Thursday, June 30, 2005

G8: Gordon’s Gimmicks Won’t Save The World

He Who Pays The Piper…

Lord Ashcroft appears to be making a takeover bid for the Tory Party;

I have occasionally been a passive investor in businesses, but not so occasionally that I am unable to say with certainty that it is not for me. I much prefer to be involved – to make sure that my investment is wisely placed and, where I can, to help. Similar rules apply in respect to the charities to which I give. I like to be involved. My financial contributions to the Conservative Party could be classified similarly, especially in recent years.

What began as admiration at a distance for the work of Margaret Thatcher has grown over a twenty-year relationship with the Party to a much closer association. During William Hague’s time as leader, I was Treasurer of the Party, and I have recently rejoined the Board. I have learned a great deal and believe I can contribute more effectively.

I am known to be a donor to the Party, and I am proud of that fact. But I would not wish anyone to imagine that my financial support comes, de facto, with strings attached.

Certainly not. But he is going a teensy weensy bit over the top, what with his own website and his own 114 page report, “Smell the Coffee – A Wake up Call for the Conservative Party”, (vanity published). He is promising more to come, “Lunch on Me – Why I Should Choose the Next Tory Leader” and “Dinner for Ten – A Shadow Cabinet I Would Buy”. Why didn’t he just get a think-tank to publish it? The wonks would welcome some dosh and it wouldn’t look so overbearing…

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

LibDem Think-Tank Gets a Million

Blogging the G8

Channel 4 News have been on asking for Guido’s views on the G8 “In the run up to next week’s G8 Summit we’re looking to feature the views of some of the country’s leading bloggers”. They must really be scraping the barrel. Guido will however be making a special blogging effort to cover this geo-political back-slap for a laugh.

Jon Bernstein, Online Project Editor, Channel 4 News asks for “Your thoughts in 150 – 200 words please by close of play Thursday 30 June.” That ain’t how blogging works mate, that’s called ‘email’ or ‘homework’, so read the bloody blog yourself Jon.

FCO Chaps Remember Empire

Thom Dyke draws Guido’s attention to yesterday’s press release from the Foreign Office welcoming the release of a Zimbabawean MP from Mugabe’s dungeons. Pay close attention to the client reference at the bottom. Well done chaps…

UPDATE: The spoil-sports changed it within half-an-hour. The client reference read “RHODESIA”. Get on with some work chaps, stop idling. You are supposed to be spying on other countries, not blogs.

Snatched Picture

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

All In The Best Possible Taste

‘Lucky Bill’ emails to tell me about some pictures of Red Dawn Primarola’s appearance on GMTV doing the rounds on the internet. Guido has not seen them yet…

She is (relatively speaking) a hottie with a tendency to wear skirts a little too short, much to the satisfaction of many members.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It Can’t Be True, Can It?

  • Tim Yeo is not going to run.
  • Bercow might manage Alan Duncan’s campaign.
  • David Davis’ weekend soldiering in the Territorial Army is going to come under the tabloid microscope. It’ll be less Basher Davis “can kill a man with his bare hands” and more Captain Mannering Mainwaring .

Hot or Not?

Ros Taylor writes the formerly pedestrian weekly Backbencher column for the Guardian. She was told some months ago by the political editor to “sex it up”. You know, so it was more like those blogs, racy, more damn sexy.

She took it literally and started a new feature “Political Hotties”, asking readers to nominate good looking politicians. (A lot of the nominations were foreign young women MEPs, not too surprising after looking around the Palace of Westminster – not all the gargoyles are on the architecture.) The Sun noticed and called it sexist, which it is, as well as discriminating against ugly people. How refreshingly politically incorrect. Lets hope the Guardianista public sector advertisers and student union readers don’t notice and start a boycott.

Guido has managed to locate a grainy picture of both Ros and her cartoon alter ego. Guido’s cartoon representation (above) whilst handsome enough, if anything fails to fully capture his roguish charm. I wonder however if readers think the same can be said for the Backbencher? Is Ros Taylor ‘hot totty’ or notty?

Guido’s readers previously reckoned Newsnight’s Martha Kearney their favourite political hottie and definitely wanted her to replace Andrew Marr.

UPDATE: Ros emails to complain “Really, Guido, you need to calm down and get your facts right. If you’d been reading the Backbencher you’d know the efforts to which we have gone to achieve a gender balance among the Political Hotties. And we’d never be so graceless as to ask whether an MP was hot or not; we just flatter the ones our readers choose to nominate.” Details dear, mere details.

But isn’t the whole ‘hottie’ concept a bit un-PC, never mind uncharitable, if not dangerous. To highlight the more beautiful politicians of any sex rather than judge them purely on their merits as servants of the people, seems not only shallow, but distasteful. Implicitly Ros is making a value judgement on appearances. Replace “hottie” with “Aryan” and you’ll see where this leads. Should we judge journalists by their picture byline rather than what they write? (See Guido can do Guardianista gobbledeegook.)

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Boris on British Jihadis. Apparently based on MI5 intel:

“If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally w***ers. Severe onanists. They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them. They are not making it with girls, and so they turn to other forms of spiritual comfort — which of course is no comfort.”

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