dogger says:

    “…I look forward to passing water over your grave!”

    Wouldn’t waste your piss that way – would merely wash the contamination deeper into the soil.

  418. 418
    Jim says:

    Well done.

    Watch your back – you have enemy fire aimed at you and you need snipers now to pick ‘em off.

    You have the snipers?

  419. 419
    Hugh Jardon says:


  420. 420
    Sour Grapes says:

    Sunny Hundal seems rather pissed off, I wonder why.


  421. 421
    Julian says:


    Thank you for your recent contribution.

    Before making any further posts please contact the Labour Rebuttal unit in order that a coordinated strategy can be put in place to prevent the Labour Party digging itself into an even bigger hole then its already in.

  422. 422
    The Beast Of Clerkenwel says:

    ooooooooooooo I bet that Lord(Hhahahahah) Fondlesthebums of Brazillianrentboys Is spitting feathers at the moment
    An email to McMental

    “Gordon Darling, This Draper vagrant who has lost his looks has become a liability, no dress sense, no brains, GORDON TAKE YOUR PANTS OUT OF YOUR SOCK YOU SOCIALY INEPT HOON.
    We need to move onwards and upwards, just keep mentioning globalisation , the do nothing party,hard working families like the fucking glove pupett that you are and we should be fine.
    You do the strutting about and ranting Ill do the thinking”

  423. 423
    Anonymous says:

    Disgusting shit McBile says: “I am shocked and appalled that, however they were obtained, these e-mails have been put into the public domain”

    Translation: “I’m appalled that I was found out, and that it’s made me unemployable. I’ll never forgive Guido for getting me thown off the gravy train”

    What a fucknut of the first order McBride is. And they wonder why we hate them so?

  424. 424
    delphius1 says:

    Well, they were silly and juvenile. (Draper’s bleatings on Sky and BBC news that is).

    Bye Bye Derek.

  425. 425
    Anonymous says:

    I bet JackBoots Schmidt is fucking happy…..

  426. 426
    scared (no longer) says:

    labour dicks on sky saying that “private emails should stay private”
    yet they are the ones that are collecting our emails to read

    their hypocrasy knows no bounds

    go for the jugular guido..bleed the bastards

  427. 427
    Hugh Jardon says:

    c4 now….

    Kate’s shakers were looking good…but not as good as when I was 17..mind you!
    Draper says he hasn’t the details…bollocks!
    he’s not lying on purpose…bollocks

  428. 428
    Big Dave says:

    This is getting really pathetic on Sky News. Lots of Hoons lining up to read out they memo they received this morning

    “Blah blah blah Honouable. Blah blah blah decent thing”


  429. 429
    Wight Tory says:

    The One, the Only, the Original, 21st Century SCUM SHOWER PLOT – make the 11th April a national holiday.

    Kate to Dolly ” Oi Dolly, you should be dropping the sprogg, cos of the 2 Hunts I’ve got, your the biggest…

  430. 430

    Draper is on Channel 4 news lying through his teeth.

  431. 431
    Gooey Blob says:

    No surprise that this has happened under Gordon Brown. His raison d’etre is not running the country, but running down his opponents. If he had spent a little more time playing the ball rather than the man, Brown might not have delivered the country into such a mess.

    Somebody in the Labour party has to get to grips with Gordon, he is out of control and making the situation worse. At a time when the rest of us are worrying about losing our jobs and homes, he is more concerned with spin and smears.

    Brown needs to apologise for allowing this sort of culture to build up, and to remove some of his advisors. Then he can draw a line under the matter. If he does not, it is only a matter of time before this happens again.

  432. 432

    On CH4 news, quote of the day from Draper

    “I’m not lying on purpose”


  433. 433
    Mad-as a- Hatter says:

    I would not generally advocate buying the News of the World – but I might just have to buy all of the Sunday’s tomorrow.

    Tomorrow the News of the World will reveal the sensational details from his shocking email smears.

    Dolly whining on Channel 4 News again – what a wanker.

  434. 434
    soapyballs says:

    Stan where are you we need a few words for posterity.
    Or are you really a fucking plumber?
    As we speak are you on a lorry back to the land that sank a thousand Knights?

  435. 435
    jammy dogger says:

    If he had enough time left over from saving the world, yes. Otherwise I would guess he would employ someone else to.

  436. 436
    Hugh Jardon says:

    God..what’s the chances of a volcano going off in the canaries..pls!!
    Dolly has just said that he shouldn’t resign for an email that he has received..
    Guido…did he send any back???

  437. 437
    Anonymous says:

    ive seen draper on all the channels now – are there any photos of him not looking fat and unshaven? – christ he looks like a tramp

  438. 438
    Scrof says:

    Remove the word “be” and you might be on to something.

  439. 439
    Ted Bundy says:

    It would appear that the first 3 pages of tomorrows Sunday Times are entirely devoted to Gordon Browns political obituary.

  440. 440
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Hi Big dave…

    from you know who!!!

  441. 441
    Pugwash says:

    SMEARGATE is here to stay………

  442. 442
    Turkish Man says:

    So, let’s read these e-mails. Where can I read ‘em on the ‘Net?

  443. 443
    Pass the popcorn says:

    Draper on his hols in the Canaries. Which reminds me, no posts from Harman Pride recently, I wonder where he goes on his holidays.

  444. 444
    The sane Cassandra King says:

    Language, Ms King!

  445. 445

    “JacqBoots thanks you for your call, which is being monitored, recorded, archived etc. and will be used one day if you step out of line in new PC-Britain sponsored by New Labour.”

    Fuck off!

  446. 446
    carol42 says:

    Stephen Pound has just accused you of hacking into the private email of draper and of hawking your story round the sunday papers. Can’t you sue?

  447. 447
    jammy dogger says:


  448. 448
    Ted Bundy says:


    Was Draper once good looking?

  449. 449
    The Beast Of Clerkenwel says:

    Derek Draper says:
    April 11, 2009 at 6:12 pm
    Damn, I’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for the meddling bloggers.

    Oh and Guido, I bought my washer from John Lewis.

    And you got your scrubber from GMTV

  450. 450

    Well done Guido. Celebratory lunch avec The Tuscan Wednesday?

  451. 451
    NotaSheep says:

    Derek Draper on Channel 4 News is desperately trying to protect his back. He is claiming that his email account must have been “hacked”. He says “not to his knowledge” did any Labour Minister has ever send him a dodgy story. Also loved the “not knowingly lying” line. Maybe we could now replace being a “Hoon” with being a “Draper”.

  452. 452
    Noodle says:

    Sounds like its just News of the Screws that’s going to publish the gore.

  453. 453
    graeme says:

    How much of a bung did McBride get to resign?

    Remember Ed Balls got a bung when he resigned as a special advisor some years ago.

  454. 454
    anon126 says:

    Dolly is scared that if McBride is gone because of the smear, then the other part of the equation, Dolly, should go….I mean it takes two to tango.

    who knows what fun is to come, As I say in my blog, labour have lost the initiative in this story. That is very dangerous for labour….who knows what japes is to come.

    all kudos to Guido on how he’s played this…top man :)

  455. 455
    Drew says:

    Can i ask why Derek Draper is called Dolly?

  456. 456
    Anonymous says:

    Hahaha – Brilliant

  457. 457
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Mr Spliffy got a bung too….right up his jacksy!

  458. 458
    The Beast Of Clerkenwel says:

    Derek Draper says:
    April 11, 2009 at 6:12 pm
    Damn, I’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for the meddling bloggers.

    Oh and Guido, I bought my washer from John Lewis.

    And your scrubber from GMTV?

  459. 459
    Mc_Pride says:

    Has McBrown closed down Political Betting again?

    Last week it suffered a Denial Of Service attack. Looks like the same has happened again? Interesting timing, that.

  460. 460
    So17 says:

    Good gossip must be based on truth, to contrive gossip to make a blogg site look edgy is fucking desperate.

    I didn’t realise what a cracking pair of knockers Kate Garreway had.

  461. 461
  462. 462
    sealo0 says:

    I wonder if these Emails are still on the Home Office Email Database~ Please have a look for us Jackie!! Gone oh No.

    PS can anyone get onto PB it seems to be down?

  463. 463
    The Labour Disease says:

    Looks like the News of the World is the paper to buy tomorrow.

    Gordon’s seen the emails, as he says there’s no place for this sort of thing in politics.

    He probably saw them months ago, or most likely dictated them.

    It’s only fair that the people should see the emails too.

  464. 464
    Anon says:

    Dont worry Mr Pound has now been recaptured and returned to the ward.

  465. 465
    The HaHaHaHaPersons Prude, says:


    An’ we’re on Intensive Weekend for Progressives ‘n that, innit.

    But we KNEW you’d miss us!!

  466. 466
    Big Dave says:

    Easy buddy :)

  467. 467
    Phil McCracken says:

    Just a guess but is it because he is fat and looks like a tramp?

  468. 468
    Shocked says:

    Stephen Pound on Sky Guido, he say`s you are the lice in politics
    I wouldn`t let him away with that

  469. 469
    McDonalds says:

    (* Halal version available)

  470. 470
    jimmythepainter says:

    Though delighted at the exposure of this shower I cannot help feeling some pity for Watson. I once did some work on his house and he and his young family were a pleasure to work for. I also worked for Cameron and Balls and they were pretty ok too. I think they just get sucked into this “project” and lose perspective. Still, well done! Soon the nightmare will be over!

  471. 471
    Nick says:

    The minister for information has his own username on the smear web site “theredrag.co.uk”. This goes right to the top – not just civil servants/party aides but ministers of state. Tom Watson minister of information – paid by the state to smear the tory party!

    tom watsons redrag username is watson – try typing it into the forgotten password bit – it will fill his mailbox up!

  472. 472
    Dirty Rat says:

    Is it me or does McBride look like a corpulent, elderly version of Herge’s legendary hero Tin Tin. It’s the little flick of the hair that does it.

  473. 473
    Hugh Jardon says:

    You should have seen them when she was a teenager!!
    not as big..but very very impressive!!!

  474. 474
    McDonalds (couldn't find the exit) says:

    Tom who?

  475. 475
    Anonymous says:

    Now I read that McBride is somewhat upset that Guido has put these emails in the public domain.

    Talk about not having the facts straight….Guido has not, as far as I can tell, actually put the emails in the public domain, he has just told us the email exist and that their content is obscene.

    The fuckwit could have possibly claimed to have a small bit of dignity because he “resigned” – but no, in his resignation he still can’t actually accept the responsibility for his actions, he blames Guido.

    Take care, Guido, and keep up the good work.

  476. 476
    PDM says:

    Love the paradox of @you can’t publish private e-mails!” AHAHAHAHAHA… Second time in two weeks your own cack-handed policies have bitten you on your ample arses.

    Fucking Lefites.

  477. 477
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Oi..that may have been my ex bird!!
    Thinking about it…yep you are right!!!

  478. 478
    Boombastic says:

    You should sue the arse out of him! Stephen Pound is a sad Nu Lab apologist….

  479. 479
    Ray Stevens says:

    Bridget the Midget!!

  480. 480
    Perry Neeham says:

    Well done Guido. You’re the wind in my sails.

  481. 481
    footsoldier says:

    They know that the only way to disprove that the email was hacked is to reveal source, which Guido can’t/won’t do, so they will keep spinning that line.

  482. 482
    1984 says:

    From dolly at labourscrewed.com

    “Imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to people wanting to damage you. That is, of course, the other question that needs to be asked: how were these emails obtained? Was criminal activity and hacking involved? Believe me, these are issues I will be looking at when I return from my holiday. “Blog wars” are one thing but hacking into people’s emails is surely a step too far”

    1) This is precisely what this government intend to do and then keeping them for 10 years including phone calls hypocrite!

    2) I wouldn’t bother coming back you won’t have a job anyway.

  483. 483
    Sexually Represse says:

    They have fannies in it?

  484. 484
    geekparent says:

    As there are already 450+ comments sorry if this has already been said…

    We need to note down this day – a major political story, fronting BBC news and elsewhere, is quoting and interviewing the blogosphere. That hasn’t happened before in the UK. It boosts the profile and credibility of the blogosphere no end, which is all to the good.

    Well done Guido.

  485. 485
    Dirty Rat says:

    Yes, they are truly divine – quite wasted on her old man.

  486. 486
    Boombastic says:

    I don’t think he has the intelligence to organise a piss up in a brewery, thats why he has a team of numpties doing the smearing for him.

  487. 487

    That Sky pic they are using makes him looked like a deeply floored (and failed) playgirl model.

  488. 488
    Dirty Rat says:

    Mr. Jardon.
    Do you have any pic’s of the act?

  489. 489
    jammy dogger says:

    At least the beginning of the end of the beginning of the end. The end itself is instantly recognizable: Broon’s confession in very wobbly handwriting.

  490. 490
    Cassandra King says:

    No No No! its you who are the odious little shit, its you who supports these newlabour scumbags engaging in gutter politics and character assassination, you in no way condone do you? I fucking bet you dont! the only thing you dont condone is getting caught in the rat trap, get caught and you hoons all claim to be victims.
    You feel sorry for Master Fawkes do you, fucking hypocritical two faced twats like you feel sorry only for yourselves when people Fawkes shines the light of truth on your grubby activities, you attack the person who exposes the wrongdoing instead of the wrongdoers, hoon of the month doesnt even begin to cover it.
    We see how you vermin opperate now, plain and clear the stone has been turned over and we find you underneath.
    You want to defend these scumbags? then come back with your real name eh?

  491. 491
    Anonymous says:

    Oh wonderful. I’m too old to be given permanent residence status by any other country. Maybe if I step out of line and get expelled, then they will have to give me refugee status.

    And I AM being serious.

  492. 492
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone know which papers are printing the emails?

  493. 493
    EJ says:

    Sue them!

  494. 494
    Anonymous says:

    He can’t help lying, either on purpose or accidentally.

    + It’s what New Labour do. ™ +

  495. 495
    Dolly says:

    Actually, I never did thank the person who opened the batting with Kate.

    Certainly saved me a lot of time.

  496. 496
    Dracula says:

    In fairness Dave has to pecisely zero. Labour hoons are doing it all for him so why waste ammunition. Keep the powder dry wait until the party opposite is weakened by all the infighting and then one single thrust right into the heart of the goverment with a wooden stake and hammer down hard.
    Job done

  497. 497
    Cedric Crêper says:

    DNS? Do Not Smile? :-)

    Why does Pound spend all his time hanging off Churches?

  498. 498
    jammy dogger says:

    Bathplugging herself into munter ecstasy.

  499. 499
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry. The emails will be all over the net tomorrow!

    Thanks, Guido.

  500. 500
    James says:

    Well done Guido . There must be so much more to come out. These corrupt dishonest Labour “advisors” must all be kicked out of office. The rot sadly goes right to the top though – Brown must go too.

  501. 501
    Max says:

    Nadine Dorries is very upset and is publicly blaming McBroon:

    “I want an apology from Gordon Brown. I want Damian McBride’s desk cleared.” (sorted by GF) “I would also like to know how Gordon Brown would feel if CCHQ wrote such disgusting lies about his wife, Sarah Brown. How desperate is the PM to hold onto power that the office of Downing St would sink this low.”

    More to come …

  502. 502
    It's so good to have you back where you belong says:

    Dolly, in the shite!

  503. 503
    Anonymous says:

    Inquisition made a bad smear and comment about Camerons son on this blog after he dies. Guess Inquisition was just getting warmed up ready for “Bed fag.com”

    Talking of which where are they all?????

  504. 504
    The Omen says:

    Where’s our Damian?

  505. 505
    jimmythepainter says:

    re 464
    sorry I meant Campbell not Cameron. Freudian?

  506. 506

    Are (in) drag? shurely?

  507. 507
    Anonymous says:

    It has already been lost twice, the data is in a land fill in Essex.

  508. 508
    Anonymous says:

    2nd scalp?

    Nice one Guido

  509. 509
    Gman says:

    maybe he should explain why his 82 yr old mother was on the payroll. The man is a parasite.

  510. 510
    David Ferguson says:

    Was about to post that very post myself. Hope that Pound was very specific in his allegation, and that it is indeed untrue…

  511. 511
    Boombastic says:

    How the fuck did Draper ever make it in PR? Gareth Gates is more coherent than this goon. Fancy volunteering to defend the indefencible. DRAPER = COCKMUNCHER

  512. 512
    Dr Utterfraud says:

    His cheeks look like they are about to explode. I think he is a raging piss head.

  513. 513
    hot diggidy dog says:

    Congratulations, Guido. Superb work to open up the New Labour cesspit and put the contents on display.

  514. 514
    Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for the next downfall installement it just has to be the best yet

  515. 515
    LurkingBlackHat says:

    This afternoon Tory MP Charles Clarke, a former Home Secretary, called for Mr McBride to be dismissed.

    Breaking news.

    This is really BIG. The Times is reporting that Charles Clarke the former Home Secretary has crossed the floor leaving the sinking ship of Labour and joing the Conservatives.

    Either that of MSM is just incompetent.


  516. 516
    Anonymous says:

    The vile Labour MP Stephen Pound slandered Guido live on TV claiming he is a “computer hacker”.

    Pound also said that “Labour shouldn’t sink to the Tories level”


  517. 517
    Anonymous says:

    There comes a time in the affairs of men, when we have just fucking had enough.

    That time is now…let us get our dignity, freedom, jobs, homes back.

    These freeloading bastards that purport to be the government, our leaders, should all be put on the dole, after being suspended from benefit for 12 weeks, and the homes and possessions they have accrued whilst in office should be taken from them, and their bank balances emptied.

    Fucking BASTARDS!

  518. 518
    Dr Society says:

    It’s all very tempting and good fun and all very well us criticising Brown’s DIY brain-conservatory for this childish embarrassment to the Labour Party but is such nonsense really out of character for the whole lot of Downing Street trash? Look at how they behave in the House of Commons. Look at the pathetic disingenuous crapspin they expect us to accept. Surely what has happened here is only that one more moron has been caught doing what the rest of these pathetic greedy, incompetent, trough suckers are up to every day. Society is not broken but it is bent and this is just one more example.

  519. 519
    Gordon Brown says:

    I think I can say that the whole country knows in times such as these (drop jaw), Britain needs a strong leader who has the (drop jaw, look like a fuckwit) determination to (drop jaw yet again, look even more like a fuckwit) bring back stability and fair play in New Britain.

    (drop jaw quite a few more times, really being a Hunt now)

    (fuck off stage bottom)

  520. 520
    pigs in space says:

    What about Gordon and Mandy?

  521. 521
    McPride pride says:

    Nadine Dorries doesn’t take the sisterhood line on mass murder of the unborn, let’s have unlimited immigration instead, so you can imagine what the smear is.

  522. 522
    Derek Draper says:

    T’ Labour Parteh is an honourable group of folk oo wish to help the ordinary working man/woman(and lgbt cummunitee).
    Now as I am so busy running my “influential” blog that attracts 50 readers a day and 5 emails I caaaHnt be expected tuh remember every one of them, espeshley as Im pissed all the tahrm.
    I have no recollection of this incident,
    It may be tharht I were sleeping on t’park bench I now call home havin had t’wifes car crushed an bin forced to knock down t’ extension that I had illegaly constructed (with mah wifes money) and had no access to t’internet.
    I now intend to help labour go fourth using my exceptional talents.
    Fourth in t’ polls.
    Have to go Anton has arrived and I now have to sit in the shed for a few hours to allow my beard some privacy

  523. 523
    Dave says:

    I agree – good work Guido. I love the fact you are out there digging out these shits. Keep it up mate!

  524. 524
    Billybob says:

    Draper could not lie straight in bed…….

    New Liarbour are eventually being found out for what they are……..

    a bunch of c*nts with their noses in the trough of excess…..f8cking scared sh*tless that they will lose power!!

    Congratulations Guido!!!

  525. 525
  526. 526
    denverthen says:

    Totally agree. And it was desperately needed to avoid the kind of ‘media capture’ we saw at the last GE.

    Guido and others are making a priceless contribution to the political health, nay, shaping the very destiny, of the country (by dicking on a government that deserves to be dicked-on and isn’t being dicked-on by the oldschool duffers in the broadsheets).

    Dick-on, Guido.

  527. 527
    Boombastic says:

    I love the way that these shameless twats claim they don’t want to sink to the tories level when the story is about a smear campaign being organised by folks inside Number 10.

    Stephen Pound MP = COCKMUNCHER

  528. 528
    New Puritan says:

    I tried to get to Political Betting for a link with title ” is this the photo that will force resignations” and can’t get the web site at all.

  529. 529
    fairfax says:

    Superb job all round. My heartiest congratulations. This has definitely made my day. I suspect there is considerably more to come re this issue and await developments with great interest.

  530. 530
    Boombastic says:

    Roll on tomorrows newspapers! It’s like waiting for Christmas morning!

  531. 531
    Jumbo says:

    Let’s make a prison scene the news

  532. 532
    Fuhrer Bunker maus says:

    McBroon….”Mein Gott… ist there no Privacy!
    Herr Watson… “Damderfuckenhausen SmearGate”

  533. 533
    Jumbo says:

    The Commons is more overcrowded than priosns are

  534. 534
    Hour of the Guido says:

    Well done on embarrassing the talking head on the Beeb, you’re in danger of becoming a national treasure…

  535. 535
    bofl http://ageofkali.blogspot.com/ says:

    well done gf……….

    let the labour hoonistas on the air more often…..
    mc bride says it’s all guidos fault!!!!!
    hahaaahaaaa what snakes they are.who wrote the emails… silly man?

    draper-you know- er you know- you know……..
    that psychobabble stuff is really high brow.you know- i am surprised we didn’t get a few ‘avin it’ s and ‘mad fer it’ s too- you know……++++++++++

    now can someone clear this up……mcbride is a civil servant? yet he works for Labour? in gordons circle? (couldnt help that one).

    draper said mcbride had done so much good work for Labour……..

    so just what is going on here?
    do the civil service now work for labour instead of the country?

    it is very difficult to know who the enemies are nowadays.

  536. 536
    Anton says:

    Oi! thats my job

  537. 537

    Draper’s small beer and is practically on the floor anyway after Guido gave him a good seeing to a few weeks ago – watch out for Watson and Whelan instead.

  538. 538
  539. 539
    Pound for a Penny says:

    Stephen Pelham Euro….. he doesn’t pound out the truth!
    Brought out as a pugilist for ZanuLiebour in sticky situations, professional apologist, ex bus conductor and hospital porter, should have the character to stand up and be counted and decry these hoons!!

  540. 540
    GreatClunkingSmirk says:

    Top Man Guido!! Your next point of enquiry could be: was McBride deliberately made a civil servant to conceal his real activities for Gordo? And to push his salary onto the taxpayer?
    I see the pathetic Beeb in its Radio 4 news clip at 7pm had, not Guido or a shocked Tory, but Draper, of all people, moaning about how it was just a bit of ‘gossip’ that wouldn’t ever have been published.
    But it wasn’t ‘gossip’, was it. Gossip is something that’s a rumour. This wasn’t a rumour. It was a malicious libel invented by McBride and his Top Labour-entsia chums, intended to smear and damage the Tory front bench.
    Guido should pursue this one further. There’s a smoking gun, and it’s right in the centre of Downing Street.

  541. 541
    saelkar says:


  542. 542
    Anonymous says:

    Political betting site unobtainable-prob due to intense interest in this story!

    V well done Guido-I think you should be paid most of Call me daves salary!

  543. 543
    cockroach says:

    I pity the rock

  544. 544
    LurkingBlackHat says:

    Just read Damien McBride’s resignation statement.


    Fawkes. You cad sir.

    It’s all your fault.

    You forced him to spend his time as a civil servant making up smears about opposition MPs and then e-mailing them to people.

    How do you sleep at night Fawkes?

  545. 545
    saelkar says:

    good job guido bet you are fucking chuffed, rightly so! GJ

  546. 546
    The Watcher says:

    found some pennies for the meter now?

    can you lend some to politicalbetting too?

  547. 547
  548. 548

    Keep losing the site “No connection to database” or some such. Watch out for gremlins and hackers, Guido.

  549. 549
    Jumbo says:

    Why was this site unavailble for the past half hour?

  550. 550
    Ted Bundy says:

    There is a perfectly simply explanation for all of this which has been given by the Prime Ministers Official spokesman. It would appear that someone believed to be a right wing blogger has broken into Damian McBride’s Downing Street office (while he was out looking after the welfare of hard working families who are suffering as a result of the recession that started in America) and sent a series of disgraceful e-mails to Dr Derek Draper. This disgusting individual then bombarded Dr Draper with endless messages containing scurrilous and libellous information in an attempt to incite him into publishing them on his political blog labourlist.org. As everyone on here will know Dr Draper is a highly respected psychiatrist and runs a politically neutral and completely independent blog. Having read these revolting e-mails and gotten over the dreadful shock Mr Draper of course deleted them immediately. Obviously Mr McBride regrets leaving his office insecure with his terminal logged on but points out that he had no idea of the depths to which right wing internet bloggers would stoop and the lengths they would go to in an attempt to discredit and smear that great British institution which is the Labour party.

  551. 551
    Eyes wide open says:

    Just read that too, unfortunately I’m now typing in a puddle of vomit.


  552. 552
    saelkar says:

    just lost it for 10 mins…….guido whats going on?

  553. 553

    Sounds like something from Dr Who.

  554. 554
    saelkar says:

    aye, whats the deal? i thought you were being punished for your great work by the man

  555. 555
    Anonymous says:

    You’re a self-riteous little hypocritical shit aren’t you Guido?

    Given the content of your site (something about a rocking horse), can you stop the faux outrage about smear campaigns?

  556. 556
    Anonymous says:

    Uncle Fester surely.

  557. 557
    Anonymous says:

    As the Home Secretary warms her fat arse by our antique fireplace (£1,000), and quaffs a glass of bubbly, she finds herself eternally grateful for the similarly stupid antics of her fuckwit colleagues who have taken Her Fatness out of the limelight.

    For now…..

  558. 558
    saelkar says:

    Screw labour, screw draper. hang em all

  559. 559
    Hugh Jardon says:

    I’m not sure if they ever use source….ketchup perhaps?

  560. 560
    saelkar says:

    draper is a moron he needs exterminating

  561. 561
    Anony Hmong says:

    Quite right!

  562. 562
    Anonymous says:

    Well played Guido, you should take up poker.

  563. 563

    Labour has never understood the internet and blogging in particular as both are open, individualist and “bottom up” technologies. There is no High Authority on the internet, and so it’s freedom is incomprehensible to them and their “top down” control freak ways. It’s therefore no shock that they wanted bloggers smeared. My question is however where is Mandelson? I just can’t see this all going on without him, can you?

    David T Breaker

  564. 564
    Anonymous says:

    the dilithium crystals can’t take much more of this Captain

  565. 565

    To the many people out there who are reading this or any blog for the first time.

    This is what one voice on one blog can do.

    You too can start a blog with three clicks, absolutely free of charge. Just like Guido’s.

    Get stuck in. Tell the 646 idiots who think they rule us what you really think. No more writing to editors of newspapers and hoping to be published, no more phone in’s to radio chat shows and hoping to get on air, no more whingeing down the pub hoping anyone will hear you.

    Start your own blog and change the world. If Guido can, we all can.

  566. 566
    Real Man says:

    What ever you do, dont stop……..consentate your fire on the road to Basra

  567. 567
    Radge says:

    Just read the resignation statement. It’s pathological. The fecker can’t stop lying even when he’s falling on his sword!

  568. 568
    Hugh Jardon says:

    Why not??
    Are you suggesting that he might have shagged her???
    Don’t be so bloody stupid!!!

  569. 569
    Anonymous says:

    Has the Secret AQ raid netted much?

  570. 570
    How far up your arsehole are you? says:

    Fuck off you self-righteous little prick.

  571. 571
    Anonymous says:

    Indeed, Ms Blears is already on to the problem of these blogs that visciously and brutally uncover the truth. She would like a more controlled blogosphere. Perhaps something like an online version of radio 4. An outlet that takes into account the sensitivities of our representatives as opposed to some disruptive obsession with truth!!

  572. 572
    RI(not)P DraperBots says:

    Derek….you’re dead….time for you to lie down, sonny!

  573. 573
    Stuff them all says:

    Not only are you a Lancashire working class prick, you are also a very poor loser.
    Now, after me (to the tune of red rag, sorry, the red flag), “The working class can kiss my arse……..”
    Now please stop digging Draper and go.

  574. 574
    ned says:


    please sort out your web page, half the text is missing
    from the replies and makes them unreadable. We all want
    to be able to read the uneddited version of these e-mails
    when and the comments you publish them which we all
    eagally await.

    please please sort this problem and keep up the good
    work it is brilliant

  575. 575
    Jonathan Cook says:

    Congratulations Guido – for some reason the corrupt and incompetent don’t resign from this Labour regime normally. You’ve done us all a service.

  576. 576
    Waynetta says:


  577. 577
    Ambrose Silk says:

    Tra La….of fuck!

  578. 578
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    Cnut indeed.

  579. 579
    Stuff them all says:

    Dick Turpin was a liar, thief and murderer. Just like Labour really, and just watch Labour being hung next May.

  580. 580
    Big Dave says:

    You sir, are a fucktard.

    Good day!

  581. 581
    Anonymous says:

    Strange how a naughty email gets you fired but no one in the media asks for a resignation from the government for overseeing the near destruction of the British banking system

  582. 582
    Jameso says:

    Yes well done

  583. 583
    Autolycus says:

    Quote – A spokesman for Downing Street said …. the Prime Minister saw ‘no place in politics for the dissemination or publication of material of this kind’ – unquote
    Where have I heard something like that before?
    Oh yes, I remember
    “There’ll be no whitewash in the Whitehouse”

  584. 584
    Jameso says:

    Go fuckyourself draper

  585. 585
  586. 586
    Hugh Jardon says:

    beware of escaped goats too….

  587. 587
    Jameso says:

    Draper you are absolutly despicable the ladies just lost her baby and all you can do is spin it and cause as much distress as possible as the man said up top, you need to lie down and die.

  588. 588
    Big Dave says:

    dude if your talking about the same half missing text I have seen if you click your mouse and ‘Block’ the text as if you wanted to Copy & Paste it it should become visible again
    Hope that helps :)

  589. 589
    Anonymous says:

    This lot are going to try to clamp down on blogs i predict.
    Terrorism or pedophilia is favorite.
    To effective
    To free
    and to conservative.
    I wonder if that’s why they wanted to start teaching blogging in school,that i read about the other week.
    No worries,they will destroy themsleves/
    Only trouble is I don’t think the next lot will be any better :(

  590. 590
    Jumbo says:

    McCuShntit saying he knew nothing about it. So what have you got to say?

  591. 591
    ned says:

    Whats up with this site all repies vanish of the page

  592. 592
    Anony Hmong says:

    Hain’s out to get you next, Guido:


  593. 593
    ned says:

    no readable replies

  594. 594
    Funambulist says:

    And WHEN did he know it!?

  595. 595
    Air Nokia One says:

    Trouble is sheeple will believe this crap. If No 10 has been hacked then the interviewer should have asked why is MI5 and the security services involved in an immeadiate investigation as this is close to the highest breach of national security besides nuclear technology.

    Don’t tell me…the question was never asked was it. What a surprise?

  596. 596
    Anonymous says:

    Blogs are the only way to get the real news. TV & Press are shite.

  597. 597
    Tory Avenger says:

    Anon 549

    Is that you Harman? Are could it be are old friend Dr Draper sitting in an internet cafe in the Canaries Islands. Hope your holidays not been ruined too much by all this shit that’s just burst in London.

    Don’t forget to e-mail Gordon your resignation he wants you dead and buried by the time the News of the Screws hits the stands tomorrow morning.

  598. 598
    Anonymous says:

    Pound just accused Guido of hacking Mcbrides email account on tv

  599. 599
    Stuff them all says:

    Labour = headless chickens

  600. 600
    jacksprat says:

    OOh yes they do Gov45, their propaganda goes worldwide on Freeview.

  601. 601
    Martin says:

    GUIDO. Stephen Pound on News 24 (20:05) has said live that YOU hacked these email accounts.

  602. 602
    Rolex_Pride says:

    Smeared on her husband’s knob… unless it’s been wanked away

  603. 603
    Martin says:

    602: I hope Guido takes legal action. The BBC bint didn’t tell Pound to withdraw the allegation.

  604. 604
    Anonymous says:

    too slow :)

  605. 605
    Funambulist says:

    Bet Dolly didn’t expect to have need of that lifebelt quite so soon!

  606. 606
    firstlight40 says:

    Pound also said that Brown knew nothing of this and did not sanction it. Please please have any of the emails copied brown in ??? If so he is toast

  607. 607
    Anonymous says:

    Also for these clowns….


  608. 608
    Sarah says:

    Hi Ned,
    You need to download Firefox (it’s free) and use it to view this site, otherwise the margins and replies don’t render properly.


  609. 609
    Giovanni Drogo says:

    Pound also said you would be ‘laughing all the way to the bank’. He is obviously suggesting you are gaining financially from this.

    He is an utter KHUNT and a Broon lickspittle

  610. 610
    Anonymous says:

    Well well how funny was that on AljaBeeba just now

    MP Stephanie Pound just called our hero Guido ” A Eunuch at an orgy ”


  611. 611
    firstlight40 says:

    The presenter did say that it was not clear how the emails had been obtained and no proof of a hacking.

  612. 612
    MrJones says:

    Guido Rawkes.

    Nice one.

  613. 613
    tin Cunliffe says:

    It shows how long he’s had the name- must be over 10 years.
    Comes from dolly the sheep, so named because at the time he looked like a clone with a herding instinct.

  614. 614
    thespecialone says:

    I can categorically state as a civil servant I hate the Labour Party and the BBC as well.

    Well done Guido. I saw Chris Grayling on Sky being interviewed by someone or other. The someone or other was trying to say that it was just a joke and that it is nothing to do with the Prime Mentalist. Grayling to his credit stuck to his guns and demanded a more thorough investigation. Sky is often as bad as the BBC when defending Labour toerags. Can you imagine if it had been the other way around and it was the Tories trying to smear Labour. It would be news on the BBC and probably Sky until the next election

  615. 615
    Anonymous says:

    Just shows how out of touch the old duffer is, he thinks hacking an email account is some fun thing the kids do on the internet

  616. 616
    Julian says:

    Ambrose Silk

    Thank you for your recent contribution.

    Before making any further posts please contact the Labour Rebuttal unit in order that a coordinated strategy can be put in place to prevent the Labour Party digging itself into an even bigger criminal hole then its already in.

  617. 617
    s.i.d says:

    There is a perfectly simply explanation for all of this which has been given by the Prime Ministers Official spokesman.”its new-Labour”Congratulations Guido. Society is not broken but it is bent by labour and this is just one more example.

  618. 618
    Anonymous says:

    You wankers don’t like it up you do you?

    Crying about how its so unfair when your tactics are tried on you.

  619. 619
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Can’t we focus on the immense achievements in social justice and reducing inequality under Labour which would be squandered under the Tories.

  620. 620
    Anonymous says:

    Expect a tax audit Tuesday

  621. 621
    Gary Hay says:

    Derek Draper wrote @ labourlist.org

    “Imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to people wanting to damage you. That is, of course, the other question that needs to be asked: how were these emails obtained? Was criminal activity and hacking involved? Believe me, these are issues I will be looking at when I return from my holiday. “Blog wars” are one thing but hacking into people’s emails is surely a step too far?”

    Ha ha ha ha! Does he know what he sounds like? Who’s the politcally motivated conspiracy theorist now? I wonder if at any point he realised that everything he and fucknut discussed was open to an FOI request – or they were too busy high fiving it in the red lion afterwards to worry?

    As pathetic as it is satisfying – Kudos Guido.

  622. 622
    Tony Blair says:

    Job well done.

    Makes “cash for honours” look tame.

    Now give Gordon Brown the heave ho

    Have a nice day

  623. 623
    Dazz says:

    I just discovered that Derek Draper is no longer a friend of mine on Facebook, and appears to have been entirely purged from all friends list. Retreating to the basement?

  624. 624
    electrician.. says:

    How Stephen Pound voted on key issues since 2001 (They Work For You):

    Voted against a transparent Parliament.
    Voted against introducing a smoking ban.
    Voted for introducing ID cards.
    Voted for introducing foundation hospitals.
    Voted for introducing student top-up fees.
    Voted for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
    Voted for the Iraq war.
    Voted against investigating the Iraq war.
    Voted against replacing Trident.
    Voted for the hunting ban.
    Voted for equal gay rights.
    Voted for laws to stop climate change.

  625. 625
    Big Dave says:

    Oh yeah just popped in with IE. I see what you mean.
    Forget what I said that won’t fix that

  626. 626
    FMBG says:

    This whole sorry saga demonstrates the problem we now have as a consequence ofbeing governed by a totally amoral political class with little connection to reality. If Dave wants to win though, and remember that 30% of the population would vote labour no matter what they did, then he has to stop Tory MPs stuffing their pockets with our money. Probity is the characteristic lacking in political and financial life to day and this will be the end of us if not changed for the better.

  627. 627

    Well done Guido; the filth and mess that we all have long suspected of New Labour has been so very publically exposed.

    I bet that was Guidos biggest scalp?

  628. 628
    The Raven says:

    McBride’s statement really is a pissy little cry isn’t it? Wahhh, the e-mails were made public… Guido and his Tory money…

  629. 629
    English Liberation Front says:

    Ha! What absolute rubbish. Labour have destroyed social justice and increased inequality.

    Immense achievements? Immense lies maybe. And you’re one of the biggest mouthpieces for the lies.

  630. 630
    Jude says:

    No, stories are matched and linked to previous stories by tags, dumbass. All automatic; no human involvement at all.

    Put your tin foil hat back on.

  631. 631
    Rolex_Pride says:

    You call that aggression Anonymous???


  632. 632
    Laney says:

    Congrats Guido, go for Draper next!

    Bring him down, bring him down to china town!

  633. 633
    Air Nokia One says:

    “Derek and I decided in the end that this website was the wrong thing to do, and that Derek should not take his online efforts down to the level of Guido Fawkes and his Tory backers.”

    Spinning and smearing even as the utter hoon is shown the door. No you didn’t decide not too and and we know you didn’t . Now just close the door on your way out and never darken our blogstep again.

  634. 634
    Jacqui five bellies says:

    615: none the less the bint didn’t tell him to withdraw the allegation. Pound has no evidence Guido was involved. As I posted elsewhere the BBC and Nu Liebour will try to spin this story as being about Downing Street security rather than two left wing tosspots acting like 9 year old boys.

  635. 635
    English Liberation Front says:

    Yeah, Derek you bozo, imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to a rotten corrupt government of gangsters, say in that massive database your Nazi friends want.

  636. 636
    karin says:

    right after reading round everywhere i have come to a couple of conclusions.

    1. draper keeps talking about hacking. downing street talked about security.
    I have concluded that one of two scenarios happened either draper of mcbride inadvertantly sent you details or someone on the inside sent you the emails

  637. 637

    […] April, 2009 by landedunderclass Excellent advice from Old Holborn, in a comment on Guido Fawkes’ story about the departure of the wholly unlamented McBride. It […]

  638. 638
    Anonymous says:

    lying is ‘drapering’ that is, draping a cover over the truth.

  639. 639
    PC PLOD says:

    NABBED! Come quietly sir.
    Oh, what a terrible mess.

  640. 640
    Jude says:

    And how do we? Dozens of unsubstantiated claims in this thread alone.

  641. 641
    Gordon, Jackie and Hazel says:

    But it’s all within the rules

  642. 642

    WOW!!!!!!! What a result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  643. 643
    Anonymous says:

    At the last general election, I didn’t vote for Labour, and if I was of that ilk, I certainly wouldn’t have voted for His Majesty Brown, Saviour of the Planet and Eventually The Universe (the greatest fuckwit of them all).

    I cannot be the only one, so why the fuck is he in charge?

  644. 644
    Like a Record says:

    Just a thought, but don’t Draper make tools, ironic.

  645. 645
    English Liberation Front says:

    “I am shocked and appalled that, however they were obtained, these e-mails have been put into the public domain by Guido.

    When Derek Draper originally suggested using a website to compete with the kind of material seen regularly on the Guido Fawkes blog, he asked me in a personal capacity to write up some of the stories doing the rounds in Westminster.
    Derek and I decided in the end that this website was the wrong thing to do, and that Derek should not take his online efforts down to the level of Guido Fawkes and his Tory backers.

    I have already apologised for the inappropriate and juvenile content of my e-mails, and the offence they have caused, but I did not want these stories in the public domain – it is because Guido has put them there, and I am sickened that he has done so.

    However, we all know that when a backroom adviser becomes the story, their position becomes untenable, so I have willingly offered my resignation.
    It has been an absolute privilege to work for Gordon Brown and the Labour government in the Treasury and in Downing Street, they will always have my full support, and I regret any embarrassment I have caused them.”

    Damian McPoison, Tosser

  646. 646
    Hugh Jardon says:

    no photos no..sorry.
    I’ve may have some drawings though..will that do???

  647. 647
    Stasi state says:

    How ironic of Derek to whine about his personal privacy:


  648. 648
    Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t give a fuck how or why Guido gets his info – we need him and people like him to keep these Hunts in order.

  649. 649
    Anonymous says:

    Bet Kate is in a foul mood tonight, she would have been looking forward to a nice night on the balcony with a bottle of wine followed by taking in the cabaret put on by the hotel and dancing into the early hours, Instead her husband will be spending the evening on the phone to Gordons goons in a desperate attempt at damage limitation. I almost feel sorry for them. But then I think of the great pension theft an the war in Iraq and all all that troughing amongst many other things .

  650. 650
    Anonymous says:

    times & NOW apparently

  651. 651
    Tory Avenger says:

    Drapers casket is ready just waiting for his corpse to be returned from the Canaries Islands with Guido’s stake driven through the heart.

    Kate can then live happily ever after with Anton and their love child.

  652. 652
    thick as thieves says:

    memo to mcbride: I am a political juvenile delinquent and you are not you are just a dumb motherfucker.
    monkeys do as monkeys see I suppose.
    yet another new labour war and occupation party member falls into a trap set by the sublime yet heroic thick as thieves.
    ps. thanks awfully for being the conduit Guido.
    I am sure you will agree that we must all play our part in the ushering in of a brave new hung parliament.

  653. 653
    Jude says:

    Struggling with the huge weight of traffic.

    Or, for the tin foil hat brigade, being disrupted by the Security Service/BBC/ZANULabour*.

    * delete to taste

  654. 654
    Giovanni Drogo says:

    Don’t worry, I believe she knows a certain dancer who might be happy to turn up and oblige with a bit of the quickstep.

  655. 655
    Anonymous says:

    I’m just fucking sick of it all.

  656. 656
    Call me Infidel says:

    Please collect your full refund and fuck off.

  657. 657
    Anonymous says:

    George Orwell didn’t have a fucking clue, did he?

  658. 658
    Princess PollyTwaddle, an irrelevance and Grouniad hack, talking down at people from her ivory tower says:

    Now – sit still and listen!

    I am always right.

    I am never wrong.

    Herr Comrade ChairPerson McStalinBrownStainovich has redistributed wealth. Pigs in OUR trough have never been better off – just look at Fraulein Comrade J. Boot and all the others!

    And it is true that the quangocracy have never been better off. Or the jobsworths, or the jobsworth’s jobsworths, – and all the pointless stupid and thoroughly useless tick box committees.

    And bent bankers and government advisors and consultants.

    And people like me, – who contribute nothing, but take all.

    But I must go. I’m entertaining, and must attend to the champagne for my guests.

  659. 659
    Anonymous says:

    Emails seen by the News of the World show McBride and Draper schemed to spread false malicious stories that:

    * Opposition leader David Cameron had an embarrassing illness
    * Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s wife was “emotionally fragile” just because she appeared upset at parties
    * A Tory MP used his position to get publicity for lover’s business
    * Involved allegations about female Tory MP Nadine Dorries and another named MP.

    In the emails, McBride says: “We’ve got to keep up the momentum.”


  660. 660
    Robert McIntyre says:

    So let’s see these emails then. I hate it when people talk around a subject.

    Guido – heard you on Sky, there’s something wrong with your telephone!

  661. 661
    Anonymous says:

    From ND’S BLOG

    Have done all the Sunday papers for tomorrow, except for Sunday Times and The News Of The World. Funny that, they are the two papers which I have been told have the emails. What do you bet my phone starts going at about 5pm?

  662. 662
    Anonymous says:

    McBride Gone Great. This smearing is the worst kind of political corruption and so the bosses that put him up to it should resign too….

  663. 663
    Inside the Bunker says:

    Gordon’s doing more than picking his nose and eating his bogeys tonight. Can’t say more right now but….

  664. 664
    Half The Story Told says:

    Stephen Pound is a nasty malicous man.

    Take him down Guido.

  665. 665
    Anonymous says:

    You’d think that was funny, but it’s fucking true!

  666. 666
    Egbert Nobacon says:

    Draper now appears empty headed and vacuous. His next job should be on the GMTV sofa …..

  667. 667
    Andrew the NuLab Hater says:

    Good – one more NuLab Hunt gone. Now get the rest of the lying fuckers out.

  668. 668
    Jude says:

    Because it is struggling with the huge weight of traffic.

    Or, for the tin foil hat brigade, being disrupted by the Security Service/BBC/ZANULabour*.

    * delete to taste

  669. 669
    Sputtering annoyed says:

    Am getting pretty sick of people replying to the first post just to bump their comments. Don’t abuse the system, latecomers – go to the back of the queue. (Irony noted, thanks.)

  670. 670
    Jude says:

    See below and replace tin foil.

  671. 671
    Lady Macmental says:

    Tuesday morning:

    ” Out, damned Grot! Out, I say! “

  672. 672
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    The reason the prisoners all went crazy because the read Dolly’s latest post on Labour Lost.

  673. 673
    Anonymous says:

    I disagree with the “Mission Accomplished” title above. This mission that is to be accomplished is to rid us of the corrupt politicians that think its ok to smear while our economy burns……

  674. 674
    Stuff them all says:

    Hain is a thief, a liar and a cheat.

  675. 675
    dudeo says:

    derek r Hunt

  676. 676
    Anton du Beke says:

    You called?

    I’m always ready to couple with Kate for a fast quick-step or a slow cha-cha-cha!

  677. 677
    Like a Record says:


  678. 678
    MrJones says:

    “this is just a foul-mouthed right-wing blog for bed-wetting, Daily Mail reading, Racist Little Englanders.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  679. 679
    45iq is a Hoon says:

    Well resign then Gordon, you Hoon! Give the people an election, NOW!

  680. 680
    Lord Trombone of Wayne (original gangstar) says:

    Give me a “C”

    give me a “u”

    give me an “n”

    give me a “t”

    give me an “s”


    Once again Guido I am laughing so much at these c//ts that I have pooped my pants.
    Off to get some more from Topshop.

  681. 681
    Laney says:

    Any chance of posting Dolly’s mobile? I want to sport him!

  682. 682
    Anonymous says:

    Oh my god. Seen the taster of the emails now and damn they’re malicious.

    Cameron has an embarrassing illness. Fucking hell. What low Hunts.

  683. 683
    Anonymous says:

    Jacqui to Gordon..
    “Are you going to the Circus this weekend Gordon Your Majesty”
    Gordon to Jacqui..
    “No, there’s enough clowns here to do me.”

  684. 684
    Kate says:

    Anton always comes quietly!

  685. 685
    45iq is a Hoon says:

    It’s Mission Accomplished in the George Bush – i.e. a significant battle won, but still a lot of war to fight…

  686. 686
    Anonymous says:

    This is all too much, I’ve got golf to watch but I keep getting dragged away! Spiffing easter so far!

    Can’t wait for the news channels headlines tonight and the web equivalents.

  687. 687
    Anonymous says:

    Nice riposte! but I’m really Albert Einstein.

  688. 688
    denverthen says:

    Yeah. It’s bugged ;)

  689. 689
    dudeo says:

    Gary Hay.

    He would do anything to stay out of line of fire but he is allready stuck there, draper really needs to be punished for being such a c***.
    Enjoy your vacation dolly, if you are reading this you scum.

  690. 690
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between a hedgehog and the Labour Party?

    A hedgehog keeps its pricks on the outside.

  691. 691
    UK DebtSlave says:

    Admiral McBroon grasps the helm of the Bismark with white knuckles. The engine room has take a direct hit, the rudders are jammed and Ober-Lieutenant ‘Dolly’ Draper is desperately bailing out the the stricken battleship with a teaspoon.

    Happy Days

    Bravo Guido.

    Watch yer back mate. Broon will be despatching the Waffen SS for you at this rate

  692. 692
    dudeo says:

    aye, lad

  693. 693
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    From the man who took those illegal donations. What a shitebag

  694. 694
    ronny says:

    He’s such a NUlab media puppet whore, he’s got a hole the size of Wales where is arse should be.

  695. 695
    thick as thieves says:

    oh do fuck off you fucking boring old tart.
    you must be a spastic, right?
    if you really are spasticated then I apologise in advance and request you disregard my previous insult.
    oh, and never mind you laying down the law, this is Guido’s blog so show some fucking manners you dick. you are a guest, so behave yourself accordingly, spastic or not.

  696. 696
    Andrew says:

    its a real shame you get pleasure out of someone resigning. i personally think it was you who has been childish in this case… did a teacher ever say to you ‘stop telling tales’?

  697. 697
    Funambulist says:

    No, she’s moved on to Ann Summers where she picked up a seasonal half-price Playboy Bunny costume for hubby Timney.

    Remembered to ask for a receipt too.

  698. 698
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    The baldy shite is Parliamentary Private Secretary to Minister Stephen Timms at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

    That fucker needs reforming – with an anvil up his arse

  699. 699

    and when you do, fuck off again.

  700. 700
    Theophilus Macgillicuddy of That Ilk says:

    Somebody had it in for him.

  701. 701
    Like a Record says:

    fuck off, hows that for childish

  702. 702
    Faeries fra Kirkcaldy says:

    Tribal postal voting?

  703. 703
    denverthen says:

    The Guardian seems to think that Guido is a former Labour activist.


    So THAT’s how he knows how all their smear shit works. An insider who’d had that old Damascene moment thing.

    Sort of a twittering Peter Hitchens on steroids. Quaint.

  704. 704
    dudeo says:

    I would pay hundreds just to speak to draper on the phone, i have a few questions for him.

  705. 705
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Guido – a triumph. Congratulations, and heartfelt thanks from this member of the increasingly beleaguered faction that still believes that free media are vital to this society.

    Doing some mental contingency planning, it’s plain that they were out to get you before this. Now they will really mean it. It would be natural and normal to give way to pressure from a government. If that ever were applied, do remember the lesson of the Private Eye Goldenballs fund, when their readership funded their defence against the appalling Jimmy Goldsmith. I would hope that your readership would respond too.

    A small point, but I hope you can help – the text in some of your original posts (ie not on we plebs’ replies) cuts the odd line in half laterally. My PC or yours?

  706. 706
    Beowulff says:

    Well done Guido.

    You have lanced the National Socialist Monster in its evil forkud tongue.

    But we fear it is not a mortal wound and see now it is ready to spew forth slime and brimstone to support its debt mountain and its tribal supporters.

    Keep up the good work but be sure to sleep with your sword and mobile to hand.

  707. 707
    dudeo says:

    Andrew you are fucking stupid, fucking idiot deserved it and if you are defending the prick you should be hung up with him, scum-bags both of you.

  708. 708
    Alan says:

    Congratulations Guido!

    Another bottle of wine being cracked open right now. Can’t wait for the Sunday newspapers!

  709. 709
    Anonymous says:

    You are one of the reasons that these shitheads remain in power – so the same from me, FUCK OFF.

  710. 710
    Faeries fra Kirkcaldy says:

    But we’ll be back!

  711. 711
    1 downm lots to go...and they will go...trust me, these things i DO know. says:


    Who’s next.

  712. 712
    Boombastic says:

    Andrew, don’t be a dick all your life. This isn’t telling tales, this is exposing the lying, cheating, corrupt and morally bankrupt who claim to be leading this country.

  713. 713
    Anonymous says:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen…We’ve got him!”

    Well done Guido, and good riddance to that bellend McBride!

  714. 714
    Funambulist says:


  715. 715
    It doesn't add up... says:

    I believe that position has been taken by Anton

  716. 716
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    I wonder if Iain Dale will be doing the Sky News paper review tonight.

    Update: As I was writing, Dale has updated his twitter. Derek Draper is on talksport at 22:10 with Dale following up at 22:45.

    I’m putting the beers on ice now…

  717. 717
    Agent 99 says:

    Dead easy to get on to Labourlost its very quiet over there for some reason

  718. 718
    McBride of Wankenstain says:

    I’ve seen the inside of Browns bunker, and it’s full of chutney.

  719. 719
    Anonymous says:

    From your punctuation and grammar skills, I don’t think you ever met a teacher. Hunt.

  720. 720
    Andrew says:

    Make that another FUCK OFF Andrew – from one to another!

  721. 721
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    fuck off

  722. 722
    Anonymous says:

    Someone really should do one of those new subtitled Downfall scenes about that…

  723. 723
    Anonymous says:

    No – I think that’s the shit being scared out of them.

  724. 724
    Anonymous says:

    Someone got the interview of guido on the bbc news channel uploaded?

  725. 725
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Who gives a fuck that this little shit McBride has been sacked?

    Are we out of the EU?
    Do we control our borders?
    Has the Islamic takeover stopped?
    Has the nonsense about AGW stopped?


    You people live in a fucking bubble – you too Guido. You think it is all about style and that you messengers are really the message. This is a Marxist idea that all of you have bought into. It is why the country is abstaining in ever greater numbers from voting or looking outside of the traditional three parties.

    McBride may be a Hunt but so are the rest of you.

    If you think any of this is going to make me more likely to vote Tory then you are bigger Hunts than McBride.

    Fuck off Tory wankers.

  726. 726
    Anonymous says:


  727. 727
    Agent 99 says:

    I was just thinking about this. While The trougher was buying bath plugs the government of which she is a senior member was refusing to pay for WW2 servicemen to attend probably the last memorial they will all be together on for the DDay beaches. Gordone has since changed his mind when Barak said he would go.

    Well understandable I suppose those antique fireplaces, bedsits and gay porn don’t pay for themselves now do they?

  728. 728
    Ingsoc says:


  729. 729
    Anonymous says:

    Well done guido, you are a champion dear sir!

  730. 730
    Ingsoc says:

    my dad is harder than your dad

  731. 731
    Derek Draper says:

    The Beast Of Clerkenwel

    My God you are a star, that reply was perfect.

  732. 732
    Rolex_Pride says:

    Oh dear Andrew… so writing falsehoods and deliberate lies about another person is okay then? And it’s wrong for somebody to expose those lies?

    What kind of morality is that? Oh of course, silly me, it’s Labour party morality. The morality of disturbed warped minds of hopeless losers who can only think negatively about others.

    Kiss my timepiece…

  733. 733
    Andrew says:

    You can keep wasting your vote on McFUCK then.
    When’s the election then?

  734. 734
    Hysteria says:

    maybe – but let’s not forget the bgiger point – if this view is common in core labour support then we are on to something – no?

  735. 735
    E15 says:

    I’ve never looked at a political “blog” before in my life and am not likely to in the future. It is amazing the tripe and filthy language that one reads on a place like this.

  736. 736
    Funambulist says:

    “Goodbye-ee! Goodbye-ee
    Wipe a tear, Dolly dear, from your eye-ee,
    Though it’s hard to part, I know
    You’ll be tickled to death to go
    Don’t cry-ee! Don’t sigh-ee!
    There’s a silver lining in the sky-ee
    Bon soir old thing! Cheerio, chin-chin!
    Nahpoo! Toodleoo! Goodbye-ee!”

    And good riddance!!!

  737. 737
    Johnny Boyd says:

    The media think that politics is about politicians. It fucking well isn’t. It is about policies and how they affect people.

    If the media started making their own newsreaders the subject of the story and the focal point of the news, you politicians would be up in arms. You would say it is ridiculous. And it would be.

    Why don’t you stop playing games, because the country is in grave danger. Another 5 years of LibLabCon and the country will no longer exist and we will all be muslim slaves.

    You stupid fucking people think politics is an episode of Corrie with the politicians as the stars. You are fucking worthless, traitorous cowardly bastard Hunts and I will never vote for your axis of EU-sell out or pro-sharia Hunts like you.

    Fuck off Guido. Why don’t you start blogging about policies? Prick.

  738. 738
    s.i.d says:

    not a lot on tonight,must phone home sect get her to reomend a hot porno film!!!, to my sis,get a grip xxxx.think its a new free service from new-labour.

  739. 739
    Johnny Boyd says:

    What makes you think I vote for him? There are other options apart from the LibLabCon you stupid Hunt.

  740. 740
    Beowulff says:

    Beowullf’s tribe agree entirely.

    Why doesn’t Call me Dave speak up for Honesty, Sound Money, Law and Order, Proper Education etc ?

    What exactly is wrong with them ?

    Is it because as any fewl kno the Nasty Thatcher did this as well as frightening miners and eating babies, or is it that the Great McDoom of Fife has got something on them ?

  741. 741
    Anonymous says:

    It is what as known as expressing your opinion in a free society (so far).
    But you’re right, if you don’t like it, don’t come back. Simple, eh?

  742. 742
    Derek Draper says:

    It’s not pleasure, the man had to go. Tory or Labour even UKIP, the bloke bollocked the job up and went. Simple. Even a meercat can get that.

  743. 743
    Margaret Hilda says:

    BBC News just apologised to Hain for suggesting he “fiddled his expenses”. Pathetic.

  744. 744
    Kelly Mac says:

    Ha, ha! Bet Guido’s crapping his pants, at the though of Neath’s finest being on the war path, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  745. 745
    Joe Public says:

    The official site of the Prime Minister’s Office:-


    is a little behind the times.

    Or maybe they’re oblivious to what’s happening.

    No mention of SleazeGate at all.

  746. 746
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    Sorry, forgot to add, they’re on with George Galloway.

    Difficult to decide whether I despise Draper or Galloway more; probably Galloway as Draper in his current state is spinning dangerously out of control and has become a great asset for the Conservatives.

  747. 747
    Anonymous says:

    OFFFUCK Where we report hoons like Andrew

  748. 748
    Anonymous says:

    What the fuck do you think we are all talking about? We don’t make the policies, the Hoons in Westminster make them. What Guido and most everyone else are doing is to try to tell them they are arsing it up!

    How the fuck else do yo suggest we go about it??

  749. 749
    jimmythepainter says:

    And I thought I was right wing!

  750. 750
    Anon says:

    Jude – you’re a HOON – substantiated and official

  751. 751
    Gruniad Spellchecking Dept says:

    They did that earlier as well. Everyone must be huddled round in the bunker.

    Guido, you should have all the facts re. Hain ready for the next time you’re on; it seems to be a subtle way by the BBC of discrediting you

  752. 752
    Johnny Boyd says:

    You stupid fucking prick.

    You should be focussing on the policies.

    Who gives a flying fucking fuck about who said what to whom?

    The way you talk it is like kiddies fighting in a playground.

    Meanwhile the communists and muslims are making headway.

    Wake up you Hunt. The Tories are a complete irrelevance and so are the LibLAbs. Fuck all of them.

  753. 753
    Bertie says:

    The News Of The World is published about 10pm, no?

  754. 754
    Anonymous says:


    This attitude will get you nothing…

  755. 755
    s.i.d says:

    The News Of The World is published about 10pm,yes if you can get one!!!

  756. 756
    Kelly Mac says:

    Ah yes good ol Tricky Dicky

  757. 757
    Dolly Mixture says:

    From the Cabinet Office’s website:

    Parliamentary Secretary (Minister for Digital Engagement and Civil Service Issues): Tom Watson MP

    Leads on: Digital Engagement
    Power of Information
    Civil Service Issues

    Seems a single salvo from Guido has scored three simultaneous hits.

  758. 758
    Beowulff says:

    Beowulff has learnt that King Cnut is dead after failing to save the world by ordering the tides to go back.

    But his place has been taken by a new and mightier Cnut, the one eyed monoculist Cnut and Provost of Alle Fife and Debtland.

    All Hail to the Mighty Cnut and his Clan Cronies.

    (They’re going to stop us having fun like this once they get the Grate Citizen Control Project up and running)

  759. 759
    Stuff them all says:

    Should we not all email Stephen Pound to register our disapproval at his smears or should we email him to tell him to fuck off.

  760. 760
    sam torrance`s moustache says:

    Guido is shooting birdies, McBride has retired, Broon, as always, is in the bunker (too many bogies).

  761. 761
    Joe public says:

    That clip just cries out for appropriate sub-titling.

    Please, please – someone with the necessary wit & editing skills – get on over to YouTube & then post your link to Guido

  762. 762
    Rexel 56 says:

    Many here have expressed the hope that Draper will be the next to be forced to resign. Erm, resign as what exactly?

  763. 763
    denverthen says:

    Forgot to take his meds again…

  764. 764
    Biltonian says:

    Oh Well done all! And Guido you’re bloody fantastic.

    Learnt about your blog from the Beeb today and it’s
    the only time they’ve ever earned my licence fee.

    And I thought I was all alone in the world!

  765. 765
    Giovanni Drogo says:

    Bollocks, I’m going to have to buy the ‘Screws’ tomorrow to get the full SP.

    I have visions of ‘Withnail and I’, reading the sordid details in a greasy spoon whilst some bloater opposite tucks into an fried egg sarnie…

    How long does it take the UK papers to reach the Canaries these days? Enjoy them Derek, you odious little shit!

  766. 766
    Exile Francais says:

    Today is St Stanislas day and as a token to our polish friend I offer the following ,


    Gordon brown is my shepherd, I shall not work.
    He leadeth me beside the still factories.
    He restoreth my faith in the onservative Party.
    He guideth me in the path of unemployment.
    Yea, though I wait for my dole, I own the bank
    tat refuses me.
    Brown has annointed my Income with taxes,
    my expenses runneth over my income ,
    surely, poverty and hard living will follow me
    for all the days of his term.
    From henceforth we will liveall the days of our
    lives in rented home with an overseas landlord.
    I am glad Iam British.
    I am glad I am free.
    But iwish I were a dog
    and Brown was a tree.

  767. 767
    Anonymous says:

    But joy?

  768. 768
    Stuff them all says:

    I take it you are one of the few Labour voters left.

  769. 769
    jimmythepainter says:

    Yeah youre bang on Johnny. I’m sure the world willl be m.b.p. when run by foulmouthed angry skinheads. hope I don’t live to see it.

  770. 770
    Kelly Mac says:

    Nice one Guido, luvin your work. Watch your back now though coz they’re gonna be out to get you.

  771. 771
    Apathist Voter says:

    Shit I’m gonna have to vote next time to get rid of these unprincipled, thieving pervert, lying till the cows come home toe-rags

  772. 772
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Fuck off Hunt. I am anything but liblabcon.

    I would sooner just as cut my throat than vote for you Hunts. Why should I outsource it to you? You would probably fuck it up or charge me.

    Tory shits. I should be a Tory but I have seen the light. You liblabcon artists can all fuck off.

  773. 773
    Beowulff says:

    Olde Angle saying, ‘A fishe rotteth from the heade’

    BBC and Sky must start somewhere in the middle.

  774. 774
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Yes, anyone who thinks the Tories are part of the same plot to destroy the UK as the LibLabs is mad.


  775. 775
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Ruling Class fears European election threat from Electorate.

    Ha. That is the best way of telling you Cnuts what I think of your cosy little closed shop. It is about to be a closed closed shop now.


  776. 776
    s.i.d says:

    to Exile Francais,you just hit the spot!!!

  777. 777

    Anything that brings the end of Neues Arbeit closer is welcome in my eyes – and hello Spode!

  778. 778
    Labour OUT says:

    The Observer are going to report tommorrow that it was Sam Cameron that the rumour of mentally fragile was about. Well of course she is her young son has just died for God’s sake. So whilst a young mother was grieving for her son Labour are plotting to exploit this. How can they live with themselves.

  779. 779
    Man from Medellin says:

    Good work Guido, I am seriously impressed. What does it take to make that hoon Draper crawl under a stone?

  780. 780
    s.i.d says:

    this mite be a good time to vote b n p goron!

  781. 781
    boneo says:

    I’d stick to ‘My Little Pony’ if I were you.

  782. 782
    D says:

    Well at least he’s for gay rights…

    Shame he thinks every other form of freedom is bad tho.

  783. 783
    Willie says:

    Johnny has a point.
    We can all enjoy the moment and hope this brings down Dolly 8Ace as well as McB.
    It’s the elections that count. Guido does great work in bringing politics to life and even makes a day like today enjoyable.
    Tomorrow I want to think about the best way to use my vote in the Euro elections. So far, I, like Stuart Wheeler, have decided there is no point in voting Tory on 4th June. If that is the case, we natural Tories have some unpleasant bedfellows in prospect.
    Mind you a load of skinheads with attack dogs in Brussels does make me feel warm and fuzzy….

  784. 784
    Anonymous says:


  785. 785
    Beowulff says:

    Policies are made by Politicians.

    New Labour Politiicans set out to destroy England and everything it ever stood for, through the application of their policies.

    Sadly most of the English are too slothful to care about ‘policies’ and because the policies are slow to take effect the population is not bothered as long as it can watch Footie on a Flatscreen and go to Majorca once a year. (basically they are fed Beer and Circuses to keep them happy)

    For those of us that do care, the only way to combat the evil policies, like hosing billions of borrowed money to keep the plebs happy, while they pile up debts to beggar the country for good, is to expose the corruption and evil of those behind the policies.

    Therefore I believe this is a good day for Freedom and for England.

    Well done Guido.

  786. 786
    Anonymous says:

    George Galloway on Talk Sport 10 pm

  787. 787
    Funambulist says:

    Try upgrading to IE8 (it’s free.) I’m using it and everything looks fine.

  788. 788
    s.i.d says:

    well! we cant miss that can we!! the prat

  789. 789
    NotaSheep says:

    Stephen Pound is the man who made a promise to Today programme listeners, then called them “bastards” when they came up with a bill he didn’t approve of and didn’t really try to get it made law.Don’t worry about Stephen pound, let the electors of Ealing have the pleasure of kicking his overpaid butt out of the House of Commons at the next election.<br?What a Hoon.

  790. 790
    jo public says:

    brown mugabe brown mugabe desspots more interested in the position than the role. guido better watch out for runnaway lorries in fact i am suprised i am even able to view post on this site.
    again dammed fine work go get the other idiots as they know the price of everything and the value of nothing

  791. 791
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck this. Let’s just leave the country en masse. We must be able to get some money from the C-unts, they dish it out all the time to non UK people.

    I fancy Canada myself…..

  792. 792
    properdem says:

    Vote Libertas for democracy in Europe – you wont get it any other way. And there is no way we will be leaving so may as well mend it.

  793. 793
    Anonymous says:


  794. 794
    properdem says:

    OK so its a little off subject but then so is a lot of the stuff here!


    Vote Libertas for democracy in Europe – you wont get it any other way. And there is no way we will be leaving so may as well mend it.

  795. 795
    Anonymous says:


  796. 796
    Funambulist says:

    Yep, congratulations on a notable result, Guido!

    Easter eggs and Black Velvets all round!

  797. 797
  798. 798
    Anonymous says:

    Jamais, mon ami

  799. 799
    properdem says:

    Ah – a European in our midst! Anyway please yourself! It is supposed to be a democracy – really.

  800. 800
    Anonymous says:

    I sya we tell him to fuck off at least a dozen times. Well, emails are free, let’s do it constantly, for ever, I can spare the time…..

  801. 801
    Anonymous says:

    if ? and a big IF this is true this story will go global nuclear as it originated at the very heart of Government in No 10 Downing Street and the fallout will be uncontrollable. It will be curtains for the lot of them.

  802. 802
    Anonymous says:

    Aldrig, min vän

  803. 803
    Anonymous says:

    La Unión no es viable, mi amigo.

  804. 804
    A.F says:

    His emails got out because there is more people involved than just two twats,simple as that,but who are they?

  805. 805
    BrianLB says:

    What’s your evidence for saying that McBride has been ‘fired’, when all we know is that he has resigned?

  806. 806
  807. 807
    denverthen says:

    Oh dear.

    Brown: “I think you’ve fucked me and you have to resign, Damo.”
    McBride: “You mean you’re sacking me for bashing Tories.”
    Brown: “You got caught, asshole. So I’m saying you’ve resigned. Now resign.”
    McBride: “I resign.”

    Get it?

  808. 808
    Johnny Boyd says:


    Policies? None.
    Relevance? None.

    No-one cares what what one bunch of tossers said to the other.

    The whole thing looks like an attempt to get a sympathy vote up.

    Imagine that, the once-great Tory party begging for votes. What pathetic losers you are.

    The Tories: Newcastle United
    Labour: West Brom.
    The Liberals: Middlesbrough.

    Wankers all.

  809. 809
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Politicians who spend more time slagging each other off than making policies? Fuck off you cnut.

  810. 810
    A Neverwas says:

    But has he resigned only from his No. 10 post or also from the civil service?

    There is a long line of Nu Labour cronies who “resigned” but kept the pay and pension. Eg Paul Gray after HMRC lost the infamous CDs resigned as Chairman of HMRC – but kept his salary until he retired. Parliament was told Doug Smith had resigned after the amazing feat of making an even bigger mess of the child support agency – but then carried on being paid until he retired (and was given a gong too).

    And then there was Sir Ian Blair who resigned – but got his pension enhanced. (Remind you of anyone?)

  811. 811
    Peter Grimes says:

    Oh oh, Guido. Another window-licker!

  812. 812

    Mind Your Language , Folks . . .

    Please do not swear (again) on this Highly Hallowed Blog !!!

    Thank You.

  813. 813
    Centaur says:

    Sincere thanks Guido – you are our sword.

  814. 814
    Hunt down all labour filth and hack them to death says:

    I don’t think he does get it

  815. 815
    Davie's Big Penis says:

    Fuck off and do one McKeech!!
    Take the Brown Shite with you when you close the door.

  816. 816
    pigs in space says:

    The interview is available on the Talk Sport website, about a quarter of an hour, but pure gold.

    Gorgeous starts by filleting Dolly, but eventually decides he’s not worth it, just something that needs to be wiped off his shoe.

    Gorgeous – Even the Mafia don’t attack each other’s wves. Don’t you think this is serious.

    Dolly – Of course it’s serious, Damian McBride has lost his job, you can’t get more serious than that.

  817. 817
    Anonymous says:

    A thousand thanks, dear Guido

  818. 818
    Tarquin says:

    I vowed never to vote libertas ever again after that Jeremy Thorpe faggot tried to have someone shot. Makes Gordon Browns silly e-male scandal look like a storm in a teacup.

  819. 819
    kerrigan of the yard says:

    No, no. The emails date from before Ivan Cameron’s death, don’t they?

    Still, that’s no excuse. The true face of NuLab has been exposed.

    ….and they laughed at the ‘Demon eyes’ poster. Time to revive it, I think, only with Brown’s face.

  820. 820
    Twatwatch says:

    Damien Mc Bride. Truly the wanker’s wanker.

  821. 821
    "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you... says:

  822. 822
    "For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you... says:

    Didb’t see Guido with any sharks..just a few bloaters..

  823. 823
    Waynetta says:

    No we can not, fuck off!

  824. 824
    Anonymous says:

    Was Uncle Fester wearing shit loads of make-up on Sky?

  825. 825

    It’s called genuine unfiltered public opinion.

    You know, the truth.

    Please accept a full refund and fuck off.

  826. 826
    graeme says:

    The root of this issue is Gordon Brown. He is a bully, not a persuader.

    We need to discuss Gordon Brown’s disorder. Is he suffering form Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)?

  827. 827

    Damn it, I’m so sick of this Nu-Lab f**k-w**k that I’m going to state my case, perhaps a little prematurely:
    There is a paedophile ring right at the very heart of New Labour, and it involves Blair and Prescott, that much I am absolutely certain of. Brown is possibly involved too, but if not, then he is/was certainly aware of it, at the very least.

    I have some hard evidence, but so far it can’t be absolutely proved, and so it’s not enough to absolutely nail the bastards. It is known that someone else has video evidence, but they’ve gone abroad, and they won’t come forward with it unless certain conditions are satisfied. I’m trying to get those conditions met, which is very difficult as I’m not really in any position of power to do so, or to put it plainly, I cannot convince them to trust me. They’re scared, and I can’t blame them for that. Even if they trusted me, how can they know for sure that I wouldn’t be compromised by others?

    But damn it, there is a paedophile ring at the very heart of New Labour, I know that much for sure.

    503Lancashire Oik says:
    April 12, 2009 at 6:18 am
    Yeah, and this isn’t a half-arsed attempt to smear Guido’s blog.

    “If you think we’re bad, just look what they’re saying about us”.

    You must think we’re fucking stupid, you cretin. Fuck off back to LiebourLost or wherever else you sprang from.

    508James says:
    April 12, 2009 at 6:45 am
    No, Lanc, I assure you that I am being deadly serious, and that my comment was not meant as some sort of “double-bluff” from a Labour stooge. Guido has my utmost respect for what he has achieved today, and I salute him. What I have written is not intended as any sort of smear (indeed, I don’t see how you have arrived at such a conclusion at all). I detest New Labour, and I’m being totally serious here. Please reconsider.

    549Sir Reginald Titbrain says:
    April 12, 2009 at 11:07 am
    Mr Oik has come to the conclusion because it is an obvious one. Tell us the difference between ‘Cameron has got the clap’ and ‘Blair is a paedo’?
    As it stands there isn’t any, one, the other, neither or both could conceivably be true, and why should we believe you.
    As it stands you are on the level with someone who has just seen a flying saucer and is telling everyone down the pub, who all think you are a loony. Only Martians calling in for a quick half before closing time will redeem your reputation.

    537Member of the Court of Public Opinion says:
    April 12, 2009 at 9:11 am
    Oh please let it be true and please produce the evidence! Labour will be finished for ever.

    551Chris Close says:
    April 12, 2009 at 11:36 am
    There is a great deal of truth in all of this.

    Jeremy Beecham of the LGA,formerly leader of Newcastle city council attempted suicide during the Shieldfield Child abuse scandal in Newcastle in the 90s and this scummy party tried to destroy my career to hide his behaviour.

    5 kids id’d him and he only got off through a ‘deal’ which led to the abusers getting off and getting damages for defamation through G Bindman, another Solicitor and Nulabour luvee……….

  828. 828
    Blunkett says:

    “A blinding result”

    Tony, please would you re-phrase that?

  829. 829
    InPraiseOfColin says:

    You’ve obviously been looking at Compare the Smear Twats dot com.

    This is a reference to Colin’s idea.

  830. 830
    Aethelred says:

    If you despise nulab and are not a tory, what makes you think anyone else who despises nulab is a tory?

    Everyone should despise nulab, even nulab.

  831. 831
    properdem says:

    Ho Ho – very amusing! But Libertas is our only hope of democracy in Europe.

  832. 832
    Rob says:

    I would be interested to know if Guido is holding anything in reserve?
    The possibility that he could be may well be the cause of some sleepless nights ahead for anyone in or around No 10 with a guilty conscience.

  833. 833
    Anonymous says:

    I hear that McSacked liked to give it to Dolly to show him how much of a man he is (was).

  834. 834
    Anonymous says:

    I heard Guido on Radio 5 this morning

    Hmm…arrogant little shit

  835. 835
    IRB says:

    Guido, you are a fucking star. Take a house point. No, sod it, take two.

  836. 836
    Mark M says:

    And then Adaom Boulton comes on from Washington and tears Draper a new arse hole. Pure gold !

  837. 837
    Johnny Boyd says:

    I don’t think that anyone else who despises NuLab is a Tory, you fucking fuckwit.

    What I don’t get is the idea that there is any fucking difference between the Libs LAbs or Cons.

    They are all liblabcons who are for the genocide of the British people.

    Who cares if their various factions are fighting each other? Instead of confining it to nasty e-mails, why don’t we give them razor blades and let them really fuck each other up?

    At least it would mean the back of a couple of them.

    Traitorous fucking bastards.

  838. 838
    Johnny Boyd says:

    That was a viable plan 30 years ago, but Canada has multi-culti too.

    This is a global war against Marxist cnuts.

    Stay and fight for your life.

  839. 839
    Johnny Boyd says:

    Who is madder, Brown or the cnuts who vote for him?

    Are they madder than the cnuts who vote for the other two parties in the liblabcon coalition?

    You are all cnuts. None of you will do anything about the genocide.

  840. 840
    Gladys Pew says:

    McBride looks like he’s 54, not 34. Proof that being an evil bastard leaves a physical stain.

  841. 841
    Anonymous says:


    Well done.

    Grateful thanks at exposing these Scottish Nu-Labour scum.


  842. 842
    steve says:

    isn’t this fun if slightly sad – the blog-void is in a spin about rumours as to which honourable member fucked who – and in the meantime the one eyed (fact) scots (fact) idiot (demonstrable) has fucked the entire population

  843. 843
    Sputtering amused says:

    Thick as shit,

    Seems pretty fucking self-evident the reply system is intended for people that actually want to discuss or reply to someone’s specific comments, not for self-important pricks like you to try and give their own view more prominence than the six hundred people who posted before you.

    And spastics are physically disabled, retard.

  844. 844
    Sputtering amused says:

    Thick as shit,

    Seems pretty fucking self-evident the reply system is intended for people that actually want to discuss or reply to someone’s specific comments, not for self-important pricks like you to try and give their own view more prominence than the six hundred people who posted before you.

    And spastics are physically disabled, retard.

  845. 845

    […] believed a wall, was a fan. A high powered fan that was already turned on. The blowback has already anulled the Blushing McBride’s career. And it looks like it’s going to be … wait for it … CURTAINS FOR […]

  846. 846
    Autumn Witch says:

    Wow, and I thought Primary teaching was cruel exposure to infantile behaviour. Glad I’m not at Westminster.

  847. 847
    William Russell says:

    But they will – look at Mandelson who kept coming back. Maybe not this year, but one of these days. Fuck off is OK. But it doesn’t mean whoever fucks off fucks off for good.
    Anyway all the fuss means that for the first time I have looked at you, which is maybe a good thing, maybe not.

  848. 848
    Anonymous says:

    I was thinking of going to see ‘In The Loop’ at the cinema today…

    But how the fuck can fiction compete with reality in the entertainment stakes ??

  849. 849
    thick as thieves says:

    sputtering annoyed,
    er, you are a toiling under the misapprehension that I am not important. blogatively speaking I, the great thick as thieves, am fucking gold dust. you are just a miserable Hunt who can’t take the rough and tumble of this place. I believe that conservativefoam are looking for some new idiots, why don’t you fuck off to that shit site and bore the arse off the readers there.
    you tit.

  850. 850
    thick as thieves says:

    sputtering spastic,
    you fucking dick, you were so wound up by me that you posted twice.
    what a retard!
    thick as thieves wins again!

  851. 851
    Anonymous says:


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