August 25th, 2005

‘Sir’ Peter StringfellowCAMPAIGN UPDATE

Imagine if he was a black sex symbol – from his
campaign on behalf of the Commission for Racial Equality
No news yet as to which potential leader Peter Stringfellow is backing for the Tory leadership. As a generous supporter of the Conservative Party his opinion and endorsement will be sought out by contenders, of that Guido has no doubt.
As Guido has mentioned before, it is shameful of the Conservative Party that they have not yet proposed Stringy for a gong. His nightclub has been the venue for many of their events, Margaret Thatcher herself has attended Stringfellows. Were he a more boring captain of industry making widgets instead of the world’s most famous nightclub owner, no doubt he would have been knighted by now. Politicians are always recommending lesser non-entity donors for gongs. It is way past time that Mr Stringfellow heard the words “arise Sir Peter”. Shame on those who so enjoy his hospitality and support for not having put him forward yet!

The Campaign for a ‘Sir’ Peter Stringfellow now has a petition to the Queen for you to sign. Do it, and right this wrong.


  1. 1
    Wat Tyler says:

    “Arise Sir Peter”, indeed. I imagine he needs to keep taking those tablets.


  2. 2
    Astro Turfer says:

    Its pretty cheap of the Tories to drink and eat at his table for years but give him nothing in return.

    Never mind that he is a Tory donor – he should be knighted for services to tourism alone, his services to entertainment and for giving us all a good laugh over the years.

    Civil servants in charge of paper-clips get knighted, Stringfellow deserves a peerage.

    Three Cheers for Lord Stringfellow of Sheffield!


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