March 9th, 2007

Chad Does Doughty Street


  1. 1
    amillionpieces says:

    The only one I recognised was Iain Dale! Have no idea who the rest of them are…


  2. 2
    Alan says:

    Wasn’t that the Prescott Towers in Hull ? I can imagine all sorts of spooky goings-on there, excluding any by “thing” !


  3. 3
    IRish Lad says:

    The Moose yoke was quite funny, but otherwise shit.


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Chris Bryant talks to the Times Diary about a famous gay actor:

“I don’t think I’ve had sex with him. He says we had sex in Clapham. I’m fairly certain I’ve never had sex south of the river”

Progressive Inclusion Champion says:

Great to hear Carswell call for inclusive policies and that UKIP must stand for first and second generation immigrants as much as the English.

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