November 7th, 2007

Is Gordon Cracking Up?


  1. 1
    backwoodsman says:

    He’s probably trying the old diminished responsibilty through ill health defence. It didn’t work for the Ceauscescu’s and it wont for him – up against the wall with the worthless thieving fucker !


  2. 2
    BOF2BS says:

    Our Beloved Broadcasting Corporation classified it as rage.

    It is clearly a clincal condition but which one?


  3. 3
    iwantareferendum says:

    wow, when will labour dump him?
    i give him two more months of this and the knifes will be out.

    and about time too.

    But why couldnt Cameron answer about the EU referendum if the tories came to power?

    Is `Dave` doing the same as past tories – talking tough on Europe while being the EUSSRs poodle!
    just like Heath, Thatcher and Major!


  4. 4
    The Creator says:

    I am telling you, there will be men in white coats in Downing Street this sde of Christmas, the Bottler, heavily sedated, stretched out of the back door in the dead of night.

    Watch to see if in future he puts his right hand, that apparently being the naughty one, behind his back to hide it. Favourite trick of Hitler’s as his final days.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Much as I am not made keen on the bloke it has to be said that his hand is not shaking in the way that the video implies. If you place your arm in that position (try it your’ll see) there is a point where the muscles seem to go into spasm. Note the other hand is completely still. Come on guys this is pushing the envelope in trying to paste him as someone who is “crackng up”.


  6. 6
    Bishop Hill says:

    He’s also got that strangled sound in his throat – like IDS used to have.


  7. 7
    javelin says:

    Deat Jim, can you fix it for me to see Gordon picking his nose when he has the shakes.

    Yours sincerely

    Tony (aged 50 something).


  8. 8
    javelin says:

    Dear Jim,

    Can you fix it for me for Gordon to put his shaking hand on my coffee table [in the dark].

    Yours sincerely

    Mark Oaten (Aged 40 something).


  9. 9
    The Creator says:

    Good try anonymous. But utter bollocks. If you rest either hand on a solid surface while waving the other one around, do you normally find the one at rest is shaking uncontrollably? I wouldn’t have said so.

    Further, would you then clench the same hand in to a fist?

    That looks to me the real giveaway.

    The only control he seems to be able to exercise over the shaking hand is to clench it as tight as possible. Yet it still seems to have a life of its own, shaking parkinsons-style despite his best efforts to force it to behave.

    I repeat: the men in white coats, giant syringes to hand, are on their way.

    I have rarely seen anyone so obviously on the verge on disintegration.

    It may be too much to hope for sponteous self-combustion. But I suspect the end result will not be too different.


  10. 10
    Expat says:

    Is this the great clunking fist?


  11. 11
    tapestry says:

    It’s not fair to point out the Prime Minister’s difficulties with controlling his nervous system. It shows that he is actually a much nicer person than Blair.

    Blair was so smooth when he was lying, that no one could doubt he was being honest. It’s as if, when he spoke his untruths, they became the replacement for fact – the new reality.

    As Brown lies, his Scottish Presbyterian conscience starts lashing his subconscious, and his body language is compelled to give him away. No one credits him with truthfulness even for one second. He can’t act the role.

    The only puzzle is why he bothers trying to deceive. He’s so crap at it. His reverend father would be proud. Gordon’s basically an honest boy, you know.


  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    what is going on at the right end of the bench at 35 seconds?


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