June 12th, 2008

Quentin Letts Rip at Gordon


  1. 1
    1971Thistle says:

    Gordon could be seen scribbling “Kill him” on a bit of paper there…

    From here, it looked like it also might have said something about sharks with laser beams on their heads?


  2. 2
    Old Holborn - bitter and twisted says:

    In other words, what was said between the Belfast Taliban and me stays “on tour” and you lot can fuck off. I’m the only one who matters



  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Shifty bastard. Cameron must ask at next PMQ’s whether ‘any Government Minister’ offered any inducement’ to MP’s in connection with the recent vote. So far GB has only been asked if he did, easily denied as of course he will have got Woodward to handle the DUP bribe.

    I wish journalists would ask the right questions – and would like a fiver for every time one of those dim MSM media TV hacks has referred to ‘detention before trial’ when they mean ‘charge’.


  4. 4
    Travis Bickle says:

    The look on Brown’s face when he realises he picked out Quentin Letts is a picture. Blair would never have made such a schoolboy error.


  5. 5
    nobody assumed gordon you cunt says:

    But he didn’t assume Gordon that is why he asked if they were present.



  6. 6
    James Cleverly says:

    So is that a “yes” or a “no” then Gordon??????


  7. 7
    Tom FD says:

    Encore, Letts! We need more of Gordon being taken to task like this.


  8. 8
    Sam Tana says:

    Quite clearly, Guido, Letts is not “only” a sketch writer if he’s attending Q&As with the PM and asking questions like this. Journalists as a whole should be far less respectful to the pen-pushers we employ to run the country. I say “bravo, Quentin!”.


  9. 9
    Jason Kirk says:

    Fabtastic to see that slimly shit being taken to task by someone. I can’t wait for the day he is thrown out on his arse at the next general election. In the meantime I can only wish him ill.


  10. 10
    Mousecatcher says:

    I couldn’t believe it when he started to laugh at about 16 seconds in and then again at about 27 seconds. I felt quite sick: there is obviously something seriously wrong with him.

    Please, how much longer? HOW MUCH LONGER?


  11. 11
    passer by says:

    Without doubt the twat Broon suffers from a mild for of this

    What is asburgers disease?


    It is a mild form of autism. Basically, the person who has Aspergers is *almost normal, except for a personality disorder. It is different for everyone. I know a person with Aspergers who can learn a new language very quickly (very smart with languages), but cannot interact well with people and often says things without thinking.


  12. 12
    Rob says:

    Letts is going to be in nick for 42 days for that. Brilliant.


  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    What would Joe Stalin say?


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