March 18th, 2009

LibDem Youth Teeny Totty Tantrums

libdem-girlsIt seems Nick Clegg is having trouble with the kids, after personally launching the rebranded Liberal Youth movement last year, the kids are now biting the hand that feeds them. Their election for a new chairman has descended into the kind of fight that only student politics can. The incumbent chair, Elaine Bagshaw, is a Labour defector (pictured here raving) who has been compared to Vicky Pollard by Quentin Letts. Opponents say she is playing dirty to secure a second term.

Her libertarian leaning opponent Sara Scarlett (pictured smiling), has resigned from the kids club executive after rounds of furious bitching* chronicled by the Tory Bear blog.  Mind you she managed to slag of the sheer “corporate incompetence” of Cowley Street before she went.  In an illiberal move worthy of Trotskyite splinter group, Bagshaw is now trying to get her opponent kicked out of the party to clear the way for her re-election.

Both candidates for the top job have  called for Liberal Youth the organisation to be scrapped – does that show leadership potential?

*There was a  Downfall spoof video, a must have for any political bitchfight these days, sadly that disappeared after talk of legal action.


  1. 1
    Rt. Hon. Geoff Hoon says:

    sadly that disappeared after talk of legal action.

    It’s pathetic these days how so much debate and satire is attempted to be stifled by legal action. Even the bloody kids are doing it now!

    Hear that Dolly?

    I too have been keeping up with ToryBear on this, and he’s been quite good in keeping up with the story.

    Oh, and anyone who wants a good laugh can pop over to the official Liberal Youth forum here:


    • 102
      Presserwatch says:

      Oh! Sorry, Just wish to also add that I am and remain, a total and utter ladies appendage of the most wicked order of the sillit bang.

      Thank you for allowing this correction to appear which means the Guardian Newspaper will not now have to go into the second page for all the corrections it has to do on a daily basis.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    pretty girls


  3. 3
    Dick the Prick says:

    Not related to the illustrious John Scarlett? As Anon 4.12 says – it’s kinda difficult getting enthused about the err….grown up party of losers and limpits but Liberal kiddies – FFS – get thee back to your Heat mags.


  4. 4
    Anon says:

    Blimey, just seen the Bagshaw woman on Tory Bear video. With twin peaks like hers she surely can’t fail.


  5. 5
    Wind O'Liquor says:

    Totty? The bint on the right seems to be missing several teeth. Perhaps she had a run-in with “Who Ate All The Pies” Prescott.


  6. 6
    Wind O'Liquor says:

    Actually, having watched some of the video she appears to have been out to dinner with Prescott, judging by her ample waistline.


  7. 7
    Guthrum says:

    Well if ‘Libertarian’ Sara will hang out with Social Democrats it all ends in tears.


  8. 8
    Anon says:

    If she went out to dinner with More-Pies Prescott then presumably she had to provide something in return…..


  9. 9
    P says:

    What a horrible political party.


  10. 10
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Remember ‘Skunk’ Hain started off in the Young Liberals. These people could go far. They might one day come fifth in a contest for LibDem deputy leader and get into trouble over the expenses.


  11. 11
    The Inquisition says:

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives


    • 13
      Budgie says:

      Is this financial misconduct in running the Tory party? If so presumably you have sufficient proof to justify your accusation. And can furnish that proof to the Electoral Commission.

      Or do you mean financial misconduct in running the country? If you think so, then I have to break it to you gently that the country has been run for the last 12 years by ZaNu Labour.

      So the financial misconduct you see all around you, from cheating Ministers, to bent legislation and bought peerages, to the wrecking of the UK economy is the result of one James Gordon McBust’s ministrations.


      • 16
        Max says:

        Inquisition is just being his usual “mental” self, cor blimey he’s a laugh down the student’s union. He’ll be sober in a bit and get himself back on thread…somewhere


      • 21
        The Inquisition says:

        There is a global financial crisis.
        The Conservative Party and its wayward followers barely acknowledge that fact.
        The financial crisis has arisen because of financial misconduct in banks, hedge funds and private equity funds.
        The Conservative Party and its wayward followers do not like to acknowledge the fact of the financial crisis for two reasons.
        Reason number 1: The Conservative Party is the party of the rich and the deluded want to be rich. The rich have been involved in the financial misconduct that has led to the financial crisis.
        Reason number 2: The Conservative Party lamely attempts to lay the blame for the financial crisis on the Government, when in fact the greed and incompetence of the financial sector has led to the crisis.

        Financial misconduct = Conservatives


      • 25
        ambrosia cream pie says:


        I suppose McTwat was having a lie in at the time.


      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        Inquisition says “Financial Misconduct = Conservatives”

        please tell me you are joking. It was labour who wanted to open up the markets. Labour who encouraged “High Steet Banks” to enter into the “Investment Banking” world. It was Labour who encouraged “light touch regulation”. It was Brown who boasted to the Europeans of our Banking Model – and told them they were all backwards and out of touch.

        Only a Labour supported could misinterpret this mess so highly.

        And why is this misinterpretation possible ?

        I issue you to a challenge. When you see an MP or commentator on newsnight or the daily politics or the news. Go to Wiki and look up their career. Do you expect to see success or mediocreness ? I dare yo to do it. What conclusion do we draw from this ?

        Labour = Underqualified people and mediocreness.


      • 31
        Max says:

        Inquisition I think you will find plenty of the “rich” involved in the financial crisis (as far as the UK is concerned) are very closely linked to the current government and not the Tory party. They have become rich under ZNL “regulation”, been amply rewarded with government jobs under ZNL and been given honours under ZNL, ignoring contractual rights to pensions etc for the moment. Thus the correlation between the “blame for the financial crisis (in the UK)” and the Tories is very weak. The banks have in fact for years (er, since 1997) been very close to government via the FSA, as we all now know. I keep stressing “in the UK” because making a correlation at all between the financial crisis having any roots in the UK, whether Tory linked or not, is off message with your Dear Leader because as you well know by now the crisis was not made in Britain at all, it having “started in America”. Obviously the Tory controlled bits of, er, America…

        By the way I have no argument with the point you have made along the lines of “the greed and incompetence of the financial sector has led to the crisis” I think you will find though that most of us here would add “the government” and “the (government) regulators” in there and maybe add “in part” after “led”.

        Just for the avoidance of all doubt, much of what you state makes sense other that the silly sods in government over the last 12 years are ZNL and not the Tories. A bit of a re-edit with an eye to the actualite and a bit less of the stereotyping and you are there.


    • 24
      Captain Haddock says:

      Inquisition, Jane Moore did a Despatches programme recently on Labour government expenditure. She revealed that “Lord” Mandelson’s departmental offices spend £2000 a month on cut flowers. Jack Straw’s department spends £275,000 a year on potted plants.

      In the time of the worst recession for many years is this the most appropriate way to spend taxpayers’ money?

      You could fund nurses, soldiers or teachers with that money, but, no, flowers and plants are clearly more important to the noble Lord and Jack.

      Is this financial misconduct? If it is, it didn’t happen under the Conservatives.


      • 33
        Sir Percy Sillitoe says:

        How much do they spend on peanuts?


      • 36
        anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

        And she revealed that the cost of PFI projects will be £240 billion, that’s in addition to the £200 billion borrowed between 2001 and 2008, which is about to be quadrupled over the next four years even if Labour lose.

        Then there’s the pensions.

        Inquisition – you are a brain dead moron and I should know one of those when I see one given where I work!


      • 38
        Max says:

        A Monkey


      • 40
        Hugh Janus says:

        Yes Capt H, excellent programme. Another essential bit of expenditure (sorry, “investment”) was some pictures in the MOD for – what was it – £250,000? I too was sickened by the flowers and the potted plants. Not only is this obscene in a recession, it’s completely unnecessary in the so-called good times too.

        Money well spent of course, our troops already have everything they could ever need, including lots of helicopters to save them being blown to pieces in crap vehicles. Strangely, they are still having to buy some of their own kit. Still, as long as the MOD have plenty of chairs at twelve hundred quid a time everything is hunky dory.


      • 41
        Max says:

        I meant they spent a “monkey” on peanuts ie £500, not that Inky was a monkey; god forbid…


      • 44
        Max says:

        Hugh, the FSA has at least £250K of art on display down at Canary Wharf. Maybe £250K was the “John Lewis List” amount that these idiots could spend?


      • 45
        Sir Percy Sillitoe says:

        This is getting ridiculous, you pay for peanuts with a monkey?
        WHat happened to you pay peanuts and you get monkeys?


      • 51
        Max says:

        Sir Percy, it’s to do with your “personal compass” as per previous posts ie gawd knows what anything is actually worth or means anymore. I’m so confused I need a cup of tea and a lie down; also know as pie and secs I believe.


    • 42
      The Inquisition says:

      @31 Max, please try not to waffle
      The Conservative Party is a party of spivs for spivs, look a their treasurers.
      That’s why they steer clear of discussing the actual problem, because the crisis was created by greedy corrupt incompetent spivs in the financial sector.

      Financial misconduct = Conservatives


      • 48
        Max says:

        Silly boy, the crisis was created “in America” according to your boss, not by the Tory party. Hey I appreciate the story can change of course. I think you’ll find that my earlier comment, rather than “waffle”, was actually the opposite of “steering clear of discussion”. Contrary to what you imply I am happy to blame much of what has happened on greed and incompetence; both in the private sector and in government (UK and US). Excuse my annoyance then because I only get the chance to vote for one set of them. As for spiv-like behaviour, thin ice old chum. You need to broaden your reading and ditch the preconceptions.


      • 50
        The Inquisition says:

        Look at their spiv Treasurers

        Financial misconduct = Conservatives


      • 52
        Monkey Chops says:

        Never argue with an idiot, especially a deluded NuLab sympathising brainless Dolly-bot like this one trotting out the same tired old strapline on every fucking thread.

        Do not feed the seagulls.


      • 53
        Max says:

        Inky you need to think more broadly; you cannot just base every argument ultimately, fundamentally, on one point.


      • 54
        Max says:

        Apologies Monkey Chops I just enjoy a bit of cut and thrust on paper because it avoids me getting into fights out on the pavement. I will retire for a cup of tea now.


      • 62
        Cato says:

        Having read your total gobshite, it has to be said that you are a complete Hunt. Now fuck off and go read the Beano there’s a good boy.


      • 129
        Budgie says:

        Keeping on repeating “Financial misconduct = Conservatives” is merely puerile unless you can support the assertion with facts or logic. Which you don’t.

        It has been ZaNu Labour in power for the last 12 years not the Tories. So the financial mismanagement of the UK is down to McDebt and ZaNu lab. Moreover the greedy bankers like Goodwin and Crosby were mates of McBust, not Camoron.


      • 130


        Why don’t you just lay out the facts to these guys?? I’m new to this so I’m not sure how old you all are BUT bottom line is, WHO invented the ‘Free Market’???

        And erm, was it not THATCHER who radically privatised EVERYTHING??? Did we not go through a bloody recession with Thatcher??

        Are you all mental to not even talk about how the UK went from Kenyerism to Friedmennite?

        The Tory’s will come back into power and they will do what they always bloody do in their insane right wing ideological way and that is to CUT public spending and PRIVATISE everything (yeah, more outsourcing thanks Thatcher our trains run brilliantly!) and give equal tax to a person earning under 12K because he was born to a junkie mum, sexually abused and beaten so thus got NO formal education (think Baby P dudes!) and went down that much trodden route of being illitrate, angry and unable to hold a proper job WITH a prick from public school who mummy and daddy supported him/her by going to the RIGHT uni and moving on with that plummy voice and rosey cheeks to work for uncles business.


        If this apathetic and insanely complacent country has any sense, they wont vote for a party that represents 20 percent if that of the UK population.

        Better still, we will wake up from this stupor and look across to see the French outsing Sarkozy (go you 3 million strikers!) and the Americans realising that as much as they’d hate to see a black man become president, anything is better then a right wing govt that took you to war on a bogus journey that not only DID not find any Weapons of Mass Destruction but lol made Cheney, Rumsfeld and his ilk richer then they’ve ever been!

        P.S Arms manufactures make big money, so start a War!

        Furthermore ‘Inquisition’, another point to make these guys realise have woefully naive they are, all these bankers, city people are David Cameron’s best mates. They all went to Eton and Oxford.

        Do your homework fellas and try and get your arguments from a varied amount of sources so you can independently and intelligently make an argument that could be put forward in an essay, cause I see many F’s here.

        New Labour? Pah. Was never really ‘Labour’. Again you should al know this and realise that ‘New Labour’ just continued from the route the Tory party were going under John Major, abliet less fiscally.


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      Inquisition sucks donkey cock. For money. While Somali asylum seekers watch.


    • 58
      ambrose's silky panties says:

      Inquisition = spambot

      I’d lay odds on it.

      (tra la)


      • 69
        Anonymous says:

        Inquisition = Hunt.


      • 70
        Anonymous says:

        Inquisition = Ambrose Slick’s alter ego. Which probably = Dolly.


      • 77

        Incontinator malfunction
        Sub run. error 4343239
        Tea or Coffee ?

        Conservatives = Finkle Miss World
        error .. runtime .. low ram..
        Conservatives = Ice or Melon
        Conservatives = hat stand

        offline ://:


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Inquink position
      Whenever you appear I will be there. Your evil comment about the death of DC’s son has not been forgotten and it won’t ever be.

      I am your shadow………


      • 122
        The Inquisition says:


        You are not a shadow you are just in the dark.
        Perhaps you are responsible every comment with the name Anonymous, you are quite prolific, scratch that, pathetic.
        Perhaps not every commenter using the name The Inquisition is the same person.
        Sit down, think.
        Have you stopped battering your wife?

        Financial misconduct = Conservatives


  12. 12
    Will S says:

    Actually the video is back:


    • 15
      Tory Bear says:

      The edited version sadly.. wouldn’t want a writ from Cowley St now.

      Still pretty funny, and apparently remarkably accurate.


      • 20
        Rt. Hon. Geoff Hoon says:

        Bring back the original! You wouldn’t get a writ from Cowley Street.

        Not only would it be bad PR, but the expense and high profile nature of following through with any claim means that no political party would dare be caught suing an individual unless their accusations were almost criminally serious, such as paedophile remarks etc..

        No way would you get a writ from a downfall video you plurk! :D


      • 84
        vforvendetta256 says:

        The missing line is Bagshaw saying ‘I’VE SPENT THE LAST YEAR FELLATING CLEGG IN HIS OFFICE’

        The video’s creator has clarified on Tory Bear’s website that this wasn’t meant literally, and was a metaphor for the way Bagshaw toadies up to Clegg on everything.

        I don’t know why I just referred to myself in the third person.


      • 106
        Rt. Hon. Geoff Hoon says:

        Christ, was that it? Who the fuck called lawyers over that? Secondly, which complete and utter Hunt for one second thought that was actionable?

        In order for something to be actionable, it has to be believable. Fucking hell. I can say, HARRIET HARPERSON SUCKED GORDON BROWNS COCK DURING PMQ’S if I fucking well want to.

        Pisses me off when mongs try to interpret laws they don’t understand.



  13. 14
    davidc says:

    there appear to be tensions within the sisterhood !


  14. 17
    Budgie says:

    Does the Lib Dum party stand for anything apart from brown nosing the EU?


  15. 18
    so17 says:

    So what do these girls do? I mean what the fuck do they do.
    Know nothing know it all young greasy pole climbers.
    Damn them all to Hell.


  16. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Nice Norks!!!


  17. 22
    Frank Fartwell says:

    How very liberal.


  18. 23
    Anonymous says:

    As soon as I heard the involvement of a x-Labour hack (The incumbent chair, Elaine Bagshaw, is a Labour defector) I felt that I understood the situation perfectly.

    It would not suprise me if Elaine had dragged the political methods of Labour Students with her to her new home. The Labour Student Movement – NOLS – has always been the home for back-stabbers and the worst kind of machivelians.

    In most organisations, status comes from achievment, and one can draw upon ones success in “Real Life” to launch ones political career. As most Labour hacks and politicians are overwhelmingly underqualified it follows that their status are all pretty close (close to bottom !!) and their status has to be established by ongoing fighting amongst each other.


  19. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Sara: Would.
    Elaine: Would not.


  20. 27
    Bell End PR says:


    Someone Kristofor Brown is calling to review the current voting system

    “Time is running out. The possibility of the government changing the voting system before the next election is looking less likely every day. And holding a referendum knowing that it could not act on the outcome before an election would merely make the government look even more inept.

    Does this mean we must simply wait for an election that may well bring about another Conservative government with no interest whatsoever in electoral reform?”

    The company he works for is called BellEnden PR

    say no more


    • 55
      councilhousetory says:

      They are getting desperate. Polly has wrote a few articles recently demanding PR to stop the tories.


      • 59
        vlad the inhaler says:

        Yeah! Because that’s what’s important. Fuck the economy. Fuck the unemployed. Fuck sterling. Fuck prudence. Fuck the NHS. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck off all of you. This isn’t about running the country in a competent manner. This is about depriving David Cameron and the Tory party from power.

        And that’s it. That is the Alpha and Omega of Polly and Labour’s ambitions. The rest is just collateral damage.

        Fuck the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Fuck reality.

        The Tories must not have power.

        Some might say they had their priorities a bit fucked up. Along with everything else they get their hands on.


      • 91
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        This is standard practice if they think they might loose. Blair offered to introduce PR to get the Libdems on side, discussing cabinet posts with Paddy Ashdown then forgot about it when he was returned with a landslide victory.
        Socialists tend to make poor democrats. It’s in the genes. They know what’s best for us all, don’t you know, and have a duty to protect us from ourselves.

        ‘The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last’ just about sums them up.


    • 68
      Anonymous says:

      They’re always doing that; every time I look on the labour websites they’re always talking over how they can rig the system in their favour; it’s open/blatent.

      Last time I read a topic on voting they were talking about how “the new boundary changes that we’ve made won’t help us this time quite as much as they did last time” and wondering how they could do something about that.

      My advice: don’t use postal votes, labour are purely and simply fraudsters (and, unless I’m mistaken, have been proved so in court many times)


    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      Bellenden are worth a close look……………..

      Worth a bit of digging Guido……..


      • 86
        bellends r'us says:

        There’s already a warehouse full of postal votes waiting to be shipped out once E- Day has been called.


      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        Actually, the tories will have no more power than labour- it is the fucking EU that tunsd the show now.


  21. 29
    Anonymous says:

    @28 google mediocreness?


  22. 30
    fat bloke says:

    Sara: Would
    I: Would not


  23. 32

    Having checked out the Tory bBear video, and more specifically her overflowing dress, Elaine can do no wrong.

    Well, apart from perhaps inadvisedly speaking in public whilst looking like itching powder has been liberally, nay democratically, applied to her vast cleavage.


  24. 34
    Tory Dan says:

    What a pathetic bunch of window lickers, thank God that the Lib Dems are only really a pressure group with a few seats in the commons.


  25. 37

    Is this the Elaine Bagshaw that Iain hat tipped over “phoney”?

    Talk about working the room.

    Expect Common Purpose to be funding her (re)education.

    Sara should take a look at the LPUK – a proper Libertarian abode and not infested with sociopathic mentalista.


  26. 39
    Perry Neeham says:

    The Scarlett girl looks pretty fit.


  27. 43
    Julian H says:

    Guthrum: which party would you suggest a libertarian should hang out with? One whose very name, “Conservatives”, refers to an entirely alternative ideology? By all means criticise the LDs as a whole, but suggesting that no one therein can be a libertarian (as your inverted commas I assume imply) is somewhat unfair.

    Also, people, it would nice if a post about two women could be responded to in some terms other than how much you would or would not like to fuck them. A tad pathetic, even from men who spend all day hiding behind a laptop.


    • 67
      Anonymous says:


      What else are women for? That and knowing how to cook.


    • 75
      Max says:

      The name is a bit of a history story, Julian, as per “Tories”. I think you’ll find that one of the “Tory” movement fundamentals is libertarianism. That is not to say that they have a monopoly on it as such and I would agree that the Liberals are better known for it; am I being a bit too agreeable tonight? I think Inquisition wore me out earlier…


  28. 46
    constance fry says:

    Fucking hell.

    Elaine Bagshaw. The face that stopped a thousand clocks.


    • 47
      Fry's Chocolate says:

      I would, obviously. But then I have very low standards and I’m not exactly a fucking Greek god myself. But still. Even my fucking Rolex has stopped. I shall have to have a quick J. Arthur just to get the auto-wind going.

      And I won’t be thinking of Elaine Bagshaw either.


      • 95
        elton john says:

        “Fry’s Chocolate?”

        This wouldn’t have anything to do with Stephen Fry would it? It would explain why you wouldn’t be thinking of Bagshaw….IMHO.


  29. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Sounds like they didn’t leave the Labour party soon enough.


  30. 60
    Lord Horsey of Knob says:

    Elaine Bagoff needs a set of NHS dentures


  31. 61
    • 66
      statistical whizz kid says:

      You forgot to add the million or so who’ve been massaged off the total.


      • 79
        Max says:

        Various studies 2007-8 ie pre-crunch indicate one in three households reliant on state for 50% or more of income; seven million households rely on the state for most of their income; 61% of single parent households completely reliant on state benefits; households in receipt of state benefits up from 24% to 40%; state employs 7 million directly (28% of working population); one and a half million on disability benefits; so probably between 3 to 5 million already effectively on what in the seventies would be called “the dole”.

        A state of beholdenness promoted by this government which has even introduced means tested benefits (tax credits) for people earning more than £50,000 per year, to quote a Mr G Osborne, and a final quote: “the system (should) be reformed in a way which turned the world upside down; (welfare should be) a floor on which people built and not a ceiling which made it impossible for them to pass through”.

        Spot on, er, Frank Field Labour MP. The best brains on that side of the House. Sidelined by Bliar and McBroon obviously…


  32. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Just another example of the infantilisation of Politics. Several Parties are calling for the voting age to be reduced to 16. God help us if this happens.

    Roll on the Childrens Parliament.


  33. 65
    multi culti says:


    The Immigration and Appeals Commission building in London is “on fire”, according to the BBC.

    If all records and appeals documents are “destroyed”, could this be the perfect excuse for an amnesty and allowing all those who’ve made it here to stay?


    • 85
      Fred Kite says:

      Calm yourself Multi Culti, the department concerned has a state of the art IT system which logs all applications and keeps them perfectly safe. As with all NuLabour IT projects it is specially designed for the department, it is fit for purpose and fully automated so nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.


  34. 71
    Minekiller says:

    Why is this a story? Why waste time on two teenage non-entities. I am only posting to record my democratic right to vote for the one on the left as she is pretty hot looking, whereas the one on the left looks like a serially butt-fucked dog with a permanentt alcohol problem who has just been on either a date, or a training session in the ring with Mike Tyson. She also looks completely insane.

    That said, can we now get back to issues such as Cameron telling the truth at PMQs when he described Gordon brown as a phoney?

    (His Myners/Miners quip was outstanding – the scamp!)


  35. 72
  36. 73
    Ronald Raygun says:

    I made the miners myners joke on here weeks ago

    do i get a prize

    can I sue?


  37. 74
    Anonymous says:

    To “Slag off” – Sun Speak

    To “Slag of” – Sun Speak with exceptionally poor grammar




  38. 76





  39. 78
    cream pies all round says:

    Are we sure the Bagshaw bint isn’t a photo of Droopywrist in drag?


  40. 80

    Hello! USA 300 trillion dollar quantitative easing tonight.
    Even the lowly pound has risen against the weakening dollar.
    Obama is following uncle Gordon’s advice.
    “Just print it up”

    Didn’t we try this last week?
    Seems it started in the UK after all.


  41. 81
    drollocks says:

    “Strange saucer-shaped ‘crafts’ were snapped hovering over Parliament.

    The pic – taken by builder Derek Burden – could be the clearest sign yet that alien craft are invading our airspace and going for our Government.”

    Please god, let it be true.


  42. 88
    Lord Trombone of Wayne (original gangstar) says:

    As you know, I dislike the hypocrisy of The Guardian and its band of journalists. Do they geddit – telling the rich to pay taxes, when you don’t is BS. Stop it. And fuck off.


    I also dislike the POPE.

    In particular because he states that condoms are not the answers to HIV spread in Africa. (FT today). Err, they are. You are a hoon, Mr Pope.

    What a hoon.


  43. 89
    Anon says:

    Cadbury is moving to Poland? Nestle already screwed our Rowntree favourites.

    Someone remind we why we joined Europe?

    Is it so our country can be raped and pillaged?


    • 92
      chocolate balls says:

      “Cadbury is moving to Poland?”

      Yeah, cabbage flavour ‘health’ chocolate is the next big thing


  44. 90

    Gordon’s fishmonger says

    “Gordon told me we are the best plaiced to weather the storm. Ah believe him. BeCod of Gordon’s Carping on about reeling in the bankers and reel-a-line-ing the riverbanks, Gordon says he can Seabass a Ray of sunshine appearing on the horizon.
    I have no Trout that if he could tell Minnow when the recession will end , I would definitely pitch ‘n chip in to help him out of the frying pan and stop him Floundering about when he Perches on the lectern at PMQ’s.
    I would advise him to get a new Mullet though. He looks like a Hammerhead. And lose a bit of the Chub too.
    I’d also tell him to get rid of Jellyfish bellies Smith. And that Harman or Sh’Eel get rid of him.
    He advises me too. Last week he said I should be selling all the Goldfish.
    Its just sitting around in tanks doing nothing, he says.
    Anyways, vote Gordon Brown. He is the sole one who knows what’s occurring in the world.

    Really, I think he’s a sPratt.


  45. 93
    No.31 says:

    So, has she been fellating the Cleggmeister or not?


    • 97
      Bill Clinton says:

      That don’t count – thank fuck.


    • 119
      vforvendetta256 says:

      Only metaphorically. She’s been kissing a lot of ass in the last year, Clegg included.

      So it comes to more or less the same thing.

      Given how unlikely it all is, it was hilarious how fast Clegg’s people threatened legal action!


    • 128
      ron vibentrop says:

      Fuck the one on the left. The slack jawed dyke on the right can fuck herself.


  46. 94
  47. 98
    Shit-Bag says:

    The one on the right has really enormous breasts, hasn’t she?

    Not that I had noticed.


  48. 99
  49. 100
    Not Derek Draper says:

    Everyone’s racist except me.


  50. 101
    Anonymous says:

    My goodness Guido.

    Talk about the beauty and the beast.

    Fuck me the one one the right is an ugly fucking munter of the first class who obviously got hit by the ugly stick followed by the tree and subsequently the whole forest falling on top in a unique collective manner.

    Very good article in the Telegraph by the way –

    How ‘Downfall’ seems so apt ever more in relation to everyones favourite one-eyed Scottish incontinent bogey chewing idiot.


    • 110
      Loafing in the BA lounge, T5 says:

      I watched the link on Tory Bear. The useless ex-new Labour girl who’s causing all the trouble has the most enormous knockers. Really.


  51. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Why don’t they just get boyfriends?


  52. 108
    Loafing in the BA lounge, T5 says:

    Anybody see Robinson’s piece on LabbcNews at 10?

    Fucking disgraceful.

    Unemployment at 2m, first time since 1997.

    Film insert went back to 1973 and 1m under Heath. Film of Heath.

    Then he said it continued to rise under Labour. Film of Saatchi poster.

    Then it hit 3m, film of ‘march for jobs’. Film of trade union marchers for jobs in 1983.

    Then it hits 3m in early 1990s, film of city traders on Black Wednesday, film of Lamont blinking in camera lights.

    Fuck me. All the images – bar the poster – were Tory politicians or anti-tory images (jobs march, city traders). What a fucking disgrace.


  53. 109
    rob's uncle says:

    Tory Bear has reposted the video, which is mildly amusing, minus the libellous sequence.


  54. 112
    The Beast says:

    Mr Sierra India November Golf Hotel would fuck the one on the right


  55. 113
    Lib Dem Hot Or Not says:

    One shag with Scarlett and I’d vote Lib Dem for life

    I’d vote Lib Dem for life to avoid shagging Bagshaw

    Both girls are stupid though, surely you want to be joining a party at its lowest point to stand a chance of getting a cushy MP job in 10 years; surely on that basis they should be joining Labour?


  56. 115
    Anonymous says:

    just out of interest, i know how the photos look, but in person bagshaw is more attractive than scarlett. scarlett is way more photogenic, but she only allows photographs to be released that show her from neck up, she’s actually kinda fat, whereas bagshaw isn’t particularly photogenic but she is alright in real life. although for you tory types i suppose the lack of penis automatically puts them both out of your league! oh and by the way we had to give back India. don’t cry yourselves to death (or do, i’m easy…)


    • 121
      Hahahaha says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about, Sara’s as thin as a stick in real life, just the way I like ‘em.

      They’re usually more flexible in the sack that way.

      EB probably just gets weighed down by those breasts, and it would be like prodding at a gargantuan cow’s corpse. However much you push and shove, it wouldn’t move. Plus you’d have to look at the face of the thing.


  57. 116
    Oscar says:

    I am trying my best to hate EB but those boobies are just magnificent aren’t they?


  58. 123
    Chalcedon says:

    Legal action? The last resort of those banged to rights by the popular ‘vote’.


  59. 126
  60. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha says:
    March 19, 2009 at 9:33 am

    “EB probably just gets weighed down by those breasts, and it would be like prodding at a gargantuan cow’s corpse. However much you push and shove, it wouldn’t move. Plus you’d have to look at the face of the thing.”

    Not if you flip it over !

    Reminds me of Thatcher – “The lady’s not for turning” – hopefully this one is :P


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