December 31st, 2005

Where is Sir Peter Stringfellow?

Scanning the New Year honoours list, Guido again fails to see Peter Stringfellow getting a knighthood for his services to politics. Demi-billionaire Michael Spencer has just been made co-chairman of the City Circle Tory fund-raising operation by Cameron – bet he gets his much sought after gong soon.

The Tories owe Stringy, they should put his name forward for a gong – meantime the Campaign for a ‘Sir’ Peter Stringfellow petition to the Queen needs your signature. Do it, and right this wrong.

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  1. 1
    Selsdon Man says:

    Stringy declared for Davis on the telly – no chance of anything from the Cameroons!


  2. 2
    mark says:

    “no chance of anything from the Cameroons!”

    Too true. I saw Stringfellow debating Tory “moderniser” Theresa May. She was against relaxing casino laws (modern liberal elitist or old Tory? – if there’s a difference). He said go further and allow small businesses to compete instead of just the big American operators (pro capitalist, pro little-guy, real modern conservatism).

    I won’t sign the petition (we should scrap the system altogether) but I’ll support him for Tory leader.


  3. 3
    Selsdon Man says:

    Agreed Mark!

    Thatcher even visited his nightclub. The Cameroons prefer Whites. It’s a poltical class thingy!


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