April 25th, 2005

Who’s Who at Tory HQ

This has been a long time in gestation, mainly due to lack of information and the fact that most of Tory HQ is so young nobody knows or indeed cares about them. Guido has therefore, of necessity, widened his schematic to include Howard’s campaign team.
Rachel Whetstone, Howard’s attractive leggy political secretary can be seen bossing him along on the campaign trail, single but married to the job. Used to be Howard’s SpAd at the Home Office, before switching to doing PR for Noddy and Big Ears – must resist the temptation to compare her work for fantasy characters and… Known to journalists at The Times apparently as “the Cat in the Hat”, but Guido likes to think of her as “Puss in Boots”.
David Cameron, head of policy co-ordination, is allegedly being groomed by Howard to succeed him. Educated at Eton and Oxford, with several MPs in the family, but “Dave” styles himself as a fresh-faced cuddly new Tory. He is another key member of the Notting Hill Set, always on telly putting the Tory case, firmly but gently.
George Bridges, head of research and development, operates the “grid” (how very New Labour). Worked for John Major as a speechwriter (bet that is not on his CV) and was an editorial writer on The Times.
Guy Black, director of media. Former secretary of the Press Complaints Commission. Sharp dresser whose boyfriend is Mark Bolland, former aide to Prince Charles.
Stephen Sherbourne, chief of staff. The old queen in Victoria street, has worked for Edward Heath and Thatcher, as her political secretary. Ex-associate of Thatcher’s PR guru Sir Tim Bell.
Lynton Crosby, Australian election guru, his business card carries the motto: “When you give advice, seek to help, not to please.” The legend is that he brought John Howard from behind to victory on the sly, the reality is that John Howard had a few dodgy polls against him, but had led through most of the election. Crosby is good, but not a miracle worker.
Sheridan Westlake is an interesting character. He has overall responsibility for the Tory website – fact – his real name is Nick and he does not like to be asked about canvassing for old people’s votes (in Guildford). Ann Nunan is head of the computer department and oversees the techy side. But Guido is not sure who does the piss-poor emails, but he would like to know who is to blame. (Take a look at Zack’s emails, learn from ‘em.)
Lord Saatchi has had a lower profile in the media during the campaign proper, but the latest Blair smirk adverts take the look off his face stuff is demon eyes all over again. Some reports of tension with Crosby. Steve Hilton is helping m’Lord out.
Liam Fox is on the box putting the case often. Guido doesn’t rate Fox and can’t believe that he sees himself as a potential successor to Howard. God help the Tories…
Andrew Rosindell heir to the mantle of Tebbit, is an extraordinary campaigner. Is becoming a left-wing hate figure, but Guido has money on him becoming Mayor of London in the future. One to watch.
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  1. 1
    thetimes says:

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-1562010,00.html … guardian next week?

  2. 2
    Guido Fawkes Esq. says:

    Guilty – will come quietly and ask for 209 other cut ‘n paste offences to be taken into account.

  3. 3
    stalin's gran says:

    Well, it is a stunning moment when you will admit anything, Guido…..

  4. 4
    Guido Fawkes Esq. says:

    You sound like Mrs Fawkes. I did cut ‘n paste some of it. Its a beta version, now everyone will start emailing saying such and such is blah blah…

  5. 5
    stalin's gran says:

    Beta version? and I doubt everybody will be emailing matey!

  6. 6
    lambethlad says:

    Why doesn’t Sheridan Westlake like talking about canvassing elderly voters in Guildford ? Could it be that he was in some way involved in the 2003 postal vote fraud case, in which a Guildford Tory councillor received a custodial sentence?

  7. 7
    Liberal Neil says:

    lambethlad – Sheridan Westlake is one of the other councillors in Merrow Ward in Guildford where another Conservative Councillor was found to have ‘interfered’ with some postal ballot papers which resulted in a by-election which was won by the Lib Dems. Sheridan also helped run the campaign in which his co-councillor was found to have done this although I should make clear there is no evidence to suggest Sheridan had anything to do with it. He is also the same Sheridan Westlake who featured in a TV documentary a few years ago around his involvement in an election for President of the Oxford Union where the candidate he was campaigning for was disqualified for breaking the rules (from memory). I have also been told, but should make clear that this is heresay and I cannot vouch for its veracity, that he once stood for one of the local councils in Oxfordshire as a ‘Labor’ candidate in a marginal Con/Lab seat.

  8. 8
    Guido Fawkes Esq. says:

    Ha Stalin’s Gran, http://timesonline.typepad.com/general_election/2005/04/new_dawn_for_br.html

    Times copied me today, so we’re square.

  9. 9
    lambethlad says:

    In thanking Liberal Niel,I can add one further observed fact (and I was the only person in the public gallery of Reading Crown Court on 2 April 2004 at the trial of ex-Cllr Anthony Bays) , which is that His Honour the Judge and Learned Counsel (both) spent quite some time discussing whether one Sheridan Westlake should still be sub-poena’d or not, despite Bays’ last minute ‘guilty’ plea on the steps of the Court, after what had been rumoured locally to be a visit to his home by no less than Truth Crusader Michael Howard. (I distinguish here rather carefully between fact and rumou, but my memory of my Court attendance – and my notes – are as sharp as ever.)

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