April 1st, 2009

The Lunchtime View


  1. 1
    Ambrose Silk says:

    So what wimpy

    Tra laa!

  2. 2
    Click click says:

    Someone needs a better camera.

  3. 3
    George Osborne says:

    Sorry I missed PMQ’s it seems I’ve been ousted!

    Conservatives = Rabbits in headlights

  4. 4
    iain,ni says:

    Hats off to that Sky News reporter for humiliating Russell Brand live on air. A classic

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    What happened? I can’t stand him…

  6. 6

    So this is anarchy. Raw, direct, in-your face; a vision of righteous emotion, exploding from the streets to overthrow the bloated capitalist hegemony that has seduced and defiled the world for so many years. I can see it, down there, just between the bollards (to the left), wearing a red hat, standing next to the man with the carrier bag.

  7. 7
    Swampy says:

    How’s the traffic moving?
    Great scenes earlier of the police scampering over barrriers and away, their commanders bricking it on plinths behind, a coming youtube classic.
    Enjoy the party, can you hear the music, feel the atmosphere?

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    I’m getting really bored of the = and pride posters, I know that class hatred only effects people of low IQ but draper is seriously dredging the bottom of the barrel now.

    do these morons do it for free.?

    I’m tired of having to wade through their inane, pointless and misguided posts. Are we keeping them as pets here or something?

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Russell Brand, what a prat! In the crowd of protesters (with a couple of minders) outside the BoE. When asked by a reporter what he was protesting about he clammed up and was obviously lost for words. Wonder who he has his money invested with?

  10. 10
    The Inquisition says:

    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
    Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise….
    Our two weapons are fear and surprise… and ruthless efficiency….
    Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…
    and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope….
    Our four… no…
    Amongst our weapons… Amongst our weaponry…
    are such elements as fear, surprise…
    I’ll come in again.

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Swampy says:
    April 1, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    How’s the traffic moving?
    Great scenes earlier of the police scampering over barrriers and away, their commanders bricking it on plinths behind, a coming youtube classic.
    Enjoy the party, can you hear the music, feel the atmosphere?


    Yeah, It’s great man “right on bro”.

  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    I’m getting really bored of the = and fascist, racist posters, I know that class hatred only affects people of low IQ but guido is seriously dredging the bottom of the barrel now.

    do these morons do it for free.?

    I’m tired of having to wade through their inane, pointless and misguided posts. Are we keeping them as pets here or something?

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Arent they just middle class prats?

  14. 14
    RavingMad says:

    BBC assisting the police in crowd control.

    Highlighting disparate groups and police line movements. Seems police are trying to completely block people in around BoE.

    Radio 5 commentators including Derbyshite are beginning to make me want to go down and plant them.

  15. 15
    Swampy says:

    Relax, they won’t bite, they will make you realise you are the absolute repressed moron that you are though.

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Right bro, cheers!

  17. 17
    davidc says:

    yes but this will all play very well in the student union bar (half price beer on friday night).

  18. 18

    I.05pm a few heads been split by police batons, pisspoor organisation need TariK Ali and Agitprop to marshall them…..

  19. 19
    councilhousetory says:

    Beeb is the propaganda arm of the state. What do you expect.

  20. 20
    metals trader says:

    i am at work

    i like gold

    capitalism continues

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Lousy, lousy performance by Cameron at PMQ’s . Jeez this guy couldn’t draw blood with a scalpel in his hand!

  22. 22
  23. 23

    Does not matter how many times you shout “OVER THERE!”, the flaws that matter are the flaws of the Government, of the LABOUR government and their Marxist, Trot, self-loathing, Fabian Traitors who cannot believe their luck at having an opportunity to totally destroy Britain.

    They won’t succeed, but it will be a messy affair and they will never be forgiven.

  24. 24
    Still working; still earning says:

    Walked down Cheapside, around crowd and police cordons and up Cornhill to The Counting House to have my usual lunchtime pint. Tasted extra nice. Polite crowd – no one hassled me in my pin-stripe suit. Funny to see the crusty moochers stuck inside the police cordon – hope they are enjoying their moment of not-very-much.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    He (devastatingly for the Sky reporter) asked what his name was – Sky reporter answered – then Brand whined that he wasn’t angry but wouldn’t be drawn on why he was there but kept staring off enigmatically to the distance.
    I think he was there just to show off his new hat.

  26. 26

    I suppose they would have to be. The working classes are all at work – although I admit it was a clever idea to have the protests during the lunch break. Presumably most of the protestors are people who have either taken the day off to travel to London, or they are not employed.

  27. 27
  28. 28

    He could, from his own thumb, if it were not up his backside.

  29. 29
    Stuart Fairney says:

    It’s the scope on Guido’s sniper rifle

  30. 30
    anon says:

    £10 and a Top Hat to each policeman per an Anarchist knocked out, bonus points for permanent damage.

  31. 31

    Congrats It will slow down the ambulances taking the soap dodgers away.

  32. 32
    Andy Carpark says:

    Pen them in, plod! When they penned them in at Oxford Circus there was a green-haired punk jumping up and down with his hands over his crotch and a look of agony on his face. That’s the way to do it.

  33. 33
    KC says:

    I am enjoying the lefty spin from Sky and the Beeb. Easy to see that Jacqui has called her jack boots to take a laid back approach against the Labour voter…. err sorry protesters.

  34. 34

    Is there some sort of mass Derek Draper look alike day going on today.
    If I’d known I wouldn’t have shaved this morning.
    Or washed..
    Or cleaned hair or cut nails..
    or put on fresh pants..

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Its called a Target Rich environment. Imagine if these people were killed.. imagine the effect on our economy… imagine all those productive, hard working, ambitious people who provide wealtha and employment …

    Oh no .. wait.. imagine empty dole offices..

  36. 36
    Curly says:

    Are you safe down there Guido?

  37. 37
    Stuart Fairney says:

    Dude, we need Chemical Ali to take care of this lot

  38. 38
    A Londoner says:

    Can I have my City back

  39. 39
    Tory Dan says:

    Twat a couple for me when you go out for a sandwich.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Who opened the window and let that parrot in?

  41. 41
    iain,ni says:

    I bet she cringed when Gordon mentioned ‘rise to the occasion’ in his first PMQ reply.

  42. 42
    Bruce Robertson says:

    Surprised to see so many supporters of the bankers who have (helped) impoverish us for a generation.

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Oh for an automatic rifle and a telescopic sight

  44. 44

    On the 6th floor of the Lloyd’s Building, in the pic exactly at the top of the green-grey dome to the right of the Royal Exchange building one can see the Tuscan’s corner ex-office, replete with brass telescope, the ubiquitous lads’ mags, and a woodworm raddled Wicker Man replica garden ornament from the Sarf Croydon IKEA. Happy days.

  45. 45
    Harman_Pride_ZanuLabour_Apologist says:

    I really do have poo for brains. Sorry about that everybody.

  46. 46

    “City workers have been leaning out of windows to wave £10 notes at G20 protesters on the streets below, the Press Association reports” – via the BBC. It has been a long time since I had a mental image of Harry Enfield’s “Loadsamoney” character; I have just had one. It would be great if, instead of waving £10 notes, they waved their bottoms instead. I would pay money to see that.

  47. 47
    student says:

    Hi Ma!!
    Thats me in the corner!

  48. 48
    pp says:

    Bruce – the bankers didn’t impoverish us.

    The bankers almost impoverished their shareholders and very rich investors.

    It was Brown who impoverished us by making up the banks losses by giving our money (now and future) to them, to the shareholders and to the rich investors.

    Don’t blame the crocodiles for biting your arm off – blame the man who dismantled the barrier and shoved you into the water.

  49. 49
    Andy Burnham says:

    Were you a big swinging dick, then Tony? Eh!?

  50. 50

    I weighed in at nearly 20 stone, though of course that was in the sad old, bad old pre Wii days.

  51. 51
    no longer anonymous says:

    The rest of the country will just go “tut” and capitalism will live on.

  52. 52

    City workers waving £10 notes in the protesters’ faces.

    a) Obviously the recession is biting, where are the £50 notes?

    b) One of the protesters is Russell Brand.

  53. 53
    no longer anonymous says:

    The Pride posters are funny, they’re taking the mick. The = posters are the irritating trolls.

  54. 54
    Anonymous says:

    “We” aren’t doing anything. Why don’t you fuck off somewhere else if you don’t like it here. No one’s forcing you to be here. I’ve got no time for fascists or racists or homophobes but they’re no worse than astroturfers and scumbag trolls like you.

  55. 55
    no longer anonymous says:

    They haven’t. They have simply reacted to interest rate signals set by…The BoE!

  56. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Hurry up Derek, you’re late for your rally.

  57. 57
    Hercules says:

    Yeah, damn those bankers, taking 45% of GDP every year … oh no, wait, that would be THE GOVERNMENT. Can you please explain exactly how banks have “impoverished” you?

  58. 58
    DominicJ says:

    “Oh for an automatic rifle and a telescopic sight”
    Bloody ‘ell man its hardly like you’d have to aim

  59. 59

    The curse of the Apostrophe Catastrophe strikes again!

  60. 60
    Andy Carpark says:

    The City, circa 1990. Before getting my train I sometimes ued to pop into a pub, the Cannon, opposite the station and patronised largely by men in brown suits from the nearby Sun Life building.

    There only seemed to be two songs on the jukebox: Return to Sender by Elvis and Daydream Believer by the Monkees, which the Sun Life boys thoughtfully made sure were played in strick alternation – all evening.

    Rather than trade conversation they used to sing along while shifting from one leg to the other. They all used to join in the line “…home-coming que-e-e-EEN!” and point at each other in a pissed, unfocused sort of a way.

    Sic transit, he said, spewing into a bucket.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Financial misconduct = Gordon Brown’s laughably incompetent gold trade

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Shots fired and petrol bombs thrown outside RBS branch.

  63. 63

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives and Labour, too. Don’t forget them.

  64. 64
    Man in the Street says:

    Sky News cameras are fucking appalling.

  65. 65
    Astro Turf says:

    Guido Fawkes is an astroturf exercise idiot underwirrten by Lord Ashcroft.
    Keep swallowing.

  66. 66

    You did the apostrophe thing again you hoon!

  67. 67
    Swampy says:

    Actually by next year there’ll be a whole year of out of work graduates with the next year queued up behind them. Then there’ll be the various prunings (you maybe) the carnival will get bigger and bigger.

  68. 68
    Anonymous says:

    You mean empty self-promotion? surely not. It is funny just how many people want to punch this bloke’s lights out.

  69. 69
    Tory Dan says:

    Where the fuck are the police and why haven’t they intervened? If this was in France they would be bashing the fuck into the skulls of the unwashed.

  70. 70
    Anon. says:

    Fuck off.

  71. 71
    Swampy says:

    Aunty Faeces Wan kee know bee you never have been very bright have you? The traffic is stopped (by the police) in order for the emergency services to have a clear run at things (sigh).

  72. 72
    tenpin says:

    Throw them some cake Guido!!

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Brown getting an absolutely huge kicking on Yahoo politics comments section. How long can this go on with the Prime Mentatlist


    Gordon Brown = Rabbit running from the shotgun

  74. 74
    bofl says:

    i know gordon is the main culprit-

    but do you all think that the banks being given carte blanche to make massive bets that have gone wrong then being bailed out by everyone else is a good thing?

    i know of one trader who lost £700 million before management decided to act…….(he doesnt care because he creamed it for a few years previously)

    whatever happened to limits?
    being over ones limits used to be a sackable offence.

    when you lose your jobs anf get repossessed then i think you may see some sense…….

    everyone moans all the time but does sweet f/a…….
    i dont condone smashing up the city……..
    do something useful instead……

    now we are spiralling towards a weimar republic and have an embarrassing cock fawning like a schoolgirl over O’bama………

    get out and protest!

  75. 75
    Anonymous says:

    I’d hardly say he humiliated Brand. Brand just didn’t want to talk and in any event later spoke to the Sky News person updating their twitter.

  76. 76
    tenpin says:

    Why don’t they march on Downing Street as that numpty is to blame for the lax regulation etc

  77. 77
    The Inquisition says:

    Why don’t you explain exactly (as you put it) why the banks have had to be nationalised?

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  78. 78
    bofl says:

    rbs were warned not to pay over the odds for abn amro……..(can u ssssssay that gggggggordon)

    fred made a sir by??????????

    yes mc cuckoo herself!

    no reward for failure?

    we pay-fred gets £16MILLION!

    so much for fairness.

  79. 79
    So17 says:

    As off yet the lefty wankers have been shit.
    Unlike the right wing who are hungry the left have grown fat and lazy.
    More press than anarchists and by the way fuckwits RBS is a nationalised bank.

  80. 80
    Russell says:

    Funny how few people can see the bigger picture and can’t see past their own hatred of people.

    Brand later spoke to another reporter a gave his reasons for his attendance.

  81. 81

    Maybe all those unemployed people will pressurise the government to cut taxes on employing people?

    Employers are fined 12%+ of the salary of everyone they employ, then theirs VAT which is another 15% tax on labour…

    Cut those and watch employment soar.

    Then you could start cutting the fine for working currently about 52% (40% + 12% NI), with all the extra money in the pockets of the people that earned it, they’d pay off debts quickly (and lower the debt servicing which is killing the economy) then start to employ people.

    You see, all these taxes on peoples time mean that they have to work twice as hard to employ someone. Credit was regulated into existence (by Basel 2) to try and cover up the disaster that is income taxes, however it’s all come off the rails.

    Government was the cause, and less government is the solution.

  82. 82
    PRL says:

    There’s no petrol bombs or shots, it’s a few fucking dickheads smashing window, sensationalist Hunt

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    The hope of the party has 1,892,327 views and 12000 comments in a week. Bring him home.

  84. 84
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    4,000 protestors. Mmmm.

    Not many really is it, as a percentage?.

    One might even term them “statistically insignificant”.

    I heard one fellow on BBC Pravda WATO say when asked why he was there:

    “Well, its the banks, & global warming…..innit”.

    Others were too inarticulate to understand, though I gather a number of them were complaining their Giro was late / too small or something.

    4,000. They may as well have held their little bash on my patio.

  85. 85
    Constable_Plod says:

    I don’t like rabid debtism either. Still, it’s better than living in a hole and wearing cardboard shoes.

    PS: Could you keep back from the barrier please, you stink.

  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    if this was like France Westminster would already be in flames and there would be dead sheep everywhere

  87. 87

    The banks have been nationalised because the government regulated a huge bubble of credit into existence (thanks to the international regulation called Basel 2), which the Banks allocated into housing as they are less taxed than say investing in a business.

    Government is the problem and less government is the solution.

  88. 88
    David Cameron's Hairdresser says:

    didn’t you just love his new creation today at PMQ’s (PMQ’s, PMQ’s, PMQ’s etc.), it’s my best ever. The challenge just gets bigger and bigger just like that Rich tea.

  89. 89
    Stu says:

    What exactly can “we” do that would be “useful”? Protests certainly don’t work and neither does violence.

    Gordy won’t hold a General Election as he knows he’ll lose and can’t say i’d like to let any of the other lot in……… Frankly we’re fooked!!

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    quite so

    this is just playing directly in to McBusts hands as he always tries to blame the bankers instead of himself and the wankers in his government.

  91. 91
    turkey turkey wing (mrs) says:

    gobble, gobble, gobble

  92. 92

    I thought you didn’t have the same tastes as Gordon Brown.

  93. 93
    Anon says:

    First Gordon saves the banks

    Then the police save the RBS

    Whose side are you on boy?

  94. 94
    Back Britain says:

    A year….lets be blunt. The last Tory party and the last 12 years of The Labour have
    deregulated the Banks and given them the chance to operate in a free market
    environment. surely this is proper and correct in our fee society. They
    flunked it! If they were in another part of industry they would have gone to
    the wall. This is how capitalism works, how it creates successful
    enterprising businesses. Get it right win and profit, get it wrong and the
    market gets rid of you. This freedom is the core of our society, this is the
    reason the Tories never criticised labour for allowing the Banks the
    freedom. Now the Bankers have made a right mess of it and we cannot allow
    them to go bust. So we have to bail them out. When the dust settles and
    people have time to reflect they will realise the Government had little
    option. They know things would have been the same under the Tories. A year
    is a long time in politics, dont write off the Labour party yet. What will a
    Tory party offer us?

  95. 95


    Basel 2 removed reserves and thus created the insane possibility of infinite credit. We will drown servicing this debt.

  96. 96
    Toby says:

    thank you, yes I suppose they could be classed as funny .. as in funny farm.

    the = posters on the other hand are just Hunts

    won’der why non of them are posting this lunchtime?

  97. 97
    no longer anonymous says:

    Capitalism wasn’t overthrow in the 1930s or 1980s despite mass unemployment. Can’t see it happening today with much higher living standards.

  98. 98
    Honest Joe says:

    … yeah, deregulate the Banks

  99. 99
    russ says:

    Sky picture quality is a disgrace, I sent them the following:
    “just watching the pictures of the G20 crowds in london, why is your picture quality so bad, whenever there is social unrest anywhere in the world you manage to obtain crystal clear video of the event, however, in our own capital it appears to be impossible?? or are the pictures being deliberately pixelated on government orders to prevent images of police brutality being beamed around the world??

    I note the BBC are not even showing anything at the moment…. but they are totally state run.”

    I see the hand of Jack boot Jackie in this….

  100. 100
    So17 says:

    Sky news at Gold Command:

    A smelly jobdodger has been seen kicking himself up the arse.

  101. 101
    Plato says:

    I confess to never knowing this forum existed – boy are they pissed off.

    Just shows that Mr Fawkes’ readers and those of the Guardian are not alone….unless Mr Draper thinks we are collectively running an anti-Gordon campaign using legions of sock-puppets.

  102. 102

    Only the police and fire.

    Wait in pain soap dodgers.

  103. 103
    bofl says:

    some suggestions………

    you can all add or take the michael……..

    write to your mp+email……..

    take your money out of the bank……..
    you can put it back the next day..but if we all did it they would be very unhappy

    my local bank now gives 0.5% interest and wants to lend at 8.99%!!!!!!!!!
    after we have just bailed them out!!!!!!!!!

    doing so at rbs might force someone to get back bonuses and pensions from ALL of the board.

    write to the fsa and demand that they investigate the bankers who CLEARLY LIED ABOUT THEIR FINANCIAL POSITION.
    This is in breach of being a listed company of the London Stock Exchange.


    i know it seems futile but if we all do f/a then nothing will change……….
    and guess who will pay ?
    not gordon or dave or fred or hector-we will!!!!!!!!!

    the former ussr satellite countries lived under savage regimes……..

    but look what happened there……..
    ceaucescu thought he was invincible too.

    wear a cross of st.george armband in memory of the uk

  104. 104
    The Inquisition says:

    That’s complete hocum nonsense. The banks have collapsed because of a profusion of shadow banking that stuffed itself with credit derivatives falsely rated as AAA. AIG Financial Products anyone? The market has malfunctioned, self regulation has failed. You are an idiot. Why do you find it so hard to admit the bankers are culpable? They are the ones with their bonuses safely salted away, not the regulators. The regulators are like the Keystone Cops and the bankers are like Al Capone. For your information Al Capone dunnit, the bankers dunnit.
    Free market ideologues are the ones that have ensured this crisis is a lot worse than it would have been otherwise. If free markets are the answer, why do you agree to trade with China? It’s just a load of old hocum, the difference now is that we all know it.
    Your arguement comes down to the bankers couldn’t help themselves from destroying the institutions they work for. Which arguement is nonsense.

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  105. 105
    drinking to numb the pain says:

    thats because they are using foookin mobile phones to film it….!

  106. 106

    Banking is the most regulated industry in the U.K.

    So yes.

    The government should regulate their currency monopoly though, and that means proper reserve ratios based on say house affordability.

  107. 107
    Raving Banker says:

    I’ve got a guilty secret. I’m a righty right wing banker but I love going to those protests. And the inevitable squat parties afterwards. It’s such a wicked party vibe you can’t beat it.

    As long as you dress right and gloss over the hosts’ massively naive view of the world (and keep your true identity well hidden) then you’ll have a really good time.

    Come on Guido, you used to do raves back in the day didn’t you?

  108. 108
    Swampy says:

    The traffic, has been stopped.
    Walking and cycling unrestricted.
    Cars, buses, lorries stationary.
    Job done.

  109. 109
    bofl says:

    yes anti.your post no.78 etc are some of the best i have seen on here.

    government cause nearly all of the problems…….

    then again with a bunch of tossers who behave like lunatic sixth formers and ego maniacs in charge are we surprised?

  110. 110
    Anon says:

    talking of food (lunchtime):

    Jamie’s Menu in full


    Organic salmon from Shetland, served with samphire and sea kale, a selection of vegetables from Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and Irish soda bread.


    Goat’s cheese starter (v)

    Main course

    Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb from the Elwy Valley in north Wales, with Jersey Royal potatoes, wild mushrooms and mint sauce.


    Lovage and potato dumplings for the main course (v)


    Bakewell tart and custard.

  111. 111

    Al-BBC up to their old tricks, close up of the g20 protest crowd to hide the paucity of attendance.

  112. 112
    Plato says:

    Yesterday was infested with _Pride posters that were talking to themselves until the early hours when their Mum told them to put the light off.

    I recommend euthanising them for their own good.

    I’m reporting Derek to the RSPCA.

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Coq d’Argent – a good place to watch the swampies

  114. 114

    Mr Fawkes
    When you urinate upon these Hoons have a shake for me.
    Just taken a Webley pistol to be polished, and have the lettering filled with gold.
    I dont give money to McMental.

  115. 115
    j m barrie says:

    Send in water cannon ( like the Europeans do). Thats one thing that Europe does right.

    Give them a good wash down and they will soon have to go home to change their soggy pants.

  116. 116
    bofl says:

    inquisition 101……..er who was in charge of regulation?

    can u remember who was die kanzler for 10 years?

    the sfa are hoons-agreed- all sucking browns cock…….
    for nice salaries perks and pensions……….

    the banks however have not wasted billions of north sea oil money,mobile phone licences etc and allowed the offshoring of jobs and the destruction of industry……..

    that is down to tony and gordon………..

    labour=wanking with our money!

  117. 117
  118. 118
    Plato says:

    That well known impoverished and downtrodden victim of the Thatcher era.


    I gaped at the tenners – things have come to a low ebb, it’ll be credit card cheques next.

  119. 119
    anonybot says:

    Nuthin to see here – move along Classic Beeb comment “More journalists than protesters” etc etc and now our report on Gordon Brown’s SUCCESSFUL meeting with President Obama Yes that’s President Obama. Watch as Mr & Mrs Obama turn up at No 10 and have ecstatic greeting for Gordon and Sarah as they stand waving on the doorstep for the assembled World;Watch has Obama’s driver tries to do a 3 point(well 8 point)turn of “the Beast” in Downing Street almost wiping out the whole of the journalist pack at the same time! Gordon Brown Gordon Brown. The meeting may overrun somewhat(less time for Camo of course)Yes very small protest.Gordon Brown – saving the World…………….for “hard-pressed BRITISH families”

  120. 120
    Anon. says:

    Sky News broadcasting aerial coverage (Skycopter) but BBC showing exact shot but no ‘Sky credit’ – fucking bunch of amateur Labour fucking loving arse holes.

  121. 121
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Oh dear,

    I have to do something awful now.

    I have to thank McStalin.

    Thank you Mcmental for the enormous Gold profits I have just made. Almost makes up for the other stuff.

    Yum. More for my pile.

    Isn’t Capitalism great?

  122. 122
    PC says:

    An iPhone from the EXIF details

  123. 123
    Tracey Lourenco says:

    Has anyone seen the billboard in front of Kensington Olympia? It’s a £20 note that says G20 on it. Anyone know who is responsible or what it means?

  124. 124
    invisible andy says:

    Viva business as usual.

    Hope the Swampies and Plod don’t disrupt your commute home too much.

  125. 125
    BBCm says:

    that’s cos it’s a bbc shot and sky have bought it

  126. 126
    Anon. says:

    They just had a bloke ‘speaking to camera’ standing in an empty street. What a yellow-bellied AlJaBeeba Hunt.

  127. 127
    Elby The Beserk says:


    That is classy, regardless :-)

  128. 128
    Plato says:

    Spot on Mrs RRW. 4k is a tiny number – R5 had someone on earlier who was protesting about the decline of sparrows FFS.

    And the one before that the reporter said had come all the way from Greece only for the protester to say no Camden.

    Another she thought had ‘an Italian accent’ – what total media bollox

  129. 129
    @mbrose s1lk says:

    It’s a riot.

    Tra laa!

  130. 130
    Tin Cunliffe says:

    83 …
    And they’d come to a compromise where they paid out “le taxpayer moneying” to farmers just coz they always do. (they don’t have a word for that concept).

    I’ve not been following… but right now in france arent people taking company executives hostage until they get money?

  131. 131
    Plato says:

    Lovage and dumplings? Is that the name of another Mr Smith video favourite?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    how very common

  133. 133
    Anon. says:

    Is it a Skycopter or not?

  134. 134
    The Inquisition says:

    The Keystone Cops were in charge of regulation and they were done over brown by Al Capone.
    The crook is the crook, the cop is the cop.
    The crook goes to prison,
    The cop gets new laws.
    But now the crooks are bank rolling the Conservatives to make sure the law doesn’t get changed.

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  135. 135
    PRL says:

    I work with the sister of the owner of that tank… she forwarded the footage of her brother sat on it a while back, i forwarded back ’11 arrested for bringing APV into city’.

  136. 136

    The driver makes Woolfy Smith of the Tooting Liberation movement look inspirational.

    Just like Labour the “anti-capitalist” (work-shy) are all show and no go.

  137. 137
    Anon. says:

    Oh no! Kay Burley said the ‘R’ word.

  138. 138
    Oh Se Hoon says:

    I am the Mayor of Seoul, Beast. You are just a common or garden Hoon.

  139. 139
    no longer anonymous says:

    Inquisition, if we had free markets in banking we wouldn’t have a central bank holding interest rates too low. Believe it or not many free-marketeers saw this crisis coming.

  140. 140
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    Inky 101

    Give someone the opportunity to be greedy and unless he’s a fool or a saint, or possibly both, he’ll take it. It’s not a political thing, it’s human nature.
    Bank failure is not a failure of capitalism, it’s a failure within the capitalist system.
    Capitalism will survive all this, as you will demonstrate next time you take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free offer, something I would like my local council to emulate with the Council Tax.
    I cannot speak for others who post here but the impression I get is that their anger is not directed only at the bankers for trying it on, like they do, but for HMG for letting them, then blaming everybody else then making us and our children pick up the tab.

    Financial misconduct= The sort of thin that happens when the regulators are too busy ticking boxes to realise what is going on, etc, etc. All, in this particular instance, ‘supervised’ by a Labour Government of 10 years standing.

  141. 141
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    The guy in the beret & the Wolfie Smith glasses & flak jacket is a walking cliche from the early 1970s.

    He should have been shot in the chin for being so retro.

  142. 142
    bofl says:

    1/fawkes.is that from the tca futures office?

    2/ can someone check that the boe still has any gold in vaults?

  143. 143
    no longer anonymous says:

    The _Pride posters are clearly mocking the left-wing trolls. they say things like “i’ll report you to Derek Draper so he can report you on his blog”. They also churn out the stereotypical left-wing lines about “modern Britain” etc. I’m surprised so many people think that they’re actually being serious.

  144. 144
    Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

    An IOU would be more appropriate.

  145. 145
    Max says:

    “GO”, would you care to fook right off because your inane comments and aliases are starting to make this site hard work. If you are not busy around your Great Leader at this moment then you are clearly the very lowest of ZNL low and thus, coupled with your empty contributions, the irritation of your presence is beyond your worth. Is that clear enough?

  146. 146
    Section D Notice says:

    Democracy…it’s not a spectator sport…except when it is!

  147. 147
    A horrible, snivelling, conceited, cheating, thieving little shit, says:

    Aye! T’Banks hav’ gotta be responsbl’ an’nae more spec’late wi’ money that’ families trust them wi’ ‘em.

    Bu’ ar’ ardmir’ yon’ phallus i’tha’ piccy!

    Mind ye, nuthen’s’nae ma fult ye understand!

    [Translation : a posturing arrogant little fool like myself has no right to lecture other people about how to run their business. Especially if that business is banking or anything to do with money. For I, with no useful qualifications in anything, including of course, money, have squandered money like there’s no tomorrow. To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what I’ve done with most of it over the years. Except, of course, it’s GONE!!

    However, I do very much care for that pointy standing up thing in the sky in Guido’s piccy. Both Sarah, the servant girl, – and Peter, my Human Comfort Blanket – seem to like it too. I wonder why.

    And as to families, why, Old-Noo (née Noo-Old) BoringLiars and me have done more to degrade, downgrade, destroy, and denigrate family life than any other factor in history. I have played a major part by making it more profitable to sponge off the state and not bother with any sort of long-lasting ‘relationship’ as us Progressives call it. And our teen pregnancy rates are the wonder of Europe. No wonder they are jealous of me. (Remember girls, you get a free flat and all the frills if you get up the duff. You gotta ditch the guy though, – well he’s probably not hanging around anyway unless he’s a bit thick!)

    And just to show how much we care about family finances, we put the tax up on petrol today.

    But of course, as you would expect, nothing is my fault.

    And you probably realise I’m only spouting this crap for the benefit of sound bites on AlJaBeeba. ]

  148. 148
    John Lyon CB - Do Not Disturb says:

    That should be Do Not Disturb! I know some may want to call me a turd.

  149. 149
    Budgie says:

    Notice there are no ZaNu Labour trolls this morning? They were all told to go and demonstrate by their Marxist master, one Gordoom McDebt.

  150. 150
    Anon says:

    There are some better pictures over on Conservative Home!

  151. 151
    Max says:

    Hi Inky, if you are over 40 might I suggest you go round to your GP and book in for one of those “medical MOT’s” that The Great One has delivered unto the Nation; ask the receptionist to note that you would like a focus on your mental abilities because I suspect you have something wrong with you.

  152. 152
    Bugs says:

    UHH…Wassup Doc?

  153. 153
    Mr Cadbury's Parrot says:


  154. 154
    Mr Plod says:

    Ello Ello Ello! Wot’s going on ‘ere Little Troll?

  155. 155
    Budgie says:

    The Inquisition sounds as demented as HAL.

  156. 156
    Winnie The Pooh says:

    Leave me out of it!

  157. 157
    John Lyon CB - Do Not Disturb says:

    I seem to be suffering some sort of Guido auto remove equipment to my posts and I have said anything naughty or that may upset him orv Mr Burnham, very odd!

  158. 158
    Gobbler says:

    Is that what Jacqui says when she’s at home with the Old Man?

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Ah, Seoul!

  160. 160
    Lord Mandlebum says:

    I love a good Coq!

  161. 161
    GhostWriter says:

    Christ, I need a bath…
    Just mistyped order-order with a .co.uk and was taken against my will to labourlist.
    I feel dirty and sullied by the experience.

  162. 162
    The Sad Englander says:

    But it’s Wednesday Davidc, not waiting that long for a pint.

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Herr Comrade Chairman McStalinBrownStainovich’s books, writings, and words are not gold. They are more precious than gold. Chairman McStalinBrownStainovich’s words are not steel, – they are stronger than steel!

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

    You are a douchebag. Secondly, Derek, you know that Labour have their man in the Speaker’s chair and so control the debate ruthlessly. Hannan would never have been able to make his speech in the mother of parliaments, Gorbals Mick would have silenced him or chucked him out of the chamber.

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    If he spoke to another reporter later then it shows what a berk he is as obvioiusly no good reason for his silence. I expect his agent phoned him and told him off.

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    What a disappointing protest, I was looking forward to crustie/student blood running through the streets, I suppose Jacqui will be claiming all the credit for the peacefulness of the whole day, to many bloody journo’s and foreigners attending.

  167. 167
    Max says:

    The inarticulation (or otherwise) can be attributed to where they are on the drugs preference spectrum. I have worked out by a careful study of various TV and radio interviews and a number of websites that the thread that brings these people together is illicit drug taking and that in general terms the dominant clique here is the Cannabis Left Tendency. In itself the Cannabis Left has a spectrum ranging from dangerous city dwelling homicidal maniacs through to rural based little old ladies keen on DIY pain management inbetween WI meetings. “Banks, Global Warming, innit…” just about sums it up. Innit?

  168. 168
    Max says:

    Yup, and the vee sign is self explanatory of course…

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    I suspect that his Agent DID tell him to get down there – to get himelf in the papers. He’s got no talent so it’s a way to get publicity.

  170. 170
    The Inquisition says:

    Max imum Idiot,
    If you wish to trade insults I would be happy to do so.
    However because you are a person of little or no imagination there is little point.
    You and your ilk stay wedded to not blaming the kleptocratic bankers good for you. Now get out of the way.
    It’s over.

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  171. 171
    Mr Cadbury's Parrot says:

    Oi Budgie! Fancy going for a few bevvies and then we could go back to yours and ruffle a few feathers?

  172. 172
    Lord Mandlebum says:

    He was probably thinking of me!

  173. 173
    Hercules says:

    @ Inquisition, because the burden of proof is on him, not me. He made a statement, I asked him to justify it? Get it???

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Apologies. I’ve just thrown up after imagining Jackie Smith in some Anne Summers gear.

  175. 175
    Jaaathro says:

    Don’t you’m be going falling ‘eadlong into no SOILAGE! Cos you’m won’t be welcome back wi’in the hallowed precincts of the lurcher and ferret club smellin’ loike no new labour nanny goat cos ‘at bain’t the ways of the Hunt-TREE!!!

    ‘Em unwashed students ne’er done a daze honest toil in their LOIVES. ‘Em want to come down ‘ere mucking out the COWSHED. Let me see them ‘ANDS there, boy! Oi can sees you’m never done a daze honest toil NOITHER but you bain’t ‘alf be dab ‘and at STROPPIN’ THE MULLIGAN boy looks of things. Your name Richard Timney or whaaat?

    Oh arrrr!

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Saracen APC
    V. Nice.
    And ‘wolfie’ probably couldn’t get the Scimitar Light Tank.

    As he is so fond of the 70s give him some 70s policing :
    Da ‘Sweeney’

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or do news-paps make up half of the crowd?

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    We’ve bin thru dis before.
    It was photoshopped.

  179. 179
    anon says:

    Just hope the fucking lamb had sheep BSE – not that you’d ever notice the difference with most of those hoons, particularly that big girls blouse Gordon Gonadless. Incidentally, his famed bestselling book on Courage, in hardback, is in our local bookstore for £2 – yes, £2, marked down from £16.99. I had to buy a copy, complete with the big £2 sticker on it. Must have been a runaway success – a bit like he is as PM.

  180. 180
    Max says:

    Inky you are a buffoon precisely because you are so completely blinkered and partisan. If you had simply read my previous posts you would have already known that I am completely NOT with these “bankers”, beloved strangely of your party, who I have on many occasions labelled both thick and greedy. What you have not comprehended for weeks on here is that these “bankers” did what they did because your Dear Leader and the utter twat ZNL pallied up with them and let them do it, dined out for 10 years on how clever Socialism was and then bailed their ‘rses out with public debt when it all went tits. Is that ok for you? Oh and BTW they then get snotty runarounds like you to cover their ‘rses in turn by changing the story and trying to blame the tories for it all, after 12 years in control! You and I may disagree but for heaven’s sake start the argument by some referencing to the facts. And spell argument properly too because that irritates me as well.

  181. 181
    You can't pull the wool over my eyes says:

    That’s called scrapie and it’s been in the national sheep flock for 200 or more years.


  182. 182
    IRB says:

    Really fucking badly.

    While I’m on why does every photo of Gordon Brown look like a really bad photoshop?

  183. 183

    Just had a look around the various news sites on this topic. There seem to be rather more media and photographers than demonstrators.

    As for the ‘RBS riot’, half a dozen nutters break a window and try to ‘storm’ a bank; there are perfectly good doors you know.

  184. 184
    Max says:

    Apparently a sgned copy is down to a quid.

  185. 185
    W.W. says:

    Even our rioters are shite ate thier ‘jobs’ now.

    Not exactly the miners strike.


  186. 186
    Max says:

    Simple, he’s in the toilet.

  187. 187
    Budgie says:

    Guido, shouldn’t that be “Lunchtime O’View”?

  188. 188
    Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    PRO-CAPITALISM PROTESTOR. From daily mail, they seemed to not be able to distinguish this dapper chappy from the commie mob. And is that Road to Serfdom in his hands? Huzzah.

    Guido any more pics like this?

  189. 189
    Jaaathro says:

    Don’t you’m be going pushing that poncy metropolitan food, boy. You’m want to come down to the HOON-TREE! Plate de jour down the Dog and Ferret is Mini-Kevins followed by Hovercraft of Beef, drizzled with the jism of axolotls. Goes down a treat.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    What’s his tie?

  191. 191
    anistorian says:

    He’s wearing the tie of my children’s primary school; he looks a bit too old for it.

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Max imum Idiot,

    Michael Spencer
    Stanley Fink
    Stuart Wheeler
    Lord Ashcroft
    Conservative dodgy contributors and treasurers
    Faux free market ideologues, status and class obsessed, panderers to fascists and racists. Anti trade union to the point of destroying large industries. Inbred inner circle of incompetent aristocratic families. Bruges group, dries and wets grammar school bag carriers. Stigmatisers of poverty.

    If you think that Brown has had more power than the financial oligolopoly in the last twelve years you are truly and absolutely off your creepy small minded rocker.


    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  193. 193
    Plato says:

    Yes – here is the most exciting one I picked up from the BBC Frontpage move along now – nothing to see – literally

  194. 194
    no longer anonymous says:

    Random question to which I should know the answer – what’s the tall building on the far right?

  195. 195
    So17 says:

    Them lefty birds love a bit of wideboy as well.
    A man with a sense of humour and a little cheek makes a change from ‘Tarquin’.
    ‘OOH I feel your pain’ and ‘Shhh if you listen,you can hear the Dolphins cry’
    Must get on their tits.

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Puzzle Palace?

  197. 197
    Anonymous says:

    I was stood by that window 5 minutes before it got smashed, thinking nothing interesing was happening!

  198. 198
  199. 199
    Dick Tingly, Redditch says:

    Has anyone seen Jacqui?

  200. 200
    Gordon the McMentalist says:

    From the LabourLiegraph,

    “They were met by derision from City workers, who waved £10 notes from their offices at marchers on the streets below.”

    That’s the difference. 10 years we would throw £1 coins at the swampies, telling them “here, go and and have a bath on me”, while waving £50 notes at them. Sad sign of the times that they can only wave tenners at the soapdodgers – most of whom probably earn more than the traders anyway in this day and age.

  201. 201
    Cicero says:

    Is that you, Wordsworth?

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks. Pity tho as I’ve lost my lunch.

  203. 203
    non-Stasi says:

    British people still have the right to protest and demonstrate in their own country, you tedious little shit.

  204. 204
    The Duchess of Wotton Underwood says:

    9 hours of listening to that unstable hoon tomorrow. That will take “kerridge”, or some other ricy, spicy, haddock dish….

  205. 205
  206. 206
    Cameron's hair state maximum hold not enough says:

    It’s like the parting of the seas nothing can hold that bald patch back, by May 2010 all will be lost for the baloon cheeked dribbling soap salesman with no lips, who was smoked at Prime Minister’s Questions in the midst of the most historic international meeting in sixty years. He looked like Noddy. Soon he’ll have to wear the hat with the bell to hide his Rich Tea biscuit.

    By gosh I think we’ve got it.

    Noddy = David Cameron

  207. 207
    non-Stasi says:


    You are the voice of sanity on this blog but you are wasting your time, it’s full of snotty-nosed teenage gobshites and armchair warriors these days.

  208. 208
    Harriet Harman PM in waiting says:

    Behold! My people love ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On yer bike, Gordo

  209. 209
    Max says:

    So, McBroon in government for 12 years but not in power? Tell you what, have a word with your man and say the people out there would like an election. Then quietly both fook off, eh?

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    A Dam Good Thrashing?

    It’s this sort of thing that makes the public want to march on parliament and give MP’s a dam good thrashing!

    As usual the police will be caught in the middle.

    On the one hand trying to uphold the rule of law by keeping an unruly and unhappy mob hell bent on mayhem and destruction and with complete disregard for democracy in check.

    And the police will be expected to take care of members of the public who turn up as well!

  211. 211
    So17 says:

    ‘I expected to see windows smashed and city bankers hanging from lamp posts’ Says the great sage ‘Bruce Kent’.
    Your expectations about anger towards City Bankers was a about as correct as your expectations of a Nuclear Holocaust you silly old wanker.
    Who next will be wheeled out the socialist Tomb? Fucking Lenin.

  212. 212
    Plato says:

    Is he wearing Michael Sheen’s Cloughie wig?

  213. 213
    Plato says:

    She’s been photoshopped outside Ann Summers.

  214. 214
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    “We are within a few hours of agreeing a global plan for economic recovery and reform.”

    McMental sounds like Hitler in the bunker as the Red Army approached, stating over & over that victory for the Reich will be theirs within hours.

    And the true horror is that there is no-one around him who has the guts, the honesty, the public service ethos & some spine to actually present McMental with a revolver – let alone have a Von Staffenberg moment of clarity themselves……

  215. 215
    Burnham Blog-Polizei says:

    Wir sind Neue Arbeit. Papiere. Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere. Jetzt. Schnell.

  216. 216
    Anonymous says:

    If a police chief allows his city to become a criminal infested wasteland he tends to lose his job.

  217. 217
    jgm2 says:

    Fucking vegetarian dishes? Surely to God no nation on earth elects a fucking vegetarian into a position of authority. The kind of imbecile people who can’t distinguish between the ‘right to life’ of a tasty animal and the right to life of a human being are not people I’d want fucking well trying to prioritise how to run a country.

    Otherwise you end up with a bunch of fucking idiots who will spend months trying to ‘save’ a few fucking foxes from getting eaten by dogs but agree to invade another country, killing 100’s of 1000’s in the process with a quick show of hands.


    Very important in government. And in life in general.

  218. 218

    Give us back our country Brown you Hunt!

  219. 219
    Hercules says:

    Imagine the chaos that would ensue if instead of just waving the notes they actually dropped them on the fuckers. I’d love to see the anarchist-on-anarchist action as they scrambled for the cash.

  220. 220
    The Inquisition says:

    Max imum Idiot,
    If you think that Brown has had more power than the financial oligolopoly in the last twelve years you are truly and absolutely off your creepy small minded rocker.

    Please note the word more.


    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  221. 221
    jlilburn says:

    Can i ask why on earth this G20 sumit was held in London? By doing so you are asking for trouble, and it’s costing a fortune to police. There is the matter of an England qualifying football match on at the same time in the same city (this correct?). The poilice must be pretty stretched. Not to mention what happens if some p***ed up footy fans get to meet some anachists. Was it Gordon Browns’s decision to hold it in London?

  222. 222
    W.W. says:

    I know my prose is eloquent enough to move people to tears,

    But no Wordsworth I ain’t.


  223. 223
    Anon says:

    Merkel and Sarkozy on tv at the moment. Only a French translation available so no English btranslation – good old BBC just can’t get it right can they?

  224. 224
  225. 225
    Pugwash says:

    its all goin’ tit-shaped…

  226. 226
    non-non-stasi says:

    Objection: It wasn’t tedious.

  227. 227
    andrew sachs says:

    I’d shag him.

  228. 228
    Swampy says:

    1540 The BBC’s Dominic Casciani says: If the demonstrators set out to stop the City then they have succeeded. We’ve been walking down street after street as if cars don’t exist. Police are hemming in protesters who they think might want a confrontation, but many others are drifting about looking for something to do.

    Job done!

  229. 229
    Martin says:

    Guido. Please tell me you were urinating on the unwashed scum below you? It would be the nearest any of them have some to a wash in years.

    You should have thrown bars of soap down to them.

  230. 230
    bughunter says:

    I just typed in order-order.co.uk by mistake – the system automatically redirected me to dolly’s labourlist site – is that how he gets his viewers?

  231. 231
    Anon says:


  232. 232
    gOrDOn says:

    A rocking horse, a rocking horse…my kingdom for a rocking horse!

  233. 233
    Richard Timney says:

    I’d love to have a little bash on your patio

  234. 234
    Anonymous says:

    Na its TieRack got one meself

  235. 235
    Anon says:

    …to say nothing of the hordes of press journalists and photographers

  236. 236
    Anon says:

    pear shaped?

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron wasted all his questions today. Should have attacked that Hunt Brown over NuLab sleaze. I was hoping that he was going to ask McStalin if any of members of his government were watching porn movies!

  238. 238
    krunch says:

    “……but many others are drifting about looking for something to do.

    They’re too thick even to have a wank

  239. 239
    Cato says:


  240. 240
    Cato says:

    As Guido would doubtless say, Accept a full refund and fuck off.

  241. 241
    lord of the open flies says:

    I’d rather have a gherkin.

  242. 242

    I think the answer to “Is Gordon Brown insane” is yes.

    I believed he has a grandiose delusional disorder. But having viewed his behaviour around the US president, I believe he may in fact be erotomanic in nature also.

    Therefore, I would say he is insane. In the conventional use of the word.

    The commenter here (comment number 199) may also suffer from a similar disorder, hence the outburst against this link.

    I would probably say a jealous delusional disorder combined with an inferiority complex. He has fixated on David Cameron’s hair, which may suggest that he has some form of baldness or dermatological issue with his own scalp. Certainly something visible to a casual passer-by.

    The general rule is that where people start using crude verbal attacks against others, they often use familiar “tools”. That is, they recognise how hurtful a certain attack has been on them, and they wish to appease the pain caused by it, by using it on others.

    That is why I draw these conclusions against this comment.

    Another interesting facet of the comment is the x = y nature of these posts.

    It suggests that they have previously been mentally scarred by brutal statements in the past. E.g. “Chris is a nonce”. Very short and brutal to a developing psyche, presumably the cause of the continual reoccurance of a similar formation.

    It is obviously someone who was heavily bullied at school and was never able to gain closure through revenge or success.

    I can understand the identification with Gordon Brown – a visually unpleasant man, with little outward appeal.

    I imagine they particularly appreciate how he has achieved his position. That is, subverting the normal course of democracy and refusing to submit to a “popularity contest”. I would suggest that this satisfies some deep-rooted fear unpopularity.

    In short, this person is empowered by the internet’s anonymity and feels capable of mocking those similar to the ones who once taunted him and denied him his youth.

    It is this line of thought that brings me to question what other activities this person may use the internet for.

    This is speculation, but if this were a patient, I would be mindful of mentioning sexual encounters for enraging the individual. The issue of trust would be raised and the doctor-patient relationship would be tainted.

    Since this person is not a patient, I can quite confidently suggest that this contributor most likely frequently uses pornography of a very hardcore nature and has inclinations towards younger girls, or indeed boys. The fixation on male appearances appears to be compulsive but primarily focuses on the individual’s own self-worth so I would probably discount homosexuality in the first instance.

    However, I would register concern as the legality of the pornography in use. It is entirely credible that this commenter uses illegal material.

  243. 243
    An Idiot says:

    Yeah, that would have played well in the Daily Mail.

  244. 244
    Noddy the Leader of the Conservative Party says:

    You couldn’t pass as a Lolly Pop lady.

  245. 245
    Anonymous says:

    You are an asshat. The city got on with doing trades and making the international capital markets work. The demonstrators maybe stopped the free papers from being delivered to the guys who give them out at the stations and that’s it.

  246. 246
  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    What, no “financial incompetence = conservatives” ?


  248. 248
    Tony Benn says:

    A womfy pomfy shomfle womfle chartishtsh and suffragettesh

    A pomfle shomfy womfy momfle minersh

    A shomfle pomfle momfle womfle chartishtsh and suffragettesh

  249. 249
    Call me Infidel says:

    He does a lot of great work for charity….his own that is. The rozzers should have made a special effort to give him a good shellacking with the nightstick.

  250. 250
    lord of the open flies says:

    I’d hang on a bit longer if I were you, when you’ll be able to buy the UK for a quid.

  251. 251
    Labour Pride says:

    I think Gordon’s lunacy must have really peaked today, along with the piddle of cum from his tiny mickey.

    I’m ashamed to be a Bunker troll and Ambrose has just shit himself.

  252. 252
    Green-haired punk says:

    I need a wee….I WEALLY WEALLY need a wee!

    ….oops….too late…

  253. 253
    Ratsniffer says:

    Saw the BBC footage – a sea of white, middle class, scruffy, unwashed losers.

    Fucks sake, Jocasta, Poppy, Archie and Josh, sod off back to Uni or go do a days work with real people, stacking shelves.

  254. 254
    IRB says:

    You going to be back tomorrow?

    You can’t have the revolution on flexitime you lazy Huntbubble.

  255. 255
    Swampy says:

    Are you saying they don’t use messengers any more, oh wow!

    The streets were cleared, the cars were stopped. Much amusement was had by seeing the loads of city type clerks come in showing all the world what awkward repressed messed up idiots they are by dressing down and showing us their ‘home’ face. What for?

    As for bringing trading to a halt I think you’ll find that the capital markets have been up clogged, frozen, crunched, in meltdown for some many months now. They only keep going by running to the Bank of England’s ‘window’ every other day to suck on the teat of tax payers money. It’s a crisis of capitalism or some such thing.

    You are not even a hat.

  256. 256
    So17 says:

    ‘I predict a riot, if there’s any one left in here that doesn’t want to be out there,I predict a riot’
    A broken down bendy bus would cause more disruption in the city.
    Face it the most hyped event in the calender of all left wing fuckwits has been a flop thus far.
    The young of today are more intrested in Jade Goody and Anal sex.

  257. 257
    kaiser says:

    This is one of the first big demonstrations of the ‘elf an safety generation, so don’t expect a riot.

  258. 258
    Swampy says:

    Please see 248, you need help.

  259. 259
    Dominic Casciani says:

    If the demonstrators set out to stop the City then they have succeeded. We’ve been walking down street after street as if cars don’t exist.

  260. 260

    Whilst Guido was on the outside pissing in, I was on the inside pissing out

  261. 261
    kasper says:

    I hope you ate salad at lunch.
    I am concerend about your weight-issue.

  262. 262
    kenny says:

    “If the demonstrators set out to stop the City then they have succeeded. We’ve been walking down street after street as if cars don’t exist.”

    That’s because plod cleared it for you, you dopey twat.

  263. 263
    kasper says:

    well her fanny was knackered and cancered up what alternative to anal sex was dur?

  264. 264
    Swampy says:

    You’re the dope and so are the plod.

  265. 265
    kasper says:

    are you sure cars exist?

  266. 266
    Swampy says:

    Just about certain, how about you?

  267. 267
    anon126 says:

    just done it and like you said it forwards to labourlist. I think Guido could make a complaint against them for that. Or he could do the same for every suffix of labourlist and see how they like it

  268. 268
    kenny says:

    Not only dopey, but a swamp with delusions of grandeur FFS.

  269. 269
    Swampy says:

    Did you expect the demonstrators to go and stop all the cars themselves?
    The police have to close the streets so they can move around and respond to incidents in different parts of the City.

    Oh never mind.

    Yeah the police outsmarted everyone by closing the streets so that the demonstrators couldn’t close them, brilliant.

  270. 270
    kenny says:

    Next time go and lie down in a road full of fast moving traffic, and put everyone out of their misery.

  271. 271
    Max says:

    So Inky you blame who? The tories or the financial oligopolists or indeed, by your anti “tory” rantings are you claiming that the tories are the oligopolists?

    I understand your claim that McBroon is weaker than or powerless against the oligopolists but are you suggesting that the tories, in power or not, are not in the same position ie they either are or support the oligopolists or are more powerful anyway than the oligopolists?

    If the answer to that is yes then what you are implying is that the tories have been the ones truly in power ie in control for the last 12 years and not the ZNL or Mcbroon; is that your assertion? Because that is more interesting than what you normally spout, so you have my attention; now tell me.

  272. 272
    Max says:

    And also note that I even let you off your spelling of oligopoly. Till now.

  273. 273
    The BBC are vermin says:

    Or cleaning windows with their tongues

  274. 274
    phil mc cavity says:

    no wonder O’bama needs hundreds of security staff.
    gordon looked like he was deperate to get down and give him a blow job!

  275. 275
    Basil Brush says:

    Boom Boom!

  276. 276
    Nanny Sarah says:

    Time to have your nappy changed, Gordon!

  277. 277
    Budgie says:

    Actually Lenin is stiff all over.

  278. 278
    Budgie says:

    Gordoom’s ZaNu thugs were a wash out – get used to it.

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    They are mostly middle to upper class toffs who will one day be working in the City. Christ they are so seen it all before !

  280. 280
    Budgie says:

    Yes, the police closed a few streets to road traffic to stop the ZaNu Labour street thugs from causing too much damage. Your demo was a fizzle, fortunately. Why should decent law abiding people have to pay for your mindless hooliganism as well as subsidising McBust and his banking friends?

  281. 281
    Anonymous says:

    Swampy you shoulkdbe forced to live in a smelly cave with absolutley NO mod cons or any benefits from our Capitalist Culture you fuckwit.

    But of course you are probaly going home to mummy and daddy big house you nampy pampy Hunt.

  282. 282
    Budgie says:

    What about asking why the ZaNu Labour ‘Europe’ minister hasn’t read the Lisbon treaty?

  283. 283
    P W Watson says:

    Where are the crowds? I went to ALL of the Countryside Marches and there were over 750,000 of us. Too bad we went unarmed. The G20 protesters are nut jobs.

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    Fuck you ass hole!

  285. 285
    RavingMad says:

    You have to hand it to Sky and the BBC. They have done an exemplory job of news manufacture er sorry coverage on the protests today. They were there when one bloke brakes one window of the RBS bank and mayhem ensues as photographers want to get their shots. They were there to report on the millions of hoodies who constantly broke ranks and upset the police. The police, god bless ‘em survived a torrent of abuse and nuisance and behaved in the usual British stiff upper lip fashion and wantonly beat people over the head with trucheons. The police regularly surged forward pushing people into small spaces, irrespective of whether all of those people were on the demonstration. They held people in small groups despite people wanting to leave the area. Sky and the BBC performed a magnificent task of upholding our democracy ( what’s left of it) by both bolstering police action and suggesting that it’s okay to protest so long as you do so within the set parameters set out by the government and the police.

    This government, the political elites and the establishment have presided over the worst economic crisis for decades. people are losing their businesses, their jobs and their homes. The criminals in power even misuse OUR money on their lavish expenses. yet it is the few thousand protestors who are the problem. This country stinks and the stink comes from the top.

  286. 286
    peter says:

    Watching sky news the police are a absolute disgrace they are just out for a fight

  287. 287

    Only after 2.30pm

    Up until then, they were great

    And yes, I was there. Not having lunch from a safe distance either

  288. 288
    non-non-non stasi says:

    Buzzzzz…… repetition

  289. 289
    Katabasis says:

    A few thoughts on Mr. Brand.

  290. 290
    Anonymous says:

    does he watch porn movies too?

  291. 291
    Anonymous says:

    whats the point in choosing Labour last lookalikes. No one goes there anyway so a bit of a waste of money

    Remeber just type in order order and select

  292. 292
    Rob says:

    Anagram on Hannan’s Blog – How bloody true

  293. 293
    Max says:

    Exactly, AKA McBroon Economic Theory.

  294. 294
    Max says:

    Must have been a bad day for ZNL because we are back to “Dave’s Hair”. Didn’t see any comments last week on Hannan’s Hair strangely (he doesn’t have much, I’ll admit).

  295. 295
    non-non-non-non-stasi says:

    What was repetition?

  296. 296
    Anonymous says:

    Just got word from someone at the protests, the police have killed a protester. He was struck repeatedly on the head and upper body and collapsed and died a few minutes after getting up and staggering away.

  297. 297
    A passing psychiatrist says:

    “Dave’s Hair”, as you call him, has no relationship with Hannan. Whereas he has created a relationship with David Cameron, albeit a one-sided relationship that only exists in his head.

    This relationship is no less real, even though he has never met him. Presumably.

    Despite his youth, Dave’s Hair views Cameron as some form of parental figure to rebel against. This can often happen with individuals who have had absent fathers. Note that this does not necessarily mean that they were physically absent.

    Also, it could well be an indication that Dave’s Hair’s father was relatively old when Dave’s Hair was born. If he was bald, Dave’s Hair would have viewed this as a sign of his human frailty. It would help explain his fixation.

    As boys with (much) older fathers tend to be alienated from their peer groups more often, this backs the hypothesis of Dave’s Hair being a victim of bullying.

    Dave’s Hair is easily distinguished from those who were bullied at school for being an over-achiever, i.e. a bit of a geek. His language and grammar is underdeveloped and is indicative of an average intellect which has been prevented from grafting during its formative years.

  298. 298
    D503 says:

    Did you lose your religion?

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